Omarosa escalates war of words with Trump White House

Newell Normand
Tuesday, August 14th
Newell talks to WWL listeners about the ongoing feud between Trump's White House and former adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman

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We're back and we're gonna talk about the X reality TV star. One in which was hired by the trump administration. 179800. Dollar a year job. Whereby she is has a book that's been publishing cheese out pandering this book all over and now revealing. That she's actually been secretly taping inside of the White House in the west wing. Because she says. That everyone there lies. And obviously that means she's the only one telling the truth. She claims that she's always fast people in meetings. Why are we lying. And that she is the purveyor of truth. Only. In the trump administration. And she says that she was held against her will. When she met we're general John Kelly chief of staff. Who was terminating our. And it shook up the questions that the president is nowhere don't think it's this is a non negotiable discussion I don't push it. Just Pataki can cut so this is my departure like that before an opportunity. Understand what can we put some of the time. It's got to do was producers finally interred violations. So political. So just and everyone on the staff worked for me you know the president. She goes on national TV and says archer concerned that the chief of staff. Is actually running the White House well that's what his job is his job is to run. The White House staff does anybody believe for a moment. That any president is sitting there are managing the day to day activities. Of the employees working within the west wing within the White House within the executive department. Day in and day out and keeping track of all of this. You're crazy. This this lady is a whack a mole when she's sitting there at in asking folks you're not concerned. Chuck Todd that. That the the president is not running the white and and and he. Appropriately response this is how many White House staffs have been set up where it. The the White House chief of staff actually manages a day to day activities of its employees. The president is called all over the world all over the country day in and day out. Do we really believe that he's having. Phone conversations. Texting back and forth emails about. Who's showing up at war what they're doing and why. I doubt that very seriously. This individual in my view is an incredibly narcissistic. Woman who believes that her importance to this administration is far greater than what it actually was. The fact of the matter it shouldn't come as. Is really any surprise. Because she had previously worked. Believed in the Clinton administration. And you know it and she worked for. Then vice president Al Gore. And which she lost that job. And Al Gore's former office administrator Mary Margaret overby said at the time. Amoroso. Was the worst hire. Of the office of the vice president ever made. In 2004. She was banished from Ford jobs within two years with the Clinton administration. The White House personnel officer. Office transferred her to the Commerce Department. That are less short lived administration rule. Cheryl shavers the former undersecretary. For technology at the Clinton Commerce Department opined. She was asked to leave as quickly as possible she was so disruptive. One woman wanted to slugger. I'm a rose to land it only lasted in that job. For several weeks another Clinton administration official reported she was fired because she couldn't get along with people. Another former get gore staffer noted she didn't do our job and got everyone in trouble. She has been busted for exaggerating her roles in the Clinton administration to as Amoroso told an audience in DC. On March 19 2004 at a panel discussion on wearing the pants a woman's experience in the man's world. And she started to discuss all of the things that she's done in that administration. None of which was true. Now. Let's lay blame. Where it ought to be. And that's what president trough. And the original staff that he brought in. Because had they appropriately vetted these people. They would not have had this problem. He already knew about her shortcomings from the apprentice and I doubt very seriously that an appearance on the apprentice. Places one in a position that they should be hired to go into the White House. The White House in the significance of what that staff does day in and day out is a little bit different than a snowball stand or hot dog stand. But many times I feel as though that's what we're running. And we've got people coming in and out. You know whether it be family members or other would that not going through. The appropriate. Clearances not going through a probe appropriately vetting them. In order to determine whether or not these individuals actually worried the of working in the capacity. Of the White House. So this lies square on the president's shoulders he does not. Get the opportunity. To blame this on someone else now. Is it appropriate. But this lady. To go in and start recording conversations. Secretly. The entities interest always outweighs the individual. The entity here. Is the American public the tax paying public. Not the president. And certainly. Not miss a morose. She is an at will employee much like the same discussion we had about Peter struck. She doesn't have a clean. To this job. And yet she's trying to justify secretly recording. Everybody. That she's going on. With. And talking about in order to protect who'll. Not the American public herself. We've got to talk your book we ignored us. It's got my attention. Over the last few months. There's been some pretty in my opinion significant integrity. Huge. Significant integrity issues. And as a general Kelley that chief of staff pointed out we're not gonna negotiate. These are with they are. And that the folks here war for me as the chief of staff I'm managing that. And the the president manages me and I manager everybody else. And right away. She wants to talk about how distasteful the president. Is she's looking for confirmation. As to whether or not the president is aware of this. And is trying to press the issue. As though she's not ready to go and she wants to have a word. With the president. And then. She does discuss. With the president. This firing. I'm Barroso what's going. That is that you can think about believing what happened. And general Tony and general Kelley came to me and said that you guys went immediately. You know I've got nobody even talking about it you know little you know there are bigger operation but I didn't know it I don't know that's yeah he didn't. I don't let you leaving at all. I don't love you leaving at all I don't know about you folks look I. I give the president his due when it on policy issues that I think are sound. And I've often said that this guy has the uncanny ability of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I don't believe for a moment that he didn't know that she was gonna be terminated. Because the only reason she was hired. Because I don't believe that she would have made it to any appropriate vetting process one bit whatsoever. Was as a personal favorite her from the president himself. And for him to say that he knew nothing about it I don't believe that for a second. To the contrary. I believing news. And this was all about the spin. I also believe what's gonna ultimately end up revealing itself. Is that they knew she was taping. And they they knew exactly what was going on and when they're talking about. Integrity breaches. I can think of one significant integrity breach. When you start taping all of your peers. And your superiors. In the White House. That. As any number of experts in the field this said is a huge integrity breached. You tell me what your thoughts are 260187. Here text me at 8770. We'll continue this conversation. On miss Amoroso when we return this is dole on WW. So blind to talk to Jeffrey on the West Bank what's a huge effort. Jeffrey welcome to the show. Thank you very DiMarco thank you. And you know. Yeah Gloucester the second. Over had to go to my. A lot of this is in doubt about it makes a lot of people look. All of via just. Which used to be. And ended with a mean dude who. I mean our morals were taping and bring it bring it is a source operations it is defense erupting. That we can't be haven't seen this season right seriously there on the table and I need to facilitate the. Well I would what is she brought out though I mean you know that the president saying do we know and I. General Kelley said that she got some serious breaches in in ethical violations. My answer of course children and now. Dead in ministries and it. Isn't but while Murray. Attitude and it's not good at it meeting. Yeah if they hired her on what I'm doing. That's incredibly sophomore to have hired her. The public that does that put them the best accountability and people's defense. Approximately. No I'm not defending not I just talked about it it this lies squarely on him he hired this woman and he's made other hires. That are not good. She's not a stupid person. Not to grab some. Nolan said she's stupid she's just not qualified for that position she obviously has issues and getting along with people. She was in the White House communications office. And no I don't think so why. Like she was on the apprentice. I don't know you tell me you're defending her you tell me what are her qualification. To victory. Meantime. I do greed doesn't make your two medications machines. I doubt that it wouldn't talk about potential candidates and Donald Trump. You don't need to put an equivalent. I'm not defending Donald Trump I just believe she's not a good hire let me tell you some anybody. Anybody who's gonna go to the extent of now writing this tell all book secretly taping your peers your your fellow employees your suit your superiors. Your subordinates and others. That's a dangerous individual. And none of these tapes are revealing. Criminality. You know thus far in and she's she's claiming she she's got whistle blower status will prove it. Prove it you gotta give. Secure whistle blower. Its total take to. Right she's chasing her book she don't want it she doesn't want to release all of this and and not be. You know yesterday's news that's not working in the best interest of this country that's working in the best interest of yourself. I how about things and they're within the release we can't be. You have to admit that she's doing this teasing to help propagate for her book to sales of her book. I mean that's what this is she even admitted that on a morning show. Well that's a common agreement in the typical bank she. I mean come on. Let's call it for what it is that's not making trump writer make inning wrong. I mean which we can draw a line between the two I think he was wrong in the whole way that he hired people in the White House. If he'd do when this is a personal favored putting them in created position she was one of the highest paid people. And in the administration. And I got Italian. I don't like Atlanta I can name ten people. That were a thousand times more qualified and had experience in the west wing. That that were not hired him would have been paid should have been paid more than she was. I notice you don't go that way. Big about a. That doesn't make it right I'm I blame the president for doing and I think this was a master dies process from the beginning. And that he he's he's deploying. He's the leader he's got to take the blame I don't feel sorry for. You got what he deserved what I'm rose. He hired a whack a mole and he got exactly what he deserved. I declare eminent among. Because she hears listened to war. Poll and what he. You can play a character and. I think she's crazy in what she's doing she's not working in the best interest in this country she's working in the best interest of her book plain and simple. Got to get to a break we'll be right back this is Noual under every WL. We're back we're talking about these situation with armor rose say and hurt secret recording. In the White House the minute any number of folks say in whether or not this June. Lady was qualified for this position yes she does have a degree in communications and a master's degree in communications. We just because you went to school were trained in opinion it in a particularly discipline doesn't mean that you had the necessary experience to work at the top levels. Of government in this country. It requires and bags of experience. You go out and you get the best of the best and that's what Donald Trump said that he was gonna do. In this particular case I don't think he did it. It's one thing to to educate yourself in the field it is completely different. To have the technical experience and expertise in the field through day to day operations. You don't get that I you don't walk got a law school and into the United States Supreme Court to argue cases. You have to get experience. You don't walk out of college with an accounting degree. And and go managed the accounting operations of major corporations. It doesn't work that way. It doesn't mean she's a bad person. It just means that she's not intrinsically. Plot that mean I'm sure she's not qualified for this position. Plain and simple. Let's go live three Bob and Hammond what say you buy up. Well. Use. The degree which you act you know you're. People. And then you do school work which he could choose that which you know. Shell Oil which writers are for. This well as well they. Are on credit. You know. It's people like. Golf which but people. Are brought to. Well and should. There. Or. Journal. Oh. All. And yeah pretty much wrote to. Me that our president or. Let's go out there at all. Yeah. 00. I'd like that. Yeah. It. Our respect it was cheap bit you are. Able to eat. But you don't. Operate on. I think I think you doubled which when you leave I mean I'm not gonna go and correct everybody when I called the sheriff I'm not the sheriff anymore I think people want to do that out of under the notion of respect and I appreciate same. But I'm no longer the sheriff. It then. And that's great she tried it all. Both pavilion is actually very good there that people aren't there although they do very. Already about thanks so much for column let's go to line four talked to Tom in gentility what say you Tom. Know all of your show or during natural fit for talk radio okay. Well thank disarm. I now now now. Now the bad news there's all. We're also was quiet for an integrity issue. Our our lack of integrity it was a treasured requirement in the drug administration. We have a belting a thing for Tom. But it's working for free man board went public problems Carter page. Sheriff says is blind to the American people holistic. But let its tongue tied it in the race you race. You you raise a good you raise a good point and in you know and I and I. I'll hold the the the the president's feet to the fire you know on your show. All the time when I think you know it's a situation that that merits. And there there are those that he has hired that I think were completely. And totally. Not ready for that position right qualified for that position. Broad no experience to that position it's one thing to say that we're gonna run this like a business and act can appreciate that that there should be. A level of business acumen that ought to be brought to government because I think there's value insane. But what kind of business. It and the problem that I'm having is that sometimes we're Iran and hot dogs. And and you know they we're not really. Duel and what we're saying we're gonna do. Because I can promise you this. There are any number of these folks that they would not have hired in their own business. Of the trump world which set as a lot. And that is the thing is is if you treat the White House is though it is year old business. And as a good fiduciary of that business you're gonna make sure and ensure that you're gonna make you appropriate ours now having said that. Everybody. Everybody in that level and that in the position of influences ahead of a company or otherwise. Has made bad hires. You think you know certain things about people that you just don't really know and it hasn't revealed itself. And and that's just the nature of the beast it's human nature I remember saying in the aftermath of Katrina. Had I if I had to pick a list of people that I would have gone in a foxhole with it would have been this. And I experience things with them that completely surprised me. And folks that I wouldn't have given a nickel for rose to the top rose to the day and would jump and a foxhole with them. Any day afterwards because I learned something about human nature. That I did it in the hour I learned something about human nature and I'll leave you with this the White House needs indexes schism on the pole. I'm a good cap. Today you go all right time. Always interest in what Tom engine Tilly Chile gentility will be right back to 60187. Your taxes at 8770. This is no rule under the Rio. We're back you were talking about it Amoroso Nona golf. Then Newman and her secretly taping individuals. And it you know as I was watching a number of folks on CNN fox MSNBC. NPR. A lot of Democrats and a lot of Republicans at a formally served in the White House are all very critical of what she's done. And said this is a real problem this is a security breach of enormous magnitude when you have the enemy from within. Taping conversations and trying to make points that she has determined. Are necessary. To make. Is there any doubt why. The White House chief of staff Kelly met with hard in the White House situation room which is also been given that the designation is skiff. Sensitive compartment that information facility. And are strict internal procedures. With relative to you devices that are brought into that room and everything else because there's so many leaks out of the White House it's like a cent. So the only appropriate place to meet with anybody without getting out of the White House before you wanna have a get out of the White House. Unfortunately may and a B and now the White House situation room. And that's tragic in and of itself. But when you develop a culture. Within an organization. That doesn't take. These issues seriously. No one will take it seriously and that's where I hole. The president. And place blame. Because. He does. He has meetings outside a secure facilities c.'s own golf courses would meetings and talking about. This is talking about that any doesn't. It doesn't appear to two mattered to him. So this is when you you create opportunities like this individual. Who's gonna go about. Doing this and that now she's saying. That you know we should keep truth is a priority and she's gonna expose corrupt White House practices. In this and that and everything else in. In the manner in which she she did it in many respects to me. I think is despicable. Got to get to a break if you're on old stale and old come back to the talk clients who we return this is new rule and everybody else. On attacks on folks are saying not sure if new rules angry at the president for hiring him a rose RM are mad and amber rose and taping conversations. Ahmedabad boats and nobody you. Do you know how many significant serious issues that we have floating around today. Just open the paper. Watch the news. There's so many other. Things that we should be talking about other than whether or not a someone who works in the communications. Department that is now written a book. And talking about whether or not you know attempt privately taping conversations in the White House we shouldn't be they haven't talked about this. We got too many other important things and I'm Blaine. The president. This is his higher he broader in as a personal favor she would not have made it to the vetting process. No way no how I'll. And here we are. And we're having to talk about let's go on for Larry and Algiers which you learn. Good up and don't know. I know you that Jim not naming all. Nor did blah. Blaming. You are blaming. Brad ivory you probably draw but I think it goes even you and not only is he to me. But hope also that the home of the weather outlook and the people. These. Let go for treatment program and oh. And so maybe on a roll you know part of the atmosphere. He. She had to do something in order to protect our good old oh. You know they achieved beyond you know she should be totally reproach but. Why am I just think she would not have made it through the vetting process she had a history and government already in the Clinton administration at that she lost as many as four jobs. We had a number of people that said she was the absolute worst hire they ever made in that administration. I mean you you've got to go look at these things. But it out wrong. You know it pretty good work. I get that but two wrongs don't make a right that's where we always get to whit folks look I'm trying to be as non partisan on this issue as as could be in just. Bring good sound business perspectives to this. You've got to have an appropriate vetting process I don't think she would have made it through a vetting process. With what little information that I have in what little investigation and I've been able to do. You know I've uncovered you know it's stuff that's been out there that's publicly reported. There's all I'm sure there's a whole host of other stuff that that could ultimately be reported. But she's not here at mount. All. No well I agree with you she's not I just think we have a lot more important things to talk about thanks for calling in Larry got to get to the cash contest ready for your chance to win a thousand dollars in the intercom national cash contest. The code word this hour is audio. Text a UD I owed seven to anyone. A UDI go to seven to anyone text now and you could win. A thousand dollars cash listen for the next code word. Just before the top of the hour every hour now to 6 PM 1000 dollars is up for grabs winners for your wallet. Good luck from all of us at W Debbie though we never charged protects an individual plan text and data rates do apply. And remember please don't text and drive.