Oklahoma trans student bullied - by parents

Thursday, August 16th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about an Oklahoma 7th grader who is transgendered and was bullied and threatened by their classmates' parents

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This afternoon we're remembering the queen of soul. Aretha Franklin who passed away earlier today. As the age of 76. And she was one of the great voice. And when I heard earlier today they'd tell Aretha Franklin had passed away I I thought about. Being a young white kid in the suburbs of of Metairie. Walking around my transistor radio and I were here's somebody like Aretha Franklin or are Otis Redding on the radio. How temptations and and I never thought about race. I just thought about the music. And so this was a moment to think about the times that that you and I don't think about race. Because race is such that such a big part of our everyday conversation it's it's in the news every day and in other times we have to talk about it but will we talk about it on the show I I'd I tried to bring to light the idea. Everything is not about race. And that everything does it have to be about race. So I can't write I thought about listening to read to Franken when I was there are a kid I've I thought about. And then the idea that I didn't think about race at a time when when racial tension was at a peak it in America. And when integration was just starting and then many people need to establish Robert trying to maintain segregation and you know I was I was really too young to know much about it but he didn't take long for me to. How deep part of the generation that did said he wished that it. Gracious of matter. Sexual orientation doesn't matter militia doesn't matter Jane what we're all equal. Sadly as I said so many times on this show they generation has grown up to become a generation that has been very very I judgmental. So what we've had fun this afternoon talking about the performers that we remember. And we don't think about race when we first. We're first we're listening to them and maybe we were a little surprised. That they were white or or black. There were a lot of thought a lot of blacks who just who lost The Beatles and and and The Rolling Stones. And they were blacks have probably understood that The Beatles the stones were doing a lot of cover songs from R&B songs. That on young white kids were hearing for the first time from The Beatles. We're also talking about this Pearl Jam poster. If promoted a concert in Missoula Montana. The poster depicts the white house on fire and a bald eagle picking at the corpse of president trop. Included in the depiction is a democratic senator running for reelection. Flying over the scene. Is this concert poster. It's as protected by the First Amendment that's our blue runner first told give us your opinion by going to our web site WW Ralph dot com. And an I would love to to talk to you if you if you saw Aretha Franklin and I you know this past year. She was scheduled for Jazz Fest and she canceled because her health was was failing chief she died ultimately of pancreatic cancer. Which is what my dad died. And that can be a very very aggressive. Very aggressive form of cancer. In any way to be sorry to Franklin. What are your memories cif. Are seeing her. And and can you think of people that you. That you were surprised that they were either white or black because you didn't think race should just thought hey highlight like I like this person. If you wanna join us with a comment this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy in our tax is 87870. Also I want to introduce sis on this topic about a school district in Oklahoma. They closed for two days. Because parents. Took to social media and threatened. A seventh grade transgender student. The threats included. Are recurring threat. To turn the boy into a girl. With a quick to use for sharp knife. Another words cutting off the male genitalia. There's a right to. And wrong way to do that. Another parent. Social media. Said they should with disaster. Until they quit coming to school. The transgender student was referred to as it. This thing. And a half baked Mac it. Are these threats from Paris Warrenton. Is it time for people to. To stand up for the growing acceptance of a transgender students. I don't understand the threat. If you know anything. About trenchant of people and I don't know a lot. But what I do know. Convinces me that they are zero sexual threat. In the bathroom. I transgender boy does not pose a threat. Two girls. In the girl's from. And he himself might be more threatened to end the mantra. And you know this idea of men and women. In in different bathrooms. There are a few times and I've gone into the ladies' tour. And I you know. It was never big. Quite often there are women in the men's room and in the last time this happened to me was that the measure drachmas concert tour of the king center. Couple of girls came in the ladies' room with Swiss Crowder impacted me and they just came on in there and when installs and he did their business while I'm doing my business and Miller guys who do. Just want. Nothing happened. Nothing happened to the girls the constant attack. I still think that this is one of the and you may have a different opinion and that that's fine. But I do believe that this is one of the topics that is his. This is a topic that people overreact to. They become so passionate and and it's it's almost as if just the idea of off of this acceptance. Is unacceptable. People sometimes are just so cut and dry with. What they believe for what they think should be no this is the way it has to be. Some people just don't like change. They're they're afraid of it creates an insecurity. And and to some degree I understand that because I mean our lives our our our constantly changing. Especially with social media and technology today. Things don't stay the same. And there's so much changes in your life and in my life on that day to day basis. That we want traditions we want things start to remain the same. But changes the basis of everything. And has always been change in the always been change. And I think the one of the big. One of the big. Controversies with same sex marriage which is the idea that this this tradition of marriage was changing. Look this hasn't affected anybody's life. In a negative way. This is not ruined our society and will not ruin our society. But that was the prediction is so many before making this is gonna destroy American society we can't do this we cannot allow this. It's different now. And we're still here. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601878. 7870. From Algiers Mike thanks for hanging on welcome to the show. There is. But does that thank you are just got a quick or distort. Maybe since it's on to I'm not sure which year war. Put Boris two minute or four holes on the floor. And became. And she's all alone respect. In the middle of hardship. She took respect to church. Army to turn it into a church soul. And she started screaming as she would sing or older group moment to me and I used to cook for mark clean the polls. Our world look good choice yes awards was their brief email and I'd died of meat withstanding. All. Whip white collar okay could chip paper power. There aren't fortunate. And girl and you have been no. The women scream and you'll cry and I just put my view that are Kravchuk and after that much so I guess this article. Boy that's a great story I can just I am when you're telling that story Mike I can just steals the the emotion of what it would have been like to be in that moment and sometimes there are those moments of concerts a years never ever forget and there moments that you you know you eat to what you feel is something you never forget. And they Novartis group Udall married now treatment two with me she would like in early twenty's. Our guys are got the message. Outlook toward her. And she got at all so. She. This is Aretha Franklin. There's a debate and she was like wow. There was just so Croat war now know they'll get that and demonstrated swamp thing also all good negotiated earlier today. And one of the commentators say it respect or Israel by. BR. The civil rights movement and our fit so old boat wasn't. You know talk to older sister ship. So there like. And a certain might. I sells every loss contact been like hey Mike you know you're never gonna remember you're never gonna forget that that moment at essence fest. I'm never for him to get the moment because she told me this story and I wasn't even there. But these are that these silly emotional things that people remember especially when somebody passes away as shown today we continue to remember. The queen of soul Aretha Franklin. I'm scoots panel Rebecca and Debbie WL. And it's a song I dedicate to the parents of a school district in Oklahoma in fact some people outside the district joined in the conversation. Adults going to a social media to threaten a seventh grade transgender student. Threats included. Turning the boy into a girl quickly with a sharp knife. Or ripping his ass and Charlie Crist coming to school referring to transgender student has it this thing. Or a half dates. Magnet. So these are these are the parents. ISIS'. Is his criticism warranted if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy text 87870. And before about your calls wanna share with you a story about an Arizona father. Who killed a man who his daughter says is trying to get in the stall. In the bathroom Melvin Harris to third face a second degree murder charges in the beating death of Leon Armstrong. He was taken into custody when it happened was the he was sitting in the parking lot of lung convenience store in Phoenix his sixteen year old daughter was in the bathroom. This guy comes by and asked for for money he gives him some change the guy goes into the convenience store. And then later the door comes out and says. This man tried to try to finally get in the door we've just finally shaking the door tried to get in the stalled door. And she pointed him out when she left she had alerted security guards. In the store that this guy was trying to get in the salty and he never got the end but anyway this sudden this guy Melvin Harris. Then be guided deaths. From Metairie Michael during WW well. And then scoot up your. Spot on the don't want it to pieces of the mob for reports on the binary I don't wanna talk about there's people at local. That they in my company. And incidents that became a cause celeb. Black girl named ruby bridges was try to go to school and all the way people. Are throwing tomatoes. And Norman Rockwell immortalized. That that situation that was in the world that your. I didn't remember there was a New Orleans. Person and now Massachusetts that is house which is a museum and he can't pay package. While. But by the I was supposed to stay composed of quick. Terrible post Pearl Jam. You know. Whatever it was terrible politics it is protected. But my point my. I'm obscene. I have missed the only person. But really this this is all in a movie when a couple of guys. Congress deal. Which is right and it's gone. Actually on call thing it is problems. It's that was agrees seen might have got to move on but yes that that scene with Aretha Franklin in the in The Blues Brothers movie voice what was also. How will get another special song coming up for the parents arm and the adults that took to social media to bash. And really threaten his son's seventh grade transgender student. And again I I I don't know why people are so afraid of something that is really not to. Not a threat to them if you're Arnold stay where this I'm scoot and we're coming right back under him do well. Shame shame shame on the parents the adults they're threatened to assess seven's great transgender students. Got a text is says screw what did you mean when you said there's a right way to do that meeting on the noted that there was one of the threats to a sub. I'm cutting off CO persons male genitalia with a sharp knife and possibly others a right way to do that what do you mean referring to cutting off the mail sent to tell you with a sharp knife. Tom what I meant by that wears a sexual reassignment surgery. You know I have a security clearance cards to get here in the radio station. And because of the negative things that are said about trot on surprising as it tried to take that away from it from Hammond Stephen you're on WWL. Is he Steve I think you're richer picture at all. The risk of putting words in your mouth I want to clarify that you what you said earlier on our vertically. If you were talking about oh. All. Strange in their people and visiting baton up like that not all urge state I'm in. To the ultimate bill you know we overreact people tend to overreact as The Who is giving what packed room. Mean. It yeah yeah no nonsense that. You. I think I think this is a gym overreaction I think there's I am I any rational fear of a transgender people being in a bathroom there's some people think they should not the end because I don't. There's no aspect is that that I see is as a threat and I think about the personal references that I have of being in many men's rooms and a few women's dorm bathrooms. Where many women go to the bathroom together and now we don't nothing happens. And so I'm glad I'm not only grown up red flag I think there is the chief of transgender people in. You know what you say a male who has earned you know that earned until he. Well if you're transgender you haven't turned into the other together to change her year did you you you relate to the other gender to the point where if you just don't think of yourself as the gender that you're. You were born Louis Camilo and I'm I'm not one so like it. I'm not transgender sorts it's hard for me to speak first hand but that's my understanding. You're even things like book or the reassignment surgery are just if it's a wake up one day. And in you know realize that refused to Earl that. It would be OK from that day forward they he'd visit referral firm expect China where where where you are what you're talking about. I don't I don't think it happens that way it's something digits over long periods you know I believe people are born that way I mean I know somebody who has. A sign. Bush transgender. And it's on it's it's it's not like Q wake up and you go oh you know what I'm doing I mean this in this sort of greater this little boy might be on I don't know he might. EU six she results. Born. But I get mark you know if it should be you'd use. You thought that you were meted out. For years and your partner one. You'd. Voluntarily make that decision OK I'm in the our duty. In this current. So your time he plans yet or is you know coming from me and that the annual or. Would rather not. A man who one day you know keep it known for years it is being. I would rather not had him in the room with our. Because he woke up and on the decided to declare his anonymity. Well you know if he was truly. Speaking from the way he felt he would not he would not be a threat to your. To your order and it predicted there to do you know their their could be. Is there could be people attracted to the same sex that are allowed to use the bathroom with your daughter and they might. They might have a different term view referred to and then this dispersant I'm not certain everybody you know we think about. Think about all the gay men that we all use cement from where I mean to all through all throughout all of our lives we've been standing next to gay men Urals. Sure sure. I'm not your you know I think I agree to order which is being inducted degree or the other. And I look I understand you know I understand your concern and and and so for referred to people who do have the concern I simply express. My opinion and it's units to just you know think about a cable way what are my really afraid of because a true chance trend transgender person is not a threat. To your daughter now the door to the ladies room is open. Anybody can walk in here a guy who is like totally straight my show. He's on a Metafile lodge young girls there's nothing stops him from going into the bathroom ready wants. You're so little about worse than probably. A pin number oh wait it ornery sir. A state and I you know what I appreciate that because a lot of people think I says something that I didn't really say so I appreciate you asking me did I really say this. Well I'm Mary sort doubted that other. Ball. I.'s Steve I appreciate the cars join our conversation if you wanna join us your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Text summaries 7870. All right so. Like. But I you know I went to the I remember being and I think it was Melissa Etheridge. And the ladies room. Was packed. Because there are mostly females there. I was in the men's room alone. And when there's there was this long line of ladies. At the Melissa Etheridge concert. I wouldn't care if they use the restroom. They're not interested in me. I'm scoops are coming back on WWL. I so I just mentioned that ours that their Melissa answers concert here pat down every year ago. And art you know as far as the only guys there. And I got to Texas says. Scooter would wanna go to what man Vermont girl Melissa has its concerts pick up on me in oak in the other room just raises and I mean not now. I like Melissa as a jumping Iowa collect a lot of people. I caught as social wait so you gotta be gay to go to elect a concert restoring its like day. Did you ever listen to the music of queen. Every Joyce Freddie Mercury's music what about Elton John. What about Barry Manilow. Whereabouts. We can go on and on and on right so. I type I went to Melissa Richard I thought it was just kind of it I mean it was something that I know these are the things that I notice in life only the only guy in the men's room. During intermission or whatever and to delays from this is all lined up because they were mostly women they are but a lot of the women they are. Could've come in the restroom with me and they wouldn't have been interest from Metairie Mike here on WWL. And scoot around quick comment on digital silent about being able to explain to people all. A non dangerous transgender and just had a caller for a while. Letting their their daughter or son whatever happens and you always here we have a conversation about. How to explain it to my cage and him you mentioned a way to do that here's my suggestion. Take your kids or kid to this do. Find the pilotless. The plot was to him if you don't have a as he. Go to Disney isn't a social call and for they have. Put. Talk about the platypus shall particular outline and explain to them. That god does make everything the same way and it doesn't mean it's dangerous for FC here. That's right every you look at the planet Dorsey over the got what we circuit here. Yeah it does it mean. And mentioned you know the fact that you know what you can. You know like that you you know referring district I mean there's there's kids that happened almost daily basis. There are born in the doctor to sit there and Tucker. We don't know. Which should be aboard girl would want it to him he needed. It's me and my point is it it's part of nature nature isn't always perfect. Nature isn't always makes things the way it's supposed to be but that doesn't mean that it hall. I disagree way to put it like. I appreciate the call now I mean I C I oh I love. These are the sensible rational calls here's a Texas says. Most gays are born day. It's obvious. From the way they walk. The way they talk. And just their personalities all around. Some people choose to be gay sexually. But are you gay just because. You're sexually attracted to men. Like married men horse actually. I literally married men who are sexually attracted to a man I don't think that necessarily make sure gay. I believe that's sexual preference. If you're married man and you're attracted to men. You're day. OK I mean. I hate to break the news to you and an I don't know maybe it's time that you he realizes that if you if you are if you are attract if you were sexually attracted to men. Your day from bracelet Bobby you're on WWL. I'm good. You know what was his demise. I agree you it might feel last caller. You know all. Yeah they go to church in every and so on. There is going to be you know do I have my say. I'm Christian. But I know one thing that people's. Tellem everyday. I don't look at color group. Not at all. You're a man. I'm looking into the image and likeness. You are a good Christian loving based on that. And there are some of all people awake. Yeah. Read every group people goal. All of its own and all about. That church and it stayed. There's only one church. Drew and he's not of this certain. Threw a strike. Should go to salt in the end Bobby thanks who is sir are are are certainly appreciate your ship thanking their degrees. I appreciate your call and thanks to the wisdom from race and so you know here's somebody from bracelets only agrees with me. As seen that this is the point that out and make I mean I get calls from places like Chrysler. In the West Bank. And shell met. And places where you think. Everybody's gonna be a super conservative and feel the same way and nobody's gonna understand anything about transgender or gay or anything like that. That is simply not factually true. And that's one of the things I love. About the show. This just the song that Aretha Franklin did with George Michael tennis might have been around 86. I knew you were waiting for me will go to break produce as we remembered aquinas solar press story earlier today. At the age of 76. Times cute movie back on every of Euro. And today we have remembered as the queen of soul Aretha Franklin who passed away earlier today at the age of 76. Sports talk is coming up nicely Bobby deuce and Kristian garic saints play pre season game number two tomorrow here in New Orleans and a Mercedes-Benz superdome. And from New Orleans Amanda I'm running out of time and I wanted to get to you for a fast comment. Amanda. Well we're early on it at a time from Amanda said as she had it this is really going to be shocking news to many people but to it's set appear as if she were to talk about how she has some. Not many friends who are transgender. And they're just like human beings they're actually real people I know it's gonna shocking for a lot of people. I'm here is attacks to that says. On if a child Estes transgender trial chose commit suicide over the parents and the children bullying him. How would the parents be charged with any type of homicide they wouldn't be so quick to us so hate. At the child after that well I don't think they would be charged but on. You know if that's one of the problems many people to commit suicide because they're bullied and because. How they feel like so out of place it's time for the 1000 dollar intercom national cash contest the code word this hour is active. Text a CT IVE active to seven to 81 that seven to 88 point. Next go we're coming up right before the top of the hour news at 5 o'clock we never charge for text but individual plans actually batteries may apply. Please never text and tried to thank our program director Diane Newman our show producer Ted Manassas and our studio producer Ian Hoch and thank you. For being part of our show we're back tomorrow right to for the saints pre season game coverage begins. At 4 o'clock what enormous.