NRA is suing Florida

Newell Normand
Tuesday, March 13th

The NRA is suing Florida after it enacted new gun controls. Noel Flasterstein, a Second Amendment & Gun Rights Lawyer, to talk how we the U.S. needs to expand the 2nd amendment. 


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You know there's been a lot of conversation over the new law in Florida and join a missile on line is nor flash just finish Second Amendment and gun rights law practice welcome to show an old. You know Florida's pass this law there seems to be much controversy about this from eighteen to 21 but there also a number of other provisions in in this. Law that's passed the dead may be some. Issues I can be presented to the court that may be a problem as well can you tell us about. Well sure are flawed response to that you know prayers gone ahead and outlaw these challenge the constitutionality. The action by the state legislature. I don't see how well you know taken a law abiding person in between the ages of a scene in twenty. It's saying he no longer in year constitutional right or exercise that. I mean they cannot purchase. But you know they do is that and they can does that so long gone. But now that's being taken away from you know provisions in there I suppose you're taking and running with the father grandfather. But he. We're working publishing law abiding people people tweaking to war I mean. Can it be compelled to now get such a good thing. But I need a senior. You know. Working hard working out the back at the she's. Working as a cashier or black person whatever. And it's an amount it's like you did that apply wanted or a doctor can look cool and one target practicing then and now I can't view it. It could be compelled award in the it it felt like that happens I mean it's just a travesty. Justices that the travesty. On our constitution which you know people are taken like this detachable. You know the proponents of our the our opponents of this bill. Often talk about that there's so many. Arbitrary. Ages. For so many different things none of it is squaring up in none of his making any sense. Are you gonna military at eighteen you can drink it a you know you can only drank it twenty Juan you can you know and it's back and forth on these issues. You know it's remember. When I was teenager. Andy recently changed reaching age from eighteen 21. I assure you I had no problems still obtaining alcohol. So you know whatever that's built and accomplished I don't think it's really restrict that people. And I'm not in Anchorage or suggests that people should break the law. But at the same time you know it's not mean. But race and age eighteen to twenty wine. Would that the park when tragedy but thirteen is that and stop the park would that the Parkland tragedy. And so we've seen this tragedy and these mean. An attack. Let's move to restrict. The Second Amendment people exercised about it let's move to stick as residents about appropriate way up that. Out of the park when tragedy. That actually an argument that at some point proved that it. For the expansion of the second amend now restriction because it occurred there. He had the political. Placed about county sheriff's department saying take that spot that person to be a problem. Nothing that even had a couple calls idiot we nothing was done and how. If I don't mean. Would the person actually is actively shooting the inner Annika. When she interviewed when he was actively shooting they needed. They stood outside not just. Resource resource officers there with two other county deputies can once and I don't that was sure is well. Protocol upon seeing a bit cold down. I do welcome and he opposite from park police department edict in getting. One of those officers. And maybe it could say the important. Florida and what we called countries own in school you're not around at. That obviously did not protect the children and I suppose that would be. The idea of motivation. Making it doesn't resolve to assist and who would be crazy. You come here you can do as much damage it's like to open their resistance to the police get there. Mike indicate about each apartment there and and so he can do you do. So nobody the John. You know the Supreme Court has been reluctant to take these cases. As it relates to some of these restrictions. Do you think that things may change as a result of this Florida lawsuit. Yeah it has an attorney. Com you'd never know what's gonna happen when you go to a courtroom. You don't know what's gonna happen when it's a judge makes the decision you don't know what's gonna happen when it's injured and makes decision. Yeah when you're challenging well Utley goes. It's gonna go beyond the trial and get to be how well where you'll just have a judicial panel. Making their decisions. And it's really you know it's just. I don't I don't think turned away. From a lot of the gun cases like you mentioned in between the ones that come to minors Keller where they challenged the DC ban. And then of course. Robert this city of Chicago which again and you know he's been plagued by gun violence very restrictive. And I think what people don't realize what it comes Second Amendment it it's not just area. The first shot fired in civil. And I control I think most people well you will con view. Mobile I'm very surprising actually began itself. Actually theory reconstruction. What is freed slaves one on themselves to protect themselves and allowed in the states that well we're not gonna let you have done. And that's where the first shot was fired and I don't think most people realize that. And I think they would also make a mistake the media. And I am and what we have a lot and sometimes put out there this society in general is an issue to Second Amendment issue. Sprawled behind nice political ideological line which it does not. Don't I never has and have a well quite frankly. We need unity politicians say I'm afraid to be the dispute. That's bull crap. What they're afraid that their constituency. That's why not in jail he gets done and now we need actually seemed legislative action in response. You that's a tragedy. Which are important we see some legislative action restricting law abiding citizens are punishing them that you will. It was the Republicans did it in the Republican Party imports hated to be gun owner and hopefully the Floridian. Will take note of the Republicans. This restriction and and will get a map. We'll know all clashes seem but thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate your insights Second Amendment and gun rights law practice and we will be checking with you assist thing moves through the courts take your get your opinions at a later date thanks so much for joining us.