The Northshore Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Captain Mike gives a look at the rigs he recomends.


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And official reports week if you would not be possible without the all stars of the fishing world the guys in the marina owners and operators that we get on to give us the information all across the Gulf Coast and one has brought to buy seats though. They give you peace of mind few drops to use 24/7 jump start to win unique way you'd you'd like Avant Tripoli on the water. What a bargain 179. Dollars for a whole year. You might wanna give that is a gift you favorable. You can do it alcoholic captain Chris at Bible ward 3014545. When do it all on line at CTO dot com they bring you the captain Mike Gallo reported joins us now captain Mike valued on this week. Paired there. Well you gotta fill me and you talking to a got a bit of Alaska for a week in out of touch with local Wii's in patients on got to rely on argue it. We had an earlier at a text that was listening want me ask you places to try around Wrigley is like captain like one. With the slack time we we got a bump of one to two tents put a time earnings this week which much. Yet small side and today is going to be the price that they were pitched in those deep water pastors. Cancers like on known pants. Wrigley spare itself down by the every inch. I've heard there's some good recreation. Morneau and it's. Welcome to New Orleans schools I have not finished it this week mark Chanel. I personally have been making some troops are applicable to more than a couple of that Jewish groups are the repetition was saying here. They're two year notes which says. Our come out of playing in addition. Around the pool moon. It seems lead under the lights of the full moon then they're not. On wheat first thing in the morning we get there. They do seem to buy it later in the day 10301130. Somewhere like that and get aggressive little late Wednesday. Trip Margaret Court result you need for the British. Are a couple of things you want to watch out for when you are efficient route change in monetary you'll water temperature on you'll work. Depth finder award tip did you get 87 or higher. They really get market there's not much oxygen in war that's been warm. So the rain might you know protection rain program cloud cover that's been when he cloudier lots of rain in the area so the days. It for wreckage early in the week and we didn't have a problem. More seductive. And very well clock. As for our patient. I made several trips to actually opting some of these islands around solutions that day we didn't really big charge earlier in the week. And you could just our current line around points. Stop large group or plastic or under court you'd no intent to gain and it was finished there that you wanted to catch. That would fluctuate one day. 80% of market with 1416. Inch dish on the very next day in the same spot. New role and then after church and you catch one or two keepers and just move you'd you'd move there's hundreds of little. There and current breaks. Little deep channels. Obviously contrition on the bottom or distant witchy you can deal with their shells. And our college is being efficient you know look for clean move water bait fish or birds if you can find them. And when you find what you look to catch me in the Asian. Mike what about this in deep that some of the the recently went right on the shelf and I did get a report there was some Trout caught. At the very first rig ride out tomorrow for the greatly. Not many but decent shot. Then earlier in the week when it was more pride sort of it. I don't know what today's can do as far as we'll hear of movement. There is a bit of web win right now and that made pushing water Utley. Parched train. And sort of give you the any reports. All from the by UBM the new low within that way you know by the canceled some models as well. I bump in Georgia rule. I saw him in general there explored every year Euro as it is children for all the new products that come out our own pure fishing. And our ball in the Jeffs. And he had a picture overnight spare that he caught looked to be two and a half maybe three crowns and he was patient. In match. In a coastal waterway and mr. go air India. You know those massing the Follett Jeff I think you can catch a massive forty miles offshore it at one out there you up with a and megabits right out of yet officially Japanese quality goods there's. Like anything else you need to have how's the weather look you know you're whales and about the spots about lake house. We got a clear radio that the moment. Like wins eight mile an hour winds calm not a right where she can't say that steel have not been seen. The triple pale in the war. While the disappointment this year I think yeah I'm from the comment is getting late in the game. Our car remotely it is October. That latest step in a courtroom water temperature was around seventy fortunately there's still a possibility. That we could cease or. And when I'm about to. Positions that then I'm I'm more than thirty models and in pretty much open waters as a lot of things to look at. Breaking the wars or there's group traps and such still haven't seen the first one or what I've seen a picture that. Someone Corvel. It was Biloxi. Yeah so I got some drags on I got excellent reports from the Orange Beach here of the Alabama guys they kitchen with the considered troll feet. Triple tale over the right in the last couple weeks or maybe they just ganged up over them haven't made that move this way. Could be from all the rain all the fresh water this year keep in the salinity down who knows but hopefully we'll still have some time to get him because that's a great finish to talk. Yeah its proxy forms certainly gonna make an effort to try to catch it was somewhat of a storm but. I haven't seen one this year it's been a little down social. Well Mike outside of that there's Trout red fish has been a really good season hopefully they'll continue in the fall of somebody wants to schedule a trip now the kids are back in school maybe they got some. And so now. For example you could farm mile on the outdoors guards. Guy you can Google me captain Mike you know our AOL. Dot com is my web site. We could have been called in at 985. Certainly Warren. 781 more inning get you everywhere except smoke signals maybe that'll work to. I'd try to make a sensible well. You everywhere you are everywhere might have a great day a great week in we will catch up with you again accent. Thank you Daryn we'll talk to. Hide their egos captain Mike Gallo and the adventures of wheezing. Coming up next we have the reverend read it's time for you catalyst brokers whatever you wanna call the guys and not get up close and personal with a fish. 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