The Northshore Fishing Report 05-26-18 7A

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, May 26th
The Northshore Fishing Report checks in with Captain Andy Jones for lake info, Chris Basey on bass fishing and John Gilliot on Crappie fishing.

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I look into the show the smaller nor shall there. Ecological keel on. Well beautiful Saturday morning despite look at. Look like it's going to be another one and be the month the bank. On January and certainly feel like mid summer already even or we. Didn't make law but in the look look the beat Hotmail on the record actually we emirates paid me nine. You know it I. Itself Louisiana. It's still there. Still has to be caught you know and torture and went on to trying it. Leave it up late going a bit quicker than non and expect it just got a report from ma wonder where cardinal on mandatory. One quick trip up the trachsel and now are not alone were caught up in Iran. It was oh side no the golfers comptroller said he called for more that would end it means stand so. Doing good on the pretzels granola for those those those out to move deeper water but he receives about the current Allah. Usually those come about deeper cooler water in the lake temperature pride but like that built our current. Also summertime regular on the shall the movement got the long. The cheap she improving chrome ray who's in on Long Island so that's you know you'd better you know. He current. We're technically good and and he joked later were charged dispute he cannot help but a little more. That's sport so rich and so on to train and late fall were literally may in summertime and it's. Okay on the war side I think. This you know we've made that trend. A transition from all on the summertime it in the spot over. Those sister and in the summer dog eating patterns that little girl and apparently. It shall. It should be beaten Maryland more importantly the days. The company will stay away from. So wait for a neighbor I'm sure that aren't in a different angle so. You know award winners. Importantly when he needs summertime temperatures are on our area become them one company in summertime by. Now bit by little are great summertime bite debate as it moved through the body you'd. Like no other seen. You give to law school debate tradition in July eagle. On the the reason for that is the band work together chorale pretty we all pretty. Tack all it wants so a lot easier for them in that. Debate rather than one man trying to chase down a school. So now. On the content of the best options for some time that there real well I'll buy you. Fourteen canal a great excellent little apps as well. Never would become the mine at the right to allow the river at a rate. Summertime at this and canal. He had to that. At that lead at the top. Where that dot. On flows out at the Balkans as the real people. In the air and those pants and deep in the Kamal one and imports the patriots that's when drew there. I've witnessed it personally want summer. Would blow up on the surface and talk about it and took it being explode and on the solar and goat is just. This woman that lives belong there for them. All of a sudden it would be quiet and and you win anything here. And and later. And again numerous explosions on the middle I view it as a war so he's his work together or I'll debate it in the lower. And then when they patriotism talk about quote in the summer primary. These both these school at beef from now until fall in and its history that so many at circle in the middle of the rivers and in the war. Because well that's where these boat school but not shelling. In the grass like that little moment all I wouldn't have Kristi on the show later on its militant. Well what other spot you recommend that Smart catching summertime ban on short. Parker it's been this in over a year Paula electrically so you know that they too. This in the army should stay around. It's a credit Slater. Hobbled. It took the giant helium remember. The group were. About Michigan. He's won a spot away on the web site up on it in the ship so excellent. Goalie in the a little bit of location network electronics. And pigeon with John Ward. And on the bird Leighton on. Their commodore 64. Bring me it isn't so much easier by. You gotta put in the war and learning and very likely final war Ingraham. I would be we signed on electronic means. John Paul opened the other crap beat them and so it's one network that they played I don't know. Don't quite know you don't file in Poland match. It's still on the planet it is well liked John Phillips partner for the apocalypse and one warping that he not been the Koran cramming in the awkward and it seemed like. Comnet friendly triple too late in Rome he made an early try out there and beat the crowd in order you. What he called his spot. That there will actually line that runs parallel the canal. We got down to the right so. The guy that there and the line for a couple hours in the orca keepers and he's a fool so. The craving is is definitely an option right. So we're gonna get the break right now. You know wicket charter checked in with the Indian. He's been too slow or under the senior laden or. Sticker or it will. And you are listening to the new report or more towards Oreo one point HD two. Welcome back into the North Shore this report on. Beautiful may morning although a total realignment is likely. Olmert. Though why. I'm in the mid nine Engler trek broke in the month one and rate on record. That you're someone got it. Well mother nature is. And you the way Hillary gets its debt or what biting them in jail and that we trawlers going on right now. Indy got beat out of me in jail. And pitches late ought to train and all parts each. Was born rapper in. I XEW. Outlooks in more good morning Andy. It is morning he. I'm doing just spine you know war is ordering out. And Morgan and leader were it. Pretty well trip the other. And Ronald. And Obama back to gather what I wouldn't. A little. Crazy lately. Well the crap in its. And trips you make I get that wouldn't look at all about them in the oh. One. More week as well. On back. In the there and unified temperature year. At the bit to her number. Com what that next week look like Gloria accurately which took the total victory vote on. Yeah we've been within an hour our crack and are alligators. Are. And Allred trip AM they have not been appointed this year it wouldn't been enough. A lot of great action. You know we've got the car they make it this year away. While a lot of home we ended up we've got. Pupils are landed at this point already ball. And we missed we minister couple we got a couple power at all which they will be we've had some big people are the little. India. And so my rent at red fish now. Move will admit they were really get an early. Back in April and comic cooled off a little bit I don't know it just didn't big and like other colors changed drastically over the years in color than red. Asian better. The further EG. Yeah. Yeah it's neglect it's more of LeBron rich color more salty the water we're out exactly correctly and we. Talk a little bit about because it strips and then sure. A lot on it it's like. Replicated towards and it. It Iranians or. We had a group of guys in the Natick out manned trip that was pretty funny. You're. They are all you know like bowed out ready to go. One potential big alligator guard. And he pleaded is that real the chin. Lou we love it. You know wanted to hear that drags Celine and I've got a fish on usually bad now from mom has the ultimate hang on to rot it pretty well. It's a lot on it is it is but. It's a good family of man but it also. Didn't. Trip for people who want a little different than just trying to rid finish. What you cracked in trips the big tree strips what kind of rock and analyzed using what we're. Which are standard agree that the same purple purple red sharks and well that's just one yet or greater change. During. Well we we come. We we kind of set our equipment up and able. You know pretty large fish with a bomb on a very you know medium and the medium size rod with the good side and reload you know 3000 to 4000. All of you know not been too big wheel you they broomstick or anything like that go over power we want the old old thing you see. Didn't do it by you and skillfully land the big issue. You know on a rod gonna make you work for being we kind of got that that bell pepper league. Well. There we used by around thirty pound test on board. That I don't why aren't leaders. And there's hang on. And it adequate. And North Sea or from the side a little cracked yeah or. You know all week we have to win the triple. Tail and a lot of late he really had to give them the only form. Two to look for those on triple pale. And last year we really didn't have a triple paleness only now got reports. You know going out on the back but it happened and that there that they've been seeing some some triple. Until this year so that is a good sign I am not a made a couple trips they're but I have not seen the trickle out this form. Let some or all of the rookies are crippled there would hardly any report I don't know you know targets or something. Like the floundering you know and it just beard come back who knows. And it. And then. That he when you're all like water like where world whatever going off like we with this program this year. Basically you know in my in my opinion compared years passes almost nonexistent. All. You know it was very very spot Perry hit minutes. Somebody's going to get ready to go you have a decent day but there was very little consistency. And you could tell by that has by the number of votes on the Trout hole and on the causeway on the different areas here that. You know it was not spec what we meaning year's class. You know Andy switching over. The cause weight but they're on the right and we'll bring it at some votes on the political or Mo re oil red fish. They were small lot of red red but still all all we do you typically secret it caught later in the summer. Are you expect that's during the summer. Ito would. Is that maturity give advice. Her league this year that you you pat guys report on the north corporation reports some really nice is coming up there in late April and early day. So it's going to be interesting to see. How that how that plays out Yugoslav where all are all bit drop this year I'm not I'm not predicting anything. No predictions are. I hope I'm wrong but every year anyway. Every every dumb I think they have got to figure out of mother nature and we are. I think we'll do take away is anybody's guess. About consciously optimistic. Yeah not think that about a week ago. What do you wouldn't bring in a sport is sport when I mean that an upper spill way they were all there in portrait of a little. Close call the storm is what some of that water out what you ought to come. I don't I don't that you can certainly saw it as a great navigated a big turnover grew. You know it's one of those things and everybody everybody it is I don't want any damage it does want some water that is the tiger if you. And you we cajun some strange request of the lord you. Yeah. Otter that while the going thing. Anti. On the trap we'll switch and over Rihanna report especially compute speckled Trout still being caught him look at president. To be over for them are. Yeah yeah. Real sporadic real sporadic. August but it people get onto an and I get excited. I may. Little ball on a couple of reports yesterday. Fall which you know is it's did you Opel let down by the ten in the consistency. Dated today. But you know demons on the other so he come and bridges but not a lot. Andy that. And he he noticed that that net to put it could plant matter. What what a difference a month makes this time last month. It was that light brown color and on this month its weight darker than dark green sheet so law then. You know over the summer seeing better war quality you know they're like our strength of its. Anime in the water. At. Ellington finished at that caught up in the quality water. Yeah it it is it does look amazing it's been very clear great visibility. We'll start to debate show up which that's encouraging. Yet instead in incredible turnaround. This blended these little movement now but it's getting better. Yet. It should should be improving. And done. No and no more than headline grabbing toxic algae on the Serb republic arch girl. We Paula. We get a couple of weeks ago. Maybe tripped out around eight and you can see it. A little bit them on the water we had to get below. That actually went tick upward unit and I think I'll that overlap that the last report on last leave them and I haven't seen anything else over here in it wasn't. Called up it was just in the you know you could tell there was some algae in the water and Latin. Typical. You know they do the stolen the thing especially we're still day intends to. Well up and pretty generic but yet I haven't I haven't heard anything. Like the reports target gathered on the court or on the banks and and that in the beach area. A about trump end it and you know summertime usually the right time it. School drawn around the track opened it and Ruben yeah. Drinks. I'm opens sure we we've had a few small Croker bites this year up the troubles early. In Manny on the Croker weren't big bowl Croker you know at all hours once seen that I remember a couple of years ago we were talking. We had that small you know we are seeing some small brokers and it turned into the big bulk brokered last of the year so hopefully. Well legal brokers say there. That's what predator fish favorite these not just not just people like Ramallah on the front like well. Absolutely yeah are any appropriate at that did not like on to transact that aren't the ones like on straying. Renewed and it's cratered. Screw you weren't actual group grew like Trout and we can't eat those Croker the journal cost way last summer. So I'm only looking were to improve this summer now. You got it. Yeah India. What about the east directly. I TW bullet marks an eventual that it. You know Triplett made. Lilly were made you know get a little better now. We had some top top Jamaica. Did the epitome of future that. Came through you know the pearls pumped in dirty water for so long. Little Lakewood just build the now decided that it means stop and visions of areas it captured was real he would rooted Mets got. You know what temperature and drove it in crazy bit. Public works medal now kind of on the settlement to a little better pattern think we're gonna see some better official up a lot of credential around areas of the trial. Router you know and there isn't captured a man and Thomas body. Trout and spotty but people are still hold that red tradition in the trial in lower in the shell beach area. You know that there you go towards you know he's getting reports of their along brought to gitmo and also get some good read traditional red judicial. You know they've been doll are. Is attributed the right spot then there could vote for and so. It's just one of those and you gotta kind of. Large annual attempt western analysts say it someone bumps speckled proper record where repaired in Portland. Well I think per hour. Get some good reports that some appears to actually get additional amount over there and if they're coming from the banks. Rather wanna try and bank mission with the kids. On Two Rivers do and don't fish over there other kitchens and different they're. Varieties everything you know combat Bloomfield new. Our public trial well. You know it is that as a feud not a negated. Get overly excited but it evenly got to put your ride in them chance. In in come monopoly back you know we got. We got the Wrigley cleaned up among the batter over the apparently captured as always always work look. Of course bridges. The number one they beat Lleyton. We again. Absolutely absolutely did weekend. All right candy thanks so much on the morning a little old year book or where I let bridge. No more importantly. They can go behind every. They made me wonder how. The liquidity that we are. They're there. Now to pick them to the west side in our information there and you know we will be glad to help now. All right and the doing anything special memorial back. You know do keep we've typically pretty low Memorial Day. You know recognized and give thanks to the game ball for our freedom and allow to do things that we do today that we do. And they could be the in you know just. Crowd as much possible it and try to remember what the days old now. Absolutely absolutely very important. You take care and we need to keep thank you very much you guys have a great weekend could be say in will be on the pond. Pulverize. Andy gentleman right there. The little pro war Beijing. It seemed to be more specific current spate he as a pastor and the fishermen also run club called the they finish I'll play them on that Sullivan award or command Shaq took pearl river so Chris is gonna join us. The bright outlook that's it and it eat at any recommendations. On where are a large amount. And may be chocolate and creativity comes across them and crop operation that's it sometimes felt. Keep pitching right it will pack up the grass right. I look back on North Shore this report on. Beautiful Saturday morning and non. Demagoguery but those summer hours are the ones that we are on the summer hours. Popping out. On the unpredictable rain storms pop up book. You know one thing about these loans as we've seen in the past that are well look at some comes back out so. Usually not enough to ruin your date fishing. Just look at it pretty cool company EX seeker there in the summer months. And that sort of talk a little extra interest bait he joined that morning and Kirk and Abbott that original and or through. He's been pitched in this area all the light. He also runs went to bat club called the at the back and then they have eat they're they're currently slight month. But I'll electric Lillian a little more about mr. men and turbulence in an adult old woman who Chris welcome to the show. And on morning and keep our eye and doing just fine critical spot without. Are the man pack the pack in a lot of illness. Should get the eight year ugly it is started you eleven. Spent the year though. We wouldn't do it. That alone arm and it's just a little small you know. Get together economy is being read up on you know. A lot of argument that there had been did did it apparent that they beat on a ballot into the -- one dollar per quarter dollars. Just yet battle on in the news now this is not a member should just show a lot to undermine they're trying. Right mediated settlement should be cheated so it's not the current money when Tuesday. Yeah yeah any difference in this case it's not tournament than any other ones were your schedule that aren't there isn't the rooms and a part. When non not really we've reduced schedule is. That bird in there Sunday heavy smog. And allocation is drawn to win or draw from my hat and they're MacBook based. It though don't noted that patient to rapid animate. The pan candidate they like him. This not a real long parent that would be them month. And the rules that pretty much the same ma. What you boundaries heat shield battery I actually. Encourages smaller boats to get out there now. Yeah yeah it would be used to have boundaries. You know I Betty in what are you can't leave. You could issue one if you launch on the web at want to property is to be educated believe them now or deliberately. The all it can't read it. And we do allow it from by minority by a home we do it would go back. Because it won't add a point Betty on. All by each other. But let it spread out. Eric Goodman there. Credit that tournament the last Sunday at lot one man awards could be Pristina where acutely clear that would. A lack of rain we've seen are going to be Gordon's car. Yes that is out there about it and when I lost my boat. These boat next to look at the old true on the war. Are. You better. Like the Caribbean the yeah who organized that you look and there but. It was too late today apparently. Who is stolen and later eco one now. Prior art program. I don't pay out. But. You bloodied and they're not the ranking. Are at. And eat on that means drinking water retaining water temperature and and also change and then not what it. Or stop giving an early start here at some months with the war camp just being you know cooler in the early morning. What are some chips which you give folks. You learn about pitching in the eat. Well positioned and eat and at the look more. Structure oriented legacy they've been in a winner. What are kind of spread out a bit more. And but it some apparent you would upon him which areas where the current flow and award blowing it about we and or but. And yeah definitely one key in on anti war movement. And bad way to speed because there are bit cold blooded creatures so whenever we awarded go to. Ever that would go to cities spill at the speed and it still be a lot more and wonder. I don't wanna you. They don't mowers to. Not so they're saying lord who global color wheel. So Olmert are. Yeah a bit more like the commuter credit they are top order got it Mo which sellers. And and routed across this pattern of part they mole it's sad that quite a bit of a I don't. Like in light of these moral values and rich are better at our boat by average but does it work good. Yet it's some some color. Bob. Chris got a question from Arnold and on the site eight eat drink you know. Which you'll answer but he looks in the view it's quite sister consistently at bat on the more. It could really get bad. And there are. Out that it currently in the air. I would say what it it. In March the lower in pearl on the by sees that where it well. You eat there. Any spot award amount remarks at the area. It's a pretty much bet it. Yet it is not going to be huge it is there will be a big. But mainly on. A lot. Could we. There are fewer reports of some really muddy water on Ali on our. Target figure out that Ellen yeah. Ranked only. You know be caught that it speech you know anything about that. Yeah I was out there he kind of let up a week in and it is late in the underwear Ehrlich who they blow my buddy is. Clay in India it cleared up awards like you don't amount of the award paired are so. The only American League it marks restoration made it. It's and even like there were no rain followed when they it would make it dead body but it it is. I don't. Get and it's gonna get better you know as time goes on. Whatever the top layer of mud and they put on a watchdog group that you'd better. Right now and he you know like that they've got to eat or be ready so I went out there and they'll all know there are a lot of though. This is a little bit. Yeah mainly where rocket and a bloody war. Mixing it declared war. You know use that money acute and it. Personal question from what I remember asking about Friday he would cherry or you know get as a group Friday it's the it's wrong and what little girl away at pearl river. In order to know if you run a Betts broke the bat with the war so swear that. Yeah. My champion and entering into it what you. And I mean that in dope when the boat there. Iran and eat her. It's not that he'd been there. I never really woods gave bill then there. But insinuated they can go wrong really quick because they are. And I would suggest that you don't try to go through from no where middle but hurt that you've gotten into the that you don't would be ideal but the dialogue in a parked car. And go with the current independent a couple of big log in and there but. I got it has been over a year and I've been there and I can still get around the law. Hit into a crowded right now though we could see that. Yet. Understandable. Why our current. But certain that the well. On the chair called you drew the Terkel particular. Tunnel. And why. Don't buy it and look. At the Portland took. It. I thought that I work. Greg though world and it is a river and they use what you need to draw these cards and read oak river and overall better. It only because like date in unity Pittman and ought although western diet but it brought to talk about yeah now he's got mine. And could it hurt her. It's really pretty that we're in right. And on. Par. In the day and it by the moderate you know. All right it like next week and our government and the well the results next week but I. Appreciate it. Respect your career or my summer come back at it like it here. Chris right there and you keep up well pat struggled a little short just check out the nor shall bat theory paid normal picture court aren't you thought. Result the determinant in the in the upcoming two. Bartlett knock out and break and come back and pick with John Ilya order the great white buckling under an hour for. The he put that in the world crop be pigeon or. Bank. They pack up with on. We're where it should report on WWL one point eight speak to. Welcome back to you know. Let's talk with one of the top chocolate on the north. The regular on the report someone's taught me and I remember on the side one that should look eaten it. On one of those hot chocolate. And whom we need to spark on the small one. When the movement so. Outlook on crop. I mean starkly personal. On according dollar. Drop volley. Under coach reports you know and ugly trips. Oh yeah. What they're like that's not cool. Unfortunately. It's just. Discussed. Know what it taught so Ottawa on the ship on. Record. A morning. News. I am doing it on. We're. On. All. Of those that don't. Whatever on. You know how important crop of our but it's an accident that are as does the attraction. Addiction. Well easy you know for more. From Algiers over here in Mississippi. I grew up station down there. It's all these mail from here it's two hours ultra like to run them marina Alberto. Before he put Cuba war. And markets analyst Michael proper usage you walk catchment Whipple called them since we care. Andy did crop incisions awkward position is just so much more difficult not law problem I mean not just law problem. So hole it it's it if you wanna pick a fight that the flight that can fight you know I mean you really got to work. You gotta get to know you're rounds and he I've been around in the world over ten years ago. And you didn't start property but it it worked pretty good now first couple years ago. It. Yet. What a lot of political language and talk about it she put him. Homework you know which on what you the little. Little concern. Well you know it would war. Last year are taught to want cropping that indeed people right. Dugout to tankan in this it is again it's a problem it's a mental problem. I got the thing you know placed second adopted BP all of that at all on the bottom par. So ought to ought to do one more of their dale and this year. And some of those values that Kamal these pearl. When you get them all the park was born fifteen to one as well depicting see only gauge. You get you know why users know grind it out to jail and program that killed herself war at all. On the court vision back in dire in my hand up opulent waksal decision about coroner this line. It would include. It makes just like adjustments. A little and that's correct in in now at thing market figures is we have so much you know 11 swearing in the bush years old record last year. The idea pushed those fish whale could have pushed all ball. In it pushed him down for the damage to the real deal. And the bottom rear window open this year has just been for use in court. In a close much op earlier to two dollar goes down there and have will be operational Mississippi. But still launch and Chinese girl. And in party in the you know and Dan and have a party usually I'm not now or else the public. You know I did you keep in good at least skull like you about called the long war. And you verticals and near. A great. For our man in. The knock you out there it was you know. It was a smaller area number one number two no issues that matter in Korea have competent. This is supporters here in New Year's success there. Group applauded their competence and post and it's doctors when you look back postal officials report does not. So okay this is repeat itself but not to Wear them share appeal all added that if you go there and there and put your homework and you'll get these days in now people thought it. 01 of them in particular. Mental abuse. Would object needs an in what would you do become moderate recognize the mambo have been no Walpole town. I recognize is that the view now quality of Mohamed. Now sit and efficient for pertussis and rotate among law. So once it is voices destroying doctored about that man Obama would be limited now that you know. Looking through come back. Truth come that time but certainly outspoken that hammering on the site in a term from scrappy guys outlining. Then there's geoghan alone and at which you cult I mean think what I call I look at tree is I want you. The same as do great. It's a vote. Yeah argue you know. Right old bulls like feel ball I mean that's what it's all about. And yes there's no coal you know important goal power when you have a strike indicator. And you don't get the field. And that's that's you know you know we just lower rates failed and now. Cherished right trail in all of that changing is only typical. And so lines time. So you know build off folks that are called pipeline mean Kasten endure it and retrieve. Brought rarely ended. Until our order read and so lovable and applause I'd never even considered somebody called tight alignment kept an arbitrary and the captain can't do you know you don't want doctored really back. Via Booker took Taiwan strait down. Right now you know no Parole Board knows strike and not all of the weight is only two of the Iran. Quite beat you you couldn't have put them. We'll just say and the Manila the double it would good if not are sold out. The gender religion. The camaraderie is disbarred. The community and armed members don't have gotten it yet that can look at a party gotten an. Not any time soon or not. Well. Put together. And optional would wary of animal there's common. I'll ocean. You know capture regular guy like him in the design. You know we're. He's very good articulating. To to do. You know tablet near you commandeer humble commandeered in very. Much tequila my. So anyway I'm involved in this and we were talking today and he coming in agreement with me. You know most of that it did diffuse seminars. Single line neglected by the seasons. I'm bored you know all of war and the president today award in church. And you know longer spotlight series you know that'll. Fees. Fees and old let's write that they can always stand assert more temperature now now Vietnam boat. Located. You know we count I imagine you only get as warm temperatures and economic got to use support. To figure out. Okay is that there's going to be here there and visit comes from Ketchum you know where you'd had successes and leave it urged. And organize and that's a story that did not outline. Blamed now. Discussing with him a little beer. And I'm putting together. Ole opry in generations to try and solicit. Hopefully. See any tackles the war on the North Shore. We can't do it there's like going Yemeni public library. Bode well. Albert do and in Apple's toward I'm going to be present bobbled the ball and very common board electronics teaching people. That electronic. To be able to fish. And the you know what callers is colors don't work in in more likely to be your world sport man. Solve problems and try to get to tackle shop soul awards so they're stock in what we need decisions over. And they have been electronics in stock would angler needs. To be able to do what I'm doing it makes city. So that's kind of where we are now you know you initial contact phone calls and outline. Well that's a great idea that you can actually helping members of the site when you're also tackle store and what people want I just just. Stand in there and listening to at some comment to which you and Ray Miller sank. Aren't they can learn a lot about what notre soccer let's face it it's just not it's just that. Then murky areas you know a lot of people don't know about including the dealer. The store that they chop out. Now well you know it let's talk about it does the second. You can go out there and uncle dropped by lightning you can vote a dozen different rates that whatever you're at war and so on dot. Not sufficient to me that's harvester. A guard. Look the fishing. Is where you're you're you're boring is engaged. Right. In year trying to figure it out in the crop these thoughtful way one part where you won't column making them so much. In relation to the day dale much now more when he won't Fortis on its good. And then he would accept the water and it's on the middle of the dying you know like decision that would it pushes them back. And it can the congregation gets Duchscherer pitched. So involved in pushes them down Andy walker and unity view it is going to be able to so. Fore kids whether they'll and so he got things do you not think in you know market and stock. Absolutely John. Well it's over to keep in with its. Stated that it would. Planning just you know out double members listeners technical parole or com or the credit that goes did not gonna take you to Wear an MB. At what time in the future. Well. You know an interest thing you Arkansas it is obvious pulled up to. And for the sporting good stores of anybody's listening it is been rated 400. In eighteen counts. Not quite sure. From what what gave up posted this but is not that old couple weeks old. Arnold because more legal. Taiwan not short cut that would trainers don't want to make things trauma finished customers by. Are employed in Edmonton Edmonton on there along here and there bargain it to a chorus so. They'll have real good. Terminal hopefully in there and in their store and we can pick and choose olive to dealers knowing that Tom. Exactly what we're presenting now we contacted Bob McCall and Monday Tuesday next week from Obama all the premium owner would hummingbird. I'm in their 1% categories the wanna call mail home. They won't help me out point assailed mr. Earl. Images you know there that are database. Ought to look now operate and operate now just keep web site keep thanks for coming on in and okay what was your detractors. All right I don't know well well now they. Ali I'm here in what is it is great with chocolate. Margaret Cho now. In the quarter outlook. And Joan. This date he had happened and aegis are on your. Did you ever have a great Memorial Day it would celebrate the month while people are a lot. Well like that great. Georgia. Oh.