The Northshore Fishing Report 04-21-18 8a

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, April 21st

Keith talks Bass fishing with Jason Pittman also Crappie fishing with John Gilliot and Ray Miller.


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Welcome back into the North Shore official report people here talk in news Morgan beautiful Saturday morning we've been turbulent well that last week in by. It look as if things settled down a bit there's two that term and cancel. To Taylor on Warner. A bat the bat and terminal lung collapsed on her sent I would cancel. Also a program thirteen trails Turkmen on the east girl that was not open it rescheduled that from a Saturday to a fund. A relic surprisingly even. And with the with the river being so high that they manage to pull off and go figure that the gut Spiller who get caught it stringers even in that and that milk. A period that pearl river Styx it and got it all figured out and to be on about a few of them even like the challenge of this and that river. In those conditions. That seem our rate then Cody mostly one net turn by British bank Blanco point panel so. Congratulations. To them. That we and pushed Cody higher in the India our ranking also odd parent out there. I can't let let me get adopted in the power right quick and it really really great at it command Hermann -- in the ranking. Like quick India. CNET but reflection of what goes on in the world but. I'd covered. And over thirteen trail. Southern bat anglers. Go reverse singles circuit. What else wires and locker Florida power bat Wrangler. And also the dockside green turn our colony in Vietnam. To participate. That that it is something that that interest you go to in the sternum and there all the on the nor combat series NATO report it report dot com. Let's get to the ranking right quick and get these guys some credit on a number ten on it Eric Peco Erica Ali in the top ten. Rupert opposite that night on error real strong there broke pretty well too. On number nine and the wing on. When it aren't great on the top ten I don't believe we seen him in the ranking before so good to see a new face there on that number eight. Brent king in the abort are built the world it. And I just mention better rates in our oval in at number seven spot with the outlook and last week on our. But that number seven number six is Jolie. Number five the time between Danny giving no you know mango. And then number four spot is warning Y and rock block an excuse me. And now right at him in the number grease spot rather Reese walked and on them to school Leo coating and tremendous year year. I'm in the number one spot. Is the time and that not Charlie is then more more pro river power out right there so. They're going to be strong continues the ticket well this year. So gradually while all of them talk a little bit. Our term vision and a little bit an entry level join take it straight to the bats are on the scene. And knows this area pretty good so. Try to pick his brain is best we can about the speed Margaret Roberts. And I say yeah it is bring. Well because sprint can't communicate that one has turned winning you know the army guys that they eat there and cook that so I'll do that bet the it's been good information on him. And later we're going to be talking popularity. Bring on the years or copy and Alan a great time. For those who. Market talk relate cents after Adam their their holes and maybe eight prepared the beetle shoreline into the river in the I use. I'm the chip on well to bungle that produce and into the rain last week so check in regularly girl keep that water side it. I'm knit community and to get back out there council cycle. All the young Julia gonna join us on this is a lock what area. The program are so or not. Jacket with both range on the same time so we're at them both well currently conversation. Been pitching with both these guys and then yet than the meat and Angela Moore Alex Bentley scored so luckily coaching. I'm in many many years have traditionally nor shall there crop so. Level three way conversation going in that will be at eight there so stick around I'm gonna pick back up with chase Pittman after the break. Talk a little band edition the ball and in full a lot of big bats being taken on the water see here. I'm Reese locked in broad and a six point nine have bat last week and caught panel Carl. An apple and panel fan not not a monster anywhere else but. Down here we know it'll be a big man like being in Europe or in north Louisiana Mississippi so solid finish right there group net. The spring on sport eventful affects. So I didn't enjoy that that breaks Hank Hank and now we're gonna back up with gate and stick around on the nor shall issue. War on more outdoor and welcome back to the show that's so. Two hours north toward this report this morning. Don and not a candidate for Turkey not so good luck to him for who killed it on the menorah and more liquid. It is the year maybe. In Iran. And a amendment and would break. Were seen speaker is being in parliament square. What goes on in Maryland courtroom war. That. Someone speak today at Dayton in its in the river and for quite some time and in peace in the tournament here as well so. Yet the conflict there. It in the water heater. And you know wearing a turbulent time it. On loan group maps and pressure and the winds shifting over out of the war in the book routes and I'm I'm moving water so one thing I like about at currently during that time report the bank stirring adverse conditions. Which in turn help these guys game now in your art understanding what Richard feeling. And less than desirable conditions. In my neck yet who probably agreed that. You know date equipment joint on the you know he's he's a regular here. Obama close the north or. This year report India tournament optional that we do every month he'll ignore or mourn today and. He he's good morning money. You anticipated and well actually would boo I was at a few obligations this morning that a plane and all locked in boats somewhere in the afternoon. That left. And your own and no more department tournament. A humbling there. Didn't mean it would. Be in that it took on that so close to me. You know him probably you know along there at fort street and tucked away in the quarter on wired. An eagle pocket traveling just look around. Yeah we're going to be somewhere out there we're doing the little development on the on and stuff. Need to. Need to try to eliminate some stuff that's. And they tackled. Eliminate like. Create an awkward or. They would honor and a now. Read the text. Roomy that the particular color where we're legal parent. Actually we were we would stay in the house that we have completed and action action late just. It's probably an hour. A waste from and it bit them in the northwest corner of the state of south of south street or that was. You know I'm not sugarcoat it it was a everybody you know complain about you know on the spotlight at the age. I thought we we do news that was monsters in the in the leg in a foul ball that Stewart and all we're just one of those magical Beijing can you in England but yeah and so we you can live without it in doing sponsorship. And you know. For every ball anglers want to do with. It things that are in town bath and magic mark. You get in pounder and you've you've complex on and then and bad days. Which flirted with the law I'll get him this year there. That we're you know you know 89 pound range and then I mean wait before we were almost at the metropolitan. All of my dad Medicare and and legal ones. And it came up with panel wallet does the water character in the forty's finished work barriers are now. GOP I guess you could. Argue just what the town. But it sure and mop out there on the world a little bit we we ideas. I'd do it for about works its founder. Got to post a boat and added that we're that we have one that was you know and you know to FEMA and etched out one now with all the he's been traditional long. Alone long. Everywhere you know we traveled with these actions. Album bat much into words as. Traveling partners like driver slow everything that needed ideal. You know he is excitement and intensity and the vote. Asian you know we post its on the distinction on the whole world won't not measurable outcomes forms. They might go back and look we wanted to finish in the days. All the a smallest they were six point eight I don't have a bit of in 29 and so and right now around 41 and as a balance with a second and. And in big Lebanon and it was phenomenal in a catch. You know you catch up pounders and you weren't even really excited at that point. You know we we might have all of. Being patient well theory and what's on now in the way we. We will look Ketchum is is what you hear about it he says there's certainly every year the year. Earl red gravel trap that. And people don't give a lot of credit they get and if you got to a track that schools would lecture or something like that but just don't read rattle trap. A around and submerged. Some creep and then you mentioned the amount moment here that you've been too long now than it started movement away with it but at the rug from. Incredible that the unified around her beak held small you know when you get. Him. Yeah we're lucky to limit around he would announce. The absolutely. They agreement detect it in Tibet Ervin that there. Yet my head kicked in and Texas yeah yeah yeah that they cheered like an anchor of the and put it palpable in my. Ability but is it similar. You know what it would just talk about the the other day you know it's similar to somebody from. Out of the area common in addition the pearl river again. Mark Moore Charley being mothers and and you know to where you cancel on the over down here that they're you know they're gonna kick your head into beach however make hand. The Sydney and east it is and there's 200. They can do. And I'm English. I felt pretty good about some of these armaments you know we actually some tournaments over the this year and 240. And cynics and the and feel good. Both. You know. A week and a competed. You know we weren't the one that money. Initiative is. There's there's a little bit there's a little bit of learning curve as aptly tricky no doubt there's a lot of a lot of great. About it in that region. You when you look back historically. What it called an infield that was leery and that was we want Amin Marten. Just the whole group of guys that grew up in between Toledo and infinitely iron in and then what and how it should mention it. Negotiations on the Egyptian art it's good but why. 1000000. Fiction around home. Yeah a lot of instruments that go it alone to leave it right there opinion going out in the world and so I mean it's an outline. It's. Influence. That's been but and get them learn those lakes all over again put more effort into what I achieved at tape that. It's it's actually been an experience that's lecture on. That in that department on the wrong. Mean old Erica own pick up your mind. Litigate Crockett is expected in the short form a little it would we're in a I'll hand it it's been you know we should weird strange and an opinion about it. It won't sell 1 morning and there and I happen to but it closed only goes back in the changes. You better not. What does when they're close where the coup. Our mother nature and she offered medication. About polar. Some of them. There's got his due out there something's gonna happen. I was guilty of a couple of days ago and shorts so it out and vote might well turn around walked back in an input and went on so. It affectionately. Don't know that he aperture and no one variables that no matter or unreal you know we. Bloc wanted her little surge in the afternoon. And actually called one of the well these being sure. The church stool. I don't know what's going wrong dose on the next on without a little warm currently written word that looks almost all of them on all of them marked a couple men. The National Mall right now so. It's just. The ball. In Hammond the best case scenario because it hasn't been able and allowed to speech to kind of go their own. And both at different times where. You know that shall we wish them. Folks on that but the politics on the something on the in the Olympics would have on yet also amended and urged is well. It's been. And without it certainly trying to under the yielded. You know the picture of talent and wanna I wanna get situated and capture a north wind blow all the border Alvin. And legal hot and dry or if we're gonna have a swing and in the southern coastal flood and what we've. Oh in the probably three week. It's down. It is beer it's been a challenge such that your bullet you're seeing great and I think I act in attribute that no well. No warrants as it is no. Being in the site vehicles though what. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Headache and it's also been blasting him the loud and age that attribute saying. Not that bothered and then you know we're gonna reap benefits. On government you talk about how all the little on the crow. Oh no it's a little I would sure bigger yeah you didn't sound out of the grass. And now stock in the day and it just internment was. Big or talk with Chris earlier. Eight took a little bit about this program Marxist talk a little girl on mine. Our springtime I'm in the war and what's the best bet that you touched. This month on the par. You know the pearl how our next question now hit. And he got out of our call apparel is Dan a lot of people's nemesis of the shuttle back. You don't know if you want to get now that swift current of the way. In my current Oakland. They're old middle river toward the slack water in title well you know I'll call one thing and there. Eight constant this year has been changing walker and that's allowed didn't finish them off. I won't once again when they move well get comparable closer to the bank but couldn't. Clear water and makes them a lot easier than wall unit. Age shallow. Want to get there with the dirty water they've come up into over the last month. And in baton comparable. So right now I hop on it with banking and we've been doing this going down. Picket picket a Bank of England down elements and debate if you get a couple of bites may be slowdown or turnaround story. Kitchens and plastics or something like that small crawl worm. You know you need anything. I think what they debate Saturday maybe bigger and we now over the slow. It's a regular oh. Pocket called mr. twister nights we technicolor. And things like that and it didn't in the matter of them that would light colored. In that binging water like a watermelon watermelon and turn around and throw a door elect a black balloon like Condit and catch and get finished and so. I think this picture up there were between the feel a little bit noble goal. What it warms Patricia good chemistry and diction a little bit on the parole and try to get in that summit pattern of you know feed regularly in the Morgan overly and the talent. If you picture informed that the grounded out between in three non. I deal. You know the pearl to open right now thank you pick an urban. It's gonna win. Yeah yeah basically put something upon them that they CNN muddy water Jay and Tom. You know speaking on back that sufficient money war in a notebook market conditions at the edge but. We can use the money conditions or panic I believe you know I don't know her interview and it elderly occur when that bill that was open that money crowd wore corn awake and really made a net. But a sliver clean water record crossed that northern shoreline that cost way. Com from Cain took a wrong green point. And we saw that stretched teeming with fish because the money walker. It prevented them from being you know a place where a group of a picnic area. Not seen any console this summer bat in the money area and clean lobby they'll note that remain forever. Where it was muddy and act clean water alliances lonely path so talk a little bit about now. You know money war in turn into a positive thing. All the about how am I mean you eat you look at it from the point of you know he should have been unions called. Cover it's it's wouldn't wouldn't whether to stall along down about you know me well. When you when you flip that around and think about from the money aspect of it. If they're clean water could be as they continue little bit better. So a lot of times you here and works out well mixing water we were captured about a mix well like he says that waters mixing common now. Those and actually have it will be in your water. And then run out there and intellectual and or eat feed into the box. You know whatever they wanna do in the clean water especially if it all live and then maybe there were out there all the crawl he should get swept now. Through the during this stage in. Can basically use the muddy water and as a pop into it seemed to feed and in another like have just touched on was. You know then station muddy watered it comfortable because they can't he or so that you know a little bit shallow work in to a better comfort zone. Green jacket pocket go right now the and finish like that street that the water level is actually. Catch me to Wear them a week or two week certainly you'll want from the river cleanup what it normally. You can see the bottle into for the war element in if you hit in the bottom you know give me so you know it it comes back to that. And equal balance but it seems whenever it is money exchanged a look at you feel a lot bigger and better come out or sternum. Perhaps salute award clean you know you concede the bat on the shoreline them vacancy you well. Well you know if they remain there. Yeah they could try to help there. Not necessarily bad turn it in on it it worked its spot try to weak and our mercker. What you which are gut telling you. All of my own gut telling thing to go eat the. Yeah it definitely. Need to go to the way. Definitely. It is past my breakfast what what you will note that by. You know. So money was born action you can go wrong right now and you can go wrong with like that square below are small a small. Bid mid cap running currently being run read for the water. And then target. You know target the shoreline it might have. And now Sweden to a point something you know the first one of them on the I'm that would. And you play it all got all of it intended it and nobody on that he while. Including well. There are some that I mean for goodness and it actually goes back to shoot at a. You know and and as catcher against and shop in a halt to only they know what's going on. But it sometimes it's more efficiently than a year and accurate later or aluminum whatever. It. It just mentioned. I think that's a lot of people put too much into it over to where it screamed out the picture in war with the water. If there and into the holes on my home. Summit in the end some of them are now on the residents finished by you can and acceptance finish the mission support. The first hundred yards on links on the appointment made by you first and ignored looming in well. There are some fish that are just hang in now they're either way you know we'd come in and. You know for the summertime pattern so you know how well I would I would concentrate fully in the lower Marx's. I you liberty bond with. Home you Earl type deal I just don't have fallen means that been in. You know something. Here in about a month is gonna get it can be turned into a bar on picture. Absolutely absolutely. And it is from the Internet that at key descent. Into it and learn a little bit you know tried to go into that spot. More than once and in jumped somewhere else. Trying in the punt returns and currency cheap that there were you you're not you're extra you know. And built it opens in one day yeah it's going to Ketchum. You know double and myself and go along. All right Jason thanks so much in the morning. Chocolate it's. You know beleaguered we got a couple of batters in all of a lot milder in the bat sternum. You know Dennis and I mean in a league start the work that all. That would birch would you won't believe them. That won't mental content will follow. Absolutely. Great Miller and dine in India going to be joining me now Don it's that earlier that one area. Operating Miller who uses the took a rumor now in Delray. That need to at autumn at the right when he golden. No logic in June 2 go with Lehman could be involved in sepia. You don't have to do that now. Just about every Internet police zoned out in Brazil the and then just need to remember. And I called on there that demand as it got their cameras and you know up now on the straight from a about Donny. 1990. And you know he loves. And once watching Lou the well we're a little. Yeah that at all felt sorry for the the chip well and don't print it out yet. You control the populations so different group and overpopulated. I did in particular the that goes on like. It beat it drove the old yeah about the amount would look for the replant. All right it. Jacob bit right there and then they turn an angler and a triple. Really dirty and certainly appreciate him. Come and on the morning. All right it is at the break went back up the rate Miller and Ilya. Two chocolate fishermen. Topic by the end. Content heavy that springs to keep it right here nor shall pitcher Portland at WL one point during HD two. Welcome back into the North Shore efficient report. And it probably tell from and get that position in this early in the short a small but another. Popular mr. target in April. Sprawling one of the best statement is in fresh water world and that it crappy for the sock away as we call it down near south Louisiana. Those this are heading into the allens and it's one of the you'd be on the camp saw collect so up next we're gonna have to get that are avid crop the anglers and we're just gonna go to the net app poverty. The only thing. Don't wanna welcome and John Ilya and bring Miller. Paid good morning to moan. It. Now rival well let's just start. Out expelled primarily what Perry's handsome but little can have an idea of what areas were. Grigory. Hi while money right now obligate array. If you listen to keep corroborate. The Catholic guilt but I don't know much. Lately here's tip of the root. And a move there but mainly there. Where are my main job your yacht and mostly spin almost toppled pearl river and know a lot more. But we do traditional reverse forward. You know over your own eastern the reason. Well well look thought. The jump in the the word chocolate brands are bank mail and I think by now police in Manila late victory. Here that term. You mean the war properly out the vote and a new oh. Not real well. God from last yet so I might. Elect Jerry country and it's not only mean that the milk back of Maryland where we're. People used to make you know god she's right. Said it would pay these these are bag we'll look milk. You know rob all on the line and it wouldn't expect gold while it. Would that when the cottage cheese would that or what an absolutely despite all of me. So their goal a stack of mail dot LA. We'll first occurred that in a manner and so. Look at who we're gonna be an out there. And channel four and let you know. There'll. Opposition party regular U been doing pretty good attitude but only in the afternoons. You know hostel early in the shop work. From six to twelve and sneak off. But the job and fish in the bottom of the program from Walsh. And even after the rains it's not affected me fission knows it and can now to stop once you get to the back problem at all been real clean. And off until toward temperature came up a little bit I'll I'll put an admirable Mississippi's. That the parole. The limits only dirty fish. And upper income and you know and it popped when it one basic one dale was one notable women but when -- talk about that the. Doubt if you're from Japan it's just been that and so so muddy. The my strip that may there. If Europe got while. It didn't you know. So. I doubt but don't look. Out for. And the idea. Backed up the big motor a mean word got. Only eagle chick. I was gonna go tomorrow which is only. At the good planning and have a plan B let's get the ball one. That is really in the spotlight this and he not not been colder than normal. Possibly it might not be not yet. So you could you could talk a little bit about it's what I'm wondering is. You know when they move into the talent. We give broke court with a dig in the shiner captured so. Well before we talk about the battle to get some information on her view exactly what happens. During the spring months purple opted for the broccoli won't coincide with a man that the bank on a boat. Well I've you know. It is Allen's comments or wrap up this year. Date already. Party do not ship now when the wars that are mr. Chu was upon 65 degrees let up in smoke animal loose ball and I'm actually vision Puget polls. In. Vietnam got some new song alliances. Form at all. Hopefully. In these new collapses while on meat to feed down in the classroom well. If not caught want a few because considerable debate and if not more he would with a generic poll with DJ. In this activity in the body and soul of the by have been on and down here in the bottom of the river. Ronald to crop in the same area. Outrebounded by the same thing you know. That. Yup I wish Rob Long a lot of bad it would admit that bill pretty good on the river and in Mike job that brought these bonds. It's kind of winded down right now. But the it may have a run like crap shoot. The black carpet Buick buyers in the white brought it moved up so. But it does it the last strip Bob made. Got several internationally you have medic. Whatnot now. Yet I was over limit. I'm 31 fish. Only two and didn't have a day. Indians. In the last week. The the day call wanna. An app to known and only two and he. Doubt Tuesday. So it would deter security unit depicting his water temperature. That saying you know if people needed indicator visual indicator. Is when doll and dogwood trees to blown. You can see all would bloom and in an area used in the war to Jewish heart for crop. And Greg called on the interstate the ball. You gotta you know. You're noted that he beat the but that's about it it's in the hands of bundling cities all grown poppy unit here in carbon which Allah something different from them interact Actuant you know. Conventional word that I would think in David but that. Probably won't be put back with the cold weather but I guess not gonna say it's crap but now. Well and America you know I have learned from corporate were lost on net net certain each handled efficiently. It in 11 in game. So woman ordered back then here vision with two dog. I have warned with only about eighteen inches off in the wrong. You know the Ross cutlery street that's the Ronald outboard side of the bodies. It is and this year op kitchen as much oil would be wrong position now. That's wants kitchens to me finish. There's a one man did he see that turtle. You know between jail mixed cruel to programs. Is that ball models right keyed. Does that entail Libyans over. In his direction of the time flow in non stick in that GA. That detail in this act soon to jailbreak. Kind of make like a little calmer. Inefficiency and in the back pocket so that computer program. What is deep ocean now I'm here at them but you know it's down there weren't efficient. It's only about that would be in the middle of the command. Yeah up interstate bank job object to. I go one day judgments dictates the water that there's going to be very old hood you know in and the water. Section of the British parliament was 67 well at bat. They have the colors you know on my colors not to. Working like. Opt for radio we'll keep you sane of those specialty. Skeptic shape to wood to walk a little lamb. Right problem opt for those in a dual threat level orange. In for a civil wars with the white body in short terms tale has been well. I mean did the books always and it broke almost have to deal. So that that should it be I try to black and green mean I've tried several come just straight green. Marshaled through you know. Did it just. Black here in the shelters Bobby united budget. Ball will not pointed out orange white and green it is just in just volley. And you'd like to warn you right. Through that period of years we called it. A used to be Mundo one color one. Up. The net cord. That you know least about 07. We don't view that we ain't that probably. Literally it. Again it's the movement targeted futile competition. And go out there would recoil. You know you gotta have on the floor and figure out what to bite. I got it. Coming up on a break here but now we come back and think it's more tips and we're gonna let you guys will lay out your top three color and that you must plan. Com you know in your box that that definitely a much pan. Been you know on his boat view and alive on Google. And Utley you know like on drop in ninety now we're talk more about that regret it come on schools that the the start the school so. Play more in common. John you know yeah or email I'm out of here for the next fifteen minutes so thank might break the North Shore this report on more outdoors. Welcome back into the jail this morning we're popular on Ilya and ray Taylor John rare regular or culture or check out there report on line. John pitches the pearl river net or Rupert navigational canal. Lock one area. Rate it is primarily the chip on the river. Like Natalie if you in and to some relief to reap the west and future our economy and a trip would use it to lock one mediate via. And it was them that you learn about giving them more Brett mister Wright without looking them in heaven and Arnold burned in the start committing school talk a little bit about that. You well. Well you know I want to pitch startled and structure. You can blow it up pretty quick Q no you can put a washed Jewish you troll mode mobile patrol boat war room through the structure trying to control by. In and cause engine shop the sales spoke. They wanna audit bill and especially now league adopted 22 in the area that looks that might be some. Deeply floating alligator. Or the beer treetop which some some graphs of mixed in with that. Indy. He views on reach over and used to watch you line them a couple of free man and war. And knows more abrupt and finished they'll cobble. There's there's chocolate and generally look you know. Oh when their Q when their fees there there especially epic approachable for. You can pull it the first issue yet you look even in the design the look in all official B look about it is not discourage you go as deep. But you know you you just drop you baited war couple feet in those aggressive official called ma. And when you Poland about the war little spooked took the rest of physicians school. Beat normally you know tying run up and crafts and return. And you just slowly you know every to go out to be morning quick bite to region dropped another a couple of three. And you can do stages and apple much more successful catch awards special be of limited number of she tortured spot superiors. Yeah don't know Israel insisting that city in just that little. Drop that you may and then you don't get anything. Into that promote school. Very interesting that Syria is it. Where you don't think you got it you only dropped a foot foot app to beat them. And yet it Erika who works if you remember it would not object in Hamburg thing. We just drop it and hold appeal properties and holdings stereo. Man involved. You know it is the law especially just don't have that much structure they decent man acted after Katrina. And it is ordering in the trees there are so you don't wanna roll up all capturing him. Are good spot. Brought all about it would be just kept woman to fish in the news spoke to you know. I'm ray this appeal filed a river. And you really popular world works and it's not working you know let let me tell you that at the Connolly went out over the winner. If you if you wouldn't and and honored manner that would have been a route to being like those that were not bury it did not want plastic blow. And they have no grounds out swallowing like shiner so. Obama Orlando. October November December. And January. Most subject here but boastful. Well they. Each had a goal and look at the check everywhere. And put in. You know ended. Eating machine that gorge themselves to want a four day. You know in the wintertime in the way they're getting ready to go to. War and jogged in suggest that that. Day they are not been eating machine. That it. Bong like get deep water all rated an absolute favorite waiter issue. Read it but this would be an. Will want it does yeah you know god and twelve foot that well. Yeah photo when you probably two. It W pleasure bill would. And that. Did it in twelve what he. You know they'd they used in the and a huge and it it took the lead here no matter. Yeah like you'll figure out if they like those bigger it's more quality Richard deeper than me that any bidding. And that dump like you said the edit it's not going to burn the spot on with the popping corks thorough delicate purchaser. Well you guys in its order it and there's there's no comparison. Definitely harder. You more fun now but I tell you want it to magic when you feel them when you feel a bit when the Bible. Brought. Really focus you at all and everything else that appears in the net on mr. like match at the trade. You know you it is trade. It's extremely. Red and number. It Chautauqua as another. Caller I patient with no right. I apple forward about a foot long academic book and or our ability you know what you want to lose our signal that you're in drop and enamel. The awful. And you get a thought you at the ball it's great out in note that you if you're pushing it would be you gotta bring it and that is the video. On that trip did he bet on. Dick he got a second will be donated outgrown the use in his nano line. In I'm I'm kinda bought while feed that into account kimbo mr. crop in London that mental. In fishing down in the polls. In which incredible debt national army you can boom bah. You know I had to quit using note that extra opinion. Jiggle. I had to go with that drew books do you do poem on. Out of the trash and Bernard graft without Chenault. They handle and other oil falls in the act itself. Paul while our outline as opposed to normalize. It's not me like debris. I would go on the ground force. Power pro I was one of the first to get. Thought sampled spool back in the day worked in the industry and it shows the guys left in the town pro was great. It's it is it's different on what it's about February compared Fernando news continues fibers. It's not a week. And it can't thereafter it has. Almost the rural memory is huge issues UGU. War and mopped element of the triple digit poll. Or you pick up there will be no you pitch in the windy day you'll always route but ran into those long pole. The national line doesn't do. Indians these this straight it's got polished drawing though brought out world. In the diagram internal plan has all those losses without the drawbacks of being in the glory. It's just phenomenal it's expand on it. In its own line. Called shortly. And not double dip in cheap mud GA. It on unbelievable pre auction group is incredible. And does that give them an extra would it not mean we've. No not at all. It back I don't cutoff every time. Until lit it looks like one block. Here award to buried. I'll I'll I'll cut it all the hand that I have yet to have a political. Make a law. That. Yeah you'd you'd and drove the thing if you ought to feel like little sixteen pounds Judea. At La. But he ended incredible option. What umpire and and like Henri open Maria talk probably about the robbery you know production and parole in at all. Up underneath the tree lands wearable form. Outward up to take twelve would Jude poll. What line you know six people all over the pin line and all what did you know that typical rock reach out longer need to tree. In draw opted. Now I can sit back call the treatment though saying you know it would be eight inches and inches oh. Skip and. You can't do Moscow demand no wind it is viewed it and it would gain changer for efficient structure. Where we're at me as well. Some lamp on mullah letter announcing my work. But it. They guy at any any tips for a couple of those in. To start with Michael oh at Berry. Very scary looking at from the outside trying to no market. I would get distracted you know want to be at bats exclude then so soon might not only trip turned into this trip and an aura that we'll start. It's great diction. Well I. You know lead the big thing is it is it is patience and spin and that. Follow. Almost sold well you know right got eight man amen. The Iranian you'd use such an opportunity. To apply and structure and there there or having to structure mail. So use it you know policy structure you know efficient. Wood structure. You know position. Apocalypse. What is it they're going to be destructive especially not the spot they're going to be in part instructor. I'll run. At you guys on here. Did you agree yet seen it post for a couple weeks he's been down. With to really serious all. Of these old recovering now you don't act so. Probably get back in you know Google populated not oil off our network you know they'll go away upon. Who wrote the air a little bit. Ryan had adequate diet packet got out. Are you in that bank on it ought. And I hope you enjoyed it to our North Shore this report due to out. Every ever Adobe. Direct it's not a.