NOPD Chief: Stats show clear downward trend in street crime

Tuesday, August 14th
Scoot talks to NOPD Chief Michael Harrison about his department's efforts to reduce crime and crack the case of the mass shooting on Claiborne Ave

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Let's go back to two chief Harris and our chief I think this is a better connection. They don't follow exactly the type of court building downtown Portland. That's our weekend we can hear you now. So I'm the crime is down but this doesn't include the shooting a last month the south clay burn off Louisiana avenue is that gonna change the statistics at all. None of our country statistics were actually. All as of yesterday we were down fortunately compared to accomplish unity equivalent to 120 fuchsia to the Sox. 220 real big number two. That's a different world golf partners prepared you actually numbers are really big number committed on volatility on the work well for violent crime. And while primaries actually common. It'll probably admin woman but we're not satisfied it would keep pushing to make sure we can remove the directors. From the streets and that's why we went. On all around the city based on complaints citizens people about drug dealing McAuliffe in the dark you know if and we engaged to drug dealers and indeed now stop lumping them all last week so he won. That we picked up actually can be put a report out of 54 border where a process of picking up. Well one of the concerns is a lot of those people are gonna get right back out on the street. And that's not your fault. No that's not helpful that's always a concern. Recognition that we we constantly look to which the court system but that's. You know that's their constitutional right to dale what we want to make sure that we do our due diligence. The fact that all that we're not going into the car and truck on the street we wanna hold them accountable at least. What we can view and he wanted to assure the citizens that we have going after the people they tell. Are committing crimes and causing panic about communities. And so we're probably looked at what they're doing and you wanna make sure we do do could take it to the court hopefully get convictions. And in the changed. All of these individuals' minds about pulling dropped just called the muscle problem. I was driving in Metairie are resourceful where SS parade to veterans some are worried you are to Trader Joe's. And I saw a sign into neighborhoods it's airborne people so to lock their cars in that your dinner your. You're you're giving criminals an opportunity to commit crimes when you leave your your car's open we've we hear about so many car armed robberies and in lake view and an uptown. Even considering all of that she stay at the stats distilled down. While the step to the outlook on crime you know the callable seems to be spiking just do little bit. Just a little bit and here's what is real important thing. In one we call. We're fired guns stole out of vehicles in all five of those vehicles were left unlocked. Inaction is really unacceptable and dole gone up in the hands of people who did you content. To commit violent. And so that's what we're working picket until recently all we tell people why don't leave and called medal even gone caught and that lead car. And that we couldn't keep it when he won continued unfortunately. You know there's a number of juvenile and beautiful start walking off Portland Oregon split if you want. Then you know just comment ask a cup would limit and end up in the hands of all person control here on crime element burglary. That's an expert. Business owners and now but not necessary to. Chief mention something recently and here there's time to some people thought was very very controversial. I said that if you leave your car unlocked and there's a gun or their valuables. In the car. You were basically. Financing. The careers. Are criminals spiked by giving them an opportunity to have something of value that they can sell. Well. It'd be it it gives them an opportunity to fill in the values but he gives them. Are the mindset that that's acceptable and that they'll probably keep contained in the key countries doing it. When people around the cause he can't get into one being will inevitably lead there'd be stopped doing it. But we can't enable them probably caught a lot because. And I kind of they're getting what they need and effectively we're also contributed to some of the Lyle Krahn attracted little blunt sometimes argue symbolic. Went out and complete their problems in the caucus which is divorced please leave a problem especially if it's unlocked. So is more likely to somebody's gonna look for an open car doors and to basher window and up. Google I mean you do you create that feeling when you breakaway and why did you leave traces of that and that's what they are looking for all of course have left a lot when we can get in the dispute it. Took about five circuit comically from the defeat Iran it would be viewed as actually all it takes. But we can really fault problem but just could not call. Affect your phone to remind you of the certain common. That it was a long and remind you can just do it and that's what I do model. If it works even when I figure they'll all angles off it reminds me out of pocket article it would look in the politics out of it and block. It definitely a different. Justices seem like it's that difficult to remember to watch I mean I know I religiously like my car and I don't care where I'm I could be as somebody's house and the suburbs a friend of mine's house in Anderson habit of always so watching my car. Un chief it dripping gang problem in New Orleans. People we have again and we do every indication gang problem in all sports. It is loosely organized and where there is no hierarchy and structure. Where that were clearly the biggest construction and these young folk to travel in the lowly people of that model ought to each other. And that's what makes console port to force public you know all the work bargaining unit were apparently not technically units. All walking constantly to identify. And build cases against them teaching that it prepared they are more to come. We're we're identifying them and holding them accountable to Ball State federal equal cases putting. Put a good deal for long period of time because some of them committee extremely violent acts against multiple people. Are your precinct chief what do you say to people who say I don't believe the statistics I believe crime is up. Well you know we want people to be safe and we want people to feel. It'll all vital statistics a compromise digital. All reporting system and towards the little cult who reported crime. It's electronically captured we reported would not handling anything. And they're not Robert that report partially into the crime that report be to report that we took its citizens call this war. So they're giving you back the information you gave such and so we can demonstrate that Dole's crimes actually down. And we brought you to make you feel it just that we making sure that you ought. Up until because we have a consent decree monitoring team with a consent decree of the independent police monitor. With the metropolitan crime commission and the number of the entities or he and look at the work we do all we're pretty confident that you know. That would keep using accurate information is what we have to produce to the FBI every quarter and the year a little bit more reason for Austin could not get so. IIA chief AD any lease on the other mass shooting up ourselves river also Louisiana. Absolutely go along a number of weeks and I'll investigators bought folly we're pursuing every team Lee we are right now connecting the dot com and keep you know. I debriefing every morning and every evening on that case and from what I've been. Briefed on this information that comment because of this would help and we're happy that citizens to call him given the publicity we need more. But these investigators are putting together a number of lead and hopefully I can and in the future will be able to bring you some good information. I chief Michael Harrison thanks as any time minister under behavioral. I screwed if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy text 870. A seventy. Now I mean look. The statistics don't lie but that doesn't mean that you actually feel safer. But it is. Getting better at least for now we'll be right back on WL.