Noone can beat Alabama

Why is Alabama the barometer for LSU's success?


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The market if LSU beats Tennessee beats Texas a and M and winds in a bowl game they'll have a ten win season. And a lot of LSU fans have been really lukewarm on the season ten wins haven't done that in a while not as pretty hard to do in college football. This is it's hard to get to but. I think what soured most fans on this season was the loss to troll that's at stake if they hadn't lost that game Detroit. The season will look a lot better to a lot of fans you know could because of of course again they didn't beat Alabama witches. Well people always is set as the standard for LSU we have even though no one can beat Alabama so. This is that a solid season for LSU and Cogent or draw and I think that they've done better than I thought they would have done well lined and beating Trey awakened them so it was kind of a crucial loss if you wanna look at it that way there's nothing good about losing. But it did seem to wake them up and they've gone on a hair ever sense. Ten winter be pretty impressive for his first full season as coach Brent. Fans just don't seem to access.