No vacation?!?

WWL's Dave Cohen and Chris Miller talk about a new report that many Americans are not taking summer vacations.No vacation?!?


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I'm disappointed to hear that 43% of Americans say no vacation this. I believe vacation has won most important things in life for many reasons I'm for intensive I don't even get paid vacation. On that they can't afford to take the time Marcus they'll lose money. From market and not gonna get paid and they're spending money and a vacation at the double whammy. That's because to me vacations they're important times to recharge. Important times to get away from an all clear had. And maybe most importantly. When I think about the best memories I have with my. With my kids with one. Even on back to with my parents. Many many of those memories when we were on the when every once in the best news when this the most laughter when there's the most exactly how many great memories did you forward sitting in front of the TV watching captain king roof. Great show at all. Agree memorable now. And remember captain mr. genes that. Nothing like that remember in the long car trips that we've taken family. When my Brothers. And myself in the backseat of a cross laps and always wondering when are we gonna get there and are we got an error. Has car around. Even those are some of the greatest memories I have some folks really if you can't in any way. So they've four of sports today. Did that take a vacation really to use because the 43% of views and not taking one this summer. Really did it has long lasting impacts of now giving news amazing memories those fun times and really recharge your batteries and getting ready. I find that saddening but I I I understand it again I love vacations. And I think they're very. Important.