No more youth football? And Pelican & NBA draft

We continue to discuss Brett Farve's comments on removing youth tackle football and we also talk to forme 49er Nate Singleton and Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry stops by to talk about the NBA draft and just how much are the Pelicans willing to spend to get a championship team? Full 5 pm hour.

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Not exactly one half of the crews here. Well good hour to a sports thought could salt logic do you can you do an imitation of body there I would try to broad scientific community yeah. OK okay hold on radar where what you don't fully lately we've had unfamiliar area the act and her. The AV he forgot the snot bubble wrap got not a snub of and when the government lately you're right anyway can't be back next week because this hour Alvin Gentry. Pelicans basketball coach in BA draft going on tonight also get an extension and look amass a straight up. He will go at the luxury tax in the maybe a guy like LeBron here and it's a pipe dream I can do it but lots of LeBron and appellate uniform would give me. Insane. With me would I would be so popped I think the number tickets itself would be able pay for luxury yeah absolutely also this hour Brett. They Singleton. Former 49ers wide receiver played with TO out there are several Cisco part of could salt staff over their Condo. The lines are open at 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. Brett Favre wants to ban use tackle football. Has lost as minors he. On point where he says should we ban you football 504. 2601870. Text 87870. Jeff fun on a cell phone a Saint John you're on W two alleged death. Art art art or. As are small like it is. There are coming out there you issues. Up one. Where there's a bigger so all and I am not currently all four or school all Spiegel historical matchup in the all our rightful. On the size deployed and how. By. My son played. Tell us you just hold on once once I was cut some breaking news of Janus was the bucks quote quarterback. Has been suspended by the NFL for three games pretty significant news we'll get back and Jeffords one extra people or where that. But Jeff. I cannot put. But just on hold you back don't that's pretty significant is considered a saints played the Buccaneers in week one to. Alaskans know that they cannot I don't get to watch the saints 'cause we work on Sunday I do listen you guys on radio and that's not a shameless plug I do lesson you guys and radio. I listen to people and post game you know what when drew when drew may not have the greatest game I may throw an interception in the red zone just. Hair renewing right Tim James wins are masking those people a call and do that endgame is Winston instead Drew Brees I do feel much football team that. Yeah. Lot works and has a lot worse especially given the news here. Attorney Reid. 2016. So that's the three game suspension. From the NFL I we got Jeff back to bring Jeff back in your Jeff I'm Sar man I had to make sure I was aware of that news. Scoring leaders thank you but. All well and and until. And that was all just like idea Grogan in short program. What are all right cool well welcome. I am not late forties. And and and it's you never look back on this sport in no match injury. As it relates to concussion. Not the concussion numbers and concussion protocol and the Japanese in the eighties but why different in the weight now. I think it tremendously. A part of the of the game and the lack of the court to keep ought. The violent. What went well ball played I think can cut the numbers were age warning Moly. May all agents remark or go to a place for. If you've got about Jimmy Graham. Like baseball basketball but I've got my son watched a replay. You change. Our. Kids plain flat. And twenty fights clean ball. Full ball okay and I hope you got a couple of you got a couple of things like. A lot of like many other pediatric surge in the state. I might wait for I don't know yet between my heart and he's sure of the light of you'll. In the point I. I think or so ago and it now aren't we should be. I think we need. Now. We sure and I think it can end up meaning they'll. It would come into the high school well you're in in in in the end. In orbit with. It's becoming a big crop. NFL but got the colleges they're gonna get at schools. And then everybody can pull a lot because sport and recreation. Is the last thing is on the local golfer. And that they can take the life that all the people they gonna take at all. That. It's the thought about it energizes. And co salt and our talk about his during the break. There's and there's very few catastrophic injuries catastrophic injuries and youth level so there's they're going to be able to get insured I don't think people in a couple applause on. And Jeff justice stepped in just real quickly on that thought about about high school and and and eventually college. On first of all congratulations. For you saw and I think it's important for parents who played football. To let their kids know it's perfectly okay if you don't wanna play football now I I truly believe dynamo got a believes. In play in multiple sports brackets say this is a guy that has been an education. Garros so many financial reasons why you will continue to have football simply because if you don't have football at some high schools and certainly it's on universities. You won't have any sports because they can't fund themselves football funds you're athletic program. And when you wanna talk about money. That's the bottom line football funds the athletic program. It's. The NFL plans a three game is it could be as much as three games to be less three game suspension. Potentially for Janus was intently Buccaneers cornerback a quarterback stemming from a who were driver incidents. Back in march of twice sixty coach salt crushing Garrett you're up next may Singleton former 49ers wide receiver NFL wide receiver played with TO got pick his brain about TO decided not. Go into the go to his hall of fame induction ceremony the sports talk here on W two well. Jane is Winston Buccaneers core cornerback Aaron a lack cannot say quarterback today but cornerback. Plan to be spent by the NFL for up to three games. After an incident with a Hoover driver. In march of Tway sixty welcome back to sports talk coach salt Kristian garic here full lines are open at 50426018. Semi. Brett Favre wants to ban you tackle football has he lost as miners young point. Deep should we Dan youth tackle football just tell us a final four to 601870. Allen gentry come up in about ten minutes here. Nate you play the NFL. Playboy played well lavish your Francisco 49ers and handle at a pre your career in the NFL. What he's what how what your reaction when you hear somebody a former NFL player say hey we should Dan. We should ban tackle football at the U level. Yeah. About four it'd. The way things are going to say obviously with. Caught it and then. And Tibetan shoot no they are concerned but bubble but the great sport. And that baton. You know being out so it unfortunate. I think we're getting better protect the players protecting it. I think we should detect them back at beaver. My thanks thanks for come at all what is today. Are you not I was tell a Christian you're a guy I played obviously at the highest level as Super Bowl ring. You are going through kind of a concussion. Situation with the NFL and you know me to comment on that but you're also a dead. Who song played in our program. I'm now is it is an excellent receiver for cal. How will use a dead coming up and I don't think I've ever even acts Judas how were you was a dead common up. When Brandon first approached you about a dead not take I want to play football you know Connick bring us through that because we have dads out there. Yes no don't know when I met kids may be asking him we are I have a guy now that can give a great information you plated at every level which he was successful analysis and it's too insane. Yeah I mean it. Branded and I would say in terms of blah. Am not playing the game. I saw an early age yet talented and so. But what that means about the media. As bad. I hope that put him in. Successful situations so. Calm that thing out there ought to work a ball and we just work the water and popped that the war. You're better and more importantly is being in the old ball cherry pop bowl. And we on the fact that the injury we can't control injury injury happened. I think around eight. We just you know they'd hurry up we played four ball. I think if you do that protection of their. Nate saying make Singleton former 49 drivers who played the NFL. Nate I'm curious to know from you from your your best one I'm you've played it he coached at the youth level coach and and high school. How often do you see concussions and how wide how many have you seen during your coaching career. I really. Great a lot make you wonder to what he had back real good here. And again in the debate policies in terms or ball there's a protocol that happened then if it is such yeah. That it optic now that you know we have. Not on our line up our. Oh it would enter followed me there they're basically Kia did very well that are and it would do government. The cuts and oracle but in the added meaning you'd. They co Q we teach never UG. Shoulder. First. Well more lenient apparent that that culture they pride and do it ain't the right way it was the object is. Hey you played with TO out there in San Cisco. For some what was that like what was he like as a person. Late is now rated. The hope that it there on out of 41 years old war war war. But I tell you. Look. Oh man that went to Geneva Brittany. Oh. That. Odd. How much you spend that all the practice what you walk to operate no doubt. Were. Friday. Oh. He had unbelievable skills that. Op sometime. I think. You know. Why he wheeled it is a company that turned out I am acutely. But. But it was rated it as one pac ten checked about oral. Little on the date in you know. He's big ultra. And if you break it up he's done with you you know don't you know. You know. He you know he could fit in Europe where. You know he he cheers those moments but the minute that you but treat him more. Why. Would be he's just done an and I think alike with morneau. Unfortunately. It's situation. Concerning neo all the rain from Friday giving it away. And somewhere around a line between. Today and in the time that he he had the dual speak Pebble Beach bar. Have you reached out to me ask Allard urging him to maybe change his mind. Re out there are normal and abuse mean other people have reached out to a but again. I hope the take yours mine because the only app so many people. Literally you know what bogey as a talent to do so now. Washington you gotta love these guys beat to become all rain would be. Achieved that would I think that state. We need to know what you are why we need to know. You know build story chip you going. I just think you know I think the word rented. A big opportunity. Do share with the world and flatter world. May sales of four NFL wide receiver also. Coach on consult largest staff and Brandon house Brendan don't. A cap. Brent has gone great will gradually. Well we have to Wear a shirt junior now so we have. One in the classroom to on the bill we're just praying for help they help the oh gotten. As a burglary bench that surgery so that week that they felt the the the coming hours. They Singleton thanks a time for should get some all right. You bet see you soon my friend. Mark. Former 49ers wide receiver gramley a llama as well to die hard path to the NFL Mitt carved out a pretty career great great football player to tell you what better person it's fun. Two key to seemed hours as a as an established man. Because I saw him as a high school kid in Nam. You know just. Had a great work ethic about it even in high school now. To see where uses a man is it really it's it's it's proud for me to see him every single day do what he does CBS a local news headlines next here on W well. Our. I welcome back to sports talk Alvin Gentry head coach of the New Orleans pelicans draft night in the NBA coach. I'm an eight on a first round draft pick but still pretty exciting night. Well there's nothing you can excited and all the time. You never know what can happen. Over including. But it verbal commitment to a than. You know an outrage we have to prepare like we're going to be. I have a personal pick goes to you that you never know what's gonna happen forestry card. So are you tell me that maybe guys are trying to get back in the first round here nobody is listen it's okay to tell me coach. I that don't is that there's a lot of girls that ignorant that. I got I got to unity got a new contract exits I'm sure that's. That's got to be early for you know yes and we'll securities to see after the success you guys had this year. Well it is that I. Like in here and you know element. Go to. The confidence that. There are should be one of the potato that's really exciting and it topic we're headed in the right direction so I'm looking forward to Republican port through. Are getting back on the porch on all over there. If you don't. Give back in the first round tonight in the sec on how do you evaluate that second round pick when he what's the approach from the organization there. Well I think that like anything out there everybody would where available. But you know we're looking at about. Verbal that that might enter into it also but the beauty you know I think got guys do a great job out there are great job look at it apart. A group of people at that particular. Position. That fit into what we're trying to reduce system why and so. You know pick it could become. Very are important to. Pick someone that's first of accustomed to plant where you. How does coach Alvin Gentry here on sports talking. Coach and bear with me on this have been maybe I guess and a wish list of mind but say LeBron James says he don't want he wants to get out of Cleveland. How much you think you guys who would we go after. Well I can't comment on that for the simple fact that it's on the album all fired irons were beta stage now and I'll I'll I'll I'll go to our everything that you adult. But you know my bag to it is not known. The talk about so. It only Elkins. Duca can be the designated. Bill is not that I don't want answers. I have felt all prime adjustable these. Again I get it now have have even a tenth of that so I caricatured so I apologize but all of auto let me let me ask you this though so. If you close as an organization and you feel like it regardless of in free agency are trade to what patty. How willing are the pelicans to go over the luxury tax if it means adding players that are gonna get you guys maybe over the competent and into the Western Conference finals are are to win a championship. I think that is being committed trying to win a championship and you know it is something that's significant. Yeah topic that would happen. Either bring the number one priority is. You know she's in this metropolis a championship without doing. Big user of the truck or a championship when Mandela and it and the coaches and so. Well I think we would would go to opted to put up with significant. A significant to our. I I think that mrs. beer party would try to do. How is Louis cousins come along his rehab. Are indeed making progress. Where a couple Andrew but I consider these these people working his butt off he carries. I mean he's you know pretty much we have about 68 out every day so. Do you not think he could very much. And to try to get himself back in and get into the form but he lost her. What do you think. We think about it once he gets back to it to be no play basketball again. Is there is there concern at all that there in my in my take a little while in order to get back to being that we cousins he was a feat he sees no ability that pretty quickly. Well that that's one of the things that no one knows real you. There's nobody working extremely hard and trying to get back at that level. And you know respect courses not going to be the answer to exactly coal. Coach a lot of success last year. Will MBE and I you've had time to maybe think about your season. Who was or stretch our our moment there was where he looked back on cement that was some of the fun assigned I had that next year. All up in the last five gains you know that reclusive. But we believe the designated I'll play off. And we we're in a position where rip away all of we can't wait for. But that would reform Denver on European network via. And so. I've got that the department so that approach to regain. The last pocket of these. Every every query you know awful things about that you know this is the several day you know we happen that Tuesday that. And you know they did a great job and you know when chemicals on the load. You know one of those pairings have been planned seven polio at all. You know obviously all of the cave you gonna look up of a doubt been a great job of this you know coming together and and plan that would change. Coach Alvin Gentry are the pelicans on sports talk wind Allen and coach he did just enough parity is in the NBA. I think that's why you not think everybody talks about. You know Golden State and and there are great to be very very very cute and probably war. You know. You know there was parity anomalies that put Chicago bull. You know you do. You know they they want you know we're. Critics. We felt like you know we have a great chance to America BA championship we could never do only poll I think that make. Great basketball you know you you wanna try and it took me out thing. There are more Leo Houston has has the right approach. Say you've got to build everything and everything going to be very spot on the beat Golden State you know about what you got to try to do because they're the champs. And if you wanna beat cancer got a on the way that the heat content. Coach headed into this coming basketball season. How important will be at a recognize what you accomplish last year but a lot like the saints do where they they almost say look that was last year we we just our new. Well what you want to do you wanna try to appeal all the years that we had last year he would model the war. Prepared. It has no bearing on the next season the next season becomes a completely. Separate entity. So we will happen to well. It go out there. Prada. When apple level that we do last year which will you do a change up it's going to be better and we're live here. How to take coach Alvin Gentry hey thanks a bunch for the for the time and you you pretty busy right now with the draft gone. Good luck to pelicans are. Our Rapid City got a problem. Are you bet most subway comeback for John uptown you to a 50426018. Semi tech's eight sept. The sports talk here on W growing up in the dot com. I look back sports talk here right back to the phones John uptown what's going on John you're on WW well. Right now condiments of some phone call. They are both criminal or or yet when that. Was being used football tackle football for. You are important. Don't know I don't think it was important for lord that it stood at cheap looking at them. And now are you get looking out there but it is. I. Understand that there's been an. Animal. When it goes well we'll follow. But it poured into caught in its entry that relate to. But it sort. Completely by each plate. Q what is being just prove critical this button. Twenty years. Therefore. Carol. You know scheme gutsy idea. What. And normally what they're. Gabby yeah it is and it does come off as a bit hypocritical but here's the thing. I I I really believe John thanks to the phone call I really believe it is up to those families just like. He sees some parts of these country this country stuck to legislate it you know and and I think you get in some really really murky waters. At that point coach to simply because and there's they're they're good they're legislating education these. Days we talked about that name another profession. That has people outside of that profession controlling it I mean it would we talked about it would be like guy acts on shall come to me insane. Hey coach we know that you don't know anything about deep water drilling but could you tell us should we drill here right commonly viewed. You know our General Motors off but I would say in and Christa we know you are radio personality could you decide the next caught that we wanna mass produced. But in education and they gladly stop once on those terrible chip hobby but in education that's exactly what happens we have people sitting on administrative boards educational wards. Towards of elementary and secondary school education for states. Who have no education background whatsoever talent. Educators. This is the way it needs to be done. The approach should be okay as parents and I give it some there are some. That are on under clue really is underprivileged are they might be an end in the impoverished communities that can't. Get the education about. About the concussion concerns etc. but I think. Alma that I totally believe that simply because kids' educations everywhere look we're talking about a right now on the radio in their radios free and I don't satellite so the point being is that. I think it should be up to you know. Up to the parents to decide with their kids as to ultimately pay should you continue to play this sport or should you. Wind should you play this for us had this conversation with Deuce McAllister OK some I mean you know hating each. And that's incredible career in the pros. He's he's a legend at Ole miss great college football player. And he has he made a decision on his own his his sons and I don't play until certain age you from exactly what he told me and I think that's wise I think that's the way it should be handled and others are missing one what about the parents that wanna live vicariously through their kids and force in the play at a certain major force in the play when they don't. They don't wanna play again that's not my problem though I I don't wanna see that that's not my problem. And I tell you read some of these texts are. The naysayers to doomsayers about what football's gonna be nonexistent in 101520 years. It and we won't have any sports at high school content college levels because I'm Italian. The only sport that makes money. Is football is unknown have you may have a feud at break even right they may breakeven. But when you're talking about funding. Massive high school and college athletic programs. You better have the in Kabul football that's all I'm saying. The dance team to cheer camps they'll draw them off the football but absolutely I mean there's you know our I'll speak about on bill because I'm at home. On Friday nights from we have home football game you've been there it's it's sold out and we packet every Friday night. Walk the dogs Hillary's that benefit from that oral OTC. Everybody gets a jambalaya sell for a football game. Program adds. Our gates are the gate for Hondo doesn't go to Hondo football woodgate goes into a general fund and a general fund is distributed through the rest of the athletic program. I mean you can't imagine the cost of running a sports program just if you eliminate. Anything. Think about travel how much travel. Costs schools and school systems how much officials cost schools and school systems how much security. Cost schools and school systems. And when you go to certain venues. Those stands are very crowded those sports now have to go out and fond memories and you can only go to so many people and sell so many cards are so many bars and candy so many car wore shoes. So football. Which usually has large crowds especially I know Hondo we have tremendous crowds. That's why we have great football. I mean great great and a great athletic facility grabbed the top of the line equipment in every single sport and we get a because we have a great school system who supports. Athletics. They support academics they support the arts we have a great school system we also have huge crowds on Friday night. That help our school to fund our athletic programs and just look at the big time college. The soccer teams that cheerleaders and dance team and those that baseball programs. If they would be they would be. It is there and if if if if you cut out for pilot what Ella she wrote a ten million dollar check to the university this year out of its football captain which goes to show how powerful us. Coach Saul Christian here on sports talk on W well. I welcome back to sports talk here on WL IMF and in dot com coming up next hour. When checking out high school football in south Louisiana in general football seasonal beer before you know what Friday night's fight night lights etc. Al -- are hard to be to draw prep crew will join assault coach nick salt DiMaggio. And those two guys know the landscape of the state high school football like like none other and window seats classically go through you know who the the of the programs on the rise and you deny down into the blue bloods that are constantly in the playoffs and in making noise and high school football so if you're proud geek sicker stick around. That's WA next hour Al Adel Angeles phone lines open as well a final four. 2601 A semi tech's 87870. This is sports talk here on W growing investment aka.