No Filter Friday - Sex abuse in the Catholic Church

Newell Normand
Friday, September 14th
Newell talks to WWL listeners about whatever they want on "No Filter Friday," including the latest developments in the ongoing saga of sex abuse in the Catholic Church

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It's no filter Friday it's your opportunity to pop off on anything that you wanna talk about we'll talk about any number of subjects in this hour. We're gonna go back to to talk lines we've had some folks hold on for the previous hour let's see what they have to say let's go do William and maturity what's going on William. Heidi. Well you know my background is yeah yeah and there's. First and wondered that you. It and I want to do them. Which street ball when. It and now you got that much patrol at at out fault. An opponent who accused Goldman. The hundreds of people opted talking about high toxicity. And you need to. About William William Allen let me in erupted that's what they're doing now in doing that already it's been that way they draw the water for the lagoons. From by east Saint John. So the runoff for the city that goes into by Saint John is then is is pulled into the lagoon system in order to maintain water levels. You know Indy in the drought times when there's not enough rain to keep them full. Well you realize that I know that they the and I don't bring it about it on Monday. You can get there's been excessive in its impetus to look on the streets and Google and some people it's catastrophic. But yet that's not what they're talking about doing their talking about creating areas to be able to handle filtration of that water before it ever hits any of those areas. 22 service or is his kind of a retention thing that's a natural gravity flow and it's not gonna be pumped and pumped out or otherwise so. They have engineers all over this I mean this plan is is probably a hundred pages that. Where they've had decked ecologists and all time hydrologist and all kinds of folks looking. At this from any number of perspectives and it's been done in other areas as well so I mean. Almost like he continues and went on the processes seventeenth street canal. But again witnessed Eugenia and you have elevated to dispose of the measure. And I don't think that's. That's practical what they did not eleven as bad as these street canal by using diesel engines the pre war Iraq control over. And he studies and engineering institute stream waters too happy. They beat up a and as those built like that music as them. I'm using what we're doing that this didn't do that that it can you Republican on this principles and apply that should have been complete and that's ridiculous. Well I mean we we have our challenges they're trying to protect title surge and everything else in that's kind of what. The issue was with the levees breach. The water common in the water rising from the lake so you build it you know the mouth of that in you protect them out of that tributary. There's so to speak that's that's one of the engineering feats that you have to designed to get around that and to deal with that issue. It's gotten. One and chronology as modest proposal wouldn't mind. They threaten them in the public but anyway he was I didn't but I was Latvia. To go. Consequences to the mob tax. And I can you when where and when it as strong as an assistant he's taken out. Then they. She that was picked them equally and inept and an edge on. On the ground. Oh. Against them and so. Leaned back on. Nixon and it was and it was almost as. Big as it is could now. It is common. This activity to report strong. And opinion and go. Out of the vehicle. Public debate. In which is just. I. Couldn't stick and it. And momentum and and in. The good as. This because. It. And that. And simplistic. But. You. Know. Yeah. Support that's the first time I've heard that story William thank you so much for calling in appreciate let's go to Tim and Tim and go online to what say you attempt. Thanks so. One talk about some market it and now earlier. They'd tiger colored shoes on my alarm about two degrees from their church. One. Thing you're gonna stay signed it as simple long promised for the toggle which got a marriage announced true. Considered going back to a human tiger. Of a friend of mine was photographer a seven year what. And he could travel with the team and they awarded a new have been from the big block grants furry. Go was something over the top and out of the box if you would say for example you may remember. That tiger baseball team for years ago at the rally possible. Which they've been put all our cage. And let it regularly. During games and analog on would. So I think that all of these things would help things. Albert has never tiger around notices that hurt them academically or athletically with regard Eller if you. Well in Georgia Tech where the ramblin' wreck we're through an old beat up. Model too insecure retaining and everything else. There weren't with a drop from am or they Altman Georgia Tech and everybody have a lot of Juan would. Other people do say things too seriously on this that cycle in my game but. What I'll remember also and not do something about the bill with folks caller from California quietly. And that he he's there and treated like like very very well nobody can doubt the medical or else but. It is not natural I ran bets and dole made it big catch like two range for and they do need a lot of and it may not be possible right now but I was there would my experience or an outlook ordered abandonment case in bears have people buying on. Outside all the time just to make somebody crime go up state news. China and maybe they can do something to root mediate that issue let me ask you this is I don't know where to stand on on this issue quite frankly but. In I've enjoyed taken in my my children it is to zoos in this Noriega is to the batteries into the New Orleans. Autumn and zoos and you know so many album. With what's so different about this. You know structure that they have them that they just recently improved. Then denizens. It is possibly even better facility than Moses would add. And it occupy for roughly an acre. Outlined you know. Think about it does the does the state actually have. The money and I guess they do probably with Kia and everything else took continued to afford to do that are good would be better spent. On academic buildings and salaries and other. Well issue football is who is one of the most successful. Money wise. Football programs in the country. I realize. I don't realize they also contribute to the stock was up tutored there and talk and everything with that I know you're talking about but at the same time. Some of the building right now or in turn down to repair and the library needs a lot of stuff true. So I mean can you balances out and help. Sure Turk. That might go well standard at all it's all about the priorities nation it was a saying it was the same criticism of that they received in building the student pool. That was shaped in the L issue. Kind of insignia. And suck. Got to get to a break thanks so much Tim for Colin and we appreciated actually that was one of the topics I was gonna bring up was about the tiger. The petition now has over 65000. Signatures. I dare say it is probably not that many from Louisiana. It's seems as though it is kitty fever pitch on the West Coast the left bank can. I don't know about you but they're not too many things that I wanna mimic promote that way we'll be right back. Give us a call 260187. Near Texas at 87870. This is new rule. On dividend Leo. The other trials and tribulations of the appointment of judge Brent Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court continues then. The other day the Washington Post fact checker awards gave Kamal Harris a four Pinocchio is for the attack on. Judge Cavanaugh as about the that the words that he used. About abortion inducing drugs as as it worked as a relates to birth control. And they tried to attributed to him and that was his belief. And it's been shown over and over and over again. That that's not what he said. That that's what was being articulated by the priest for life in a case that came. To his court on review. And then. My are you kidding me moment after this is been debunked over and over and over again. Who shows up next. Saying the same thing. Hillary Clinton. Scored all on and on and on. Talking about the same alleged quote that has been completely and totally debunked. Now. I'm sure there's enough fodder to attack somebody. Wants something that is real. But why don't we have to go around making stuff up in miss characterizing. Stuff. Because you don't happen to like the philosophical or ideological bent. Of someone. And you're just go to all ends and all the extremes just totally ruin somebody. Same thing the other day would Jesse Jackson. This guy. Tries to make the connection between Colin Capp predict. And Tim Tebow. And he says it's interesting that when Tim Tebow took a knee it was accepted. Kaplan it takes a knee and he's rejected. Both of them took Indian protest of what they believed in one word religion. One was for justice. Well Jesse there's only one problem. Tim Tebow never kneeled to earn the income. Tim Tebow used to kneel before the game and prayed his lord. And ask him for protection. And forgiveness. And whatever else that he so desired. But yet again. In order to try to defend. A position and or attacked the other side. We just make facts. Up. Is it necessary. Is to win at all cost scorched earth mentality. Just throw caution to the win. And lose all credibility over these issues not that Jesse Jackson recently has had much credibility to begin with. And with the dog and pony show that was put on by Kamal harassing Cory Booker the other day in the Brent Cavanaugh are hearing. I don't know whether or not. Spartacus. Has much credibility there either and then now we have Dianne Feinstein. Who. Miraculously. Through divine intervention ends up with a letter. From somebody that is allegedly. About some. Kind of sexual inappropriate witness by justice Brent Cavanaugh. That. Is said to have happened. When he was in high school. And in a press release says she's now turn this over to the Department of Justice story in order for them to look at. Really and then they find out she's actually known about this since July. The person given the information wants to remain anonymous and has no intention of pursuing any of this. And she has the audacity as saying the only time the only reason. She's released it now is because of the pressure of her democratic. Peers. That heard dragging. Her intellectual self around and shaming her. So she doesn't reveal the contents of the letter and she calls a press conferences as well I'm gonna hand it over to the FB. I mean every every just lost all sense of decency. We will go to any extreme in order to win to ruin somebody. For the sake of what. Certainly not the greater good total on one talk to double play in new oral disease would say you don't like. GO. I'll call and but it got out. All. Adult or. A pop. Up. For it today at the it. It at. All. Turn it all. It's. There there's no doubt there's all kinds of examples. I mentioned that I mentioned some yes that a. It is a idiot. It did play well this is creeping up in. It it'll Democrats just aren't. You know. If that. And it really it took out you know. To speak out. And it art. It's. Out. There at all. And if they get scary to me I think even now what the situation with the Catholic Church. There even engaging it. And I said this several weeks ago this is some you what are resolve this issue as it relates to priest taken advantage of others. Call the police. And that. Three words to your policy. And watch and see what happens it's go to line two Georgia New Orleans what say you George. A the requirements of ma ma. And yeah I agree you know we need to. Question. Result issues. My question when did positions on the sales. Talk about some of the adjusted. And her bra and we'll I've been. Yet just some amid market talk about it all day I guess the same thing here I just brought ups on. Today about three different individuals that the Catholic Church Kamal Harris and Jesse Jackson. Well great years fair grounds. It. Outlook no one has this market cornered right. Not rot now not not now not ever. And what I don't went on don't agree with this went what people say is that the Democrats are responding because trump started this that is the most idiotic statement about ever heard in my life. From art this this has been gone on for years it's just at a new level and a new height. Today on this scorched earth policy that we have moving forward. Got to take a break thanks a colony and George we'll be right back. We're back in it's no filter Friday Tom. And your chance to and spout off on any particular issue or you there's an are you kidding me moment that you wanna talk about. You know one on attacks like getting a number of tax thing you know you only picked on and on the Democrats you know folks balanced doesn't have to appear. Or reveal itself in a one hour show one hour segment. Or no filter fraud or any other time you look at it. You know whether or not its balance over a period a time. Not with minute by minute hour by hour. I brought up those three examples and as well as the hypocrisy as I see it in the Catholic Church. With within a span those were those were top trending stories that that appeared yesterday. About comments being made. By folks and and folks. Being judged by the Washington Post on on note though for Pinocchio is of it and and one of the reasons that it was a tough story is because. Hillary Clinton decides to go off to keep repeating it repeating it and has been reminded several times several times that it's been debunked. It's a saying it's the same issue where the Democrats were trying to make something out of whether or not ten million dollars was moved from FEMA. To Homeland Security. That was to balked. And yet as of last night they're still talking about it. It's not true it didn't happen. But they liked the sound bite it makes sense for them. It furthers their argument. You know trying to show the insensitivity. Of this winner of that one as as it relates to any particular issue. And instead of recognize and realizing and accepting the fact that it's not true. And so stop saying that they continued. To say it. What are the things that kind of struck me as odd was last week we had this big Tug of war over whether or not they. The attorney general Jeff Landry would investigate the Catholic Church. And we don't even have a complaint. I agree with them to that extent. And I said this before you wanted to change your policy or modify your policy as it relates to the inappropriate behavior of of the clergy and others within the Catholic Church called the police. How simple can it be and we had to get to the point where governor Jon bill Edwards. Stepped up and said. The Louisiana state police who investigated. If we get a complaint like can tell you. Any sheriff in the state would investigated. Any chief of police in the state were investigated. Why is it that wherein a quandary. Over what we would do or who would investigator what's gonna ultimately happen. If a member of the clergy engages in inappropriate behavior. You treat them like everybody else. And since when. Would Canon law stand in no way. Of the law the state Louisiana law of the United States. I don't know of any other. Group that has has a series of laws that stand in the way you create this dilemma. That we had. And then to add insult to injury we're talking about children. Why. Why is that such a problem why is it a dilemma for folks in and have in how to deal with this. It's simple. And your policy three words. You get a complaint. You called the police. Go on one John and saint Charles let's say you John. A no lights are really enjoyed huge go out one to talk about an issue that I heard on news the other day. This week opposite that was. Working in the community and whole month. And Gingrich used for good completely opposite she had to trust the people that she was talked into. They would do on a rap video and she was just going by eight feet which they would do. And she talked to him and it seemed like output shield themselves really well. Unfortunately she got put in the video and on another point video they had gone. So armed they will question and why she was actually in the video. And I think our police chief was. Consider now you won that suspend their car or anything like that because that's what she did a good job of villain of the competent armed would be community at you know we live in the world today certainly would go out country America where they got. All type of people it is not one tight that mix of this country so. Our and that's what makes it so great but this young man and ladies were on shoot video. And a police are actually again just got put in the video. Because she was ordered. I think it's an I think it's his or her whoever the chief is about obligation to. To look into it in order to determine whether an that officer was complicit in the filming of the video. And they should be able to resolve that relatively quickly as you'd like you said you never know whether or not they're piecing things together. They take a snippet of view and indigo put it in some other thing to try and make it look embarrassing to you you have no control over that. Right right and I think he did a great job of equipment with the community because not all can do that again you don't wanna bid deal out there and in certain areas. I recently had a happenstance where the mob mentality was demanding some that to me that I knew was contrary to the best interest of the investigation. And I just I stayed to my you know not position. That because I knew what was going on and background and sometimes you just got to take those Lex. Right and in other I took a lot of criticism because among a response to it in the fact that they would not only try to take it down on me there were trying to take an element is. Of the clergy around that that it helped as well. And it's Connolly you know we can't overreact. To everything as to what we think justice is justice is a processes it's not an out. And blowing it now and that's what we guarantee. Is a process. By which we get to Al columns the moment that we start to trying guarantee outcomes. We all real slippery slope pretty much no matter what the issue is. John thanks so much for calling in appreciated those liberals thing on hole will be right back catching got to take a break. This new rule on data via. Will go back to lewd talk lines as a line three talk to chuck and Matt true let's say you chuck chuck. NATO and day you know I agree with the elbow with these. Trouble stations. Call the police in any circumstance. But you know it that would show it and he you know and sensationalize movies bush. As well with the ball the situation there that. Saying on Netflix. Sister caricature at that killed the ball forward when she thought they knew the tree was molesting women but both. And looted in the movies. It was maybe even outside the church involvement. In a certain. Group police. We have a law enforcement people work all the Saunders congress. I spoke I don't. You know because because the church are being shall want to. That we we we we are so much. Important upon our religion. And people supposedly old. That the agreements. And we've continually grow up there would be force. Forces. That are set up to investigate these things. That are him yet you know immune to any other. Feel great. Being able to. Tokyo. And get over. To try to it's going in the truck stop in their. Zero jerk I mean I'd chuck. You know. The way that we received the information is key here so we're you know in the context of what I'm talking about of a victim presents themselves to. Church officials in and makes an allegation. The first thing the church should do. Is called the police and hand that victim move to the police. And absolutely and I went up to about Duff and and then the victim. It then the victim can call while the police at the police are not doing the right thing. If if there if there are cooperating with the church is opposed to in. Honestly. In impartially investigating the matter. And but that's not what's gone. And you know we continue movement is blister around and it's always going to be a blister. Auburn. Now absolutely I mean federal. And that even heightens the shock the conscience. Situation approach to this that you know it it. I what are the shortly after forty years in law enforcement ice simply don't understand this to this dilemma. That that the church funds themselves. They're calling everybody to to the Vatican in order to talk about this. And it's like that week what do you mean. We knew when to complain that comes in. Get the authorities involved. That to a neat that's what needs to happen that's what happens in all other walks of life why is it any different here. I know we don't wanna believe as a Catholic I don't want to believe that this is what's go on and this is what's happening but guess what. I don't know how much more evidence we need to recognize and realize that this is a problem that this is an issue. And I think height of hypocrisy. Is that. The church. It is articulating. As though this is a big dilemma for them what shouldn't be. What how they prevent this from happening in the future should come after they turn these victims over to law enforcement so that they can appropriately investigated. These are not mutually exclusive things these can take concurrent paths together. But I haven't heard that. Yet from church officials saying. That we will do this without hesitation. From this day forward and at the same time. We're gonna try to impose a vetting process and other where and other things in order to make sure that this doesn't happen again. And at that point that I was making early. I think I think we we wanna believe that that's where the problem yeah I wanna leave that. B we heard we turn away from what we actually happening to we don't wanna believe that we wanna upset. Belief system that we that how could it possibly. Be so people. Because we're and and and see if you would make people considered quite often. And we can't let this religious training and operating. This fire to the point where we don't actually reality and ignore what people should get all. Couldn't is set it better myself. It's spot on chuck thank you so much appreciate the call. One here for you to 601878. Or Texas sending 770. Give this show will be right back after the break. We're back coming getting a lot of text about oh you know Donald Trump statement. That this is a democratic conspiracy to make him look bad as it relates to 3000 lives lost in in Puerto Rico. And why don't you say anything about that so let me put this issue to rest. Stupid. Statement. You don't judge the effectiveness of the response by how many folks ultimately passed away because. There are unique circumstances. In each and every one of them of their deaths. And until we get in a able to vet through that process. It it's not a slight as it relates to the response we should know this better than anybody. Local government state government has to be in a position to receive. The assistance. And if you don't. As we saw palates upon palatable on pallets of water sitting on a runway in Puerto Rico. You cannot just a far. And not take on your responsibility. In the response and just think that they was gonna provide it all. In the aftermath of Katrina having worked through many many storms what I reminded the men and women of the GPS so every day. Is that if you don't control it in ain't gonna happen. The worst strategy is to rely on a third party. To do what is your primary obligation. Now I don't know who's right in this because I haven't been on the ground looking at what's happened operationally. But what I do yeah. And lieutenant governor of Puerto Rico said it just yesterday I believe the day before. He said we have failed ourselves. Miserably. So no matter how much assistance you get or is available on the opportunity to receive. Unless you put yourself in the best position. In order to receive it. So that you could leverage that for the benefit of your folks. And be able to distribute that. And help and assist. With the assistance. You or not. Going to reach maximum output of any of those efforts. Because the bureaucracy at the federal government. Stands in the way. Of successful. Outcomes. That hasn't changed. In years. And it's not gonna change. Any time. Soon. So I'm sure there's enough blame. To go around on all fronts so let me say it again. The president's statement. Stupid. Statement. Yes there are those that want to try and put that onus right square on his shoulders. If I were him. I would ignore. The Rachel mad house and the others that wanna take in every little Picayune ish thing they can. To try in irritates you. They're talking. And talking and talking. And many of which don't know what they speak of and a lot of them have not looked into the Puerto Rico thing enough. Otherwise.