No days off for Saints

The Saints will be practicing through the holiday of the Rams. 


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Fewer coach Sean Payton. Would you be giving the players of victory Monday today after a land generally speaking they get the day off it's a reward. Way to go you one take it day off. Pins as on the way they played the first three and a half quarters they're coming and a leg buckle on down get ready to work on the rams today yeah I thought I was actually fantastic I've paid now I don't blame him one bit I think. The team cause the crowd even to be lackadaisical everybody was kind of falling asleep through those first three quarters of the game it seemed like there was no. No energy going on and then. Finally you know that fourth quarter was magical and reignited everything I understand short pains message this team right now great we got to say its eighth straight win in the road but. They really didn't deserve to win that game the way they played the first three quarters but may it's tough to find a way to get it done so he he has them coming in today a mall will see what the players have to say later I'm anxious to see how they feel about not having this victory Monday and they do look forward. To that downtime when they do get it you know on special seasons though it seems there's always one kind of signature. And decent look back down after it's all over and say that was where it really gels and came together. How wonderful a look back on this is that moment if this becomes one of those. Amazing super special season one text message says essentially call the running back do a slash and dash. Now says flash in batting Xoom and boom shake and bake. No says double barrel on another responding to an earlier when the thunder and lightning is already been used Steve Geller we are two and a half point favorites. The saints are on the road. Now I'm sorry I take it back two and a half point underdogs the rams are two and a half point favorites in LA to beat the saints what is your gut tell you. When you first take a look at this game coming up on Sunday on the Alaska. You know this thing started putting these wins together going on this Roy and outs cuddled looking ahead at this schedule because I can't since I'm just a man. But this is the game that I had basically circled as. This will be the tell tale of how good this team is it's a good rams club that you go to faced. On the road I'd it's kind of you're basically facing. A mirror image almost give yourself the teams both scoring. Thirty points a game the rams giving up just eighteen points a game the saints giving up nineteen so very evenly matched the big difference for me. It's gonna be a quarterback you have a sexy years dud. And Jared golf Manning the rams but you have a veteran Drew Brees. Going for the saints I think that'll be the difference and I I see the saints getting to that ninth straight win with spot than nine it's five for. And comrades and you're get feels good even though Vegas thinks the saints are underdogs on the road against the rams in Los Angeles your gut feeling good about the saints coming home with a victory. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I think it's a good this this close victory in the way they had to come back when this is a nice little wake up call for them now and coach ran a good point after the game. They've won their last several games big time they've Ronald and I it was on my floor now and it's a good thing for them to be under the gun under the pressure they haven't even had a run their two point offense and god knows how long. I mean I'm their two minute offense remain in god knows how long that was their first two point conversion attempt of the season. Yesterday to tie the game and as Eric averted yeah so but it's a good thing that they have to experience some of that I think along the way. Because you don't want to end up in that two minute offense and needed two point conversion to tie or win at the end of a game in the cost and that haven't we gone down that road get the season yet got humbled a little bit now hopefully they can get healthy some guys like Marshall a lot of more AJ Klein Kenny the car he does guys back.