NO City Council considering DACA resolution & success of Geaux Blue Day

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, September 14th

Tommy talks with New Orleans City Councilmember Susan Guidry about what the City Council is looking at today.


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Susan did rejoins us right now you own City Council member ms. Adrian sorry that I would use a phrase. Sat behind while you're listening. It. Quite lively conversation in citi's tell me about well we're talking about doctor what is City Council gonna take up as it relates to docket today. The City Council angered probably is going to. Take up by a resolution. By the council are requesting that. That congress. Solve this matter and and keep art ringers in the country. You're an attorney arena. Yet I'm a retired recovering turn. You never get out of your system today by day struggle at net but you admitted you have a problem which is a first step I think that's good. I'll tell me about the messages that you're getting and only asked about the legal part of it gives you you know sometimes you have to read between lines and did do you get a deal understand what's don't know what doc in the president does that have any relation to what the city council's gonna do today. Well I guess my scent of that is that. You know he railed about this. In his private life in the working into the campaign and and believed that as he's come face to face. With. You know who these children are and what it will mean to their lives many of them are Americans through and through the I don't know anything out cinch. And and I can get he probably. Feel that he wants. The congress to come up with a solution. But he had to go through with his campaign promise. And in terms of of the dinner last night and I know that somebody came on board but you know you've been in politics a little bit and do you think part of it is that in your opinion he might be learning that. You know it's compromise she got a wine and dine you had a wheel and deal in order to get anything done in politics. He may be. But you do would you not agree is that part of on the on and trying to convict anybody understand how as part of politics or. Actually you know he may agent pat such. You know to rise to Leann that he is making an adjustment here and honey you know. Sometimes and can we and by. Can be strange and. Well you are and it's if you wanna get something done yesterday go blue day how to dead go and now you guys are gonna try to make it. A permanent thing or one. Yet she did is the second year of it and it was a wonderful success again this year. It is just split so. Heartwarming. Two CDs. Plea top editors. Feel the appreciation. From people. I don't know how many aipac yesterday from police officers. And that would see in drug cards. Mistreatment wave bat and then they would act that you're there today. And it started actually Tuesday night. Go blue in league game at city park Eric Elena easily gardens city park it. Opened its deal it gave all right you know Egypt opened it art really did. For the second time and which patent actually officers. And and police staff and their family and they were like 12100 people there. And acute that they've got to write all the rides and ice cream they wanted pizza and and program we have to say great things canes Coca-Cola the pizza and a pizza. Coach Pia and grill lucky Martin wine cellar I didn't seem important or Clinton ice cream and shares to an OL. The police and justice foundation he acts noble there. Let's not teach. Hotel look at these wonderful chocolate pop there. And we had all kinds of other people will help doubt that Wal-Mart to work gymnasium. Had a heightened interest being hit it taught that you do little little beyond there. We hate crime stopper and there. Boats pull teams say. And each would find it Children's Museum. In New Orleans Saints on expressive arts solutions. All kinds of there either. Helping kids Poulter tiny states to playing Ainge it was a magical night it truly lies and and all four are in a PD and then yesterday of course it is. Go blue pill a day each. And you can go next day and go balloon over 2017. And act you're barriers to that. We're gonna have how Lou you'd go blue contest. Kamal that boat those that are uploaded from social media and the light. And a big day yesterday. Included this superdome. Going to lose. Actually he keenly. The convention and and then they were blue ribbons everywhere not going on count pan am. Just to pull out of the brutality and buildings downtown and of course we were hoping we are hoping that there were businesses and residences around the city who get to the times. The blue blues on the front of their houses in July and of course whoever Lotta people wearing Berea today at opposite. Back and they knew it meant to hurt a lot brought them last night. And the date culminated with the memorial. Service at the headquarters. We're there is a wall. Clarity. Officers who have gone in the line of duty. All it did and last night there was a listing five operators who we thought in the last few years. Rodney Harmon. Our Darryl Holloway. Action on her Vernon Brown junior. And Jude blew it and they're the only city year and had to touching stories to tell. And again a lot of a lot of hugs a lot of appreciation tomorrow opposite. And that the only of this. My optics is we're not we're talking so much about how important it against war. People to show you know that in our listeners to feel. They appreciation to that wouldn't about. Is there pragmatic side of this is well as honoring the men and women who do deserve. So much our appreciation in terms of may be helping with the recruiting that are helping with retention of officers. Even though they aren't here intent. Right right and that it would and the you know last year we bowed out. It would. In the French Quarter rejection squares cat blue ribbons rich so all the tourists and people act skiing. On the businesses lack why it would probably. And they really need an easy. When they found out that we were having an appreciation day for our officers though. There are a lot of church to a deal going common thing telling you know what they were doing there. So that that's really cool and nobody am I like that thought. And Africa and indeed anything that we can do to help recruit and retain opt issues. Is well we're doing. Thank you ms. give drew appreciate you all very quickly is turning to other thing of note you want to bring up the counsels looking at today. Will we are sent today. We are going to be looking at a colony and judgment signed ordinance. And it's an ordinance to establish a buttoned. That at least two million dollars have to be put into every year to help bring Arab and number unpaid judgment. Legal judgments and settlements that we have. Against the city and Google ongoing thing go on for decades that this city is. Is. He unity of it and judgments and then they don't have to play right away. And deprive citizens can't. C. City property. So they they dig our test and did something over 500 people. Who have been injured to these money too early or bodily injured guys some liability at city. And it's that the grounds forty million dollars that we jokes that we arguing certificate to that debt in this. We did tend can you can eat out last year and we don't intend one. Neck now. That will be Kathy today and dead and a lot and it goaded by day and sicker and clever. Incidents in federal court federal court Ken seizure at that. And and will have legal grounds sixteen. Million that you put toward this judgment this debt that we out. With the Indian vigils in an individual companies and end what disc that ordinance will do is start. Putting aside at least two million dollars. Every year's starting January 19. From which to pay down that irritates a lot of plain as that some of them very small. I am now actually and so we attention away addict which that it would take it from loud and I would hope that future councils. Will do. You know certificates of indebtedness and the like also win win you know are. Our indebtedness and how can she can handle. That we needed for a long time to. You know pledge to pay these people steps. And you gotta go thank you so much stake in the time with a soapy have a great day. They.