Is the NFL racist?

Tuesday, August 22nd

Scoot talks to a caller who believes the NFL may have some prejudice within upper management.  Do you think there’s a problem with racism within the NFL?


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Hossa memory Mike you're under the W good afternoon. Sir do I'm eating. I'll swap the commonwealth Colin Chapman's two situation. Alms. I've noticed that you know you wanted to Oakmont people that there are a lot of our problems are not low latency shall put it view of the city. You don't know why it. You know African Americans make up majority opinion yes you know. And you'll see why you know what would be we have with debt you have any problem. And we don't know Rick Warner church you know. That the reason we. Because Cutler how you don't know and. And Mike I'm gonna give you that that's a really that's a really good point on my my point was that it's the NFL is seven recertify percent to African American then. You know it would be hard to call it racist on I you know I don't know the specifics of what it takes to be a general manager British there is any prejudice there that's certainly is not fair. Absolutely and and if you were great but one. Black Oman and he's an old baker who was greater bat well of course spoke about any social. It took them. But he somebody else had the money they wouldn't be discriminated against because their blah happy. So what I'll I'll pick it will be outlook for all and blatantly. Discriminated because you like what you can have money you know is still. Bit. Well if that's. If that's if that's the case might mean that is that is it's more than tragically I mean that's that's wrong and if somebody has the money and they wanna buy a team and it all works out I mean. Let's be honest I just a very very. Minute part of the population. Is in that position anyway. But if somebody would be discriminated against because they're black I don't care whether it's buying the team or getting a job. Up on the wrong. On outward and and also wanna you wanna thank you so let them you know and do I think patience demand during the national. I think they're solely. On topic you know she could hear. Well. Well on Thursday possibly sort of what we do a better person. You know the talks about the and I don't you won't sit up from. Know where you could Ireland ancillary. To our. Home will look. You know me written and you know. People that hear it back to being you know what it means so. Many winners. You meet are probably should be criticized. You about it just saying it. That'd be the oh what was. They have the right to poke at itself but he's also. Well I don't know that he is it's not about having the right point he has that he has the right to do it I'm just wondering. As I look at the big picture of this if may be the National Anthem is something that is such a uniting force are supposed to be such uniting force in America. That may be that something that we should go OK you know what. We may disagree a lot of things but when it comes to the National Anthem were all gonna honor that. And will disagree and there are so many again there are so many people who war. Who are not lack. Who feel like it's a slap in the face if you don't stay for the National Anthem and their for the very very same thing that your four and and there are a lot of whites in this country who are. Cognos in Oz and I'm just don't understand racial injustice. Well not yet because you don't like you know. Ego sport to do it I understand that you understand it right where you'll question it. You know and that's. All our I don't have a problem with there because. You know. Would it with a third but there. Yeah well let's say you don't then maybe people of course are not do you know are aware of that. Mike I have to leave it there is I've got to get to news that I'm I'm Pletcher part of our afternoon audience.