NFL protest debate continues to confuse & divide

Friday, August 10th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the the continuing debate around how, where and when NFL players should be protesting

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I'm hoping to get a call here in a few minutes from the guy who is Michael Jackson to train Michael Jackson in the life stage production of MJ life. It's tonight and tomorrow night as this anger and you're gonna feel like you're watching Michael Jackson. Imagine somebody talented enough to make it seem as if you are watching Michael Jackson. In the shrine are supporting this only source for very worthwhile cause but I've heard such great things about to show. And it is a tonight or tomorrow night time at the senator servicers or get that call alone we'll talk to a chalice front got. And on talk about his it his role. If you're just tuning in there we were talking about the initial protests to do first come first pre season game of the 2018 season and president trumpet tweeting and then. Came Jordan tweeting and calling the president to Guber and immature insecure child and the president said that those who were protesting most of them don't even know. Why they're protesting which I totally disagree with it since it's Friday we're not gonna settle this argument today. And and I am on Fridays I don't like to have fun. So I wanna kind of numbers solstice. But I wanna kind of get to a point where we can just break off and just have some fun this afternoon because it well look at some of the stuff didn't you know might lead to some serious discussions to. But here's the point. People have a right to protest. Should you protests. During National Anthem when your banana felt like no. But the NFL has had rules about that so they've been able to do that. Is the players have rules. They have to follow the rules. But this could get to the point where key players. Are defying. The rules and say okay bench making fire me. It could get to that point and months ago while maybe a month or so ago whenever the NFL and the players association got together recently decided to dear their work they worked and have a rule actually came up with another rules so there's no rule right out of punish players. A symbol you know how we're you gonna stop players from protesting if they're more protest. And we saw signs of this yesterday some did not take any. Some had their fist in the air. So what if you know what at what if they have other signs and signals it's okay well this is how we're gonna protestor international and I don't know how you stop that. I guess the main point is that you know what we have a country. And you know people are free to do things you don't like. And there seems to be this new attempt to define patriotism. In such a way that if you disagree with certain people you're not patriotic. And that's not true. But that seems to be where we are overstep OK so. It it is Friday and wanna tell you about this there showed tonight. And Jae lie for tribute to Michael Jackson to Sanders theater. I'm jealous front got is the guy who portrays Michael Jackson he choices on the air jealous welcome to the show. And listened to talk to me about what it feels like to portray somebody. As iconic and as talented as Michael Jackson. In order and Italy kept impeachment announcement yesterday. Get to wake up get in and played in more iconic. Before that ever walked this earth which is solution Michael Jackson it's it's a privilege. It's a huge responsibility. But in LA actually have it took me about Asian. Everything if it's unbelievable. You know it's and as as happy as it is I guess there's something sad about the fact that he's not not with this any longer but you you. I I've seen some some scenes and you do a phenomenal job of capturing Michael Jackson what was the biggest challenge for you. I can be challenged at the performance Michael was you don't have to be which is look. They do. Well for me. A lot of personally it has tree core constituency. You know some of them who reach the beach Indian and some of them being ugly. Each of our sites say that it's an art to have at least act which had been in order worker that book. For me from myself and work the sport will actually singing you know because. Think it is the an Arctic in itself and when he tried it seeing it being. To get there it's ready. Something the word. Born sentencing in things like Michael Jackson did. Helping possible punitive and so a lot of people considers in the traditionally. You know I needed that note you didn't like they have to look like that in which seemed to get we pay tributes. You never going to be for a copy of which actually contribute. To try to being looked alike. And you know. So noticeable and relive Ian achieved iconic. A person that you want. Where you're just the recipient they're scientists there this tendency to be so critical I mean obviously you can't hit everything perfectly and Michael Jackson when he performed there were moments when he made mistakes during some of his performance is as well so. You know their criticism mr. stern who is it is unfair. On so it you know you're you're not lip syncing this is not just this is not Michael this is you and the performers the dancers doing Michael Jackson. That is correct and between commercial called him Cheney lies. Lies because beetle that acquittal track we don't do anything we have. Hoping and sixteen cents alone with myself and do nineteen project while. You know a lot of people simply can do this on the actual. No one has alarmed capacity. To stay in their world a little police or about that the single. Launch. But we do a lot of it won't be averaging a criminal. I'll be paired in the near dean higher checks will try to badly. There's a lot of it's just that you know reaper to bring to keep up on stage so they can gain of what we're being complications. And of course it's it's it's really. I talk to somebody who who saw the show and he he said he was almost brought to tears she producers to teenage daughters there are signals brought to tears. Obligated in that dealt or our country to it that you can think differently. You know what I double agent deal Michael present an old very diligently to get with Mike rejection. To the line is that you let it is which is from. And he was just the sweetest it. It kind of looks unbelievable source of celebrity and that never countered we do initial and performing performance so at Michael. I think the change in the water celebrity's. But no one. Ever struck me quite equipment and it did because you the ticket at the same. Yet. You have the sweetest. Person in the historical person can ever you know. So different from your perspective of of of having met him and ended and his his his company. What do you think happened. Was he so big that he just couldn't dictate it to nobody can really cope with being that big. You know. All in like there's actually no because you brittle we did more urgent issues delight I think that what happened so natural thing. Absolutely not. I think Michael in my opinion personal opinion I think Michael killed. Cattle you know and Sony music will want to let you know that goes along here in. Look at movement rejects and note that you'd like he did not like a cult whatsoever. England. And so community news and it you know there after Meehan. Why do you on the cataloged. It you know be approaching and that Shalit in Maryland and instant. And a lot of people don't August that Michael oh all digital catalog of crises music. But he also a lot The Beatles catalog which is worse so much when he. Interrupting that writer Michael actually a few weeks accident and so that is there. It just. Scandal you know. Michael alone that play its annual beach there Q what emotion well to perform to do those fifty shows. Because I'd that the detention. And somehow later he found out that he supports sixty shall. To music he was murdered. It. My. Or. Right to give back to show briefly out tonight and tomorrow night this is their you're friendly show. I we're performing tomorrow and imports they sent to marvel at the finger theatre seven pretty. Could signal a particular. Still available there's still some tickets left. Can have a feeling you like injections should Mexicans you know look at this from years. And today it's a good time it really is an essential I maladies but it's a problem a lot of them impersonators are being number. Nationals. Feel guilty plea tracks in regal yeah who interpreting life project and it. I'm looking forward to seeing the show and I I hope to catch up to. Before the show tomorrow and average life a FaceBook video was here. That would degrade and forward to it and everybody can't check out show. I jealously demand and center theater I'm looking forward to myself hey if you're looking for somebody to write tomorrow night it's the detritus of putting this on. I tickets are still available at 730 tonight 730 tomorrow night MJ like a tribute to Michael Jackson. It's gonna be very elaborate and phenomenal tonight tomorrow night as a senator. I am scoot Chen we'll be right back competitive journal. So I just don't put on your red dress buying. Captain Luke. So I went to Amanda show us house yesterday and touches on one email address toward the red dress front tomorrow but I want you to decide which stress I should Wear so I models. Three dresses in fact there's a story on our our what's on our website WWL dot com. And the title of the story is because I literally do this. Scoot comes out of the closet. For the red dress rock we need today to add that in there because I was literally in. I meet a man has got this incredibly she just moved into stupidest their house that she's got this incredible. Wife got glamour girl. Closet but I chair and everything in their so I was in the so I literally came out of the closet where that addresses. And I know that for some a few of us has been a moment even are waiting for. So here's what you need to do. Go to WW real dot com. Can you share this with difference. Did there's one dress that I wanna Wear but I'm afraid that that's not the one is gonna win. So I'm viewed the video. Then make up your mind should I Wear dress number one. Dress number two. Portrait of the three. And there will be a place to vote after you watch the video that is at WWL. Dot com. Later we'll share down on FaceBook but right now they don't or secede is still behavioral. Don't come. At his for a good cause and effect I I've had a couple of requests. To auction off to address the charity after. Passenger on tomorrow's going to be a really sweaty day and he's going to be in neighboring justice could get away either with sweat or rain or people with. Plus is Amanda's dress I can auction off her and I'm I'm planning on having a clean and giving it back to her but I'm sure that if if we found that we could do something good for charity. On maybe we could do could talk about it. But this is all in fun and I yeah I got a text from on Somalia heritage station for a few minutes ago. Precious and I can't believe you allowed that after you looks okay. Michael hardy people secondary anyways so there was a difference. And I mean I really don't care I mean you know there are going to be so many guys in the quarter tomorrow. Wearing dresses. That are not gay. Did you know you you can't this is a funny event for charity the red dress try and in fact. I'm finding information bits of information about to refresh for this actually goes back to 1938. Hash house carriers. When he was the organization at that started this and it really I became a red dress Ron in San Diego in 1987. And the the original reason for this was to promote physical fitness. To get rid of hangovers. To you put on it it was a fun thing to do and it has turned into this just monster event and you know the men and women wearing red dresses. It has nothing to do with sexuality. It's a fun thing to do and if you think about you know if you think about television history. Think about all day of the new characters on television that the trust in traffic. I mean my parents' generation always talked about Milton Berle. And he had a female character. I'm Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show dressed up sometimes as a woman. I I tell me history is filled whereas. I stressing open it in dresses for fun. I love the slogan. Ousting the New Orleans for address wrong. Which started in 1988. The slogan is. A New Orleans streaking club with a running problem. And just benefit charity you can Google is an anti China for Diaz is a front like you don't have to run you can walk. You can just go down to be part of the party but if you do sign up you do help. I'd nonprofits and you do help out John Simpson charities in the military ethical last year they've ratio for a 150000 dollars. So it is a very very worthwhile cause and in the spirit of stats. I am going to Wear red dress that I want you to tell me which wonder where we have to get a Fanny pack a student or don't pockets in the these dresses. And I'm not gonna carry a purse around Chris. I mean demy look Gary. So I'm gonna have to get some and June and my phone and so thin. And by the way I'm we're we're gonna do this life on FaceBook we will be we'll have live presence on FaceBook tomorrow afternoon. But the red dress front and and and party so if you're gonna be down there and red dress. You can find us on your phone and and watch the event happening alive for you are part of it if you can't go well just check out WWL radio. FaceBook and it's going to be like on like TV show. Covering if you wanna join us for the comet or an opinion this afternoon it is free for all Friday. Our numbers 2601870. Erica 05042601870. In our text estates 7870. So what did you think of the State's last night. I was in impressed. I was indeed pressed. Days kind of a lackluster performance they won 24 Tony but it means that that doesn't really matter I mean the way they won. It's it's nice that they won but it doesn't really. Matter obviously I mean it does it in generally. Does it not matter in terms of red army on some record doesn't have to do it that's a man because that's not really statement of what the team is but I was disappointed in the defense particularly on early in the game. Because you've heard so much about this defense and you know it may be. Maybe they just. What that they're obviously not peaking at this point I just expected to little more. Out of the defense but there was some there was some positive thing so. Anyway let's. You know let's see what's let's see what happens as time goes on they'll be Garcia Arizona are cardinals' side next weekend. I in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and by the way I thought our new voice of the saints. Former saints offensive lineman Zach Strief I thought he did a really really great job and I love the chemistry. Which were exact street and says states a former running back Deuce McAllister there was a color analyst two players. Talking about the game play by play and color and I thought that was just a really mean magic moment. On you don't compare Zach Strief to Jim Henderson because there's only one Jim Henderson but there's only one Zach Strief. And Zach Strief will define. What it means for him to to to be doing that the game you know I thought. I've tactically as an announcer I thought the guy did a phenomenal job and then I love the relationship between sack. Centers I get to join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Tech's 870 is seventy. It's free for all Friday we look back at some of the touchy topics of the week and this was so wonderful replace this song for our conversation about Alex Jones and info wars. On being banned from YouTube FaceBook apple Spotify. And the podcasts out there. Not for his ridiculous conspiracy theories that are ridiculous by because of hate speech. His eighth speech had reached a level where these so I'm these companies decided no more we're not gonna allow you to do which. On on and on our our media outlet. Now he has of our right to freedom of speech but that is that the government not controlling his speech when it comes to saying things about the government but. Our private businesses do have a right to do that so it was interesting conversation and know when it comes to these conspiracy theories. There are so many people who just. It's almost a sister looking for conspiracies to believe him. And some of them are just so absurd you went oh my god how can these people believed despite. They do and it's made Alex Jones a multimillionaire from Covington daisy welcome to WWL. Cheney who duplicate. It in the current. Run at it and it is great and thank you are studying erect it straight no pun intended. That could you weird for a gay and I know what their streak two world from not crutch or never read and I'm a lot. You gorgeous gay men never got their life is thanked her for it yet. Daisy that's you know that's it's a really good point job I had I had a number of cross dressing friends and in Denver and job might I never did it. Are they always want me to Willie do now with the guardian and and have fun on the on the weekends and I mean you know like Brian was raised in and marquis marquis and cart. Chris was Christine and you know I mean was kind of difficult because you had to remember to name sir everybody. And and you've got a column by the right name based on whether they're dressed or non interest. The governor is sensitive about that. But yeah I mean these guys were for the most part they were straight and yeah I I've seen specials on this as well and I've I've had the first and experiences of having friends or cross dressers. It's something that I'd I don't understand by. There are straight people who just fully to I mean Mae and wig and I mean they fully dressed like a woman. Yep yep and so you know you're very comfortable in new York and it really quick kind. An at all and protests. I didn't go for trial I'm not a fan but if she or more I don't think he's the brightest bulb on the tree. He could use it as an opportunity like you know he could come out hero and extend an olive branch sit down. Not objecting Colin cap cam Bjorn who. Started at the photo op visit would be right. What cut I liked how he met with the estimate that some of the kids in and people from park on after the shooting in the Florida. Exactly. You know what I'll. Probably not but I think by showing a little bit diplomacy. That's not who isn't besides they're beholden to that base. Yahoo! noisy is it it's true and it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. As as he approaches a reelection and and then Tony Tony. Daisy I wish I appreciate the call. I'm getting some text are term I don't people who are guys who dresses are as women and on television and I'm getting a number of text of doctor Jamie Farr. Our Kirkland or Jimmy champion Jimmie far cleaner on mash. Oh yeah I mean that was a prominent you know gay character but no we know less and gay characters of primary care of a guy and addressed to Jewish trying to pretend to be gacy Kiki kicked out of the military. And go home. From the river parish on David welcome to our show. But there are. I thought it went in or. It started it really goes back to an organization in Nam as far back as such 1938 but the red dress run started in San Diego we had an 87. And this comes from an organization called hash house harriers. And it was designed to promote physical fitness and then the next day going out and doing this to help get rid of a hangover by going out and putting on a red dress and drinking beer. The big question I got out but would you comment. At this stage so what is doable what we're after some white. You know I don't remember his exact words but the red dress one seemed to take opt out take off after after buddy. Oh of course yeah. In they're stuck in the Sega honorary chair it was still. It was Jim released no you for. I do he hit his name on the air was ugly Jerry. I was son he was gone been on seven and now I think I was ugly that he wants but he was ugly Jerry was still. Yeah outnumber those good days but yeah. Our have a good day's entertainment. All right thank you Carl if you would like to join us numbers 260187. In our text. Is a 7870. On this song. I'd describes. A lot of what you see in the quarter. Tomorrow. Now it's not unusual. The seamen and a quarter wearing dresses. But the amount of men you'll see in a quarter Wear dresses tomorrow will be very very unusual. How worthwhile cause it is one hell of a party. Any heat of August summer. In New Orleans. Again now we've got a video op idea I tried on three dresses yesterday in Amanda shows closet came out of the closet where she's wearing the dresses. Of course I went back in the cost of obviously anyway I you can vote on where stress you think I should Wear 12 or three. And it's great commentary there with I was sitting in America crime and address this and I don't talk about some of the concerns about half where certain dresses. But that is set of video that's on our our website. WWL dot com go there. Watch the video at the end of vote on which rests you think I should Wear and that's what I'm gonna Wear tomorrow afternoon as we July. Coverage from the red dress run. In the French Quarter on WL FaceBook will be back. This weekend is the one year anniversary of the protests. The anti protest and the riots in Charlottesville Virginia. Dollar and I'm. In response twosome confederate tell monuments are coming down one person was killed numerous people were injured. And the protest was billed as a united unite the right rally. And you wish to bring attention to uniting the American white nationals movement. Then there was a counter protest and that's when the problems. Developed. The governor of Virginia a Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency now in advance of the anniversary of the rally this weekend. And coinciding with the anniversary of this white nationalist protest which is gonna take place at the White House. The new Spike Lee movie black Klansman. His opening up in theaters nationwide including here in the New Orleans area. The movie black Klansman. Tells the story a true story of a black detective. In Colorado Springs, Colorado. Who infiltrates the local chapter of the kkk. And rises to become the the Klan chapter. Leader. Here's the trailer for the movie. Like Klansmen. There's never been a black cop in the city. We think you might be the man opened things up for risk here. Bull it's Ron's oh. Woman speaking is David duke grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan that they didn't. God bless them checked with him before welt which we expect a speaker I hate Jews. Mexicans and Italian and Chinese. But my mouth to God's ears are really hate those black brats. And anyone else really that doesn't have your Blackberry tablet running through their pains unhappy talking through it. Gutless white America. Hey hey hey is planning an attack but you propose to make this investigation we'll establish contact. We don't quite officers to play I mean when they meet. Face to face. And for the library trying to crawl so that becomes a combined on Stallworth can do that. With the red white man he can do anything. It was a lot of similar review of the news that's traditional that's right. Never people who can't become his friend was invited Beck took her superiors who. Cross burnings marches this is fiction movie you've been here for a nasty many questions under operational. Night of August 9 two. Eight after the liberation of black people out of the people. Well. Right system. For we would crusade for me it's the job. Your true that hatred doesn't have to she won't take his you lie detector test why you act like you got skin in the game. On you. Towards it com. No into the recruitment and smokes. Skull. And well you'll maybe. I don't know this. That was a trailer from the movie Arab historically. Black Klansman. Essentially interesting and it would you know when you when you start to when you wish her to see the trailer and and the the way the graphics are and at first I thought it was going to be comedy. But is the true story of on the black detective who who infiltrated the Klan it's going to be interesting to see. What they show about the client because to me that's a despicable group. You can believe what you want but I mean that their client and it is a despicable. Group and no they're not the only ones so you know don't call me up and tell me about the black Panthers and connect and other groups as well. On but the decline and truly just has such a evil. Evil past with murdering people and I'm doing in the name of of christianity. Mean just a Christian organization. So Reynoso is a white Christian I got a problem with that organization from the beginning. A what do correct or what I said a moment ago are said to one person was killed in the of the rights in Charlottesville Virginia. Last year on actually three people died because two were law enforcement officers that died in helicopter crash. While they're recovering the the protests but in the protest itself there was one person killed and numerous people were pretty injured I I'm gonna take time I'm gonna. Purdue is a red dress Ron. Surely knock it occurred to movie in my red dress but I'm gonna do the rest stress running party and then at some point this weekend I'm good to see black Klansman. And we talk about that on the show Monday afternoon. If you see it in you wanna share your thoughts on it what they just be with this Monday afternoon from one to four we'll talk about it a writer of a review and and blog about it. On May be even do a video for our of our FaceBook page to be if you already know. But it's something we'll definitely on talk about on Monday and die if book if there's some reason I can't see it I'll be honest with you we won't talk about a Monday but I am going to make an effort. Deceived black Klansman. This weekend we'll talk about a Monday afternoon to show. I here's an update on our blue runner foods poll. Is releasing a movie about a black detective infiltrating the Klan on the one year anniversary of the whites white nationalist protest. Is that wrong. Or is that Smart market. The pole was 5050. Give your opinion by going to our web sites WWL. Dot com. There is a daily. FaceBook video on our FaceBook page WWL radio it's about the NFL protesting. President trotted his reaction came Jordan and his reaction to the president's. Reaction. All of us on our face to protect conversations going on right now on WWL radio and FaceBook. This is for those of us are going to be wearing dresses tomorrow. I'm its coach who will be back on debit your own. Yeah yeah when we talk about the sun this race stuff. Do you do you realize that. The Russians are held dividing us. But yet we're taken the date. And an end as a country. We are. We're picking sides. Not everybody. But too many people are picking sides and it's just it's disheartening that a president trump would take advantage of the opportunity. To. Drive a wedge. Saying that that the players most of the players which would mean over 50% of the players that are protesting. They couldn't even define why they're protesting. And I would think to the players know more about why they're protesting then on a seven year old white guy who's in the White House. So. You'll YC. But this is this is the political tribalism. That dominates our times. We should be coming together and finding ways to a cable we got these divisions we've got these problems instead of like hitting each other which is come together and figure it out. But we don't wanna do that. We I do and maybe you too but too many people don't wanna do it. And there are too many people on both sides who are encouraging. Hate encouraging the device. Because they get attention front. Whether it was taking down the monuments what they're still the Charlottesville thing it's but the protests that are to place over the weekend. Promoting Dwight to nationalism. This will be a small percentage of the population but there are a lot of people who align themselves with. That segment or with the other segment. And it just it seems like. Conflict in America today. Is like a new recreational sport. It's like everybody you know everybody is getting off on this centering there enjoying it. I don't think it's anything to really enjoy. I mean there's so much great going on in this country. There's so much great about our lives. And we get trapped in the dirt the quicksand. A hate. If you rejoice and comment on numbers 2601878. 87870. So this just like detective from Colorado Springs infiltrates the client and that's what the movie black Klansman from spike Greece about. It opens up this weekend. By god this guy was not the only one to infiltrate the client. After World War II. On the radio show The Adventures of Superman. Kids across the country witnessed the man of steel. Infiltrating. The Klan. Superman on the radio show infiltrated the Klan. In hopes of stopping this despicable group. They become so powerful and intimidating. That the police were were were hesitant. To do as much as they could have done. So Superman gets in there and it filters to clamp. And but that was cool. On the West Bank John here and Evian you will. Hey John York last week you're talking about all great news and can be heard him him him at twelve. News. Though was. Well as the media from him was put him where the Russians and equally and go. A well we'll let you know I mean I don't I don't I'm not sure if George and I are never talked about collusion and there's not talked of a collision I've ever linked to drawn. Ineptitude which said that there was no appointment as it was. Offering news right. Well I don't know if you if you if you sick about the wording or at all it was somber here is where it around. They're investigating collusion there may be those who have the opinion that there's couple there was collusion I don't know and I've never said that on there showed John. So we are by definition that's not fake news there is an investigation into collusion it hasn't scored yet at the investigation is Israel. I did that erase it all the better pitcher I think. Using an announcing. Yeah these aren't easy concerns and a bit and ultimately your injury beat breach. You think you can prove don't. You think you can prove them. Are real good luck and return us. And he. Pessimism just so damn bitter. It's time now for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest the code or this hour is dying in the text DR. EM ET. 27288. Point that seven to 81 texted now that make you automatically eligible to win a thousand dollars in cash. Next overcoming a right before the top of the hour news at 4 o'clock we never charge for text but individual plan Texan generates may apply please never text and drive the so we can talk a little bit about the saints if you want to it's free for all Friday will be reviewing some of the things that we had talked about this week. And we'll also talk about the red dress run. Which is Saturday and look if you're going to the red dress try and don't just put on address and Kobe part of it. Be part of it by registering on line to the red dress front because the money. Is used to help charities and nonprofits will be back.