NFL player protest & rights

Wednesday, July 11th
Do you think the NFL protest and the players resistance to the new rule will negativly impact ratings for the league this year? And has the message of the protest been lost in the whole debate? Full 2 pm hour.

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Now. It's yours yet. Well if ray Bob Mitchell and first dude in the afternoon here on WWL. If you're just joining the show here's what we are talking about give a little background on what's going on a back in May be NFL approved a National Anthem policy and its owners meetings they had the other people it's not the policies for the NFL on their day and the policy allows players to protest during the National Anthem. By studying in the electoral in other words you don't do it out in public you do what in the locker room and again I'm assuming here. That if we saw fiber ten players come out of the tunnel after the National Anthem we would realize that they are protesting. It forbids them for sitting or take it Indy. If there on the field teams are subject to be fines and players. Can be suspended and punished by the team. Mel B of L players association. Either yesterday or day before it's filed a grave until the league. Challenging their policies say in that the NFL's National Anthem policy infringes on players' rights dealt. Do you agree with that or do you think a as we have been talking an awful all all morning long. About though about the policy. It's a job and you should follow company rules that's bishop who would have balls down to whether it. Whether you like it or not whether it's amid I think it disrespect for the National Anthem. That is may have not I don't like that. But if that doesn't matter what matters is it's a job and the job was told you you can't do that so where do you feel about this tennis. Of course sure. Out there have been men. You station again. I don't believe. I am one. Heard anybody say. Why. Take a knee is dis respect. Why. Well it could have it if it is the fact. That I'm going to like about go to a concert. I don't wanna put my money out for concert and have some singer or some artist on stage. And start preaching political stuff to me that's not what I'm doing I'm paying him to sing when I go. About preacher in the game haven't put it at that point. Before. It's only. I'm applauding I might be wrong but dissident. Right gasoline will be cut and not a national Roy Black is disrespectful. Wire in this respect what I don't listen or I didn't know why is it just stepped. Well we have we have all talked took to honor the flag and not do anything that's going to distract things and in other words. Went when you when you say the pledge allegiance when what when you sing the National Anthem. You warp you viewers saying that this is my country and love this country and we are the best we have the best country in the world. If if you if you're going to protest story that the net that takes away from that. Dan and whatever but but not sure opinion in my opinion. But why. Why is that the only time you want approach that's why can't protest a mother and a. Mark my question why it would. Because that is. A should you can you burn the flag was at disrespectful actually on the law says it's the law says and but I still fund that does reflect. And what. Role could go at all. Right but it's. Respect and understand. What. One and as a rule come up. Because people who were watching this complained about it people said I don't wanna spend my money to watch. While players are protest anything at all people stop watching a TV about the rays put down by around 5%. And I'm Mike but what amount they estimate let me turn the question you. Why can't you protest some other time. Why does that why does why does it have to be the why does it have to mainland though. Oh. Sure OK and we didn't play the national. Whitman. When McCain and well. And you are not open it happened on the but it pledged to the. Oh I thought you were talking about street football gnawed at them I never played them not critical I never played on at least none ever played on the ticket you know. In the league. Okay. When the National Anthem I am I'll probably when we salute the flag was that a possible conflict. Well when the National Anthem came out we took an option on. All right let what OK let's let it. Dog let's let's just agree and one thing compared. You feel that it is not just respectful I feel that it is in weak union the European Ayman but here's here's the trump card here. Not the Donald Trump card but. The NFL now has a policy last year they didn't have a policy. Now they have a policy that the owners approved the budget not just feedback from comfortable on board Japan's. That can no longer doing that so at this point. If a player violates this the team can be fun and the players should be fun so I have to go out and now it's a Balata workplace rules. Not. Two. And engulfed in a pleasing budget calls him all the people. Is protest. With the play of the because. Dare call them up. But. The epidemic. Is like. Everybody chipped. It to be. Okay. Wounded it. Happened. Black case. Okay Kenneth I understand what you're saying and I'd I think the bottom line is is that we have been raised. A small children. Tomb when you don't put your hand over your heart not to do anything disrespectful doing the flag of you know if if if everybody's standing you don't sit down. And I thought it it's obvious that a lot of the fans. Feel offended by this. So look at what one thing on Korea after its okay. Would you rather would you rather them Nittany. Well. It is mode disrespect for the stay in the town been taken. If you. All know how often does as an outlet that on. And. OK but they've let it now now to set policies sold now if they break the policy they could be find the team to be five. Let's go to Kevin Kevin thanks for calling WWL. They've. The others on the ball awoke what because our current Roca and they have all the and they have a couple issues that came up. What they're all in the political statement and they had a player Switzerland fears that made your quote in all field. They'll likable player Croatia. And I'm I want that kind of blew that out there for. You know another our argument to the com syndicate that there are people from all over the world and the future expected that here too GNU. Political odd statement here I'm just gonna walk up once they're on October and an up or the national scene that they can do that they want to. But Buren that it's about where in the world together and you for the game as current approach that topic they have had coach recruit from Croatia hour. I hammered the nets from the team. Over it and also the team have been buying I think Mexico had something to do with that they're saying well let's. While it. In the situation. They'd be player are they can be in our complete dismissal from the team. And it all reviewed by eight feet. The organization. I'm not to leave the team routine continent country by it and were well while they're YE and the like that you register and turn matter all internment they're. That policy they want to pay all these companies. Political statements are over. War in the country at war with each other problems you know and so. Well I love my the last caller asked me what to lifeline disrespectful. And vote when I think about it. Ever since I've was a little boy we were always taught to stand for. The National Anthem and that bet that is a show of respect if you stand for the National Anthem so. If you sit down the new disrespecting that that's that's all I feel. Yeah and I believe and do and I think that there's a time when it's for everything I think that it should more. The war lecture at the gains of the past if I mean I think one of the Croatian players I'm talking about. I want a bit India peaceful coast but the problem that was in that period the chart map while it's. On the you know outside of that when when an Asian inspired bet they'll be have a you know opportunities these and make that statement out outside of that. On days they had the exposure would via Twitter and social media count of. Kevin appreciate you toning and I'm Bob Mitchell in first dude in the afternoon on WW. Well. It's 6018787870. The back can we come together over us. We're talking about the situation has been going on now what. The protest star was last year or year before. The new normal for two years. And the NFL decide well we're gonna do something about the players protesting. During the National Anthem even though it is a silent protest. But they have been getting a lot of complaints remote viewers and fans so the NFL approved this National Anthem policy. Players can protest during the National Anthem by stating in the locker world. And I guess what you would do his. After the National Anthem and you see these people coming back on the field his players should say. Well there they're pros they're protesting injustice they're they're protesting number. Of that bump bump policeman a shooting innocent club black dollars. And I guess that's how you would read that their protests in no different than if if there's standing there silent. So we've been getting into what is respecting the flag and what is dot. Text message connoisseurs what I said right before the break. And to answer the call of question about what was. What was wrong what Neil Lane or sitting during the National Anthem it was accepted. To stand to Revere the flag. And why why it's standing. I don't know OK but it's something that that we've all done and it's something I truly believe and if if I'm at a game. I will not leave like some people well all I'll leave during the National Anthem and go grab a hot dog I don't among these people work I stand there what book by. You know handover in my heart that that match just maybe. But now it's gotten down to the NFL has issued a rule what you can do and what you can't do the players association says. That this infringes on the players realized that they should have a right to protest when ever they want to. And that's kind of where we are today so let's go to let's go to Georgia on the north for George how are you today. Upon hours here in the first of all. Haven't been a friend of yours but today. I agree with governor percent they're always the owner I have to write to. Tell them what they gonna do because I'm paying necessarily. You secondly. They represent assign the city of the world stable Asia. And I think. There acreage Spain and look it doors up for what sort chronic complaint as strong legislation. If there's not there's going to be something else so so this morning show you know European races but it didn't work it has. It is what it is. When does. There chronic complaint has. The football players know. Important and then now. Well goodbye. Let's go to Rick in Algiers hey Rick how Oreo. And think about com welcome. Love that thing is gave eat that and anyway she gave the initial. Complained of vote which approved. You know ancient video. Companies now however. And the league it. It's sixteen games that we can fall below to learn this before burn regular season. Think they've pulled their money's radio television just so sixty certain. And educate the people what they want you. And it's far that you're quote lately wise it's the proper protocol this event would vote for what you believe and the star spangled banner. Especially if you're working employees those in the negation out Thursday peaking now want to stay in the locker. I don't know it's not a neutral courts wanted to replayed in its ilk should be logo there. Thank you so much who is in order that thing but. It's Smart thought about you when it happened meant that no eulogies. All that the dog that. But got hit. Now yeah. W a year use it yeah. You're getting attention. Yeah. And yea and it's about my. One record store that is lady luck and then and a note that ultimately. That isn't that that is that unbelievably. And people you we just once again it's sample requests but you know it's cents. I hate to say it there is its student cannibalize that is in my league to have the right deal thanks. And political. Thank you. Right right the things slip let's go to Jayson coming in Jason thank you calling WWO. Are you I'm hanging in there. It. You know it. The waited this. Whole situation what why. No really really well it look at it. You know the difference between public and and try. Each each and adult seen as a privately owned bit. Adult court. If you really look at it as one corporation being and a the owners. Of those teams alone has been on the right to say and they can say you don't in. That's okay. We're really trying to come down to. Is manipulative of the difference between public and private school in a private in a private school. A teacher constraints that student you have to in from the politically and you have to stand for prayer. In a public school. A teacher cannot tell students to do that. That would be what people. I understand is that he players are playing for pride that there were in for a ride it ignores it being aided by someone on the net. In a sense when you to go to a private school or you work for a privately owned bit at you or a lot of the right word. And had a. That's right Jason appreciate you falling in and we have text message earlier but said. It's not that you can't protest. It's the fact that if you protest and they tell you you cannot do a certain thing then their could be a penalty. Too uptight we're gonna come right back after the news are phone numbers 260187. AM Bob Mitchell in for scrutiny afternoon. But the big 87 AW WL AM FM and dot com we'll have CBS news in just a couple seconds and we'll have more. WWL live and local news. Welcome back to the show if you wanna win of bunch of cash royal Buchanan every day right here WWL starting next Monday. You have a shot at winning 1000. Dollars cash twelve times today and are gonna come national cash contest listened. To top aide to new rules due to Bobby and Christian Reich for the Copley our news for the code word and text that word to seven. 288172881. For your shot at winning 1000. Dollars cash to ready for the national cash contest starting next week. 7 AM to 6 PM on WWL but what we never charged for texting but individual plan text and data rates do apply. If you are just tuning in and we are talking about the NFL's policy that they established back in May. Passed some new rules on what players can and cannot do. The National Anthem policy allows players to protest during the National Anthem by staying in the locker room. But forbids them from sitting or taken in the if there on the field. And if they do that teams will be subject of funds of players don't comply and they will have the option of punishing players to boils down to. These or workplace rules and whether you like them or not if you do not follow them. Then the you can be penalized and if you believe that the players do have a right to protest and they they do have a right to to stand up for these social issues. Let me ask you this question with all the stuff about disrespecting the flag. Is the message getting lost. Do most people leave a note the messages about let's go to a Tom Tom thank you for calling WWL. It's were double Juan. That they picked the way like you brought that. Actually vote. Always vote. By a lot the world and not the end by and he now. So. Whether they'll. It could be on the field. At all. Like it would be. Why they're out in most a lot but wrote well it will be fine penalized. But what the problem. Our I don't know it to me at all balls down to one thing it is a job I don't care where you work. You have rules that you have to follow where you work that you probably do not like. But it's the rules of the game to work through those people. And if you if you don't want to if you say our I can't handle that that rules just to bond infamy I don't wanna follow that rule. Then you really should work someplace else. Well I agree with you all purpose that would be distraught that they that they take it away that right particularly their right. Right to spend a lot Cairo. The below its field. Yeah. What ever asked you if you're in charge of of this whole thing what penalties when you give to any player that violates this rule. The Obama. In the red. So much here but it. And then the team led the team can turn around and penalize the player. Just. But Eric did exploit through rule. It's changed so watered it Belarus. Which is the voters as well but not a player where I. Well that is right dead don't the way it works is that if if a player violates. One of the rules all of violates this protest rule. The teams. Or subject to be fine if the players don't comply but then the team will have the option of punishing the player. Well below answer to everything airs. Well there is a lot broke glad that they actually have the diabetic about it. All right thanks so much let's go to John in New Orleans hi John how are you today. I'm good how are you ensemble what do you think about this this mess don't we thought. We thought it was all settled what we thought it was all settled but the NFL players association. Is objecting to the policy what do you think. Well I don't Obama comment directly don't have a comment on the situation in dealing. First I think kneeling has done nothing to help the cause that they thought it. Trying to get attention for. And it yeah have to explain to somebody. Why do you mean this disrespectful. Then he's lost caution when net person 04. Why do enlisted people sort of officers it's a tradition that's a plan that respect. And I double search and has been general 100007800000. In jail military people killed in World War I World War II Korea. Vietnam and card war every time big deal. And respect in those individuals. For this country. That ultimate insult came. Wind to change went to. And based. What are National Anthem. And and order National Anthem of the United States. Not total disrespect for this country I don't know what it is. But they bust that take up there Paula. These people especially couldn't happen. Being dispatcher. And he cares money. That talk with anyone he wants to from the City Council level all the way up to congress and the president of the united. All right oh and while that. I don't know lob and unload unload on his FaceBook page I'm not I'm not sure I appreciate your phoning in and justice. They give you the straight facts the saints. Did stand. We are going to take a break and a few on hole will be right back with you on the big gates seventy WWL AMF and the dot com. A yeah embodied. Our bulletin on her WWL. Opinion poll question and do you think the NFL's National Anthem policy infringes on the players' rights at WWL dot com 87%. Say. No and only 13%. Say yes this all started with a column covered act. And at 2016 you begin protesting. Police brutality and social injustice by Neil Lane during the National Anthem and then the demonstration spread to other players and teams. Then boom my question is with all this talk about disrespecting the flag. Has has the message been lost. John how are you today. Yeah. And thank you John Asia that and I agree with you 1%. I have no idea why you protesting an act. Year perfectly correct I think the majority of people don't even in protest take something what is it. It. Racial angle and evidence hanging and who knows. Whether protesting right. They're approaching police brutality and social injustice. Blow note that grow well prepared posted them. You know I really think. To a large degree your right. Idol I'm almost majority of people because it is a silent protest and no one is hang in Hamburg hang on to a sign or anything like that or not. And I think you're I think there are a lot of people who just don't know what's want want their protest because what's happened. It's it's it's gravitated more toward people feeling that they're disrespecting the flag I about it. I lied to attack enough and I'm glad that the NFL didn't come to a decision about it and and then we'll satisfy every line and including the latest. What's the John that's that's the problem the NFL instituted a policy say in the players. Can protest. By staying in in the locker room look for bids right from city. Well now the NFL players association. Says that's not right you can't do that so that's that's what that's one thing is back in the news today. Now my whose swear it looked at right now brewer at a bank thank you so much let's go to is that don't. Brooke block when I brought what are you. Yeah yeah all right. That. And they shouldn't that caller. But they're. Being too. Actually it's. People collar. Rat and people looked Kotler. In the country. No point. Somebody. And we. Import. It is still part of every. Car in America we expect America. But what. But you check to. I happened to you. Well no one no one is saying that you can't protest Nolan is saying that at all its own or that people are only saying don't protest during that little. Two minute span of the National Anthem you can do it any other subject and have rallies. After after the game you couldn't meet in the beginning in the middle of the field for the protest there just say and just don't door during. The National Anthem I appreciate you thought NN. We gonna take a break couldn't go to traffic and then we'll come back aboard your phone calls right here on WW well. It and if you're just tuning in we're talking about NFL player is warning the right to. Protest during the National Anthem NFL's and you can't do this you just in the locker room the protest. If your kimono feel if you do. This sub the team the subject to a fine and now the players association says that's not enough. We want to protest during the National Anthem let's go to at stone dead and how are you today. Now yeah. Throw to Ed what do you think amount protesting during the nationalism are we up are we just making too much of it. Shop that that. Situation. Actually try to not pay well it can do it is stupid general and Kyle. It's. About there being pictures. Ended in which they didn't. Korea. They are in escrow to do with. And an odd chuck. What you. Britain Britain. That come out and most news show. Oh. Hole from that time in 20. Pitch count. We're out on. Shaping up to each track and the mush. It was. He had not. Yet. On which we would talk. Sean that try and crops grow. In you can. Look at. It. With. The. Ed the news and I hopeful yeah. Visit our I should gross in protest is about an equal treatment in this country. Okay but isn't is it okay is it okay to protest. During the national ads beacon protest any other time and no one's gonna complain about it is it okay to protest. For any issued during the National Anthem. Okay what you're doing good for you thank you so much. And hey that's his opinion. My opinion is different odd odd odd don't think it's something you do op at all we have we have to we have to respect each other's opinion. That last Roman made of Mitt made a very very good point and he says that you know it's OK to. Protest during the National Anthem. I think it's disrespectful I just. Here's what I can understand you mean to tell me for this short period of time when they play the National Anthem we just can't them. Stand up and honor the flag and onerous as to be the greatest. Country in the world surely have our problems absolutely lots of problems in this country but during that period of time. Can't we just simply say it's it's great to be living in the greatest country in the world. 2601878. Do players have the right now that's what the NFL players association is fighting afford to give players the right. To protest during the National Anthem do you go for that. You can call me at 260170. You to text me at 878. 870 I'm Bob vigilant for scrutiny afternoon and you're listing to the big 87 AW WL AMF MM dot com.