NFL & new National Anthem policy

Wednesday, May 23rd
Roger Goodell has announced a new policy for the NFL that will require players to stand for anthem or stay in the locker room if they don't want to stand. Do you agree with the new policy? Full 2 pm hour.

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It is there Wednesday afternoon another hot afternoon Aaron we've had a little break in our temperature because of the clouds and a few scattered showers and you know were all watching this. Development in the gulf of meg most and the Gulf of Mexico yet but it's from across the Yucatan peninsula have fright over. Cancun and cause a milestone there will be some people spending some time in bars drinking or on the ship drinking. So you know me no matter what you're still have a good time right. Anyway we're watching that it's gonna get into the gulf is it gonna go more to the right on the left. The ship probably should bring politics into is a Gunner is it gonna move more to the east or to the west. I'm more to the east one of the models has it going more toward Florida. And I mean like they're the Florida peninsula. Just a hole. Think that you know that whole part of Florida not just a Florida Panhandle but you know I don't know what to tell you if you have big plans for Memorial Day weekend. And Florida or don't short I don't know what to tell you. I mean the beach even when it's raining is still fun for me. And some of you may via a place where there's an indoor pool which is always nicer few spots so on the Gulf Coast it. They have that are deadlocked jury especially with kids that's that's great. But you know if you if you need to get away and just get away and and so what if it's raining you're still ended a different environment and you're still having a good time I hope anyway. So on will watch this and again I want to remind you that if you laden if you're not getting weather alerts from coverage of you well. This is a free service from us. Now individual plan taxing generous may apply. But you can text the word and don't Texan drive you can text the word whether. 287870. And then confirm and you'll get weather updates. On this storm and whose two weekend and then anytime there's a big storm or when we get under hurricane season you'll get updates on everything no matter where you are here with your phone you'll get updates. Text the word whether to wait 7870. You can also do the same thing with news to get our news updates in similar weather will be a classified as news. Just text the word news. To wait 7870. Confirm and you've got free updates from Debbie if you well. We are gonna talk about the NFL but first let's just started celebrate for a moment that we have the Super Bowl. Never gonna get it in a 224. And John Mayer Cantrell says the city will be ready for that. I have no job we will be ready for a tired of having gone through a couple of Super Bowls and I remember being at the very first Super Bowl. At Tulane stadium. And it's it it has changed so much since then but the Super Bowl is a big deal. And nobody does it better to New Orleans and even if you don't go to the game just being in this city. When the Super Bowl is in town is is exciting. Because of all the activities. Because of all the people here it's just it's fun to be here. Now the NFL has decided to. Do something about the kneeling during the National Anthem. Roger Goodell earlier made this announcement to you the owners are having meetings and are dale Benson is there. And he made this announcement about a policy change and here's what the commissioner decide. We seemed to we've come over the balance. Process here in our procedure and policy. That will allow those players who feel they can stand commands him to stay in the locker room. Okay so what happens if the players stay in the locker room. If anyone is on the field and it is disrespectful to may have some of the flag. There would be fine from the league against a team. The team will have its own work rules will be consistent with the overall policy and they will make their own decisions about how to manage from there. And it's my understanding and you don't confirms fears and facts on this is gonna involve all 32 clubs deciding whether or not to make rules are. 32 clubs. I want to make sure didn't during the the moment of the handsome in the flag and that is a very important moment to all of us as a lead just clubs personally into our country. I so here's my question. If if players stay in the locker room. And they don't actually come out because they want me. If they stay in the locker room. Then. Isn't that a formal protest. Aren't the same people. Who complained about the players Neil. And I realize that it's not as in your face. But it's still there. Are people not gonna complain you'll wait a minute this player this playlist for these players they can come out of the locker room. So they're protesting their disrespecting the flag Dick why would you not say the same thing about the players to don't come onto the field. And do you think that such a rule in the NFL by an NFL team. Violates the spirit of freedom of speech. In America. If you would like to join us for the comment on this or breaking news set today about the NFL and a rule concerning kneeling for the National Anthem so another words player if a if a player kneels. During the National Anthem the team's gonna get far. And I guess both teams could be find if players on both teams. Neil. But if they stay in the locker room isn't that a form of protesting anyway. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601870. Kerry code 5042601. A seventy. And our text is a 77. Here's a text us or kneeling is now disrespectful please don't tell Catholics sent here is that Texas says says thank you for the weather text info. I like cut the programs on WW relatively and we appreciate that and other text here says said the NFL lost tons of money because. Of folate. I'm just Texas flooding in so they're jumping all over the place and FL lost tons of money because stupid idiot players. Wonder protest instead of playing a game. They protest again. Will boycott. Well you certainly have it is certainly have that right. But are aren't you gonna keep track of the players to don't come out on the field I mean it seems like that's the country religion today. Eyesight is not going to be enough to award and on out there to non after. If there is a key player stays in the locker room it comes out after the National Anthem you don't think people are gonna be a keeping track of that. And I would assume that the networks at least in the beginning will probably show the players. They're coming out late basically designating them as. Dealers or are not dealers but protesters. Do you agree with the new NFL rule. That will not allow players to Neil for the National Anthem but allow them to stay in the locker room instead. That's a pretty must opinion poll give a show opinion by going to our web site W if you don't don't count from Mississippi mark thanks for calling welcome to the show. Basically I don't I'm gonna. How they're great aren't. I'll agree I agree with you know is probably the best advocate com where it counts of bottom line what do you agree or not she. It's EU competition problem if you try it. Grown meat it. You know at that next happened to choose not to. Well you could just take away their likelihood of me if there is or if there's a rules that you can't stand I mean you can't Neil you must stand and if you don't. Do that they couldn't pick a kick you off to team now. If a lot of great players do that I don't know how teams would handles that it out some if some marginal players do it a while I wouldn't be a big deal. Yes a lot Baghdad and you know there are short in a failed at what is the get the best solution they get they become aware that this past. Morgue but don't you think people are gonna look at those players that are coming out late in look at them as protesters in the same way they looked at the neuroses protesters like where you don't respect our flight you know I mean this what they're gonna say. You don't respect the flag and to come out during the national Anthony and had say in the locker room. And and you're probably right that we feel somewhat we have some real elect. But based on what you're doing that emotional and even though we trip and she noticed in the if you Austria Egypt Egypt. Mark I appreciate your comment if you wanna join us with the year comment on numbers 260187. Very good final four to 601870. Text. Page 7870. Now this was a case of kneeling for your your rights. So the NFL today announced that they're going to allow teams to put rules in effect. That allow players to stay in the locker room instead of coming out if they wanna Neil because if they Neil during the National Anthem the team. Will be fine by the NFL. You agree with sent. 260187. He text say 7870. I'm scoot we'll be right back on debit derail. Today the NFL owner's son heard from Roger Goodell the commissioner and he said dead said the NFL will allow teams to ours and still rules. There would allow the players to stay in the locker room if they wanna Neil for the National Anthem. Because if they come out in kneel there and National Anthem the NFL's gonna fine. The teams. You support that a few and join us with your comment our numbers 2601878. Or text is a 7870. Here's a text yes like you said you have a freedom of speech but there are repercussions. When you do know there are repercussions of freedom of speech. When this was a big controversy I understood. Why players were nearly. I said many times it died I thought this was my opinion that reflected the views of of a lot of people. Since they were not breaking any rules. How can you punish. There was no rule. So there's no rule. They can deal for the National Anthem I would not have chosen to that venue. For protesting. When I was protesting. I wouldn't it shows that venue. But they did. And they were highly criticized. But did you notice that the criticism subsided this whole thing went away when the saints started to win mean here new world as it was a real heated thing. And as it was around the country. I'm learning now that the NFL players union is not happy with the new rules from Roger Goodell because. The NFL players junior was not consulted. But I don't see how. This is not going to be seen as a protest. And if people really want to keep track of those who are participating in the playing of the National Anthem why are they not going to watch those players that come on after. Now there are times when a player stays back in the locker rom to get taped up. Or to get some last minute treatment. But there's no doubt that there are players that I guess instead of kneeling. They're going to stay in the locker so when you see that crew come you know it's usually it's one or two players. Maybe one player that divide has stayed back for treatment or or take. So when the whole group comes out or you can point your finger at them go look they're there they're being disrespectful. And doesn't the flag represented freedom that we have to protest the flag. It's not something I would do. But there is injustice in this country. So I understand why. There was a protest I would not have chosen again I wouldn't have chosen that moment and the National Anthem in deal. As a form of my protest but again they weren't breaking any rules. Well now that's changing. As sort team's going to be able to control the players by saying look if you're gonna Neil don't go out here. Or do you think they'll be any players that are so renegade and rebellious. That they're gonna go on and Neil anyway. And what if it's a star player. With the team cut the player. If you've got a comment our numbers 2601878. And our text is 87870. From New Orleans Joan welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Karma is. Out for the protecting. Well and the good hockey world. And they kind of mind think they do. That they do I think. They should be. About to get together and back to when they're predicting it. Well that day would not all necessarily have to be in Third World countries. So in other words you don't you don't you don't think that there should be protest of the United States. I don't think she'd be allowed to help them. Oakley protests and the crowd to protect the public and a lack of politics. When Joan I mean I understand that the private business aspect of you know as if they're if the business to do you workforce issue can't protest where you can't protest. But it sounds like you're suggesting that there should be no public protests and in in America because everybody should support America. Well armed and their Arab very public debt. An NFL game and then dealings. It's absolutely not flag or whatever. We'd be okay if fans protested outside of the stadium. What are your. Thank you and. Okay. Do you go to games. Well then why would you worry about people who who have to pay just to watch from protests. If principle. Here. Gasoline that they think we are the great countries and it and that can't be here. Go from well. OK so so if if people aren't happy here in America that they should go somewhere else what if what if Democrats control. Congress and there's a Republican revolt against the Democrats. In office should should those people who are Republicans should they leave the country. We're not getting pay could be here. But not getting paid they vote and and inland but the. Rises you what you're what you're saying are you you're saying that there's deer. If you don't like it here you should leave this country on our founding fathers didn't agree with everything. And they they they say here and there were protests that led to changes in the as the Boston Tea Party and there have been a lot of protests that have been part of making this country better. It. You don't pay like a well you don't pay to watch him sing the National Anthem you pay to watch him play. And so they don't play a Russian national. Protests there they are being disrespectful. To a science. OK I appreciate the call if you when join us with your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy Texas 8787. You know somewhere. What gets lost here somewhere is this idea that if you want to protest this country get the hell out of here. Think about the protests. That led to positive things in this country. Think about the protest they were part of the baby boomer generation. I'm Scrooge are coming back on every of you well. I'm getting syntax a ballot in and this is kind of reflective of what the the caller and I said just a moment ago. Pitt fans pay to see the players and they don't pay to see the players need. Okay I I get to you pay to see the players play. But they don't start playing but I'm not defending. Seats in the healing during the National Anthem. But this this idea that. You pay to see the tele players play yet you do the National Anthem has nothing to do with it and if the National Anthem is so important. Are you always in your seat for the playing of the National Anthem. Because when I go to games. And if I'm in my seat early. There are a hell of a lot of empty seats in the Mercedes-Benz superdome when the national anthems being played. So if it's so important that you're gonna criticized players for dealing during the anthem then why are chewing your seat. Here's a Texas says so astute fans don't care about what players do out of sight to it's what they do on the field that makes people angry. And we have a right to our opinion because we spend money on these fools. OK you don't spend money to. Watch him sing the National Anthem. You spend money. To watch employee. Charles your WW out good afternoon. Back. John good and good and demonstrate or almost four or. Are starting to all. Are worn out and put. Or inner they'll army. What they. And all of a Wadi. And Serbia. Wasn't and so. Woke because they all took a cheap way and it will stay in the locker room. Instead of me. Or common meal. Out here between. Will be car. So you know where your mayor there are still strong and the issue. How simple order just come out. You're gonna put on the uniform and more from it. One of my rules as do standard. Well the NBA has done a better job with that in the NFL and I'm not sure why. I don't know either a lot worse for years but it I mean you know. You are out there on the stand up and reported there. Q do and here's when you know you're just buy them a lot of people mired. You know there are spared their order and money to go watch player yeah. And and you're doing things that are Kamal is news. When it. Hands. We're seeing in the and errors. We know so more and we understand what. They weren't all focused on both parents are an upper operator. I mean really. Charles would it have been better if the NFL like college football just kept it kept. Everybody in the locker room until the anthem was over. You know you're gonna disputes about they. Are that's. It just. Well maybe because the it if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't until the military paid the NFL to start to honor the military in November that the players were out for the National Anthem like I don't think they have always been announced the National Anthem. So this is this is a change. And maybe it should go back to the way it was before because if players stay in the locker room I'm I'm predicting that this is going to be a form of protest to some people are gonna notice. Well it is to. Do. All of oh in. A Communist country. On you know. Com abided. In the last. Or one year you write about ten. And I mean it just seems like OK. You know. In the islands. A lot of portal and Shane goes. It just eight years. And I don't know. Oh what phobia and knowing what you know years. Well Charles I'm going to call I don't know why is gonna change thanks. And I fear that only I'd just some kind of on an absolute. National. Disaster. We're united respect and I even wonder if we would be united that. I mean this is a problem if you know we should be able to respect differing opinions. And if you are of the mentality that if you don't like this country get out. Think about the time that you might be in a position to where you don't like what's going on in this country. But you gonna protest because you want to change. And this country without the country it is today. If everybody that didn't like it left. When they wanted to protest topical or they were happy. I think the important thing is to is to try to change things they're people don't wanna try to change the government right now. And you do that most civilly through your your votes but there are a lot of ways to do that. Sometimes it's it's going out and literally protesting in up in a public situation. Now. The NFL teams. Or businesses. And a business has a right to tell you what you can and cannot do it work. And you don't have total freedom of speech at work. But when this was an issue. Last season. There was no rule against nearly so hearken to punish the players if they're not breaking a rule. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy text 87870. I'm scope to her coming right back. On WL sometimes it's important to stand. Yeah I I guess to some degree every protest is. Fighting the power. But think of what the sentiment was like in this country when other people have been president. Barack Obama for example. They were people who wanted a political revolution. And what they did place they went to the polls and they elected president Donald Trump. So there may come a time for those of you were saying well you know if you don't like this country get out there may come a time when your person is not in the White House. And you may want to protest. Zone. Consider that from river ridge Carroll here on WWL. I care. You know why aren't going to make it to be in Europe and payroll. But the other part you mentioned earlier the difference between. Not coming out and mailing that lacked the fact that the outcome are present the flag. I know how to. They went. Yeah that is a good appointment but the way people I mean I'm I'm talking. From the standpoint of what I see and hear every day doing the show it is vicious and hateful as people are. I I don't think you would be much of a stretch for people to start doing those people who are coming out. Late after the National Anthem is played. And that reforms president. Apart from the spectators and I think that's fine. Flag about porn I'm. But it's still a former pro I mean not showing up for the flag. That's gonna still be seen as a protest of the flag. What a way that they're not in the presence of the black. So I get to back pack in it to a critical difference. Carol I appreciate the call here's an update our party must opinion poll do you agree with the new NFL rules separate earlier today that will allow players to Neil for the National Anthem. Over two and one not allow them to kneel to the ash lands on. But allow them to stay in the locker room instead you agree with several 69% say yes 31% say no for Algiers Larry welcome to the show. Luck fellows do. Arm. And and a commission. Reached a reasonable caught from. I think he was in between a rock and a hard place. Also. Greta he has decision. At this certainly screw. When people say what divisive. You know follow 400 years including papers segregation Jim Crow America never been united. I would always. And I think people Medco great mystery and demonstrated what a true. But what people medical great misstatement on them so an issue. Of the people who try to understand what African Americans have gold in this country. Not when we talk about that today. You know they get out on the military as well on the military and every component separately to the rest of them made that abundantly clear. And you know people to wall. 101000 miles all the fees fighting where you are and they came back to this same situation of segregation that they. The injustices that exist. Larry about our medical bow wanna go back to something you said just a moment ago and and I I've I don't think it's it's appropriate for you just say to generalize about you know white people don't understand the plight of African Americans in this country because. That's not true who helped run the underground rare road who helped free the slaves. Who did Bill Clinton seemed to be very very. And favor genocide towards. You know there have been holes punched white people that have been criticized for their understanding as best they can't of Black America so that's not fair to say. Go we would that order. I mean I have its own numerous occasions and if they do. That unlock it put them out on the yeah it well. Today so when people I don't need all people. What that meant all the way I'd suggest that you know the you know they'll vote. But I think we have to understand what one of India to. Be commission reached a compromise. And yeah. Hope that people what they. You know a museum has been open in Alabama. Got them an awful problem that took place in America. Since the civil war on a down of America. Yeah Orlando and and thank god that's Larry thank god that's part of our past how we still have a long way to go but thank god that is not part of this country today. And and didn't white Americans. Start the NAACP. I'm still we're coming right back on W Rome. I am envious if you were at the Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers concert last sides smoothie king senator. I was not able to make it smarter SARS is Steely Dan played bringing back memories from being there last night Hampshire had a great time no longer Versailles talk him out of here earlier. And he said where is awesome. Here is a text that says the moment the players stepped. Afoot in the stadium. They are on the fans payroll. Has nothing to do with paying to watch them play. Especially not true. You pay to watch the end product you don't decide what happens with the players. I mean that's a suggesting you're calling a place. That it is sick but you know but this is part of the problem we have in this country. It's this idea of controlling other people. The idea of telling other people what to do. He acts assist power trip that you step in that field you step in that seat if you're on my payroll. No not really. You pay the saints. And you pay the saints to see the presentation of the game. And the saints make the decision about how the game is present. And what the players to. That's not a decision that you make but again this is this mentality that a lot of people have like I know I can tell you what to do here on my table. Here's a Texas as a fans actually pay for life football entertainment experience that includes the National Anthem. Well OK let's remember that yet they the players were not always on the field. And you still pay for the experience. Back down. And if it's the National Anthem and the players standing is so damn important. Then you really would be a hypocrite and really should not have the right to call the show if you're not in your seat. For the national anthems. And a lot of people are not in their seats for the National Anthem. Condoms at them at the boy scout jamboree really. That's coming up next we'll also continue to decide this discussion. It's time right now for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest in the code word this hour is Robert. All thinking about or talk you bosh next hour this is just a coincidence. Text the word Robert RU DD ER. Do seven to AJ warned that 7288. Warren. Our plan a lot of things but I did not plan that is a thousand dollars up for grabs it's our national Entercom cash contest. Are we never charged Vertex but individual plan text and data race may apply please don't Texan drive next door were coming up right before the top of the hour news at 4 o'clock. I'm skirts and moving back to talk about the scouts jamboree. And condoms.