NFL hits pause on Anthem protest fines

Friday, July 20th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the NFL's agreement with the NFLPA to suspend the new rules governing player's behavior regarding protests during the National Anthem

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Are here Rego head starts worth the sound of the how belt. It's Friday a guy you're hurt heat index already one to 09. At dear forward wild. Man that hot. If there's a bloated it is a plane it's loaded if you're flying this weekend is gonna be so hot. I want you to notice how long it takes a plane to leave the ground because in hot weather like this the sea level. There are there areas so. Ridiculously thin that they use like if it's a loaded plane don't use the entire runway OK right now crank it up because this is what you reward for. We are going to feature some bumper music this afternoon there will relate to the heat this weekend and I think garnered all throughout the show we can talk about it. What are you gonna do to not only keep cool but what holly gonna do to keep draw. You know last week I was in Portland and one day and it was it was warm air based on on Portland Sanders it was hot. Mid eighties to 21 day the mid nineties. But the humidity prosecutor he's on to 23% so you you can walk around and Todd delicately Vegas and LA and San Diego he could you can walk around. And and you're not sweating and assist the worst part of doubts they heat. Anyway if you could think of some ways to keep cool just so we candles we'll talk about that also this is free for all Friday. And we really don't have a format. There's just we talk about and you can just during the showroom anytime you want with any comments that you have about anything we talk about we can talk about some of the big topics of the week. Holler Genesee street cross party so we can talk about just about anything we do have some things to work to talk about. By you know again I love the show to be loose on a Friday and I get a few things to talk about concerning president trump but after that it's going to be a trump free zone. Are on the show this afternoon and coming up in the 3 o'clock hour because he's traveling and couldn't do it live on our show we want it for. Higher recorded a conversation we're so Rick Nielsen. The founding member and lead guitars mean awesome lead guitarist background vocalist and primary songwriter for the legendary rock band Cheap Trick. Chief bbb is a Sanders theatre Saturday night concert they've been here before. On pit people in New Orleans and Loveland and you know it's just it is a great shot back to the seventies and and also the eighties because they had some stuff in the eighties as well. And I I share with Rick my last memory these guys last time I saw a Cheap Trick. Was backstage. At house of blues. And I think that stands out most in my mind it. Was not down it was Courtney Love. Who was sitting on the sofa. Backstage and you know watch. That was his greatest memory of backstage after the show to heave from Amber's her as well I mean nothing bad happened it just that it. It's well it was just it was Courtney Love and all her glory. So will level talk about it here's a Texas is say yes get the hell lot of like airline pass stunt work I did it. You know I'm good I'm seriously you have your I notice I mean would I would write a two golfer Arnold loaded plane full full playing miniature golf to go to Portland. Last Saturday. I mean the plane it was the north south side of runway. And I mean. I wasn't sure we're gonna hit veterans highway before we got off the ground I mean it because when the heirs like this it just takes the plane the entire run way to get off the ground. And then it's even worse in a place like content type Denver. Where when it's really hot in here is releasing in my god I mean you you you're you're you're on the on the runway almost a boulder before they on you know. Get the Wii is off the ground. And then of course in the wintertime band plays just take my doctorate is Ayers you're sticker and it and orchard a panic about that they know what they're doing. The general calculated in the computers in the computers to elements ago Tony go British is something that I noticed is so there's times he ordered it sooner or really I have kind of an airplane pilot and Byron and dirt coming guys so that's why I noticed. A things like that. I'm do you think emotion news. Count as sexual harassment. Can you be sexually harassed by an emotion is this a legitimate concern Ers is just is this just taking sexual harassment to a new level. Will talk about that this afternoon. I'm also. There's a story at every to get to it this week but I want to touch on it. There's a story we'll talk about dislike her too there's a story of a young college students. The proves why it's wrong. To stereotype. Based on what you see from the daily news. And this came up on the show this week because I was criticized for telling people that regardless of the stereotypes that you see on the news. It's not fair to stereotype. It's a natural thing that we do. But it's not fair and we should check ourselves where we find the temptation to. Stereotype and this story of these young college student is a perfect example. Of why it's unfair stereotype. So get to that. A little bit later when authors I got a thousand dollars two to give away of getting you your chance to win a thousand bucks in the intercom national cash contest. I'll give out decode words like for the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock at all you have to do is here of the code word. And text it to this number 7288. Point. That's seven to 81 and you are automatically eligible toward a thousand dollars. It dash. OK president trump is now doing a lot of interviews with the state media. President trump talks about the fake media but now he's doing interviews on CBS. And a lot of other fake news networks fake news according to the president. President trump sat down with Joseph Kiernan from CNBC aren't yet CNBC. And he talked about. The media. I had these some of these fools. From the media. Saying why didn't you stand there will look him in the face walk over to him and start shouting at him. I said if these people crazy. I want to make a deal I wanna make it did you can't do that. And an intrepid right about it creaky can't do that that's not the way to handle it. You can't just officers screaming enemy our our our punch him Ernie they liked Africa I think you know tour and small where he shorter. But he's pretty he's pretty well built I think he could take trumpet a fight. On her you know maybe to come down to now and I'm Dan Coats is the Director of National Intelligence. He's in a conference in Aspen Colorado on the Russian threat. He was with Andrea Mitchell who is hosting this discussion on stage. And Dan Coats and and Andrea Mitchell get the news while she's talking to him get the breaking news. The president drop has suddenly invited. Vladimir Putin to Washington here's his reaction. Say we have some breaking news the White House has announced on Twitter. That Vladimir Putin is coming to the White House in the law. They are again. But Iran couldn't come and I hear you yeah. Okay. That's going to be special. Now we have an office pool here at Ted WW over during an office pools and the person who gets on. The DA and the time zed Dan Coats is fired a by the White House or is forced to resign are they're gonna win the end of the pool of money. So we got that try to talk going on because I think it Terry could very easily happen. I'm Jimmy Fallon last night on the determination. On Jimmy Fallon I talked about this second meeting with trump and food and. Guys had a crazy week for president trump since his press conference with Vladimir Putin and trounced him that he was having second meeting with him. Terms and there is just some things they didn't their industry up in the first one thing. That's right trump already wants to meet with Gooden again nowhere near that good was like oh he's still clinging. The NFL has announced today it is going is going to suspend the new rule about punishing players and teams sister players deal during the nationalism. The NFL players association filed a grievance against the NFL over the rule. And don't exercise have agreed to. On the reach this impasse where the rule was going to be dropped for the next few weeks but there's no football for the next few weeks so it really doesn't matter. Peace or even a solution to this controversy. CBS news correspondents Wendy Gillette has this reports. The NFL and the union represented players are working to resolve their conflict over the league's National Anthem policy. A joint statement says there's an agreement to not issue any new rules. At least for the next few weeks the statement says there's been constructive dialogue between both sides. And that the confidential talks will continue. Wendy Gillette CBS news. And so we're gonna talk about that in the first Arab and other stuff as well look this is attacks that reflects how closely some people listen to their show and have followed my career. The text says you should know. Just packed. You should know. Just as a person is smaller. Doesn't mean. They can't. They can't hurt you. I'd be midget. He had that goes back to until late seventies. But he was a midget wrestler. And I challenge him on the air to a wrestling match. And between you and me it was all set up I mean it backstage she was all set up. And and he was going to just John he was gonna pinned me to allow him to to pin me we really weren't gonna fight. When we got in the ring. And that's some of a gun turned on. Teeth throughout all the rules. And he turned on me and he got me in a position where you know what the worst are are strong and got stretched. He had my neck. In the crevice of his arm. And he was squeezing it to the point where I mean I was I was training I was losing consciousness. And I couldn't I was so stunned they could even reach out to be that the refereeing it was right there. And socal where Lang got right behind me and didn't allow I was trying to pin myself so we'll be over but he was Smart enough ago I'm gonna put this guy in a position where he can't pin himself and end this and I'm gonna keep squeezing his neck. I guess he was out to prove something. Well anyway the official finally saw my allies rolling in the back to my head and so he species stop the whole thing. But turn it wasn't until my throat and Sears and Akamai select radio right. I've got a cough button here but there's no sneak this note as a cough button here this a sneeze Biden so I follow the rules here. Cough button its parts and repair. Anyway. Down human celebrity. Anyway on the I was off the air for three days with trauma to the large X. That little room a challenger and he was he was vicious and he was even really I should I I should have known better than to get in the ring with the Doris mr. Russert are is there any solution is there any solution at all choose the controversy over to. The National Anthem. Somebody already posted on our FaceBook page I've got a video right now Debbie appeal radio countries part. The conversations going on right now live on FaceBook lower on the air. And somebody said well what we just do away with the National Anthem altogether. I mean is that is that the answer. And what are some key players. Get suspended for games we're just want your fantasy football players is that going to be good. So what is the solution the NFL is now backing down on the new rule about punishing players and teams if players Neil during the National Anthem. And remember never never going to be allowed to stay in the locker room if they didn't morneau and respect the National Anthem. So now they're suspending that rule until I come up with. Another option is there another option if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Erick are 5042601870. Texts state 7870. I told you we were gonna pics of music that. Goes with the heat today this weekend. I'm Stoops it's Friday we'll be right back and every ago. And so the controversy about dealing during the National Anthem continues to turn his stay NFL and they are an NFL players association got together and they've. Stop the rule they're gonna stop and consider what else they might do they're gonna stop their rule of punishing players and or teams or players deals are. The National Anthem so what is what is the solution to this. I got one Texas says so I guess the NFL owners have backed off analyzing the players for kneeling. Because they're scared of being hit with infringement of first amendment rights lawsuits. Here's such an interest in Texas is key players in the locker room until after the anthem stop letting trump hijack America's gain for an applause line. And I'm getting a number of tax like that. In fact here's a Texas says I can't worry about someone taking a neat to protest social injustice when our president is cozying up. To prove. And so. We just talked about Dan Coates who is the president's appointed. National intelligence. Advisor. And Dan Coats did not know he has to have any idea what happened and that in that first meeting there's defers to two hour meeting with strong. Vote trump talked about the meeting. I had a meeting that lasted for more than two hours it wasn't always conciliatory and right at me. It wasn't always conciliatory. You know. If they didn't have anything on track before. They might now. Because. You don't think the Russians were taping that. You don't think the Russians have every word that was spoken in that meeting that lasted just over two hours. Now may be nothing happened but why is it so secretive. And so his. Head of national intelligence it didn't even know believes could have just. Second meeting or Connell asked about it in an interview with Andrea Mitchell from Alabama Mike welcome to the show retire for a quick comment. And I'd just. Being there. Yeah it. Sure what you yeah. Country. And what an attack that. But that does that. Question. But it would of people. And I got much better. Are you know Mike if if if we all just shut up about the controversy it would go away. But it's because. People who oppose it are making such a big deal about it that it is a big deal. I've got an update on the major take charge Irving the rain that's coming up next. Scorching heat is spreading across much of the south including Louisiana Alabama Arkansas and Mississippi Oklahoma and Texas. High heat advisories and warnings were issued this morning and this could be lethal for some people particularly on children and older people without Terry air conditioning demand god bless those who view or out working in this weather today. And this weekend and remember the you know all the people who were outside to have a police officers on me EMS workers first responders and firefighters got the firefighters at the profit equipment on when they go so. You know and and sometimes it got to put some of that equipment off when he did show off for anything that their their call to proceed. So you know it's it's it's it's going to be hot weekend and and while we expected to issue is going to be one of those brutally hot weekends. There are two really big comes conventions in town and national sorority international fraternity. Are in town this weekend and I hope they enjoy the weather because it's going to be hot. Last night burba in street was capsules loosely packed shelves there are a lot of people in town. The out party. Here is a text I talked just a moment ago about the the major wrestler is actually a dwarf. The vet tech turned on me in the ring and an and I actually hurt me. And is famous cowboy lying and here's a Texas says if it makes you feel any better Lange died. In a homeless shelter in Portland Oregon in 2007 after being homeless for ten years I knew we had passed away but I did know that that he he passed away homeless. Well hey you know god hates ugly. You know and karma is a dish so integration is on the two aren't I don't know I mean I guess that's a source of the world are right now. Should NFL players and teams be punished if players protest during the national and an even if it means keep players being suspended that's our blue runner foods poll. Right now 100%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site every if you don't Telecom from Henry James welcome. What can like to thank him go to. That midget guy it was a true supporter comes up always that he has the support of the little people. Of good would be people want to downplay the special counsel investigation based group you know metaphor I think Olympic trial. Next week that guy has got. They like thirty count. Of various conspiracy against the country and on and on and we got you'll be pleased. Which is name a land pled guilty. And other got pled guilty you know the port deal piece we've got people who are guilty not just under investigation. Yeah I don't know. This touches the president British survey which is a lot of people close to the president. Got a lot of people around and I'm in the campaign can you be but the campaign incher and it's about my point is that I've got some great. I think some secret information what happened during that that two hour meeting with bill what they're good in order to appease. Pro. Donald Trump it's apparently agreed to do last cup back to slash. Now under what conditions. Except the that is pick up the move therapy it went down to the 48. I love James alleged call tough for teams that don't quit your into the W I'm a facilities. And Clinton. Do. Yes I can't. If you're well a mole. Has now. Is shut. The trumpet. So just shut up and do all the good things you've been doing right. Yeah. The war. On this deal because there. So. Why you need to. Basically and basically from two of the new year on the year right now telling the president is Jewish shot. I don't shut up we college. Mean really eager to let it keep it a lot quieter and keep doing that things need to. He's got a little problem with with talk about it more yeah. 26 so one a seventy. Text numbers 87870. So on the NFL has announced it is suspending the new rule about punishing players and teams that deal during the National Anthem so what's the solution here. That is the subject the daily video post which is on our web site to be of derailed dot com pound dogs are W zero FaceBook DeVon a real radio on FaceBook. It's also in the SO TA scoot on the year FaceBook page. You know get up stand up for your rights well in this case people have been healing for their rice and a lot of people oppose that. We'd be best to just do the National Anthem before the players come out. I'm scoop we're coming right back on WL. Communist and a good advice. I mean as you head into this weekend and I want you to remember you don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time to. Funny sometimes it's okay but you don't have to. As you can you'll lobby their clothes still on its that's a topic for another show. Our should NFL players and teams be punished if players protest during the national and an even if it means key players are suspended that's our blue runner foods poll. 100% say yes. Fisher thing you like going to our web site or behavioral dot com if you don't have it yet get the radio dot com app I use it again today. You can find this it every WL dot com and also on the radio dot com app and web site radio dot com download that we're no longer on tune in dot com. And so get radio dot com maps and a favorite Aussie you'll follow us on Twitter and on FaceBook. Here's a Texas says I'm an ex military and I fought for their right to disrespect the country. I kept my rights to I did not watch one NFL game last year my choice too many phony patriots out there. They make all this non all the noise abouts in dealing with these two go to games and support the NFL stadiums are full. Every game the photos they show a smaller crowds are before or after the games. And here's a text about working on a hot day like today and are we can like this scoop what about the mailman. Yeah what about those postal delivery people. And and that the mailman or just had to walk in the street. And I mean did this is brutal. For the manner perimeter during that. And the Czech says I own and operate a lawn care business and I'll tell you what it's like kissing it. It's like cannot. Hello from all yacht is I cannot answer here under the W well. Thank. You are there eighty. I. Appreciate you want and go. We I. Mean I don't see why it should be there. That black mr. blow up all it but it. Disrespectful. Think. The what are the debate about it it oh. Yeah. What. Should look like an Iraqi. What I write you write about dad and I don't think we're gonna have fortress where it was with Russia. But there's there's a lot of tension between the two countries. Because they're action as well and that the it'll be. No but now you now live children boys and Putin was. Putting was very upset that the old Soviet Union crash she's trying to resurrect it under the the dentist the name of Russia. And he was there a Communist KGB member which is like there there are secret Secret Service so you know he was upset he wanted Russia to be the way it used to date. Give me my are really the developer and the other day. The Democrats look at it while. They. They do. You said. I'm not on on either side but I do it apparently you know. Maybe we should try to the Russian open trade relations with the you know why I try to Ottawa beat Hillary and here. Any battling with the order and act the order. And we don't want that. Won't. Look like I like to correct. The beat. No it it won't end as I mentioned on the show just this week one of the good things is that unlike terrorists. The Russians don't wanna die. You know they want a little too so we do have that common bond with the Russians and that that that's why we've been able to negotiate with them. Even during the height of the Cold War because you know they wanna leave too when you deal and are terrorists don't care about terrorist don't care about living so high do you negotiate with them. Quote terrorists don't bet. It is not against it broke I think it is let them. Job. You know our concern in public are ultimately got real DPP out of my. Which pretty much sold out to guard. An elderly Obama was very public about about. Yeah it does that look there's a lot that needs to to to transpire but I I'm I'm not going to. I'm not gonna defend president trump when it comes to things like what. You don't save on a world stage that you believe Putin over US intelligence those are things that to me are inexcusable. There are other things that he's done this very positive. And I guess this is all the manifestations of fact that the guy. Has a certain style of doing business and I think this shows once again that it's not so easy to to to run a country like you run a business. Tight and the do you have that you have a great weekend. If you're tunnels say witness if you wanna join us for the comments are numbers 2601870. Area code 504260187. Text summaries 87870. Cheap Trick is going to be at two the singer theater Saturday night concert and I've I've seen them come to us for a lot of fun fun show. I had a record earlier because she was going to be traveling and couldn't do it like during the show today. And I'm gonna play back my conversation with Rick Nielsen. The very animated founding member. On a guy with a black and white checkers stuff from the cap and he's he's he's he's like a man genius. Lead guitar player and a primary songwriter for the legendary chief triple talk to him in the 3 o'clock hour and grieve we had a greats quick conversation and yes so we will talk abouts. The memory that we both have a Courtney Love back station house of blues. I'm skirts would be right tack track to be if you well this is like the hot song of this summer. From materials. Some generous I mean really for younger generations this is like a hot song this summer this is the original version by Toto. But it's also been covered this summer by Weezer and they do Arab Persian and it sounds very much child like this so. What we're trying to feature this at least every day out as a buffer song on our show in the afternoon and eighties night last night in the corner of telling you the song came on and you know I would have never thought this would be a big eighties dance song but I'm telling Evander Derek. The people on the dance floor in the bar and club they applaud when this Arkansas is this is an interesting interesting phenomenon. Should NFL players and teams be punished if players protest during the National Anthem even if it means key players are suspended that is our blue runner foods poll. 69%. Or 68% say yes. And 32% say now. Now the only way to really do something about this is is to. If you want a south to players from doing it then you suspend. Even the good players. But every team has to do that and that means the game would be compromised. Because there might be some really good players key players on teams maybe your fantasy football players. There would be suspended from games for for for doing that. And maybe the best solution is just do the National Anthem for. For everybody before the teams come out however. Don't under estimate that people in the stands are gonna find ways to protest that standing up for the players there will be people who will. Take a knee. In the pile or wherever they they are. Stay in the stadium at deploying the national double beep there will be fans there will support the players. And they'll be nearly so again he did you know honestly. If we just all shut up about it. It would go away amid the protests to protests are how to how does that affect you to really just. So. I don't know that that's gonna happen but. It might. Hike coming up I'm gonna give out a code word you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars in cash coming up in the next hour. Do you think sexual harassment. Can be. Can some sexually harass somebody within mode June. I mean is this a legitimate concern. Table talk about him talk about it here's a text good buffer music request Russians. By sting yeah we do we did that either yesterday York. Today before I'm I'm getting a number of Textron people who have won a shutout because of working and he'd. The sticks says Simon AC installer. Bristol and he sees. In the attic of a two story home I guess that's the closest thing one tournament you can imagine too being. Two working inside and often. Here's an of the text that says cyber UPS driver and man it's a brutal heat out here lots of water going down. All right item one a buildup to Courtney Love story too much. About taxation to house of blues she was just Courtney La that's that's all that we'll talk about it later. It's time for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest code word the code word this hour is paint. Text PA. IT&T. 272881. That's 7288. Point. Texted now you've got a shot at a thousand dollars next code word coming up right before the top of the hour news at 3 o'clock and we'll do this every hour until 6 o'clock 1000 dollars up for grabs. Whenever charge for text but individual plan tax and data race may apply present protection drive hard it's free for all Friday so we're having fun this afternoon. Let's talk about sexual harassment and emotions.