NFL Free Agency: Are The Saints In Trouble Of Losing Drew Brees?

We talk about the QB market in free agency. Will Drew Brees sign a deal with the Saints this offseason or take more money elsewhere? Seth breaks down the QB market.


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There was some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south of what's up to you listening. Wherever you are across the world on WW all dot com or the WWL radio app on your Smartphone device Seth Dunlap your fly and so hello to everybody. Watching on Twitter wives are live stream there at WWL am FM and also on periscope. Christian jerk another couple days off for his much needed vacation. Tim Zimmer along with me behind the glass here big fun show planned for he would deny it some national football experts. Has said the Drew Brees should think about leaving the saints. For greener pastures and when I see green. I'm talking about the coin it's the money. Lots of money out there available cash basis some of these teams including the Cleveland Browns. Really. Beside the fact the browns have money to pay him up to fifty million dollars in one season two we actually think that is possible do we think it is plausible oriented that just a little bit. Plus as you look at heads to NFL free agency which teams. All land some of the top quarterbacks out there we will talk to our guest Brad Gagnon on a Bleacher Report. About that then LSU baseball over the weekend snow on goods by series we thought that they would have a distinct advantage on Notre Dame. Well it seemed the other way are rounds they won just one game and they handed a late comeback and now want to win. So very close to getting swept in the season opening series. By the Irish there one ensue and lots of people this is so familiar it wants people out there. It a little bit worried you remind you last year is an assignment this team will struggle this season or is it just a blip on the radar. And is this all a bunch of over exaggeration. Like it was an overreaction like it was last year we'll talk about that an hour to a loss have on hot Palmer host of the LSU football pre and post game shows but. He's also big LSU baseball fan also. And it was NBA all star weekend three point contest dog contest all highly entertaining. But the big talk well there I guess are a couple of things that was the big talk coming out of it number one. LeBron it was it was LeBron weekend both on and off the court sensational performance in the actual lost their game and Dan Hughes get into it with president trump. Off the court we'll talk about the bronze all star weekend ends. You've probably heard about Fergie and her National Anthem ten. Did you yet heard. You didn't hear it well let me say this. Out of in this tense this thing god. When I heard that Fergie was performing the National Anthem. I thought oh boy Alec this broke saying I think it's going to be an absolute disaster. I didn't think it was going to be good. Most people out there almost unanimously. Feel that boy if what I'm reading on social media. Is true everybody almost universally hated it. I am a little hipster here I guess I'm a little Tim hipster if I was being objective in my own tastes. I kinda didn't mind it. I know that's weird and I know people are probably roll their eyes don't want. No I'm beads being honest Ike a Hindu didn't mind and almost kind of like her rendition I thought it was different. About it was kind of cool. I guess Shaq and I alone in that Fergie bandwagon we'll talk about that now our number two and then of course the Winter Olympics roll on we'll have our. What Olympics education series it'll continual Doolittle speed skating 101. And the United States falling behind in the Mel counts and ugly here. They're down to sixth place in the overall medal count one of their worst Olympic performances in recent memory and we talked about the couple weeks ago. Hey is this just a sign that Americans. Are focusing so much on football and basketball now well the media and in our culture. That were fallen behind in some of these other athletic arms races. And to be our number three on our program are already Mazda opinion poll tonight are you worried at all about Drew Brees leaving in free agency. He can log onto WW dot com to cast your vote and the reason that I bring that up and we're gonna start with that tonight. Is that it it's that time of year again bright we're sitting here in the offseason accountable wall if there is one in the NFL offseason. In February early march where national Talking Heads they usually start to stir the pot with. Ridiculous trade ideas. Free agency signing theories weird cuts all this kind of stuff frank will apparently this weekend's. It was Drew Brees tin foil hat day for our friends. At pro football talk and others there were two articles released by pro football talk. One by Mike Florio. Who you listen to this program I think Mike Florio he's obviously made himself one heck of a career he's our station I think he's leave it pretty fine broadcaster. Him and I have disagreed on a lot of stuff and this is another one so Mike Florio laid out how Brees would make. Minnesota a Super Bowl champion how he'd make the cardinals great or even the jets are Broncos quote. Very good. Got the article right here in my hand it's online right now pro football talk dot com. As saying hey does mention in here and that Greece is said he's gonna resign with the saints and this is all speculation but he spent. Know what probably couple hundred words. And then a fellow pro football talk writer Michael David Smith to have a lot of respect for there said that the Cleveland Browns. Could be willing to offer breeze up to fifteen million. Dollars a year now give Michael David Smith a little credit here. As he leads his article by saying miss. Quote Drew Brees has said repeatedly this offseason they he has no interest in playing for any team other than the saints. But with these passing de Brees hits one day closer to his contract. With the saints expiring in quote and he goes on to lay out why he thinks in this example the browns but he also. Says that other teams could follow suit here with all the cap space. Out there Cleveland over a hundred million dollars in cap space. Could be willing to pony up up to fifteen million dollars for a short term contract and I'm talking one year fifty million dollars. To try to Leuer Drew Brees away. Again bulls articles mentioned and will be possible to breeze isn't true to his word that he's gonna remain a New Orleans saint. I have a couple thoughts on this number one it's always highly intriguing to me. And highly irritating if I'm being honest. That we get the annual barrage of national media members in the offseason branding insane things about big time players from small markets somehow leaving for greener pastures elsewhere like how many times. Do we hear about this and it's always it always seems to me it is a small market team. And a franchise guy from one of the small market team to look what's happened into the New Orleans pelicans ever since Anthony Davis was drafted here. The national media members well and the proportion of them have basically done on Anthony Davis freeagent watched on when he's going to leave the pelicans. Now we get this with Drew Brees and it's happened before withdrew breeze here and his last contracts. And the saints. Obviously re signed him and expected to do it again so it's highly irritating and also highly intriguing to me. Asked why. Why does this happen to the big market teams why don't we ever hear about this with Eli Manning previously earlier in his career when he came up for contracts why don't we ever hear about this would Tom Brady. What about Aaron Rodgers. I consider Green Bay heritage market not a small market and NFL terms does what's beyond us there one of the premier franchises in the week. It just stinks a big market elitism. And I don't like and sort of my biggest pet peeves in the sports world and the sports prognostication. World I don't like it. So that's number one number 20. It does make sense at all if breeze actually wants to win another title. Designed maintain that the saints are right now may be outside Philadelphia depending on Carson wind's coming back from an injury fully healthy. Have. As big of a window right now to win possibly multiple championships over the next few years as anybody else in the league. So literally make sense. If Brees. Wants to win more titles than that priority a on his list. However if again I'm being honest and objective here. It does make sense money once. I don't care how much money you have or are making right now on this goes for. Anybody out there in the world no matter what your job is no matter how financially or non financially secure you war. If you're gonna get paid double. To do the exact same job somewhere else for a short period of time. I got to think your lease gonna listen to those offers and get a little intrigued about it. And breeze the speculation was before this weekend he's gonna sign somewhere in the range of 25 million dollars a year with the saints maybe a little more than that. If you're gonna give him 25 extra. Million dollars 25 million extra dollars per year. That is a ton. Of money. That is literally truckloads of money. My guess it literally could be truck it was a night of and I deliberate maybe just big suitcase. So if torturing this seriously. The question is this. An aids is boils down list did breeze tell us the truth when he said he wants to remain a saint and wants one more championships. Those things are true. Mr. Dowd it's gonna say. Now. If that's just what he was saying to the media because he presents that public face. Some questions. But for me. Can't say I'm gonna believe Drew Brees here not the national writers were paid to generate readership clicks and views. With articles and series like this. It's pretty simple to me on the believe drew. Until I see otherwise. What do you think give us a call right now 5042601870. Is the phone number Allen and well. Are you worried at all especially with all the national media barrage over the weekend. That Drew Brees will actually end up leaving after all and free agency to go somewhere else because mainly. The money by 04260187. He's the fun number. 87870. Is our Tex signing can also join us are allowed Jack. On Twitter at WWL AMF I've set to let just getting started today we've got Eric. Now Brad Gagnon on animal right from Bleacher Report dot com coming up in about ten minutes talk about this. And free agency across the NFL also. Hug him back to the program started out hot this week against some national football experts. And analysts. Have thus started the Drew Brees or rumor mill. Over the weekend that he could possibly. I'm beats on the truth when he says he'll be back here in New Orleans no matter what. Especially pro football talk our friends over there couple articles over the weekend for Mike Florio and Michael David Smith saying that teams like the Cleveland Browns canoe on the thorough. Add breeze nearly fifty million dollars maybe even more. In one season trying to lure him away I said that's. I'm gonna believe true. Over the national experts are national guys who are paid to generate clicks and views on their articles I mean a little hot speaking. Probably drew when his that is worked hard to believe Drew Willy says that his work in some good feedback on this on Twitter. And WWL AM FM from Allan thanks in noble sciences said in the media they want to deal done. Next topic here's one from Bryce Kennedy. And Brad Kennedy for not gonna happen he's already said so talk basketball thanks well Bryce we'll talk a little basketball. Next hour toggle NBA all star game a little LeBron on and off the court he made some headlines. And then. We'll talk a little Fergie. Speaking of Fergie the National Anthem who I said I'll just be honest and I said man I Connolly the rendition. I'm not the only one Shaq very. Active on Twitter. Yesterday sand haters get away from for you that version was actually get hundreds and I I do understand what people would like it was different it was funky it was a little jazzy. And c'mon it's Fergie she's a pop singer and that. A lot of people when you hear furry probably dispute a little turned off because you don't like pop music. There may be seen her. Before and don't like her politics or her music but here's the text from the Bible for I set they really do. Like you I you do have a re re a radio show but referred to exclamation point. Was a disgrace trying to be different and trying to be relevant again she puts. On that too much you have to be not still liked that being an ex musician musically it was worse. Even if it was the anthem. Well mentally I am not a musician. Let's hope or next musician. So amen to defer to you on the musicality of it I'm just gonna say I like win artists' music artist. But their own take on classic songs and Alan include National Anthem. Jim have you heard the Marvin Gaye version of the National Anthem. Prominent wasn't late seventies early eighties. Not. Remember it was relief it was. Yeah we know Whitney's. Look I think Whitney's. Marvin Gaye is Lady Gaga as some sort of rule my three favorite national anthems multi. The Martin. Said they hated it 'cause it was more R&B. A little blues he again. People hated it then now it's become of the classic national anthems at. And I and I don't think this Fergie is gonna be classic by any means. And assailed it was that we will replay of that though in the 9 o'clock hour and talk about it. Sex in the final four display the Marvin Gaye every year. Well look I realize that Marvin gay it was great. Tomorrow dostam tone deaf. I AF above any thing it's not tone deaf but it's music breaks that little apples and oranges here little chocolate and Vanilla. And while I didn't you have to invest first. Are like music video games. Sports. There aren't. Tim are you worried about Drew Brees leave and I'm really not I know there's a lot of speculation going on right now nationally from. The guys are just talked about and others say in the breeze could be on his way out because of the money I don't. I don't believe that I think he's made enough money possible bids that mrs. Seattle's. I don't think money will probably be an issue with him Sunday QB stained because you know north gives them the best canceling championship. Yeah no I agree that you could say maybe Minnesota bit. I Minnesota's obviously right on par with New Orleans as far as competitiveness next year if they have a quarterback if they don't watch out especially with Aaron Rodgers coming back the Green Bay Packers. There are lots. Of outstanding quarterbacks on the market are going to be on the market. We never really seen a year like this in between four years. Of free agency in the National Football League. Kirk cousins going to be free agent Josh McCown. Going to be a free agent. AJ McCarron who won his. Appeal with the NFL on his grievance with the NFL he'll be a free agent Sam Bradford case Keenan. Lots of quarterback talent out there hands. Peter King who I'm gonna ask this. Of our first guest read gaining on us coming up here in adjusts 120 seconds or so two minutes. Vet today Peter king and again I trust what he says and writes I really do more than just about anybody who covers the NFL. And he says is pretty good possibility that Philip Rivers. And Joseph Flacco could have new teams. By training camp. Tim get out of here which. Come. Philip Rivers would skyrocket to that top of that list. I guess right below Drew Brees and and and front of Kirk cousins if he hits the market you talk about a team like Minnesota needs a quarterback right away. Imagine Philip Rivers there. In a real scary and be almost a series deliveries don't. Marty wants stocked National Anthem Marty hang on a promise I wanna hear or you have to say about the NASA lab to trial or talk for you were gonna get though. Next to Brad again you double talk about NFL free agency this Drew Brees massive. Still river still. I welcome back to the program let's go ensuing Marty in here first on Marty got a whole line. For me to talk to Brad certainly get heavy into NFL free agency combo all the quarterbacks out there Marty let's talk about the National Anthem I'm sure you disagree with my effort he'd take man what's up. Actually now how can agree that. You talk forge national anthems the tape one that I think is straight and we overlooked. When I went to the to the no must fight Ray Charles that are Capello National Anthem it's on YouTube as somebody delivered. Check it out he was here in or owns the Apatow actually had that we just unbelievable. Oh who big check it out and dogs really really awesome also I think it is and you heard. That was unbelievable new chip which you witchy and the further measure just rip. And aunt and cousins or my. Are ya know thanks Marty I'm gonna check out battery Charles one rate. Classic alzheimer's. Alt are actually got to see him alive one time with my family who has some X seventeen or so but to get to see him. The and the Philip Rivers he stock and about Peter keying today in the Monday Morning Quarterback again hall of fame rider. Trust him more than just about anybody he says that Philip Rivers by trade or just outright cuts. Could. End up on the marker with a new team this offseason ditto for Joseph Flacco although Flacco is value certainly has diminished. With his four last couple of seasons there with the Baltimore Ravens but. It's joy and bring in now our guess now look I wanted to really dive into this today it's kind of quarterback day here. On double covered so let's go to our friend from Bleacher Report we had this guy on before. So if you listen to our show over the last year you know what I mean huge college hoops fan. It's my favorite time of year rate now and pretty soon we're going to be filling out those brackets and battling for. Office pool bragging rights I think Christian dirt somewhere is still Los upset and so war what happened last year as well realizing it was time offering. Hiding hiding here as it's hoops season. Well this season I found a really awesome new way to compete in bracket challenges that I want you to know about. It's called the five hour energy real time brackets these are your ordinary brackets no. At five hour energy brackets dot com your bracket evolves in real time it's pretty cool. He can change picks alive during the games until there are four minutes left the tray can change picks until lose up to four minutes left plus you can change your picks between rounds. Susie the team he picks yet blown out of halftime. Switch your pick. To determine favored just getting busted by the big underdog. So what's your pick for next round that's right no more busted brackets sign up right now at five hour energy brackets dot com. And be sure to invites all your friends instead of control. Filling out a 100% Packard bracket is hard to be getting back to a 100% is easy just take a five hour energy. And visit five hour energy brackets dot com for more madness. And more fun. Men this season brings out all the callers who stands owes us Texans my buddy Scott Alexander. He was he back on the program and talk some hoops and have Mon on Thursday. I Callaway my zags sitting there back in the top six number six in the A people. Watch out man. Which out exact make another run. Mr. Breck ecology says over the weekend that he probably thinks there's sweet sixteen team opening keeping the same team as I record actually I agree with them. But probably they're sealing perceived the ornament in the NCAA limit of their preview tornado in the top sixteen they were imminent. Foresee there probably five C I think they get a maybe if they went out to the three seed bed. What we are trying to make a slow ever wants a while it's a little zags on the show because I'm going to make people out Higgins expects at least until L issue. Is completely irrelevant in in the term and the man percent. But LSU. LSU wins they have a good sodomy wolf though she wins out they would give him a term exam means they would win the SEC conference tournament. Cant happen its interest in the SEC conference right now has eleven diesel legitimate shots. At the turn to swap the deepest conference in the country but there is starting to be a consensus out there. By a lot of the experts I think people inside that selection committee. Who are seeing inflated RPI numbers from the conference to the beaten up on each other. Not a ton of scene joins us and the comets and certainly. There's nobody that we think really gonna challenge for national title and said the conference that's gonna hurt him down the stretch. But wrapping up our conversation this hour about Drew Brees and this insane NFL quarterback class here in free agency. It's rather -- just talking about yet that might be. Assets on the market guys like Philip Rivers could be other get cut or traded. Buying the Los Angeles chargers is they look to rebuild guys like Joseph Flacco. I know he hasn't had a ton of success the last few years sub 500 rating. Not even a two and one touchdown to interception ratio but look a lot of teams load to have Joseph Flacco is their starting quarterback. But we've talked about Kirk cousins. Eight Jamie Carey and Sam Bradford. Case Keenan. It's almost an over saturation. Up quarterback talent on the market I never would have thought we would come a time where. The supply and demand ratio for quarterbacks. Is better and a lot of other positions out there namely pass rushing. Edge rushers. In their defensive ends are linebackers have been to 34. And offensive linemen I think in the lack of talent it's. Kind of depressing rain and I mean naturally for most teams. At the offensive line position it's not good. Premium. Premium guys there and deposition in a market that's why I think likes any calamities is gonna he'd buy somebody. Forsythe six million dollars a year to break we'll have our results are pretty Mazda opinion poll this hour are you worried about its Drew Brees leaving him free agency. Log onto WW all dot com right now to cast your votes I'm Seth Dunlap. Back in a flash on double coverage. One hour down a couple to go on double coverage Sidney go ahead and give me a final assault on our one of our opinion poll it is previewed there have that for even just a second. Coming up next are gonna switch our focus will sock. LSU baseball not a good weekend at all. For the tigers. When one in Su against us. We Notre Dame Irish fighting Irish in their opening series and actually probably should've gotten swept in that series. Had to come back from six runs down. In the opener did did so to win 76 lost in the final on Saturday in the eleven to three on Sunday pitching an issue catching an issue. Field being an issue released the first couple days not good not a good start for the tigers we'll talk about that also have hunt Palmer on and don't talk a little MBA all star game. LeBron stealing the show on and off the courts. On the court he is fantastic off the courts. Causing a lot of division again. Try to remained is objective and neutral on that as possible we talked about LeBron. And Kevin Durant it's a really famous interview now. Going after the president's ends getting called out for its by a Fox News host setting off a firestorm in the NBA. Over the weekend plus Fergie needs rendition of the National Anthem collected everybody else hit it well I really besides Shaq and we'll play that orient talk about your favorites. And maybe least favorite national anthems. Of all time Timmy what's the file portals 69% of our fans say they they're not worried about appropriately and for the other team tiger. When our down two to go Seth Dunlap. It's double coverage on WW.