NFL Draft Two Weeks Away

We're less than two weeks away from the Saints drafting in the 2018 Draft. Who will the Saints pick in the 1st round and also we talk LSU Baseball with Hunt Palmer. Are the Tigers headed in the right direction?


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Or welcome back to the show just got done what they greats. FaceBook a live chat we she'll like PWW all radio FaceBook page and wants to show we go live there have a chat with some of our fans and and once again like I talked about last hour I made the case on why I think Girardi is for the new morals pelicans is the most underrated player in the entire NBA right now. And he's cabinet coming out party on the national stage in these less I I firmly believe it when this series is over. And especially if the pelicans go on to win this series. Everybody. Is going to be talking about drew holiday and what a steal by the way. It is of the pelicans got hand for just 25 little over that million dollars a year. Number five year 126 million dollar deal member last summer how many people. We're saying no wonder what Republicans do what is still dims Dillon drew is not work that much. Now he wants. A few was a free agent this off season he begin the Mac steal some periods. Elkins got a steal that Gypsy with a Rajon Rondo. Rhonda seventeen assists just two turnovers playoffs Rondo in full force last Saturday night. Talked Elkins a little more next hour and it'll be my pleasure to welcome money and the voice of the pelicans Kevin Toomey voice of the trailblazers. Kevin collapse wrote and about 1020. A facet first hour here remember NBA jam. Shot blocker he's he's not he's on fire let's let's chemical Abra. Back in Tuesday's news split up when bush for the Sonics about for a long time. You mean my pleasure to join him. Here on double coverage next hour this hour though it's a switches and football talk first talked little LSU baseball and bring hunt Palmer and second half of the hour got to talk some. Saints won't talk to wrap of any higher at 920. Of sporting news but. The NFL announced that the sketch of the full season schedule would dates television. All that's coming out this Thursday. And we'll find out exactly. When and where the saints will play. All of these games that are schedule we do know. The home opponents and the UN opponents who we option of the division record and play the falcons Bucs and Panthers want to almost on the road that happens every single year. Well here's the entire. Schedule home a bonus next year outside of those division teams. Philadelphia Washington Cleveland Pittsburgh and the LA rams at home. On the road million Dallas. The New York Giants and Baltimore Cincinnati. And Minnesota. The saints have a chance. For 56 primetime games here I wanna say the Broncos with Peyton Manning set the record with eight primetime games a couple of seasons ago so that's kind of the ceiling. If you're talking about primetime games and on Sunday actually it was nine it was nine games Payton Manning and your mom about flex late in the season. That's kind of the ceiling. I can reschedule those nine primetime game drought the back. We do a lot of these games that have a possibility to be in prime time and I'm curious from you out bear. As we await this announcement on Thursday. And we are right I think it's 7 o'clock local time 8 eastern 7 o'clock central time is when that schedule be released so that'll be fresh. On our plates on Thursday. Right is that pelicans home game gets tipped off celeb lots of talk about. But right now tonight. I want to know from you out there saints fans. Who'd you what you prime time and we want them to open the season against. Last year maybe the toughest game on their entire schedule was going to Minnesota. In prime time and we equivalent. And just got blitzed. By the vikings who remember Mitterrand all the way to the NFC championship game. This doesn't work out as like how do you think it's gonna work out how would you like it to work out where do you want that Thursday night game at their mandated to play where you want that's to be. We want them in the opener. But he won primetime Emmy Awards the bye week it's big wants him where's his buy we going to be in going to be early in relates. 504260187. Used a phone number gimme a bus Bible for. 260187. I think the saints are going to get five primetime games this year I think he'll be scheduled five primetime games which is kind of the standard. When he talked about a team that's supposed to be in the mix. For a Super Bowl title. I think all of those Atlanta games will certainly be in prime time remember last year all last couple leaders are released what you gotta last three years. As it the last three years now remember and Eminem Blake here the last two years it was a land on Thursday right. One of those games he Atlanta's going to be in prime time the Philadelphia game. LS fox remember fox gets first right of refusal on some of these games and they work with the networks. They work with the league and the other networks to kind of decide. Which games nowhere but it's by the the of the contracts and they've signed with the NFL. Fox and CBS. Have first router fuels leader. On some of these game I I believe they get to the side two games each week that they kind of circle and say OK these two games can't be on prime time. And they do with little give and take obviously. With the league is league wants the best game of the week to be in Sunday night. But here's the other contenders one real evidence for sure is going to be in prime time justice marked at Delaware that's going to be a will be a prime time game. The other ones here's the five that I think you're gonna happen I think it will be five on its Austin down. I think you have the home game against Philadelphia that. Begin in less fox decides that's one that they're not gonna give up that's going to be in prime time you'll see the LA rams game. Should be a prime time game that should be a Sunday nighter that should be one of the matchups of the year in the NFC ash in the Philadelphia game. The other games one of the Carolina games. And I ain't third or at least three I think you'll see either Dallas. Pittsburgh or Minnesota also a prime time game those are gonna be kind of the game of the week kind of things you'll see on a Sunday night but I wouldn't. Be surprised if we see. A saints Steelers Monday night game they started to give back Monday night some of the big match ups. Remember the trend during the tree till years on Monday night they kind of got the the shaft there on Monday night they are given kind of the fifth sixth best game of the weekend. And ESPN and our terrorism and apple one I'm not happy about Savannah rework that renegotiate that would police in the certainly get better games on money and I want to thanks good to me. Almost as 111 the saints to play the Steelers on mud on Halloween night on Monday Night Football it was in the superdome but I was gonna back to the cowboys for exit out item on the road. We've coordinates are planned Thanksgiving Day yes. Absolutely I was just gonna say that Bobby brought that up Bobby Hebert on sports stock could Dallas. New Orleans so why don't make too much sense right. Both seems relatively. Close to home here she could fly the night before if you the saints and this is on the road. It does count as a Thursday game usually that would be your second Thursday and I believe. Rights but I think that if you play that Thursday AMR could be wrong here timber I'm almost positive you'll get another Thursday game. If you get that Thursday against Dallas double check that but I think that's how that's worked out in the past that doesn't count as your Thursday game. With saints that would mean they don't have to Thursday games. Come off about that'd be a distinct but. Do they opened the season. Against. The Eagles. Write this the champions world champions always play. In that opening week any and it's always at home usually think there's one time it was on the road almost always it's gonna be at home I don't think it'll be Philly I had a Texan here date 7870. Just ask you think that opening its Philadelphia. Yeah Philadelphia's and open the season in prime time but I think there's only been one time in league history when that's been on the road so Philadelphia union home game there that won't be. The New Orleans Saints game. I see the Dallas game on on Thanksgiving it's makes too much sense from my perspective. I got a real house here for the NFL the B massive reigning C a Drew Brees he had Dallas obviously got Turkey day and just regionally and make sense trend not a long trip for. For the saints here you can come over the night before. It's a home cooked in the night before part of two nights before I guess. I'd like to see I think yeah five home games here so I think in US a five home games and five primetime games. I here's detection the 504. Wheeler not at play aids. Just one game for the saints in ninety semifinals linebacker never was drafted and never got well after injury. Three sacks in week one and 1969 and got her in the fourth quarter hey that's one of our regular Texas they're from the 504 okay we got an ex saints player in our. Audience tonight who dat. I come back let's talk a little NFL draft and you can still weigh in on the scheduling. You may call 504260187. New penny ire of sporting news. Coming up next it's who's the saints go up there around one picked the possibly. Trade down and or here and more chatter top of the draft about maybe the rounds go. Josh Rosen had to send Arnold last many higher than accents up Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. Now as last year and the saints' first round selection at pick number 32 after the Brennan coach traded that pick from. The patriots who they select him around wanting and many iron just second spurt real quickly detection the 50 Ford didn't the saints played Dallas. In 2009 or 2010 on Thanksgiving or talk about the same schedule on Thursday and in 2010 the play on Thanksgiving I think it is a distinct possibility that. They play there again this Thanksgiving actually. I'm I'm put some money and I even like even my new saints are at Dallas on Thanksgiving let's bring in many are though now to talk some NFL draft here and a dollar writer for. This morning At Vinny ire on Twitter video what some man busy time for is just about a week away from this thing. Yeah get ready for the draft and getting ready open schedule lol. When teams are playing and wouldn't you know whether they'll be nice note amendments. Getting real pivotal in Israel. Game plan under the insults. Basically gonna get unreal so there's always a lot of noise is wrecked coming out of various media outlets. Leading up to the draft and everybody wants to how little hot take at the top of the draft here so so I'm curious here the last week week and a half I'm seeing a lot. Of headlines Josh Rosen possibly overdue Arnold to the browns do you do you give that some plausibility dirty think they do just don't Arnold. I think after weighed all the options boldly to. Quote. It's not like. Control. One well some question marks but that we. Singled. In the script there's a lot of home. But it's about harvesting and getting it. Seen them. That big decision for the in terms of who kind of check the box and what we're looking forward if he. There quarter. And so. No we look I think he would in any of these teams are in debt as it is true. What brown and two. Just go for were you playing now that you can for the way in one year and grow and so. Patient and and the lack of desperation and recordable. All the victory. I got asked this many who are some targets possibly towards the end there. Our first round for the saints and take met a lot lately. Yeah you only repo one pick but now we will be. Different. Great pick up your money in god. You look at the other. Look at stoppages and state. Does it hurt among. It. In not having certain other. In goal and these cryptic part today picked that an interest to trade down as well structure. Do you go. BBC. You know. But. The bill. That went to go so that you start that the sense of that type and those might be that. Earlier in the possible in order. I would fall into that well that that would look at concerns also. Think that where they'll now might not be that it is sensible. If they're gonna want I think that's good spot well. So you mentioned cornerback there which is interest in talking to bidding higher here on double coverage and medical writer for sporting Josh Jackson viola and then another Jackson. Dante Jackson here of LA issue it seems like the cornerbacks years Vinnie the last couple weeks kind of moving up a lot of the draft boards seems like this could be. A little bit of a cornerback heavy draft. Because you look at the relations field position. If you don't jump the power structure salaries and that reached there could. In the about it really admirable position with the marks quote twelve and the box problem and pretty. My movement took quote well. The corners of the deepest in terms of the value again different types on its recorders. Be on the vocal and well for a long time. And the depth of that you know called Sweden's all the teams that. You can never about the so sometimes the supplies and supplies and that's what you've been all. Yeah and Dante Jackson down the road for LSU what's your view on him again he's can arise and a lot of people I'm in the first round. Yeah I think definitely you. In consideration their instructional Michael hired. I think a lot of people looking at pictures maybe we'll offensively. They can beat their fourth quarter of you're in the first round of the it would not surprise he enters the first round here at. And then you'll pardon wide receivers think we will put more volatile for some teams what. On mr. could be those people actually in the although you'll lose you're going to be competent well. So there's some news today probably saw this Walter football dot com first reported that a lot of teams across the league. Are taking Lleyton Vander national linebacker for Boise State completely off their draft board. Because of some physical issues and they gave and physical are you giving credence in that what are you hearing about manner as to he'd been linked to the saints possibly. A late round one or possibly around two. If they were demoted. Support weapons it is family and wants them in there. The issue but the pop and so while they're saying the information in the club when archer. The Brooklyn and it's not mentioned yeah houseful of you think about these things are we to a lot of these people. That meant so say if you're in entrant who. Cause we had to drop a little bit as well so. And let that happen a lot has worn well. I opened in the week he's been out of here is that you're being mentioned you know placement. In Pittsburgh up to that level. What is double what it was I mean when you look inside. That would rather than Google ultimately quietly outside who have wealth with those two schools you know. So Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh in the little dark web work here in addition certain. Well somebody once with kid with you look at all the production done. And I think welcome putter was what you see is what you get sometimes of one of the black or that's what the dribble or. And so it would have been a tremendous and well off script. And apparently going to do anything outside of which keeps you know put my essentially adapting to a and you know what he sponsored an additional one. The cornerback got about a minute and a half left to do the saints are gonna select one in the first ours is not gonna happen if they do Albie been raging for about a month on my show but outside the first right outside the top five quarterbacks. Deal like any of these guys is fits in the third round and beyond maybe like a Faulk over there WSU shout out my alma mater somebody else. While we are definitely there royalties only to. First round thirteen of jaguars and Steelers in Spain some sacred and that that's what. They don't know who the quarterback now than the Clinton vote was so we saw what. Well a little while ago from these pop so that so called but we've looked the department of Bo went so. Before it and move it move later what Ferguson extorted. Yeah. In the wouldn't be. Here do natural partners and possible. Yeah a lot of work well and well he's gotten. So. We're focused on the toxic. Really on the ball. Vinny ire NFL writer for sporting they try to get some sleep the next week and a half man. We. Or are. We really appreciate the time that bank. I give my follow on what a great fall at any higher here one of the best draft analysts out there we'll take a break and we come back got to talk about this crazy L issue win yesterday walked off from Daniel Cabrera. That is the walked off last today it's over and Alex box stadium from Daniel Cabrera the sound they're courtesy of the LSU. Radio network are very excited Chris Blair love listening to Chris Spacek on baseball I think. Baseball is is his best sport on the radio. It started with that inning though if you miss a last night Ellison down four runs in the ninth inning it's what mile outer Ryo again. They can't find that third starter right they took Caleb Gilbert out of the rotation the trying to piecemeal this thing together Johnny whole staff of U wanna call it that. In Sunday AJ labor issues like pulmonary says Adam's gonna have trillion as you see hitters out one innings. Three runs on a home run he gave up a three run home run. They tried to piece millet together but it didn't quite work so well she looks like. No down snowed 21 series win and lost. Loses of that final game it did yeah Cabrera capped that off Timmy. And are you for paying attention to this. But it was actually Austin may. Arson and Maine I'm telling you he is the show hay oats on eight of College Baseball. This guy is pitched in some barely big moments and he certainly come up. With some massive hits this year for LSU and he started off with a two run double. In that inning. And Kristian garic on sports soccer earlier tonight. He said Austin Maine right now is LS u.'s MVP this season so far I think you probably agreed to meet. You can are argued the Kelly Hilliard but I think also Bane be and so versatile and plane pitching and playing second base and it pretty much any position they won in the play. I think he kind of give the slightest Hamburg earlier can be a amino possible second the. Are you are you down to rally b.s now. Develop this is real we have the rally monkey a couple of years ago and Eliot dolby fiasco last week and they make this big comeback so is that rally beast I've now over at or managed. But immediately had to cancel practice for the first ever on a Thursday please be so maybe minera just need the cancel practice on Thursday for their associates and many did just bring in like one of those mobile hives or something like wants lead out how they would do valued had a big net over it's put it up there in right field you know no. What the mobile B hi what the netting obviously don't want to be easier now. But right next to the opposing bullpen please do that like right outside the fence there. A red on the other side of Alex box are hacked is you don't just put it in the bullpen off the rally be you might as well just released them Dornan medalists at sending. That's just just called a mishap like they get out to say it's a mishap we got a cast who. I can't flip a bigger is better and doesn't count right yeah. Exactly. Sure speaking I don't not talking Majorly bass player we almost never do is no protein until we get. Into. Into the post season and the princess Alicia Ohio on he's doing here this kid. Is the real deal 82 waste died the pitching and hitting. A lot of people wouldn't think he was gonna do this because he did so bad in spring training had a terrible spring training. So the expectations were definitely lower on template with the home runs and he's been hidden in the and it did he struck out nine in his last last game I think. He's got to be one of the you know front runners right now for or at least for AL MVP. MVP yeah not a rookie of the year MVP right. If he keeps it up serve but I think rookie year is a pretty save battery now I'm sorry you cannot have a god it's more valuable MVP then a guy who is hitting every day and these pitching once every five days and and thought I think with low long terms let's see how it affects him throughout the season if he can pitch and hit. Throughout the season that I only say. Long season much longer than Japan I know even each early in the season he would struggle with that early in his career teacher about a way back. Seattle Mariners or watching an NBA game here. Around one game two between the 76ers and heat 76ers. Easy win in game one. Not so easy tonight actually midway through the fourth quarter they trailed he 9692. Q my thirteen. In the third quarter this lead now as the heat score again here have been trained to 6989. Dwyane Wade 21 points in the first half. Just two points here in the second half we will keep an eye on that he's trying to even up the series and get it back to Miami we'll take a quick break here we come back let's talk LSU baseball and that crazy ninth inning comeback last night. With hot Palmer of the LSU radio network will be that next. I'm Seth dumb emphasis double coverage on WW. Thanks again how Ballmer for coming on talking about LSU baseball. Next hour or turn to some pelican stock and Kevin collaborative voice of the Portland trailblazers will join us. Playoff games going on tonight one in the books the Miami Heat snap the Philadelphia 76ers seventeen game winning streak. They went 113 to 103 to even up that series a one game apiece. And also on land now my buddy and pelican a pelicans Philadelphia homer and everything. Mike. Caught the ball a lot join Mike puts up man. You better believe Philadelphia homer and everything victory introduction by Ari. Also what's up with the 76ers man fail in this playoff 76ers that's what's gonna happen to lose in the piece that you're Texan you bad matchup all sorts of excuses. I've thought about the process that are geared at them thank you very much it's been one game Dwyane Wade and I'll gain and we shackled to law. We look we haven't lost in week the last army law that march 13 the date certain aboard that it would. To gain support that at the mine ENT Ito got X and you. It's not a very good matching up matchup for us what he'd come back you know given that one dated and doctor. I'll listen to the excuses so seem obvious to all you Philadelphia fans turning into like the entitled Boston fans now right it's always excuses here UN. An NFL title you win a college basketball title Villanova. And now all sorts of excuses Mike I hear common a year ago. He's our best player has been out last that in part of the standing. In. Game win streak. There would still working tribal the last time that we played Miami lost. You know. It is high quality it going to be out a series. Tell Aylwin is unbearable Camille agree on it. No kill Alex are you kidding me you know I'm again zag fan will be talking about totally rates. I'm glad I've met that he seemed like one of those. Guys that you see it on your team that I act that they even Mickey or six or I'm pretty sure they'll. Oh come odd kill Lil Nicky gotta have those kind of dirty a dirty guy there who think she's dirty to Canada as you do the dirty work that are real quickly only got about forty guys things that I do have a serious question here. Our Sony Pictures sampling all the on this is Philadelphia back behind the sixers. We never laughter. That being perceptions glazed pork her eyes. Adam silver to make it seem likely not into the process standpoint either coal giro. I have been leaky diaper and we owe it all is that we pat member you're going want to gain. We can't remember now I throughout the process the sixers. The that it cuts Sammy keep that in here that's at Mike hey Colin anytime man you can glowed under sixers at the start winning and I. And our guests. Mike Keane New Orleans the biggest Philadelphia homer in the series all sports.