NFL Conference Championship Preview

Thursday, January 18th
We preview both the AFC and NFC Championships with Matt Harmon of plus we talk about the Pelicans loss to the Hawks last night.

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What some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south and what's up. T you listening wherever you are across the world's online and and WWL dot com or on our WWL radio apt to great way to listen to show you can also listen. Post mortem on the podcast version on your favorite podcast app including iTunes. And including your podcast app if you have an android on Seth Dunlap you're fly solo tonight. Tim Zimmer. NFL conference championships are just a few days away. Patriots runaway favorites against Jacksonville. Why it's there's one guy. Who's a member of the Jacksonville organization that is. V one person but the patriots and Bill Belichick didn't wanna see we'll tell you who that is Susie get into that matchup later this hour. And the vikings favorites on the road in Philadelphia in what should be. They wild NFC title game and it's the kind of matchup that I just love it should be a defensive struggle. I love these kind of conference title games you go back probably the last and we had a couple years ago. When we had it. The 49ers in Seahawks are expected that one to be an all timer and it turned out to be. Look you don't have the star power here with Philadelphia and Minnesota zoo had that game but. Justice on a on a per play basis I think this one's gonna be. Fantastic it should be bound to Namibian and alzheimer's well the vikings coming off an all time finish against. New Orleans last week or break Denny's Cameron to AVX factors nobody's talking about plus when your predictions for these games who's going to be playing in Super Bowl. In February. And who has the best chance to upset the patriots and win the championship it's prediction time today. And tomorrow on a WWL. And right here on double coverage phone lines open for a therapy you week for the saints continues but wanna have a little fun with this in. Even appear saints fans are getting some text today 787 EC and I haven't listened to your shows all week I was kind of recovering but we're back at it now well. While hoping had a good rest so I understand getting away from it all after that devastating loss on Sunday to look at still sports is still wanted to be fun and I think we're gonna have. Some real good NFC and AFC title games this weakens or break him down today and wanna hear from you wanna hear your predictions also once again New Year's resolution were doing our. Little twit live video including on periscope also had set dollar wanna get on there and watched. After safe to do why are driving obviously being get on there and interact with us what's up happy to know he just joins. On that live chats and you can text the show like we said at 87 the eight's seventy are ready Mazda opinion poll tonight. Who advances on that sued the Super Bowl. Is it the patriots. And jaguars as the patriots vikings will it be the Eagles. Will would be the Iraqis will seek. Log onto WW dot com and cash you'll check those. Throughout the night really that's a lot of NFL talk at this hour including talking to Matt Harmon and a felon. Danys erratic for to break down these two matchups at the bottom of the our little later in the show on the 10 PM hour we're gonna go. And behind it is not enemy lines in mart board and go to Minnesota into Minneapolis and then also to Philadelphia to talk to a couple of guys who cover those deeds teams. AJ monsoon were up there in Minnesota talk about the wild week they've had in pre that game in the world go. To the Eagles to Philadelphia. Is a losing Caro who covers the Eagles for NBC sports Philadelphia record those and abuse just a few minutes ago they're fantastic. We don't wanna catch those also got a toxin pelicans tonight. Really disappointing loss yesterday. Disappointing is probably an understatement that's not the right word almost embarrassing loss to Atlanta to the hawks the worst team. In the NBA I will talk to Scott commissioner in the 9 o'clock hour covers the pelicans for the advocate but. I'll once he gets something off my chest regarding the pelicans to start the show here. Because all day on social media. I have seen excuse. After excuse for this team on why. It was okay and it was acceptable for them to lose that game to the hawkish I've seen the excuse that I Anthony Davis by the way. This is the line from Anthony Davis yesterday played thirty. Eight minutes. Eight shots eight points seven rebounds. Nearly forty minutes on the court. I don't care these scored ninety plus industry suits. This isn't a league we can taken that off. It's so it's just an odd especially now when your fighting. In the middle of the pack here in the Western Conference. So don't give me the excuse that I don't know what every Davis is so obvious in come the play yesterday I'm sorry he didn't. And he rats in Maginnis if all star appearance he was voted in the Wii there with DeMarcus Cousins. We can't have your superstar. Supposedly one of the best players in the NBA taken off you sealed EC approval Ron. It is seriously do you see that kind of performance from LeBron ever. Freedom of flu given ever. No. The cavity Davis like he says like a lot of people think wants to be the best player in the NBA eventually and soon. He can't do that. This game that they need and we are excuses I saw was welds the back to back of a double header that's always stuff they were fatigues. Every team in the NBA deals with this. Many times throughout the season. He can know what the start of the year we've known for years this is a sub his baked into the NBA schedule these back to backs. I have a little more some of these fortieth. It was a back to back like we solid beginning last season when he had to go all the way to Portland cross country and then the next night you're playing against. The defending world champs and a Golden State Warriors on the road. Have a little more sympathy for that I guess. But when you're playing on the road near close to home against the worst team in the league you don't get to use the excuse. Everybody online make in this excuse. There haven't heard from the pelicans. Their players. To their credit that no it's it's there they're tired. Four gamer to second or five camera took second in the back to back. Tim's excuse he writes up on the board hawks have won four of their last five home. Games against playoff teams I don't care. But still won one now thirteen games on the year. Get out of here that. There's news yadier and then the other excuse I saw was. All its launch. If it's a loss because they beat Boston the night before so lord British can forgive and forget about losing to the hawks. A hole that's not how this works. That is not how this works if you want to be. A true contender might not meet the right word right is everybody. Rightfully in my view thinks that. Once again go onstage and Walt Stewart title. But if you wanna be that next year and you wanna be at least competitive in the playoffs and not play a Golden State or Houston in round one. You gotta be able to upset occasionally. The teams like Boston on the road inning comeback in not just not only a stinker the next night in his league worst team. I don't get these excuses. And at the capitol of at all. Macabre bit all today was I sought to different people on Twitter tweeting at colleagues in bars. Saying that all you did the media is just too harsh on the pelicans. Here. There was one game it was one loss to a bad team and almost verbatim this is what that tweets that. If there was this shades so nobody would care if they lost to the jets to the browns. Nobody would be have in the commerce will. What could wait why it's about living an alternate universe or can you imagine. If the saints loss this year to the Brower loss this year at home to the jets. People would be called for Sunday instead Matt nice. He adds Tim they weren't that bad this year you know I don't gimme that would've been a big deal. The people meet their on their TVs out of the water limits on themselves out of the window. Please don't do that. By the way. TVs or yourself not worth sports must be fun. And this is fun that's are having this conversation I have fun with the bit. What some people are just ridiculous yeah you wonder why and Bobby use this word in the studio is ask him app. Apathetic the fan base here. They're apathetic about. The the pelicans about their their playoff success their religious wants to talk about football and that's (%expletive) and that. That's fine. But basketball fans and sports fans and it doesn't mean you should be okay. With what happened last night with all that doesn't mean you should be okay with you or NBA franchise. Millions. Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars have gone to. Supposedly to make an entertaining product here being pretty darn lesson entertaining mediocre. And on cared about it seems like from some. Be specified as some. In that management group and in the ownership group. Now I am my my wit's end about it. I really am. Aaron well. Welcome everybody watching on periscope began an on Twitter we're gonna take a break here's my rant you wanna talk about a gimme a call 50 forced to 60. 187850426. So 1870. Were toxin. NFL conference title games vikings Eagles I think it's going to be a fantastic match up. Also cam the jaguars shock. The patriots that Lyle a lot of people in Vegas thinks so. That line has gone from nine all the way down to seven in a day and I mean the sharks are all over Jacksonville. What does that tell us. We'll talk about the next I'm Seth Dunlap on Twitter at stepped down lap and this is double coverage on WW well. Well housekeeping here are just a reminder all schools in Jefferson Orleans parish close tomorrow others opened we have the complete list. Online at WW all dot com and speed of personnel you can sign up now for our WWL news alerts. Text news to 87870. That's news to 8787. He messes and generates may apply but the have a data plan message planets in free. If you want to report closure you can you can email us. WW on newsroom. At Also we are at WW a radio Louisiana's official emergency management station you can be the first to know about our changing weather conditions. Silent now for our weather alerts on a lime on there they're greatly inform me of what's going on wanna get up in the morning and throughout the day he can sign up for those weather alerts by texting the word on whether. 2878. Semi that's whether. To 87870. Again message and data rates may apply a little pelicans subtle little is saints and also these conference title games are gonna tell you. Who that man is for the jaguars it's in the organization that is the one guy. Then New England did not wanna see you get and that just a minute but let's talk about the pelicans a little bit let's go to Ronald on the phone lines at 5042601870. Ronald in saint rose you're on WW all go ahead. A little. Appreciate you keeping it real. That those trends. And news with the rules there. But does one become Julia. Yeah you would talk about it. That coach called animal. Itself that idols in the coach you know. You want to today that it. Should've been down nineteen but he came back usual usual group. But then you. OK. It's you know animated dignity old board to all that night. Will mean that it is they. It okayed it that night duty. And him being. An. 20. It isn't it's disturbing trend is an Iran all these blown leads and and deep holes that they're in because it wasn't just. Again last night against the hawks they blew big leads even in the game against Boston when they had to win in overtime they blew a double digit lead in the second half and that game and had to go to overtime to land. And act like the game like. Black eyed. Old yet YE you know way okay we take people. We play cardinal. That you got. But he trying to dribble and small girl. To do. That so why. Did it but I appreciate you being real. Keep you know big man and I. Would be. How are Tyrone though I look I appreciated the one thing you don't have to worry with me. As me being real with you about our teams here in the region I'll do it. And some people don't like that should see my Twitter timeline and the text line line up sometimes some people think that. I'm some kind of you know plants Atlanta fan or something down here are some times are. You don't plant Carolina's man moon plant warriors fan ever talked an MBA. But it's not I just I'm not gonna sit here I'm not gonna have homer road toll rose colored glasses on forty. Mattel like it isn't right now. This pelican seem. I is is an embarrassment it's just it's embarrassing that they had this amount that's out they have two all stars two of the best players in the game maybe the two best players of their position in the league. And a great third guy injure holidays haven't maybe his best year of his career. And you barely 500 to. That is in the fans are better than that and I've been a guy who's. Supported Alvin Gentry. Who's defended Alvin Gentry. And I think he's seen in a very good x.s and o.s guy and on the common critics who knows daddy's. If you look at what happened in that final play last night great design with 12 left he got the shot that he wanted. Talking about gentry here. An iso. One on one. Point blank range inbound pass to DeMarcus Cousins he's got to make that didn't happen and gentry just stood there. In disbelief. For about thirty seconds can believe it but that said you've got to be more than just an x.s and those guys in the MBS. You gotta be a motivated. Mr. Steve Kerr is. That's or Gregg Popovich is. Kurds. Probably a little better exit of those guys who and then pop but pop. All time motivated. Kurt great motivated that group. Broke quick let's stories miss Carroll from Houston and here mr. earlier on WW. Yeah I'm happy. Yeah yeah and it. Meant to them you end up in the I'm go to. You and I and and different and differing. Opinions. But I'd say maybe we ask. You know. That was it and then. I. And and I mean yeah that could. Well we got only got a Gomez drop you back on hold Timmy go ahead and talk to receive she wants a hold on through our guests but. I don't think you should be happy with the pelicans being 500 miss Carol I don't. Taking a break for news coming back with Matt Harmon. NFL and fantasy writer for to help break this down a break down the NFC and AFC title against. I this modern music Sam. Amassed a team. That's great. Is this more. Welcome back double coverage Seth a lap on WWL phone lines are open for a 5042601878. Talking and then the NFL conference Saturday and tossed talk a little pelicans and their struggle right now is promising Matt Harmon NFL in Tennessee writer for And the NFL network joins us here on the double coverage matter really appreciate the time and good article today. All pre. You can round yet really won't litigate you got coming up in La story line at bats are digging deeper look Puerto thought. Let's start over there in the AFC because everybody. Thought initially I guess most people still think this is going to be a runaway by the patriots they were favored by. Nine now there's word and I think this may just be a red Herring here about. Brady's hand injury and all the sharks in Vegas at least they're all over Jacksonville that line is down to seven ends. We're talking about this before who's the one guy the the patriots and Belichick did not want a seat that's Tom Coughlin who adds so much success against the patriots in the playoffs. What's the keys of this one man are you buying and that the jaguars going to be competitive here. I am I who are leaving the other day out at your work witnessed here pic of our apple picked and show on network. I really booby that there are keeping can't cut it down the exit and alcohol but obviously not. Rolling on anymore now that it's got the U. Really had your type of credit audited term heavy pressure yeah a repeat of the unit. When jaguars are content. Oh great 270 cup are under pressure in the Super Bowl I think eliminating the quick pat is going to be good keeper Jack so witnessed it. And we go to quarterback really good but they're linebacker went there and your partner. That you expire after you know what they want you can't hold on the football as he does and you know banged up whatever he's pro. 78 pick when. The teacher would heal the ball should point seconds or longer definitely going to be he. Per the Jack were not living in nickel dime out of the running back and it I'd like proper out. So there's been a lot of Ed. Talk this week about it's the Patriots defense not necessarily the jaguars defense that deserve some headlines because. They be in the NFL's best scoring defense over the last what twelve weeks but. You break it down and say this might actually be a pretty good match up. For Jacksonville because the patriots pass rush has been very inconsistent even over this this greater over the past doesn't exercise. That's right and you know last week we saw them really going to be exact market area eight times they have not been good passer he moved all. There are record trade flowers in the bank couple years there last. Really what kind of the expectant that the jaguars want at a late portal or actor. On 720. Drop you know really well Internet concurrent with the rest of the Eden. Would you are kept clean he had an accurate but under pressure that dropped the public. Or by. You don't want portal open market out of court or court what. It depicted in the program. Who were that the from the they'd been cleaned out the jaguars. Lineman. This that you can do it he. They're great and the big plays again there against their patent that you know Malcolm. People really are outcome of the same people treat form of my contract. It because they didn't get even a guy strong covered that era and technical know how about output and the other upon you by. You would call you left a paper declaring that the pond and look at it. Welcome back as well it would be kept clean compressor. Matta you buying this Brady hand injury talked do you think again it's just a red Herring a distraction. I have I have no idea how the patent in there or I believe that something happens you know terms if you're gonna. Practiced but bill I think we kind of guy you want you to do people like you know what your age are totally line to a about the into the bank. Could you would be that you mention it could be eagle. Would never you know pollinated content with each just well no. In addition not ready come out. Circle again just dump in the quick passes to the running back to the type that maybe. You want it happens coupling war sort of an injury by. I expect that no matter what are you about their abundantly Alpert a court order go to Jack oh you've got stolen back. I'm not too worried about it but it is something that in some of the outward up never gonna go back in Iowa. The guy and I'm not binary I don't think Tom Coughlin dumber on organ Avaya. I have talking to Matt Harmon NFL fantasy writer for Here on double coverages on Twitter at Matt Harmon underscore. BYB give him a fall let's go over to the NFC now. And I think I just got double little monologue sink what is the star power here between these two teams now in this kind of being framed that way bit. I love a good defensive battle especially in big time games in the playoffs and I think this is as good of a defensive battle we have in the title game since I guess. San Francisco Seattle a few years ago I'm really excited for this one what about you. Yeah apparently you. Really good epic battle the Eagles you're kind of like be under even cut and equipment because. Most of the recover their offered Carson went to an MVP candidate order credible or what the outlook that the pretty easily the best opportunity yet felt that line. They've rotate guys in and out this quote corporal. Well look at it goes to our thirty quarterback hurry and eating one. Cutler Equant the app going to be. Public. The window in order to one lap kind of got up over the Philadelphia. But ever we're still dot. Incredible work of the people that we could see in the modern and so salary cap he'd move around players for agency. Like homegrown elected we're talking about it Clinton need to look at it out here and there. Ever equipment. It didn't hunter and it did work together for what you're. You don't pepper and yet though there are at every level. They've been together while I think that they're probably. Go deeper in the league that optic in the met a low score after which he. And I passed Muster with the oh. About the cold you know don't go away women at. OK final question Torre admits probably the toughest one who do you trust more. In that big moments nick foale's case given. I don't think it looked that he's you know I'd I'd. Like him and kind of we get a paper and a box of quarterback. In common kind of you aren't. If you're out here though but there are probably never thought he'd need about oh who was at tech came right out. It struck out now they're not the typical on the pocketbook well documented in the record book when I compliment you on carpet with the weight. All year by the typical quarterback there are really good bye I've written he played really well those numbers are practically kicking the governor and as like an actual start well. We're all as a car that actually went to. Matt Harmon and I really appreciate the time NFL status erratic for check out his work there really appreciate it in that enjoy games is we can't. My pleasure in what ultimately adopted to a. And now got a I don't think so either Matt are appreciated Paul months what are good follow at Matt Harmon underscore. BY. Beat. Odds are not still a couple of lines open for you there though go and give us call 504260187. Before talk about the saints you wanna talk about these conference Oregon's also. Talk about the pelicans this hour on on on that big rant so I just think it's unacceptable. There inconsistent play this year we got some pelicans calls we'll get to. Next it's double coverage on WW up. As her mother the most in New Orleans east is under a boil water advisory can find out the latest at WW all dot com. Also under a boil water advisory this city of Kenner Saint John Paris analysts rouge parish and conserve water advisories in effect. For saint Charles parish again find out more at WWL dot com here's a text coming yen. An 87870. Do you think of the last time out that coach Payton took killed us feels like when we were hot or just sucked the life out of the saints. And gave the vikings more time to think. Hopes sea breeze back with this next year to the second part of that first they're 432. Brees almost surely will be back. With the saints match I really don't think you have to worry about that barring something on for scene just don't lose sleep over that part. The last time out coach Payton so no I did it look with fourteen seconds such as when he took that he thought there was going to be two plays leapt when they give his defense a little blow wanted to reset I have absolutely no problem with it. I know the vikings were about any timeouts who won here in that situation. Your place she. You playbook is really limited there aren't a a vast variety of things you can do when you need really thirty yards. To get into fuel to a range in fourteen seconds two maybe three plays I have no problem at that time out of loses the execution can't blame that. I'm coached in and that timeout. A somebody asking from the 504 if they can sign up for WW old death star alerts no no deaths are false alarms coming here. From WWL little. Star Wars reference there are back to the phone lines we go they're open for him talk and conference title games saints pelicans what everyone at soccer and open lines all show final four to six so. 187. And who. It is not a bad that. The bat well I'll bet and as good year and. And then you shouldn't let Kia was going to be even grade. I was hoping that the simple and. Would be. It is indeed. Meddling. That is that going to be there. Well would you like to see him go to Atlanta wanna see rule next here mr. Yeah yeah I'm a commodity it if you get this this is me the way I'm Clinton obviously you want to win every wanna miss him to draw every year as he would hope they would one. On Sunday they when this morning when next you but if you had to choose one if I told it is essential to win one Super Bowl least two years. UN in Minnesota you won in Atlanta I think every scene sand sand in Atlanta right. And and but yeah to the announcement about the government and that's. I'm not you know. You. Bit by bit and my band years. And good. Ball onto the black out. Let that added that some momentum did you. Know because that UK. They came at a conference at one. End and been next to break. And equipment you say they grow up and he. Then have a written and and yet. And UK yeah I'd. Well there are certainly lax on that last play and you should expect them to make the playoffs last year I look. No playoffs next year would be a complete disappointment this should be eight serious. Super Bowl contender next year if you thought they were friends who rule continues this year. They should be that and much more next season I think it's going to be exciting year for saints fans. Go to Eric in Algiers. Eric you're on WW on our talks and pelicans go ahead. Enemy. Yeah I was just treating you so low spot or may not component would hurt and you pretty good this year. And you're good but it could be that they will be back next here on that in public elegant. What are the chances would be and that we go boogie in the what are the chances of him being it would you know feel cal Perry and the I know that like you know it is not an art there are just like which opening game. Look I like Al I loved the idea when they were talking about Alvin Gentry at all and it's going to be the warriors down out in menaces are terrible on and yet. Yeah I don't fumble I don't get it either but see answer your question about coach cal. I think there's zero chance that he comes here to New Orleans for a couple of reasons number one the job he's got. At Kentucky right now is is the premier job in college basketball he could say duke I suppose. But it's Kentucky and he set there and he's. He's got to make more money there at least as much money they're Kentucky will give him in the bushes will give him as he can make here in New Orleans becomes an every series only to use that as leverage to get more money. At Kentucky I believe in the second reason he wouldn't come here and I do believe eventually coach cal probably wants another shot in the NFL little bit like Pete Carroll did right Witten. Spend you know what seven years at USC they wanted to get another shot the NFL. And prove that he can win at the highest level I think coach cal wants to do that but the reason it wouldn't be right now and wouldn't be in the Western Conference is because of the warriors. The workers urges too good too talented you can't amass that much talent right now. In the NBA to be able to compete with them it would he be coming here open. And when we open when titled lazy be open 1000 Islam do and I think he sees that Eric generally do I think he's Smart enough to realize that now is not time to come. And coached team in the Western Conference I don't think it'll be that way or it will be that way through next. Three or four seasons thanks for the phone call phone lines are open for you at 5042601871. Doc tells your docs say it's. Open lines all show long I'm Seth Dunlap on Twitter that Seth Dunlap and this is WW. Al welcome back. And towards the top of the hour. Live stream on what has gone pretty well can check that out at sets Dunlap war on periscope. Reason to call here is 5042601. A semi let's talk to Billy Joseph Cole Hahn in new Auckland Joseph toxin saints led to a deal. Good what's up. And Mathieu. You know which web development and that doesn't get obstinate. Obstinate about it. And that. Home Internet particularly. Does he blew it with good. There's an advantage. That is in the acute as the argument that the event. To move. This program. Some of them and stupid to act now. To credit and now. This level is how little of Monday morning quarterbacking their picking a planet and go Reiman did so it's a yard and a half. Yeah the NFL's best run game I guess statistically the second best run game. He really had a problem that called Billy I mean if you didn't Drew Brees throws an incompletion there or. Give sacked is it looks even worse I am just meet personally I don't have a problem because try to be objective about these things I know they didn't get the first down but. Begin with that running game with the situation there I think you're on the ball. We would have dreamed that it doesn't mean so to boo boom ended up to their try to attempted that third out. And it does he do. You don't bring that cat. And two that humor. Would do it there. Programs are open wouldn't admit it kicked. Well that's exactly what you second sorry if Billy were up against hard news break here Brett. I get it. Maybe a little conservative there I think more times than not not in that situation on a third BR now have to put some injuries hand bit. I don't have a problem round bother function on.