Newell:We can not govern from emotion

Newell Normand
Thursday, February 22nd

Newell takes calls from listeners on their response to the shooting in Florida. 


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Born in New Orleans and we will continue this conversation. As to the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting and park in Florida that occurred on February 14 and 2018. Where in the shooter Nicklaus cruise killed seventeen. Individuals both teachers and students. Last night was the town hall and I don't know what your reaction was to enact I do wanna hear from you guys to six or when except near Texas at 8787. As to what you. Thought may or may not have been accomplished. I just have a few thoughts I mean obviously last night's town hall meeting. The emotion was with raw and they were Soro. There was anger. There was. Confusion. There was a feeling of helplessness. In many respects. The students. That presented. I have a lot of respect for. And these students are not necessarily. The leaders of tomorrow. However they can be the leaders at today. But with leadership. Columns significant. Responsibility. Our respect their abilities. I respect your sorrow or respect their energy. But the zero sum all or nothing approach that they took from the very beginning wherein they expressed. You are either with us. Or against us. Is this same mentality. That has got us into this state of inertia. In. Congress. At local state legislatures across the country. Local councils. And otherwise. Where we corner off our quarter of our philosophical belief. And any thing that you say in deference. To that position. Is considered an attack. No longer can there be. An intellectual. Discourse dialogue conversation. Debate or otherwise. Based on the issues. And it seemed to me. That in many respects last and I. We went down that path yet again. Demands. With out there are being. A real conversation. Wherein you're looking at data. Empirical data. You're having discussion. In order to leave. Too credible outcomes. Because if it's only driven by emotion. Emotional thinking always get shoo in trouble. And the ability to exhibit emotional intelligence. Wherein. That is the Billy did a manager won only one's own as well as others. Is what sets forth the framework. For being able to have a real. Discussion. And we've seen. To have lost that there was an attempt by Jake Tapper last night to maintain some semblance of respect didn't. And congeniality. And trying to get through the issues. And I thought he did a pretty decent job I might have stepped in a little sooner and some on some of the cases where they were. Heckling one another were trying to get there. How positions out thought it was very brave of all of the folks to appear last night to include the NRA and obviously Marco Rubio and others. To stand and listen to the criticisms. Of some of the folks that spoken and they spoke many of them emotionally. But what I found. Very interesting. Is that not all but many other speakers. Where there to place. Blame. And they were looking for the scapegoat as to where bowling. Was going to be placed. Andy tried to boot strap that to a singular. Issue. As to what issue can we blame. What body can we blame. As we go oh through this process. So it was one that. I kind of laughed. After it went off how. Arnold though. Exactly who. What we did accomplish although the president of the United States said. This morning that I will be strongly pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health. Raise age to 21. And and sale of bought stocks. Congresses in the nude to finally do something on this issue. I hope. He also said. As a desired or. Teachers. And you know so will talk about those issues so we. Who. It's games. I'd like leader and leader actually don't and you know something about the game. I can't understand the frustration I'm not sure that I understand this statement. These things are not the you know it's just a simple yes no answers to all of these questions they have downstream implications. And you know we've had a lot of talk about. When are we gonna change this interestingly enough the first recorded school shooting occurred on July 26 of 1764. When four men enter one room school house killing the school master and ten children. The most deadly attack on a school occurred in May of 1927. In bath Michigan. When a trustee from a local school board detonated 600 pounds of dynamite that he had placed in the bath consolidated school. Before committing suicide by detonating a final explosion in his truck. In the end Andrew key toward killed 45 people including 38 elementary school children and his wife and injured at least 58. More. We're gonna talk lines on one talk to John a dash for hand what say you John. They're all. Who call. Well it's only seen action in small pool of applicants for. You know it's going to be next. To they. People won't. Go. My passengers as well we just looked just. Thinking people all the little people. The policies looking. He's a school. Yeah I mean like we hear about public execution. A little bit late I don't know that. People are you know what you are two different people low. You know that bill and in these people call. For the people who you know they're war shall they be people gonna Tunisian. Yep you know that that the definition of deterrence is the fear. Of apprehension. And incarceration. And the fact of the matter is. A lot of these people today these folks these. Offenders. They don't fear apprehension nor do they feared detention back panel feared at all. And it's why. You know deterrence. In many respects has not. Though warped it with the enhanced sentencing and other things such as that it just hadn't worked in all cases. I don't know what the flip side is. To that but I but I doubt very seriously that in this country today that we're gonna move to public execution this go on for talked to mark what say you mark. Hello. It. I wanted to build on the previous shows caller. You know things like you know speed of it. That they mentioned kids die as texting and so forth. You know. This may be popular but really just so you know we. You're so emotional actions. Oh. Say that but just look at the this situation where it is about what and influence that they'd killed may lead to a framework that was created. Where one. Been gone the other way we changed the conversation we're currently have. But for people out of people today are chilled your here. Through through a policy culture that. People though as abortion. And they claimed to be really interest in the choker. It just so whacked out so crazed. But you know. I really think that the answer. As you. Very well. This emotional. Reactions it does not. Even get closer. Should actually exacerbates the problem. You know what it is is cultured. An active community at eighty. You know with president trusts. You know very small percentage. Mentally ill people commit crimes. But what we do or in this case is an emotionally. Wounded and emotionally damaged immature. Teenagers. In some cases who lost. Their parents in this case the guy lost his young man lost. Rather young age and then lost his mother about three months ago. You know where outreach. Cannot afford to allow these children. To languish in in dark rooms and empty homes. You know and weapons. To respond the Internet yes which they perceive that they. It's little wonder that left alone that this kind of bring up. It's not about go to. Guns don't kill people people kill people. I read a book outlawed guns and we are up eighteen wheelers. In all agree is that go to making explosives. Because didn't get the same result masculine. What the truck or with the Expos. It's and. Yeah mark assay that quite a bit when there's a will there's a way I don't know that the instrumentality. Is the thing that we really ought to be focused on you know its interest thing is that the a school security study. And Aso Hutchison was put in charge of that that group. He's a former US attorney former congressman former head of the drug enforcement agency and also. Former under secretary of department of Homeland Security. And they came out with a number of recommendations. In fact one of the ladies in the audience last night talked about it. And said you know when are we gonna implement these things that we that'd been on paper. I think they've been on paper since 2013. And here we are 2018 and we hadn't begun to systematically. Implement any of these things and act in this would move from what we've been referring to school campuses as being soft targets to be in hard targets. And then we would put the security and safety measures in place. And make sure that whether it. Period what this study revealed is that many schools at that time did not even have a simple security plan in writing. And for example one of the things in Parkland. The alarm system was the fire alarm there's no distinguishing alarm that that we have an intruder. And there's no series of alarms all hazards so. If we have a bioterrorism. Event. It should have an alarm and if we have an intrusion her intruder and should have a different alarm. So that the kids know. And has ended teachers in those on the campus know the preventative Mitt measures in remedial measures to take in order to. Try and heightened. The build their ability to survive this event. And minimize the risk. And it just seems to me that's a lot lower hanging fruit and going out there. And getting on the slippery slope of dealing with the instrumentality. Is because of its not an AR fifteen which by the way folks does not stand for. Automatic rifle. It's stands for that pharma light. Which is that new brand of of the gun. And the only thing between a difference between an assault weapon in a long rifle is the pistol grip on the assault weapon that's it. So far put a broomstick. Pistol grip on a long rifle it's now an assault rifle. So when we refer to these things and ushered any faster than the others. They may tend to be lighter because they're made out of a different material but leave any others amid of that same material and airline as well. It you know we're not have an and I don't think it well reasoned intellectual conversation. About how we're going about. Doing this and if the world my kids. In those schools I would be warning to go down this path of hardening the target because I believe. From a law enforcement perspective. That is the best. Opportunity. And the lowest hanging. Fruit for us to provide safety and security. For our children and I know that there were number of people that try to challenge some of the folks from congress and from the NRA and others and tried Dick. Interject their children into this saying that they're not really caring about their children. I disagree because I think if they're embracing this. The day they have taken a well reasoned look at how to best go about doing this now the problem is this. Is not cheap. This. Causes a priority is nation by public officials and deciding how they gonna provide this. Doing the band dish cheap. It's just words on paper and a vote. This is not cheap and asked the primary difference. Senator rubio. My daughter. Running down the hallway at Martinsville and Douglas was shot in the back yes with an assault weapon. The weapon of choice yes okay. It used to receding yet it is a weapon of war the fact that you can't skin with everybody in this building and say that's. And so are. And that was a father of one of the young young children who was shot in the packet park and schooling is talking about you know whether or not senator rubio can. Can talk about whether or not you know this. Gone the instrumentality. Or we're talking about is to blame. In Aaron O'Neal and sheriff. Scottish real from Broward County said there's only one person to blame. The killer to kill those responsible. The shooter he's a one. That did this will scuttle on one Mike in Metairie what's that you might. In all of them are on a quick comments. Think you you touched on it and agreed that you know issue with. Arming all school of professional cards cameras whatever extra money we wanna pay to. To try to eliminate debt soft target that. Also set which agreement sent that poem these guys go into this knowing that they're not come out. This one got Alaska park was part of the last one I remembered it intake Omar. You know month nighttime at a time when it going to date and they don't wanna come. That's their songs you know what to do so we see increases in security escorts. You know. The next part in my opinion would be at school. You know I mean it's back and are necessarily. Stop them which is gonna move to target area. You know so we can we can protect schools is that problem. I think it's an stops somebody wants to. Present themselves to do that kind of thing villages gogel on a different target do. The other question that was you know that we have this conversation I agree refute it and it'll emotional sides. Like for example you know go left want to take guns away that's not true you know the right is you know you know we. It works both way it. What we're talking about you mention about empirical that this is the one thing that I've never. Fully got to understand it is. All we did say that every other industrialized. European country. You know. They don't have the same mental health problems that we care they don't have. Japan doesn't have the same video game being in the same. People were meant you know. So if all we saying everything else 00 with Ayers so much better socialist country. It's so much better mental health wise and we walked all these issues that we also should look at everything. Family dynamics video games medal old school at all these dynamics. That much different. Any other countries that don't have. These type of murders that don't have the gun crimes the gun murders that we lied and finally my. My my kind of feeling is we never do and the comparison in the totality of the circumstances. There's not one panacea solution is not one. Thing of the rights and responsibilities. Of the citizens of all of these countries. That lead to. Acts right it's the totality of the circumstances of all one thing you and I know for sure. That we have more rights and liberties in this country than they do in any other country in the world. That we know for sure. The threshold question really years. Whether or not if there is a causal link between. Our rights and liberties and some of these outcomes is whether or not we are willing. To restrict those rights and liberties and howl you know that the old saying the devil's in the details. And is no just one simple statement. You know right now everybody seems to think that the a that's gonna move the needle one way or other than what was interesting and a reason I played that last piece that last cut. Fred Gutenberg whose daughter was killed he made one really important. Distinction. He said. That that weapon of that shooter was that shooters weapon of choice. So by eliminating that gun. We've eliminated. A couple of shooters. Weapon of choice and what's to say. That the next weapon of choice who we gonna go to the same process again whereby Nen then we're gonna ban. That that particular weapon of choice. Agree with everything he's I'm percent now you know if you personally it was up to me just partially. We wouldn't happen. But I am not a note it's not possible fortunate that realists. So I'll be on. Premiere it's holding gun owners more responsible. What happens in the country we can't stop and I agree regular percent. And deporting these moments bundled in saying well we we want our commitment which is another attack it is what it. And we want our whip. But we also have to either. Nat Nat just discount the fact that guns are now you're right there's myriad. Different factors guns. Is a factor that's the only part sometimes in this conversation that some people we're you know some torture right. You don't want it like you say getting emotional and say it's not a factor people kill people. Doug is not content is is not the reason it's not only. Region it happened is that what you said against this type of that change but Goran you factor in what happened. It's instruments that in intra mentality use what we need to focus on is why. Did we grab any instrument quality. To go in gauged in horrific. Event and take people's lives. And what we're finding is that one of the wise is mental illness. So how to we minimize. That risk in the most appropriate. Way possible. Is a balance of interest against all of the rights and responsibilities. That we have which are very complex. It's not the loopholes that's the problem that once you start looking at how easy it is to get around you literally have to band every semi automatic rifle. I. That was in response to senator rubio trying to explain the difference between the assault expand. Bill in the slippery slope that that is presented to congress and the definition of what an assault rifle is in. And what he did was explaining is that many of these rifles become legal when he just cut the pistol handle law. And they could just take a hacksaw a cut the pistol handle off. That rifle and it's now determined to be a long rifle as opposed to an assault rifle. And that is the only primary difference between the two. And in fact many of those that don't shoot in the past that it issued to same round of ammunition. So forth and so on. And so obviously you could tell from the reaction of the audience that many of those folks really want all semi automatic weapons. To be removed. I funded with a semiautomatic. The real way Browning from the time I was eleven. I mean that's that was the weapon of choice that I used when I hunted. With my family. It was it was. The big Mike Gunn a choice to use it was light enough for me to use easy enough for me to handle very safe gone. In George shooting that gun very much let's go to lease on line a police who would say you. Yeah good news. Are important public comments Warren. I'm a registered Democrat but Moscow NRA member for almost fifteen years now you're an anomaly. And finally opened I'm just days and sometimes that just season. Well you know multiple. Getting my without injury this boring. From killing our Homeland Security word congratulations. I have many probably the biggest problem like they are. Republican left right we need to get. And I mean that it could. Couldn't agree more and again issue because you've won. You know and other global viable. Because obviously we have them around for many years. Increase as little question that happened last year when he don't look at that more. In the meantime was a and that temporary band and one year ban on certain weapons help in my in my. They would help Maine enough in the content on social issues. But when you say hell. Meaning what what outcome so how to we have I think what we have Jim Miley is not whether or not it's helped. I think I think it was so yeah both I'd been able. I think by maybe starting with AR fifteen or somewhere like that about not seeing these you know trigger legal. You know anything like that they are acting. May be. But why would you let me let me ask you this why would you start there as opposed to enhance background checks making sure that that system is sacrosanct. And why would we aren't there and while would restart. Oh. And but why would we start there as opposed to the mental health database I had the coroner. From Jefferson Parish in here yesterday talking about. Orders for protective custody and now there's a lot of talk about the red flag laws where if you're determined to be a danger to yourself or others and you own a weapon. That the weapon can be removed you don't necessarily institutionalize. The individual has many of them are not. Do not fit the criteria to be institutionalized. And sometimes. Only a little bit. You're now we went from the front. But it would seem to join me that the focus in the money should be there and hardening it is the campuses of these schools first. Before we start calling in dealing with qualities other issues. You know he's been spent a lot of time talking about this got a choice the ar fifteen and whether or not a semiautomatic weapon is gonna make a difference in order reminding folks that on March 5 2001. Charles Williams a freshman at Santana high school in Santee California. Used a 22 caliber rove all over. To shoot fifteen people at his school killing two students and wounding thirteen dollars. When the sheriff's deputies entered the bathroom Williams was reloading is gone for the fourth time as soon as he saw the officers of the young freshman. That'd jump shot fifteen people. Quietly put his is gone down and surrendered. The facts are is that when we begin to look at that and I'm gonna read a number of examples over the next hour. Of guns used other than. These types of weapons. These are the walks they are not the wise. We've got to figure out. But why. Has to do shooter would wanna go in and take out. Fifteen people at their school. To kill thirteen injured.