Newell: Tillerson was doomed from the beginning

Newell Normand
Tuesday, March 13th

Newell talks about the state department's assignments were split among people who did not have to answer to Rex Tillerson.


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Donald Trump. Fires. Rex Tillerson. Now whether or not Rex Tillerson. Deserved to be fired and not. I'm not quite understanding. You know the methodology and determination. I mean these are people you've asked to serve your country in your cabinet and things of that nature and do you do what vis a vis Twitter. I mean. That it's on out I don't know what to say I mean you know. These. Folks that have been asked to serve have to have made significant sacrifices. He left the major corporation in order to do this. And knowing a lot of people know mr. Tillis and hunt I know he is a well intentioned individual very methodical in his approach incredibly bright. Very much. You know an individual that's very cerebral. Very much into the protocols. Was asked to. Clean up. The diplomatic corps. All of that big the secretary of states to the department secretary of state at the same time. He handling all of the bombs that have been thrown around. But Donald Trump. And trying to hold this thing together diplomatically. On so many different fronts. But. He was doomed for failure from the first. Moment. He was doomed because they had split up any number of things that had to do were foreign relations. Jared Kushner gets this party gets that party about his gut this this one's got that. None of which flows through the secretary of State's office. Then they'd worn not communicating. Ultimately at some point in time. That is a flawed structure it is a flawed process. It's one in which was doomed for failure. The secretary of State's office is the one who's going to be handling all of the diplomatic ramp up to the North Korean negotiations. How do you make announcements as it relates to that deal. When you haven't communicated with the secretary of State's office. It does it make any sense. We cannot run this country. Like we ran a private. Emphasis on private. Real estate firm. It does not work that way. Now haven't said that best wishes to his former CIA director Mike Pompeo another well seasoned Smart individual. And we hope. That he is successful. We need him. To be successful. For the safety and security of this country and a preservation of all of the privileges in the rights that we have. As it relates to dealing. With all of the diplomatic issues that are out there that are running around one on multiple fronts. At the present time. Whether it be the tariffs on steel and aluminum. Whether it be our approach to the Korean Peninsula. In holding. The six countries that have significant. Interest. There to include North Korea South Korea. China Russia Japan and others. In the United States obviously. All of these things needing to get done but you don't. Project. A government. Of stability. A government. Of up appropriate business decorum. By letting cabinet members go. In this way. And I think Donald Trump also said this morning president trump says this morning that Rex Tillerson. May be happy now. I hope so. Like I can imagine that he's not because the way that he's been treated. In this process is absolutely. Ridiculous. And I'm not sure who's minding the store who's on first what's on second. Or anything else there is just a right way folks are doing things in there is a wrong way of doing things and you know 841 and on the tax law and I agree Tillerson was one of the smartest Savion impressive members of the administration I completely. Totally agree. And I think he was the appropriate guy. To get things in order in that department to clean things up to make it efficient to make sure that they had dear appropriate protocols. The appropriate chain of command that information was gonna flow. Doing all of that and whether you didn't you liked Obama or you didn't like Obama doesn't matter. But the approach was gonna be vastly different. So to change the culture of that apartment in a very short period of time in moving forward. Was always gonna be a very difficult task. And so it because they think entirely different. This I don't see as. You know a positive reflection on the matter in which we conduct ourselves collecting hear from you 260187. Here Texas State 78 ceremony will go along one talked to dean what say you gain. Go right at the moment. But that it would have urged and every practice court or. We. You know though. All is good is that people eat rat. So no matter now what some people don't buyer. Yeah. Look good leader surround themselves with people lot of Smart in the mail. You know and because you don't want to dumb down and you don't want people that walked into the office. And just stroke you go every moment and tell you. You know that everything that you're Dylan is great and your wonderful and you this and do that and everything else because you'll never excel as a leader you'll never grow as a leader. And you'll not be in a position to see both sides of the issue and ordered to make a learned. Decision. And work through that. Process and trying to decide what's in the best interest of the country. You or company you don't wanna hear just one side. You want to hear all sides don't you think Ding. Yes. Numbers well. Are all always rather than itself would be that hard they're pretty or go to C. You know. You know I think that this sooner that you realized gain it should not the center of any universe in that you need to hear from all of these folks and from differing points of view the better off you're gonna bit. Our Flag Day appreciate the Colin.