The Newell Normand Show w/ Severti Wilson, Lowry Corley, & Leigh Isaacson

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd
Newell sits down to talk with Severti Wilson, Lowry Corley, & Leigh Isaacson.

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Folks were at idea village and they're putting on the new worlds entrepreneur or we 2018 the tenth anniversary and it's their premier annual business conference in Jordan is. Right now are the three finalists for the idea pitch. Coulter idea pitched finalists then. This should be tree Wilson exempt me now is the name of her a company lowered Lowry early access them. And definitely Isaacson did take. So Lee let's start with you you know all of yelled go onto the process Friday night you gonna make your final pitch for a 100000 dollar investment in your idea and in your entrepreneurial spirit carrying that forward to tell us about it. Our thanks so much for having me day is that dot persons dating app so it's a dating app for people who love dogs and half dot it's not something that's out there right now. And where introducing this in my acting it's community dedicated to dog lovers in Dhaka. You know when you think about it it's kind of important because there are those. That love him and there's those that not so much and an act and it cannot and enact gonna get along if that'll work that out absolutely very interest thing. So let's that's Lowery Mallory and while Lowry curly and it's Axelsson. Had a foot tell us about access and. Yep thank you for the time glad to be here so a lot of your listeners might new people who are suffering from AO last. Alzheimer's. Parkinson's and right now there are new cures unfortunately. And so access and it developed its school where we are working with pharmaceutical companies today to come up with these skewers. And in the what's the process that that that goes through says the process the technologies and nerve on a chip is week which. Sounds a little bit sacked five we can actually build living human nerves in our lab at the New Orleans by renovations that are. And then we expose them to these drugs and we get information to tell pharmaceutical companies is this gonna worker is it not me as an alternate animals. Unbelievable unbelievable idea and insist that tree Wilson exactly now. Thank you yet for having me thank you and say they mean now for the five the creation Maine is compliance processes for existing and start at nonprofits. They essentially weep power at the people who empower at the world rate and so we do that UA online software. That allows individuals who had this big idea that's it's really helped their meaning give back to actually start a new nonprofit. Are those who have existing nonprofits to actually Brian they're now proxy effectively so they can be sustainable. And you know even our product being connected to grand tour earth who typically funding. And their specific way we have technology that insurers that they are responsible and compliant as well. You know all of these and it it re enact a set earlier as I was doing research on all of this release felt dumb and and and I mean that in the truest sense of the word as I gotta tell you guys. Yell yell feeling for its you know in the marketplace and creating unique and different opportunities in so many different ways and in assisting folks. Be successful. In whatever their business model is what has been the highlight of of going the through this process to you guys will start you. Yes sir I mean going through the process. I guess starting up a company in general as it's been amazing to actually work in the technology and hours studying at Tulane university and that brings to life to have now. Hired people created jobs in New Orleans and got customers to settle process of turning this in their values been amazing late you it. Thank that we are all competing all the time foreign investments for our attention but it's really a community in New Orleans that has helped our business thrive. And it's incredible to sit here with other companies who probably feel the same way. It's all about helping each other in this community and that seems to be very different than other cities that something really special here. Perhaps Lisovicz yes and for me you know this is my second company my first company academic group professional services. Spirited set it to your company if so how can we make it. Bigger impact on greater scale. And that is what essentially. Allowed us to come up with the idea and concept and then begin to grow exit mean house so it's definitely been something that's been passenger van and just being allowed to. Develop something that I'm very passionate about and then so many others here in New Orleans a passion about. Is what's most important. So we have two ladies and a male and I never ask ladies how old is there anybody here that's over thirty. Little over the early all right so you know it's amazing I mean it's so many of you guys and when I walk out there and cafe at the end of the the energy. That's out there you know and in the networking and everything else it's got to be second enough. Death without a doubt mean I'd ability hitting great we've. Then at least Lee and I've been there over I'm almost six month process now January excel at the accelerator they put on me get to talk to mentors and just being around. This building yet you have the best conversation that people just randomly getting coffee. Absolutely without kill so much for coming in and sharing your stories with this and good luck on Friday night as you make the pitch for Europe I did your company in your thoughts all right an email here. And we'll be right back after the break this is gold where it's CAC on WW.