The Newell Normand Show w/ Martina Abrahams Ilunga

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell Talks with Martina Abrahams Ilunga on location.


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We're back and we're here at the Contemporary Art Center with the idea village putting on their premier annual business festival known as the new worlds entrepreneur week 28 team. And joining me in the here is Martina Abrahams in Lanka she is the product managing marked up product marketing manager excuse me for squared folks if you don't know what square areas. Square itself little bitty thing that you see on top of the computer screens when you check out a coffee shops and a swipe your credit card through this. That's what it is and square has more than that it's a financial services merchant services aggregators and mobile payment company based in San Francisco and you'll have offices in all the major cities set throughout the United States and we are praying that you gonna move to New Orleans well I. Fit. So tell us a little bit about torture volatility in in the role that you you guys play an idea village. Yes so we are partnering with the idea village in no we here in New Orleans we've actually been here for a ten day pop up. So we're here to connect to the small business community here in new or Ireland and at a pop that. Posted a number of workshops on different tips and tools for small businesses and how they can better market their businesses how they can select credit card processor is different tech products that should be using to think about running their businesses more efficiently. And they can also come into the space and connect with the square team they have any hope that one against setup with the square count. Thinking it had shot taken let's say if they're linked in profile. And are also working with other partners like we believe last occurred in zero. So business owners can come Manning get set up with an online store website or get some tax help with zero. So it bigger than just the idea the product really providing a continuum of services it and it's kind of Iran along I guess on the side of everything else that's gone on for these young entrepreneurs that may not have thought about that. Absolutely so square's really ecosystem. For small business owners to run their business so there's the payment peace. But we also offer a number of software products and complete management payroll tools marketing tool for businesses to be able to run their entire. Start growing around their entire distance with grant. Now you guys were also the sponsor of Urban League women in business challenge and we just had Kelsey Connor who young lady very energetic and in seemed to be ready to go. Yes he is a phenomenal I'll let finalists yesterday a phenomenal. And we really enjoyed being sponsored adamant. So you guys. And I know that. Your worldwide really. And so when you think about this helping in the development of these incubator companies. What is what is some of the experiences that you've seen it in the things that you really like about that. I mean. Personally I can't for a family and entrepreneurs. And I work at a company that supports entrepreneurs and we CI entrepreneurship that's really the key economic empowerment not to mention that square. And so we know that supporting entrepreneur supporting small business owners as agree way to impact communities. You know very attentively. And so that's the purse that I like government for that's also generally let my colleagues in Iowa we get up every day. Do we do. Well we're really thank you guys for your participation here with the idea village it's it's a very energetic group younger folks and I mean I I can just feel the energy walking in here Nancy it's been a great experience though. Martina Abrahams in loomed a product marketing manager with square thank you so much for joining us having this will be right back as we continue our coverage here at the CAC for the New Orleans. Entrepreneur or week here that sponsored by the idea village in JPMorgan Chase and company will be right back after the break this is new rule on that Dario.