The Newell Normand Show w/ Klassi Duncan & Kelsey Conner

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell sits down and talks with both Klassi Duncan & Kelsey Conner on location.


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We're back in we're at the Contemporary Art Center with our continuing coverage of the premier annual business festival that hosted by idea village where New Orleans entrepreneur or a week 2018. And we have two exciting guests with this right now classic Duncan Urban League in New Orleans and Louisiana director of the women's business resource center. And she brings with her. They winner of an award. Kelsey Connor who won the Urban League women in business challenge just last night for her company. Take base opening which is all natural deacons soaps and baby bath products and ladies welcome to the show at such an honor to have deal with this and I. Think so. Classy on and know that you guys have partnered with the idea village and you run your own business resource center in in helping incubator companies start what she tells a little bit about that. Well we are the women's business resource center we are. I'm not part of the urban league of Louisiana. Here until we are one of the eighty affiliates of the National Urban League in so our goal is to. Provide support services. We focus on policy efficacy for underserved populations that we also focus on economic development within our community in so. Of the women's business resource center is really in place to focus on economic development for underserved. Minorities and also women. It's so we provide business education. Through workshops and training we also provide one on one. Business counseling and also access to resources for businesses if they need funding support marketing support help with. Streamline their operations help with the counting its financials. We help them really from start to finish in our focus is on helping businesses that only to start. But also took a world in the goal of the we've been put in business challenge is to assist the world stage women not to preschoolers with getting to the next level. It's so we focus. Riding that would begin education tools and resources. To really focus on what that next opportunity is so we're really excited about Kelsey. I'm in the growth of hurt the potential growth for her business we know that she's gonna go our way. She's already a dynamic and also much newer and so we just excited. And instant celebration with her. You know is very moved when I was doing research about the breadth and depth of the continuum of services that you guys provide. For the benefit of these incubator companies and Chelsea's joining us a Kelsey what she tells a little bit about your experience as a relates to this. Business challenge that you went through with the Urban League. Share on assists and unique opportunity. For someone who wasn't able to go to business school. When you start a business and arguing in it a little bang and he missed a lot of important steps. But this program teaches you all of those basic things that you can get a good foundation. And then they help you to think ache and realize how to make these things happen to me idiotic connections are able to network with a lot of really great people. And they help you along the way it's an exceptional experience. So how exciting was it to win it doesn't mean he I'm Allison amazing. You know all that hardware came to fruition in and there are some really stiff competition so I was really happy he's that kind. It and it you know you're you're really under selling out because I looked at some of the competitors and that it was absolutely incredible and in the opening of the show us that to myself I've never felt so dumb in my life of me that's a related to the energy of the creativity in the excitement. Of all the protests. Secretary of these young. Lee women to Britain lowers the art really. Stepping up into really coming through with some really dynamic. Growth opportunities for their businesses hint it's such an awesome thing you know to see you mean here it's always a tough decision. For our judges you know it's always a tough decision but. Against Chelsea merged in really. With a focus around her growth potential for her business and and the scalability of our business model was truly something that the judges. Kind of you know we're excited about it and decided they'd you know they want to put the support. You know with her so Kelsey we just have about a minute left Telus what is cake face and. He faces an all natural he can't pass them by line meet in Louisiana freest synthetic fragrances and toxins. And where cruelty free. And this year we've been chosen to be the only local so sold our house has racquets so congratulation Anke and that's the opportunity that. I presented last night and it the operating units and homey co baker. Well congratulations to you and best of luck to you and thank you so much for joining us today. Classic Duncan from the Europe Italy go Louisiana New Orleans director of women's business resource center and Kelsey Connor. The founder of case face so big and the winner at the Urban League and women in business challenge and she is going to be often running looked far. Will be right back after the break this is no rules on debit every else.