The Newell Normand Show w/ Kevin Wilkins

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell Talks with Kevin Wilkins live on location.


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We're back in our continuing coverage of the rule such Norway 2018. Put on buying hosted by the idea village in. Joining us at this time is Kevin Wilkinson and he will be. A speaker and he's also the founding in Mack founder and managing partner of prep wise which is a central city company been here five years and he's a Boston transplant Andy's counting his blessings. That he's down here and his beautiful Bonnie whether or not northeast at the present time that's very. So you're company's. The monitors to find your impact feel that your plan implement. Tell us about that support an impact and company started this company almost five years ago you really trying to make a difference in the city. Com and seeing how we can help support growing organizations to continue to grow and to sustain themselves. I often say much partnerships in the oxygen of new Portland and some repute for increasing it whether it literally as an entrepreneur or starting a business or using arch mineral thinking when managing their business management organizations. So we worked in the nonprofit space we work in the for profit space and we work in the public space with the idea of making an impact and make sure that everything we do create some sort of actionable plan for the organization. I know you talked about the atmosphere you spent much of your business life of the northeast are what makes this unique. I knew or loans so innovative and so exciting Austin's fantastic city I loved it it's a very mature city lots of large industry lots of large companies. Much material as well on some aspects but really dominated by big the big companies. New Orleans. Didn't have a lot of big industry you know so with the advent of all the stocks and real thinking aux productivity. You're so only seen industries march when I'm Mercury years ago. I'm actually worked with that it felt fantastic organization really making an impact. And I saw I industries beginning and it's on new ideas being spark but it was still early. Come eight years later we're seeing real growth we're seeing real traction in water and food and innovation and technology and hospitality. Really people using much nor approaches to help establish and grow the organizations. And if you have a good idea. You know you and wanna try new artist fantastic. You've got all these great organizations that helped start new ideas whether the idea village with a B propeller whether you four point oh with a B Cooper network. Whether the Goldman Sachs 101000 small businesses. So many free services to help establish and to help grow organisms. So your companies actually a great example of what idea villages talking about all week here with annual top two or week I mean. You're proof and put it's actually happen it's actually happening. And it's all about opportunity and people can pay for the services I think that's news that's a reflection of the maturity of the ecosystem. Will Kevin Wilkins the founding and managing director of replies thank you so much for joining us now really visually appreciate no it's a little compact but we gotta get trying to get everybody. Hates you and asked me thank you are that in it's now time for the cash contest. And got to win some big money here we ago.