The Newell Normand Show w/ Jon Atkinson

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell sits down to talk with Jon Atkinson on locaction.


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We're back and we're broadcasting from the idea village office at the Contemporary Art Center and celebrating new Wallace entrepreneur or a week 2018. And this is their tenth anniversary and it's their premier annual business conference in. We've been talking about the role that universities play in all of this in bonus at this time as John Atkinson director of the center for entrepreneurship and community development at Loyola university. A welcome to show thank you know it's an honor to be here. Then you guys have been a participating with idea village and you also have a special program that you'll involved these cells and as well also tells about the. Absolutely so we just completed the I your core program which some of the foundation. Foundational pillars of north software we were we bring in MBAs from. Around the region and pair them with local startups. They work over a 72 hour period intensely with the startups trying to move the needle for them and advancement to the point where they can. Launch their ideally scalable business itself. We're very excited about that we just concluded that on Sunday afternoon. So you know we were talking. Earlier dog Walter you've you know dug in and we're talking about how this idea village thing is almost like residency program in many respects as it relates to coming out of medical school where you get to. Experience thing and more experiential learning thing than otherwise. Absolutely and that's that's been a big part of our push at Loyola. As. We I've been around the sought relief assistance for a long time and one of those things that that we recognize. Early on that little is there's it's kind of a couple missing pieces to the ecosystem one as the human capital part. The other is the financial capital partner that's been. What I really focused on trying to address it was time I've been there. And so we think it's really important to train what Nicole Univision ready workforce. Those of the students who were graduate of Loyola that are trained in modern partnership that's. The year. Date they did experiential learning early on so they're out doing it as their actually earning it through programs like the idea core. And that their network with each other and so we're in more pushing them out into startup companies in the communities that they can come push up from the bottom. And help these companies think about how they scale company. I'd grow could be used to meeting full sized businesses that can impact. And the economy in New Orleans impact community in the world's positive. This experiential learning model this is something that's really taken off across the country and then. What you see is the is the the benefits and then. Two that for the new kids coming out of our our university says. Absolutely several. We're pick proponents of amendment called that means launch that we partnership approach popularized by took her recent book called the startup. We teach them not to that was a development that is tutors and steeple. Called the lean launch pad and that is one of our score highest level experiential learning offers its. It's a totally flipped classroom approach where. The I as the instructor. In the back of the room with a network of other coaches in an instructional team. And I am pushing our students through the process of developing a business courses master going out and figuring out what the ideal business model should be testing and validating assumptions around that business model. And coming up with released a new and innovative things they're presenting reached weakens or and accountability model and I think that's a really. It's a very valuable piece of the experiential learning process it's not something that was being done in universities 51015. Years ago. And it allows students to actually put to work the types of things that they're learning and other classes of most votes wouldn't business school most votes with business degrees are being taught. How to manage. And execute on their own business models when your. When you're trying to figure out a new business probably trying to identify new business model that's a totally different set of skills that's really much more learned on the experience side of equation. It kind of helps minimize the shock. Welcome to the real world. I always think about that Rodney Dangerfield movie UN when he's addressing that that the college recruit for two nieces. Stay in school it's tough out there. Absolutely and when I started oil active have a heart to heart with the units arm was buried. A progressive and forward looking at. You know I'm really good at what I am doing it's gonna lead people drop out of school to start businesses and you've got to be okay without. That's not a full statement out and and he was that he says Joseph further work for yelled as his play at very low dose right it doesn't necessarily help our business. I think it's the right thing for the student to learn and one of corporate purchases that. We wanna use the academic experience to get the student threw as many cycles entrepreneurship as we possibly can't. Because generally the the statistics say that. More. The worst starts you have under your belt the more likely you or to be successful so we wanna use that time we have the the soft landing at the academic experience to get to push that students through many cycles gospels about time they hit the real world when the stakes start to really matter. They're really exceptional prepared for those opportunities. You know. To have a business succession plan as from a community perspective I think many times people don't connect those dots as to how important it is that the universities to pump out students that are. Business ready that are ready to be on treatment ouch for endorsing can have a higher success rate. Yes we see that is sort of sowing the seeds of the next generation partnership looks like the idea village. You know your great job of focusing on the partners that are in the ecosystem now that somebody has to be thinking about where the partners. Are coming from five years from now or ten years from now and that's a big part of our model is that. You know we we want we subscribe today Andrew Yang founder Patrick for America's flaws via. Smart people should built thanks we have a lot of Smart people will we wanna channel them into companies where they're actually building new products building. In a bit of services building technology applications. We want them to get to the forefront of those industries and we want them to do when they're at the forefront of those industries who want them to see. The next opportunity. And ultimately feel confident prepared to jump on. You know a lot of what you say makes me wanna go back to school but then again maybe not out of it. But we welcome your vote really exciting things thanks so much John actress and director of the center for entrepreneurship the community development at Leo Lee University. Will be right back after this news break stay with us this is new rule on debit via.