The Newell Normand Show w/ Emily Egan

Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell talks to Emily Egan on location.


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We're back and I got to tell you were here at the idea village office the Contemporary Arts Center celebrating New Orleans some entrepreneur or a week 2018 near tenth anniversary unitary annual business conferencing. Joining us at this time is heavily Egan director of entrepreneur or services for the idea of diligent. I gotta tell you I mean I have been so incredibly moved and excited but what I'm seeing here and everybody we talked to I mean these people so Smart it's scary. But the energy the creativity the excitement as I walked out in the cafe during the break. I mean all of these young march for north laptops deployed technology all over the place everybody collaborating in networking is just incredible. It's it's it's a great place you know. That's what we're really fortunate is we're in the building all the time to be able to see all of this happening costly but what's great about how much we happening here at the shop at the CAC. It's fantastic opportunity and to invite the entire communities or be a part. Of this senate it is the energy and the creativity is an op. You know you'll have roughly somewhere around 3000 attendees and date in in about 101000 registered over 101000 registrations for any number of these sessions that are being offered a looked at the line up. The lineup is just absolutely incredible some great national folks speakers common in the locals as well. You know helping folks. Propel their idea forward. Yep it's it's a great it's it's a great converts it thanks for our torch supporters were able to use for free for the community which is. You know I came from a to fracking from membership association Northern Virginia a form of back here. And our conference has cost a pretty penny so to be able to offer this kind of caliber contact. Three to to the community we wouldn't be able to deal with at the supporters but it's a Great Lakes to make sure everyone has access to. So you're involved with these folks that that comment all the time and you're the director of the services that there are failing in themselves. Tell us a little bit about. Sure are so you know we do an accelerator program caught idea acts and this year was a six month long accelerator programs that's for every specific group of people have a finite number of spots that's we have fourteen companies. That that is paid and that we are working with them and they run the gamut from biotechnology. To pack costumes and it's it's phenomenal they're very different stages. But beyond just being at the accelerator because again it's finite amount of people we also offer. Our resources from you know what Alec yes sessions for strategy sessions community contact for. For anybody is interested we also help people just navigate ecosystems the great thing about what happened in Warren's over the past 1015 years. Is the number of organizations that are out there supporting not partners and but it's a lot to taken and so what people will oftentimes come to us and say all right. I need help but I'm not sure where to start until we help them kind of navigate through that because they're greatest asset is time if we're not the right factor for them we are happy to direct them to the group. It is the basket for them. And it must be a product that's. Very successful because we've had an opportunity to talk to folks this morning that. Come from a farm. That really like this model and really believe that it is developing and back failing to avoid says it relates to our future French Open doors. It really doesn't let I sometimes say it kind of an accelerator can sometime accelerate the identification of issues those things like catastrophic. For business to to. On their on and sit through our program through a lot of different salary or programs we bring those to the surface of this could be. Co-founder issues that's TP you know fairly large banks in cost you a lot of money and will most likely result in your business. Not existing anymore it's opening help also to work that it's not like a sexy story reality when people ask for success stories but that's something that is a really important part of bringing us the surface solving for them that when the end of the program they can go out and make them grow make and scan. You know when you when you say co-founder problems and stuff like that when you just look at the divorce rate amongst marriages can't understand there's. There's a challenge there in the new year and put the notion of money between. But these are things that often times folks don't think about in the got to figure out how to gonna manage in the size these relationships both internal and external and or in order to be illicit see exactly. So we help them sort of think through this thing. You know these these these are the user or real life. Experiences real life issues. And it's important to our community that we developed. The next series of entrepreneur who in in providing those services. Which it would it struck me is not not on because I knew this all along but I think many towns we we don't appreciate the fact. Everyone is set how friendly this community is those that came from afar that was one of the driving forces while they wanted to come back. It is collaborative. Community here in terms of the opt for her landscape and just everyone's willing to help but I think it's in some cases you went in contracts that are really hesitant to talk about their idea they're nervous at someone's gonna steal it. We heard people to be as open as they're comfortable in doing because there's a lot of people that are willing to help and it's. It's not quite so competitive in the sense that you and I could potentially operating in the same you know appealing to the same customer. You know. Sponsoring those connections it's offering out resources and and sitting down having coffee and really talking about it and I think you know it's. It's a great testament for companies that we've worked on recruiting down here. They have also found that and a lot attacked people often ask is this real liquor you just. Doing this for right now he's trying to get me to move my company here and what they have subsequently found to be here is that. It is it carries on this it's not just a sales pitch where we're trying to to make this a pirate community collaborations. Is a necessary part. And everybody that I have talked to from the company perspective this morning have have said exactly that in this is the tenth anniversary. This so I mean that's about it real real can get right. Exactly exactly we believe we feel like we've we've gotten it gets bad and where I think the speaker system in the idea village specifically in knowing. Where were poised to sort of take accident to the next level. Please come and up next we're gonna get to meet the three analysts 100000. Dollar award for them is it to the winner and they're all winners quite frankly I looked at these. Young folks web sites. I could even understand half the language on their myself but I said earlier I would have felt dom yeah a couple of but I so look forward to meeting him at thank you so much Emily. In director of Oxford or services here at the idea village we're gonna continue our coverages they too because we've got. Three incredible folks at a gonna join us up next we'll be right back after the break.