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Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell hosts the show out on location  at New Orleans Entrepreneur week.


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We're back you were talking all things New Orleans entrepreneur week presented by JPMorgan Chase and company and hosted by the idea village and we here in the idea village offices at the contemporary art center for New Orleans expert to nor a week 2018 which is there. Premier annual business conferencing. Joining us that at at this time. Is Doug Lawler he's a past. Entrepreneur or in. It wrist and residents thank you got a little tongue tied there. And he's also the CEO of the company called aligned and aligned is a company that's here in New Orleans and is over at the launch pad which is shared space facility and a you come to us. From New York through two lane yet like so many other stories here is that tells little bit about yourself and tell us about your experience here as well as your company. Shirt thanks. Ike came to new walls about eight years ago again graduated Elaine and I feel that city at the time and fell in love with a girl from the along to want to move accurate some points that we came back. That'll do well it's now. So we've we actually live in Los Angeles for a long time minutes or in my background in the tech industry and one came here got hooked up with the idea militant. Andrea mentoring quite a few partners in there to echo ports. And recently an opportunity came up lesser partner here and countless and other business. Oh at this align business which was. Growing company in any need somebody running it and he was looking for a CEO and I've got cycles and ninety. Interest Dayton spending time on this business and I got involved and we he came on board October and we are now. Two employees came on board now it employees and we just closed around earning just under 2.2 million ready. Hire people in the local market probably a thirty jobs in twenty months and about opportunity in it. You know the strength of the community is is a collection of a lot of different small and medium size and obviously a smattering of large because there's not always that many at large especially in our community but. Our success really has been a collaborative thing. Cooperative spirit that you just Connie directly described. Tell us about that NTELOS bottle line. I'm sure you know we're we're we're pretty. Fortunate to be in this community I think it's a growing specifically in the tech sector that's growing tech on community down here and I'm forcing all kinds of things happen I think we just heard a big announcement from the technology company and it's coming down here at the exe and I think that's. Not good for the community. And you know it's it's being able to sort of bring talent down to the art market is going to be important for us in the tech community and I think will be looking to. Figure out how to we attract talent to our business but a line is a company that is. Essentially focused on helping small businesses grow a lot of a lot of businesses when they're growing they. They they start off with a for you know 345. Employees and as they're growing the chaos begins and so as companies start to grow on an add more employees. It's very hard for management to sort of have a handle on what everybody's doing. What are software does is it gives them us a framework and structure to operate their business under. I'm they can load in the key priorities in their business and they can assign those priorities out to the different employees. And each priority would have what they call key performance indicator of what makes. Thus achieving this priority a success and you can identify what key performance indicators are attached to that priority. Our software allows you to track that real time and it gives management. A pretty good view on how the company's X accusing against the business needs to get done. So you look at something like a quick books piece of software that that gives you visual view on the financials. Our software gives you visual view on the actual execution of the actual work getting done essence. You know having worked with them and I guess the theme is really all accountability right up and it didn't making sure that your hitting the bulls and stuff that you want to exactly what I do. Going back to being. An entrepreneur or residence. What did you see as is you know the unlocked or is coming through that some of their biggest challenges war and then hugged all you guys match the services to help them through yeah. I think that's a great question I think we'll have one of the things you see is that they're not focused on what their quote what the court strategic outcomes that they want to achieve they have really identify that. I think what we used to do a lot of help. The entrepreneurs. Focus on what they want to achieve and then what does it take to achieve those outcomes and so we would go through that process. I'm a lot of times we have a conversation that we didn't necessarily put that in a tool like a software tool that they can then track and manage those. Outcomes and priorities so I think you know entrepreneurs could get a a lot of help from using a tool like a line. Not because once they get through the process of identifying non that information they now have a way to manage it and I think that's. Where a lot of people drop off as they're growing in scale and they. They come up with a that the good content and that the you know the outcomes they wanted to achieve and they come up with what they need to do but they don't have a way. A sort of implement and really at the end of the day our our software allows these launch partners and other businesses to form good business habits. I'm you know if you just keep doing something over and over and and you will form the habit in our software allows companies to do that for instance a daily hoddle is a common. Could practice and business getting together with your teams and meeting with them on a daily basis every day at the same time you mean not texting. Fix the price of getting together and and communicating about the key things in the business the key things are gonna achieve in that day. So our tool has a daily total tool on ability to track that that meeting who has entered information for that meeting. There and and the more you give people the practice of entering that information. They're thinking about it before the meeting so they're not. You're not having a long drawn out meeting it's a quick fifteen minute daily we have the same for weekly huddles with tend to be a little bit longer meeting. But those are the kind of tools that we have in the software little out of the business to form good habits. In forming good habits will will help the business XEQ and and reduce the chaos. Yeah you know I can not ever going through the process here. But having been up of a business major. Coming out of college in my guess if you go to your master's program. This idea village in many respects Connell like a residency program for the vet school where you're you're columnists in the practical application of different things that you're not exposed to you know in in that it is an. The IR or professors who who really know the subject matter well and are trying to relate that information and and and I get a lot of that. I'm when I was at the idea village and it's a great experience for frontrunners if they can take advantage in getting to a program here and and and take advantage everything that the vehicle has to offer so. I'm I would highly recommend it I'm having having participated in seeing what the benefits of the program artists have been a lot of great entrepreneurs in this community that are there. Growing business is now. You know what I find is is it as a challenge as well him and like to hear. You briefly describe this with the ever changing. And fast pace of that changing in technology. You know technology moving so quick. It's unlike folks that rolled out forty years ago and started a business because things were more relatively stable and not as dynamic as they are today. Yeah I I think that's an uninteresting statement as well we have we're looking at some of these new technology and how they applied I think. In where we are today were were sort of a management framework that you can. You know execute your business and track and manage. We're looking at things you know our business is really centered around how do you if if you're gonna put if Utecht. Figure out strategic outcomes of parties will how to develop so we're looking at. House on the latest and greatest technologies like Alexa from Amazon you know you can speak to Alexa. And lexicon and can speak back fuel we could use that in in a virtual coaching session right so we can have a business coach a virtual business coach that. You can actually speak to Alexa and a lexicon talkback achievement and and and in you can upload a quick books violent to analysis with artificial intelligence on. How to advise a company to create priorities and goals in their business and we're looking at different things like that. I'm that we can roll out as services within our business it's a good target. Service for that our target custom. You know and I think the theme many times is. You don't deployed technology just for the sake of deploying the technology got to make sure that you're able to weave it into your organization operationally so it makes sense that's right. That's right there's a lot of technology out there and a lot of companies knocking on the doors of the small business so. I'm you got to look and I evaluate what's right for your business the nice thing about what we do it on line as. I'm we. You know we are June that we are applying general business principles generally good business habits so it does have a light. Marketplace that we can market to. But there are all kinds of tools out there and you've got to you know you gotta be careful what you pick it can't have too much software overload. And you can ask your employees to have to login to too many things absolutely final thoughts about the idea village. This is a great week and I knew on such a week I give us a great organization. I would highly encourage everybody to come down here and check out no way and be part of this com and learn there's a lot to learn here. I'm I've seen the benefits that Yonkers can out of this on and I would highly encourage people and then take a look. All right Doug Wilder past. Idea village I keep. Under the current entrepreneur in residence on a lifetime timing in it and now the CEO of the line thanks so much for joining different appreciative I appreciate we'll be right back this is fuel and everything via. It we're back and we're broadcasting from the idea village office at the Contemporary Art Center and celebrating New Orleans entrepreneur or a week 2018. And this is their tenth anniversary and it's their premier annual business conference in. We've been talking about the role that. The universities play in all of this and gonna miss at this time as John Atkinson director of the center for entrepreneurship and community development at Loyola university. A welcome to show thank you know it's an honor to be here. Then you guys have been a participating with idea village and you also have a special program that you'll bodies helps and as well also tells about the. Absolutely so we just completed the idea core program which some of the foundation. Foundational pillars of north software we were we bring in MBAs from. Around the region and pair them with local startups. They work over a 72 hour period intensely with the startups trying to move the needle for them and advancement to the point where they can. Launch their ideally skillful business itself. We're very excited about that we just concluded that on Sunday afternoon. So you know we were talking. Earlier dog Walter you you know dug in and we're talking about how this idea village thing is almost like residency program in many respects as it relates to coming out of medical school where you get to. Experience thing and more experiential learning thing than otherwise. Absolutely and that's that's been a big part of our pollution when Lola as. We I've been around the sought relief assistance for a long time and one of the things that we recognized. Early on oil is there's it's kind of a couple missing pieces to the ecosystem one is human capital part the other is the financial capital partner that's been. What I really focused on trying to address it was time I've been there. And so we think it's really important to train what we call Univision ready workforce. Those of the students who were graduate from Loyola that are trained in modern partnership that's. Here date they did experiential learning early on so they're out doing it as their actually earning it through programs like the idea core. And then their network with each other and so we're in more pushing them out into startup companies in the communities that they can come push up from the bottom. And help these companies think about how they scale company. I'd grow could be used to meeting full sized businesses that can impact. And the economy in New Orleans impact unity in the world's positive. This experiential learning model this is something that's really taken off across the country and in. What you see is the is the the benefits and then. Two that for the new kids coming out of our our university system. Absolutely several. We're big proponents of a method called that means launch that we partnership approach popularized by to her recent book called the means startup. I'm and we teaching method that was. Development of his tutors and steeple. Called the lean launch pad and that is one of our style of our highest level experiential learning offers its. It's a totally flipped classroom approach where. The I as the instructor. In the back of the room with a network of other coaches in an instructional team. And I am pushing our students through the process of developing a business courses master going out and figuring out what the ideal business models should be testing and validating assumptions around that business model. And coming up with released a new and innovative things that they're presenting reached weakens or and accountability model. And I think that's a really. It's a very valuable piece of the experiential learning process it's not something that was being done in universities 51015. Years ago. I'm in it allows students to actually put to work the types of things that they're learning and other classes of most votes I would go to business school most votes with business degrees are being taught. How to manage. And execute on their own business models when your. When you're trying to figure out a new business probably trying to identify new business model that's a totally different set of skills that's really much more learn on the experience side of the equation. It kind of helps minimize the shock. Welcome to the real world. I always think about that Rodney Dangerfield movie it when he's addressing that that the college recruit for two nieces. Stay in school it's tough out there. Absolutely and when I started out well ahead of have a heart heart with the units arm was buried. A progressive and forward looking at. You know I'm really good at what I am doing it's gonna lead people drop out of school to start businesses and you've got to be a favorite. That's open a false statement out and and he was that he says go further work for yelled at us this play at very low dose right it doesn't necessarily help our business. I think it's the right thing for the student to learn and one of corporate purchases that. We wanna use the academic experience to get the student through many cycles entrepreneurship as we possibly can. Because generally the the statistics say that. You know the more. The worst starts you have under your belt the more likely you or to be successful so we wanna use that time where you have the the soft landing at the academic experience to get to push that students through many cycles gospels about time they hit the real world and the stakes start to really matter. They're really exceptional prepared for those opportunities. You know. To have a business succession plan. As from a community perspective I think many times people don't connect those dots as to how important it is that the universities to pump out students that are. Business ready that are ready to be on treatment ouch for endorsing can have a higher success rate. Yes we see that is sort of sowing the seeds of the next generation partnership looks like the idea village. You know your great job of focusing on the partners that are in the ecosystem now that somebody has to be thinking about where partners. Are coming from five years from now or ten years from now and that's a big part of our model is that. You know we we want we subscribe today Andrew Yang founder Patrick for America's flaws via. Smart people should built thanks we have a lot of Smart people will we wanna. Channel them into companies where they're actually building new products building. In a bit of services building technology applications. We want them to get to the forefront of those industries. And we want them to do when they're at the forefront of those industries who want them to see. The next opportunity. And ultimately feel confident prepared to jump on. You know a lot of what you say makes me wanna go back to school the then again maybe not absolutely not. Well we welcome your vote really exciting things thanks so much John actress and director of the center for entrepreneurship the community development at Leo Lee University. Will be right back after this news break stay with us this is rule on Davida via. We're back and I got to tell you were here at the idea village office the Contemporary Arts Center celebrating New Orleans some entrepreneur or a week 2018 near tenth anniversary unitary annual business conference in. Joining us at this time is heavily Egan director of entrepreneur or services for the idea of diligent. I gotta tell you I mean I have been so incredibly moved and excited but what I'm seeing here and everybody we talked to I mean these people so Smart it's scary. But the energy the creativity the excitement as a walked out in the cafe during the break. I mean all of these young entrepreneur or laptops deployed technology all over the place everybody collaborating in networking is just incredible. It's it's it's a great place you know. That's what we're really fortunate is we're in this building all the time to be able to see all of this happening costly but what's great about Arnold not apparently happening here at the shop at the CAC. It's fantastic opportunity and to invite the entire communities or be part. Of this and it's it is the energy and the creativity it's I. You know you'll have roughly somewhere around 3000 attendees and it is in about 101000 registered over 101000 registrations for any number of these sessions that are being offered a looked at the line up. The lineup is just absolutely incredible some great national folks speakers come and in the locals as well. You know helping folks. Propelled their idea for court. Yep it's it's a great it's it's a great converts it thanks for our to our supporters were able to use for free for the community which is. You know I came from a different came from membership association Northern Virginia before I moved back here. And our conference is costs a pretty penny so to be able to offer this kind of caliber contact. Three to to the community we wouldn't be able to deal with at the supporters but it's a great weight sent to make sure everyone has access to. So you're involved with these folks that they come in all the time and you're the director of the services that there are failing in themselves. Tell us a little bit. So are so you know we do an accelerator program caught idea acts and this year it was a six month long accelerator programs that's for every specific group of people we have a finite number of spots that's we have fourteen companies. That Baptist paid and that we are working with them and they run the gamut from biotechnology. To pet costumes and it's it's phenomenal they're very different stages. But beyond just being at the accelerators because again it's finite amount of people we also offer. Our resources from you know what I liked his sessions with the strategy sessions community contact for. For anybody is interested we also help people just navigate ecosystems of the briefing about what happened in New Orleans over the past 1015 years. Is the number of organizations that are out there supporting not partners and but it's a lot to taken and so what people will oftentimes come to us and say all right. I need help but I'm not sure where to start until we help them kind of navigate through that because they're greatest asset is time and if we're not the right fit for for them we are happy to direct them to the group. If the basket for them. And it must be a product that's. Very successful because we've had an opportunity to talk to folks this morning that. Come from a farm that really like this model and really believe that it is developing in back filling the void says it relates to our future French Open doors. It really doesn't let I sometimes the same kind of an accelerator can sometime accelerate the identification of issues those things can be catastrophic. For business to to. On their aunt and sister our program through a lot of the accelerator programs we bring those to the surface of this could be. Co-founder issues this TP you know fairly large banks in cost you a lot of money and will most likely result in your business. Not existing anymore it's opening up also to work that it's not like a sexy story reality to what people asked for success stories but that's something that is a really important part of bringing buses surface solving for them that when the end of the program. They can go out and making grow make and scale. You know when you when you say co-founder problems and stuff like that when you just look at the divorce rate amongst marriages can't understand there's. There's a challenge there and then you union put the notion of money between. But these are things that often times folks still think about in the got to figure out how they can manage in the size these relationships both internal and external and or in order to be illicit see exactly. So we helped them sort of think through this thing. But you know these these these are the user or real life. Experiences real life issues. And it's important to our community that we developed. The next series of entrepreneur with in in providing the services it. Which it would it struck me is not not not because I knew this all along but I think many times we we don't appreciate the fact. Everyone assess how friendly this community is in those that came from afar that was one of the driving forces while they wanted to come back. It is a collaborative. Community here in terms of the after her landscape and just everyone's willing to help but I think it's in some cases you went in contract or really hesitant to talk about their idea they're nervous at someone's gonna steal it. We heard people to be as open as they're comfortable in doing because there's a lot of people that are willing to help and it's. It's not quite so competitive in the sense that you and I could potentially operating in the same you know appealing to the same customer. You know. Sponsoring those connections it's offering out resources and and sitting down having coffee and really talking about it and I think you know it's. It's a great testament for companies that we you know worked on recruiting down here. They have also found that and a lot of attack people often ask that is just real liquor you just doing this for right now he's trying to get me to move my company here and what they've subsequently. Absence being here is that. It is it carries on this it's not just a sales pitch where we're trying to to make this a pirate community collaborations. Is a necessary part. And everybody that I've talked to from the company perspective this morning have have said exactly that in this is the tenth anniversary of this so I mean that's about it real reacting get right exactly. Exactly we believe. We feel like we've we've gotten a good spot and where I think this ecosystem in the idea village specifically in knowing. Where were poised to sort of take accident to the next level. Please come and up next we're gonna get to meet the three finalists. 100000. Dollar award for them is it to the winner and they're all winners quite frankly I looked at these. Young folks web sites. I could even understand half the language on their myself but I said earlier I would have felt dumb yeah I hope but I so look forward to meeting them and thank you so much Emily. Egan director of botched and or services here at the idea village we're gonna continue our coverages stay tuned because we've got. Three incredible folks had a gonna join us up next we'll be right back after the break. Folks were at idea village and they're putting on the new Wallace entrepreneur or we 28 team that tenth anniversary units are premier annual business conference in Jordan as. Right now are the three finalists for the idea pitch. Coulter idea pitch finalists then. This should be tree Wilson exempt me now is the name of her a company lowered Lowery Curley and access them. And down the Isaacson did take. Silly let's start with you you know all of deal gone through the process Friday night you can make your final pitch for a 100000 dollar investment in your idea and in your entrepreneurial spirit carry that forward to tell us about it. Mark thanks so much for having me day is that stock prices dating app so at that dating app for people who love dogs and half dot it's not something that's out there right now. And where introducing this in my act in its community dedicated to dot love is in daka is. You know when you think about it it's kind of important because there are those that love him in this of those that not so much and act and I get off and enact gonna get along if they don't work that out absolutely very interest thing. So let's it's Mallory while Lowry curly and it's access and cat food tell us about access and. Yeah thank you for the time glad to be here so a lot of your listeners might new people who are suffering from AO last. Alzheimer's. Parkinson's and right now there are new cures unfortunately. And so access and it developed its school where we are working with pharmaceutical companies today to come up with these skewers. And in the what's the process that that that goes through says the process the technologies and nerve on a chip is what we call it which. Sounds a little bit sacked five we can actually build living human nerves in our lab at the New Orleans by renovations that are. And then we expose them to these drugs and we get information to tell pharmaceutical companies is this gonna worker is it not you know as an alternate animals. Unbelievable unbelievable idea and insist that tree Wilson exactly now. Thank you yet having me thank you and say they mean now for the five the creation maintenance compliance processes for existing and start at nonprofits. Essentially lead power to people who empower at the world rate. And so we do that the UA online software. That allows individuals who have this big idea that's it's really helped their meaning give back to actually start in new nonprofit. Are those who have existing nonprofits to actually Brian they're now proxy effectively so they can be sustainable. And you know even our product being connected to grand tour if who typically funding. And their specific way we have technology that insures that they are responsible and compliant as well. You know all of these in there and act as set earlier as I was doing research on all of this release held down and and and I mean that in the truest sense of the word as I gotta tell you guys. Yell yell filling voids. You know in the marketplace in creating unique and different opportunities and so many different ways and in assisting folks. Be successful. In whatever their business model is what has been the highlight of of going the through this process to you guys who will start you. Yes sir I mean guarantee the process. I guess starting up a company in general as it's been amazing to actually work in the technology and hours studying at Tulane university and did bring us to life to have now. Hired people created jobs in New Orleans and got customers to settle process of turning this new reality has been amazing league. You would think that where all competing all the time for investments for our attention but it's really the community in New Orleans that it helped our business thrive. And it's incredible to sit here with other companies who probably feel the same way. It's all about helping each other in this community and that seems to be very different than other cities that something really special here. Apps Lisovicz yes and for me you know this is my second company my first company academic group professional services. Spirited seven figure company as to how do we make it. Bigger impact on greater scale. And that is what essentially. Allowed us to come up with the idea and concept and then begin to grow exit mean house so it's definitely been something that's been passenger van and just being allowed to. Develop something that I'm very passionate about and then so many others here in New Orleans past and about. It's what's most important. So we have two ladies and a male and I'm never ask ladies how old is there anybody here that's over thirty. Little over thirty all right so you know it's amazing I mean there's so many of you guys and when I walk out there and the cafe at the end the the the energy. That's out there you know and in the networking and everything else it's got to be second enough. Death without a doubt mean I'd ability I think greatly. Then at least Lee and I've been duped I'm almost six month process now January excel at the accelerator they put Tommy gets talked to mentors and just being around. This building yet you have the best conversation of people just randomly get in Costa. Absolutely without kill so much for coming in and sharing your stories with this and good luck. On Friday night as you make the pitch for your I did your company in your thoughts all right. You know you think we'll be right back after the break this is old we're at CAC on WW. We've been broadcasting from the offices of idea village as they celebrate their New Orleans entrepreneur who were weak twenty teen at tenth anniversary of their premier annual business conference in folks I'm noticing. I have never put so much content and a three hour period. On to show ever it is in a great experience. And so many Smart people and best collective three finalists on Friday night. On on that zone on your presentation I want to thank idea village. Antley Carlyle and Kelsey Petrie and are engineered Dominic Mitchum as well as our border actually felt in my producer islands in an email that a great job. Today we really appreciate it and you know it's been a great show action packed so we had a great time in really thank idea villages and now it's time once again. For the cash contests. Here we go.