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Newell Normand
Thursday, March 22nd

Newell does his show live from the New Orleans Entrepreneur week.


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Good morning New Orleans or what a beautiful morning it is and we have an exciting line up for you today when I was preparing for the show you know there's not many times that I actually felt this doll. I mean I came across folks. That we that we're gonna be presenting today. The level of energy level of creativity level of excitement of this is just absolutely incredible and we are at the contemporary arts that are. And I don't know village produces their premier annual business festival every year called New Orleans on two or week 28 team. Over 3000 registrant who represent over 101000 attend dances at all of the activities I gotta tell you the right. There is chock full week long of activities so many incredible conferences. In opportunities to network here at this week in joining us. At this time as the acting CEO of idea village Sally Foreman welcome to the show them out to be here. So under the Cecil and yell at that this is your tenth anniversary. Of this. In it seems to grow every year it seems to. Not only grow a number of the attendees. But also in the in the intensity of this. Absolutely we're so excited with this ten year we decided to purchase a little bit differently. And make this a citywide event. Because for the last several years we've had most everything taking place on a single campus the 151000 people in one spot can beat. Quite crowded so we decided to take all the events and spread them around a city because the most important thing we've learned in this business. Is entrepreneurs exist everywhere every neighborhood every region. And if someone has an idea the ability to offer them free access to the tools they need to launch a business and grow a business. Makes those businesses pork that much more likely. And so we really decided let's go out to the neighborhoods as much as possible and bring the programming they are so that any Oxford or anywhere in our region can get access. You know it's amazing that this is so relevant and so appropriate because all of the recent polls that have been conducted nationwide. Showed that there are seeking interest in owning your own business starting up your own business. Using your own creativity and innovation and and just blowing that out across. The United States in many ways shapes and forms and when I look at. The present owners that you have here that it is Phnom. All in all the fun thing as a warrantless sits at 65 a 65% above the national average for the amount of start up activity. We are city that we really can claims stumping here. The US innovation report each year just bumped us off of the 24 to nineteenth. Best start up city in America and that means our region. And the most important thing is we are thinking number one place and it's our country. If you aren't Oxford and York. Would you or more likely to be connected to the people places businesses have resources you need to succeed. So we have a vibrant startup culture in New Orleans and it's working. You know so many times I've heard companies that come here there really moved by the level of coal collaboration and cooperation amongst the state and locals. I've heard a lot here recently and when I look at your agenda. In and everything else and a look at the successes which all of I can't think of a better place the point that idea villages are representative. Of that notion we'll. Thank you it was so funny in 1999. So monuments ago. My business partner and I shall ram lot the time we met five gentleman who were all in the Internet business. But they were frustrated that nothing was happening in our region and that we were having this big brain drain out or it's. They were trying to figure out how to we make Internet activity work for New Orleans and so the Stephanopoulos. Put together business plank competition just to see if anything was out there. And boy we knew right away we combine 101000 dollars we didn't want to put up back out of money. But when the activities story coming in the business plants started coming out. We knew immediately we were on is something. The big part of it is just has so much creativity in this region and you combine that with that ought to partner Earl's beer at. That's why we're double the national average. And your mind true here is igniting homegrown talent is what we need to best it is it's so funny we look so often at like Amazon HQ to headquarters. But when you look at the numbers startups that have come through our advanced accelerator up 243. Companies. One out of and typically make it in the entrepreneurial space of the 243 companies that we've had come through. 78% are still in business. 90% of those are still in New Orleans they've created over 3000. Jobs and over almost 250 million in revenue. That guy who just had an idea or a woman who's at I want to start this business 3000 jobs that's significant. That is the effect of homegrown talent. So when you put an emphasis this behind that you can create the same kind of economic impact that a big national headquarters stops. You guys have this I. And there's money reward to help them start. But some of the stuff that Joseph do are meant to ship peer learning exposure in their so many perks that idea village provides for. Young watched auction ignores that. Have a notion have an idea have a thought process. But they may not have the business acumen back it up and that's what shall. And it's interesting ads after they started with a business plan competition. We learn pretty early on that we needed an entire call ecosystems and entrepreneurial space needed the university's plate. People who act as professional mentors he needed. Entrepreneurs service organizations like the idea Billick. So the idea village set out to help bill that ecosystems and that ecosystem serves as sort of a the place where people who are wanting to start a business beat Kia so when they come to our door which is often where they start. Sometimes they're just a small business which means they're gonna have built their business based on cash receipts. Where entrepreneurship is a little bit more of a disruptive or innovate a style business that also can scale. There's so many free services to anybody in that spectrum. And when they come to the idea Billick or any of the groups out the year now. Their point it to those three services the the biggest thing I really wanna say to people is if you have an idea right now. You need to know there's eight on a free services in this region. And what really moved me is that you don't do the chest and a general sense it's very much the development of an individualized strategy oh absolutely is one of those optional. 'cause each business as they're growing or developing or each idea. They sometimes might have a founder who has a lot of business. A lot of experience in strategy or marketing. But yet they're lacking the finance that they need the fight that but actual wisdom that they need so it's a matter of looking at the founders and looking at the team at saint. What the unique to succeed with all customizable. Because even as they grow sometimes and Oxford or will get money. They don't know who hire and whose thirst a higher but you need to do the analysis that they team and see we're at a couple holes. And not only is it the incubator model that you have here which you all you guys provide sessions all through the year for the general public to attend weekend if it if it's a specific to their industry or otherwise and it's so there's a plethora of things that you guys offer. Absolutely and we really tried to look at the strengths of our region and really try to. Bump up more activity in those areas such as hospitality. Such as energy. Because the more you can offer those companies coming out of your program's a place to do business or place to pilot their products. The more likely they art to succeed. You know and push researcher for this it struck me. The names of the company and their assists sessions about what to name your company at some of the most creative names that really piqued my curiosity. To go click on it and go see what that was about it to. Amazing when you think back how did Yahoo! come about right now when you talk to the lawyers who are helping you thought the girl that or they'll tell events or. Hit something that's a lot of the real well what you do because number wind you wanna be able to grab the URL of a hash tag. But to. You wanna own a name that create your own brand identity. So everything now is brandy and how do you find your mission that marketplace the most exciting thing today in today's world. You can literally wrote the idea up on the Internet asked for feedback it within a few days you know which one of the brands as the best one for you. London you'd be excited to know that I had at some of these to my favorites already just overnight as I did the resurgent really enjoyed a final thoughts. Really they're so excited that we are hopeful that everybody out here is interested and knocked partnership comes dale looks at what we're doing meet somebody ought to partner with them. Incredible companies and goes up and says I want to play with you how can I can evolve. Well thank you so much at Sally Foreman act and CEO of the idea village on. Issue be acting oral quite awhile now so that hopefully we'll keep that on but I. Thank you so much for joining us this morning will be right back after the break this is no rule on David audio. Where I regret to contemporary arts that are we're celebrating New Orleans on or we 28 team that's an annual business festival that's hosted by idea diligent. One of the idea of Fallujah board members in principle which domain companies joins us now match warts welcomed the show. Matt I understand that you're northeastern new Yorker on the two lane go back home do well and come back to New Orleans and indicate yourself and a lot of different activities in one is. You know getting involved would idea village helping. Design a space here and Contemporary Art Center which is incredible it's very energetic very innovative everyone we've talked to so so far this morning. Who's visited here for the first time is really move Biden tells a little bit about your role with the idea. Here low blow what we created here at. What we created here at that shop. I really was meant could be a center for. Entrepreneurship. A resource to help develop businesses. And start ups throughout the door on area. And really help support and grow the economy in. And you know this. It it seems to me that you really believe didn't in this model you develop this comic co worker models base here. And that will benefit the listening audience the company that he's with domain companies says played a huge part in the adult development of the south market district which is created a lot of energy just right on the outside of the superdome in the arena. In a hole redevelopment of a section of town that. People kind of ethnic overlooked for for a long time and it is really created this resurgence. Share through which we really originally got involved. Developing and morons ethic transfers focusing on to a avenue. With mixed income developments that. We worked through goes on programs. And as we started delivering those projects at the end of 2008 and 2000 I'm really side. I'm the economy in New Orleans starting to diversify. Really accelerate man wanted to find an opportunity to help participate in and out and support that. And the idea for south market really came about. At that time and as a result of that and that was that was happening in the city. The shop. Really as a result of that work that we were we were doing downtown we were. Focused initially on delivering first class department's retail. I'm really neighborhood retail services that help. Make downtown of them more attractive place the Lisbon and the work and out of that we saw an opportunity to create. This workspace that really catered to wide we we saw our. Our residence on our tennis involve them. Which in many cases were stars out there is so this connection to the city tell the truth that started well you are too. Of course absolutely I mean you've heard this story before you came down in the war on season. I caught the baht fell in love with with the city in. And I I did ultimately go back home after I graduated that his command of the poll kept me can become that. That's that's that's that's a good poll but it it's a good poll for a number of reasons as it relates to the development of young entrepreneur overseer. That you know in the successes at those it moves across the country in this new you know not new but in the Internet world and in. And really get the piqued the curiosity of a lot of people about the city schools. Sure sure you know and and and that's a lot of what's worked hard stance here what we're doing with the shop there. Have been so many organizations around the country that are involved in entrepreneurship. Whether it be supporting accelerators or investing in startups. That are interested in in participating in New Orleans are coming down to balance because those. Everything that makes our city deacons and such a great place to listen and that's stuff that work work hard and. When companies like. New York companies involved themselves. In this there is a multiplier effect. Not only for you individually but in in your peers senior industry. That learn about this as well correct. Yeah I will blow this at this co working. Movement is really something that's happening all over the country it's really revolutionized waive their commercial real stated design at least. And the reason is it creates such a value proposition for. The businesses that are here and it's not just really about the physical space of the resources and amenities that we offer. But it's it's about being around other like minded individuals and companies in the benefits that you get from networking what. Those those types of businesses. And at that. Collaborations. In just a few seconds that we have left seems to be a big motivating force in the selling of New Orleans is this an opportunity for people movies take about being here app so. All right. Match war two is a it idea village board member and principle with dummy companies thank you so much for your participation in thank you for your contribution to coming back to the city in New Orleans thank you we appreciate that as well erotic we'll be right back after the break this is normal. On WWL. We're back in we're at the Contemporary Art Center with our continuing coverage of the premier annual business festival that's hosted by idea village for a New Orleans entrepreneur or weak 2018. And we have two exciting guests with this right now classic Duncan Urban League in New Orleans and Louisiana director of the women's business resource center. And she brings with her. They winner of an award. Kelsey Connor who won the Urban League women in business challenge just last night for her company. Cake base opening which is all natural deacons soaps and baby bath products and ladies welcome to the show at such an honor to have deal with this and I. Think so. Classy on and know that you guys have partnered with the idea village and you run your own business resource center in in helping incubator companies start what she tells a little bit about that. Well we are in the women's business resource center we are. I'm not part of the urban league of Louisiana. Here until we are one of the eighty affiliates of the National Urban League in so our goal is to. Provide support services. We focus on policy efficacy for underserved populations that we also focus on economic development within our community in so. Other women's business resource center is really in place to focus on economic development for underserved. Minorities and also women. It's so we provide business education. Through workshops and training we also provide one on one. Business counseling and also access to resources for businesses if they need funding support marketing support help with. Streamline their operations helped with the counting its financials. We helped them really from start to finish in our focus is on helping businesses that only to start. But also took a world in the goal of the we've means what it business challenge is to assist the world stage within a two part doers with getting to the next level. It's so we focus. Riding that would begin education tools and resources. To really focus on what that next opportunity is so we're really excited about Kelsey. I'm in the girls have heard the potential growth for her business we know that she's gonna go our way. She's already a dynamic and also much newer and so we just excited. And instant celebration with her. You know is very moved when I was doing research about the breadth and depth of the continuum of services that you guys provide. For the benefit of these incubator companies and Chelsea's joining us a Kelsey what she tells a little bit about your experience as a relates to this. Business challenge that you went through with the urban. Share on assists and unique opportunity. For someone who wasn't able to go to business school. When you start a business and arguing in it a little bang and he missed a lot of important steps. But this program teaches you all of those basic things that you can get a good foundation. And then they help you to think ache and realize how to make these things happen to me idiotic connections are able to network with a lot of really great people. And they help you along the way it's an exceptional XP. So how exciting was it to win you may see I'm Allison amazing. You know all that hard where it came to fruition in and Ericsson really stiff competition so I was really happy and he's that kind. It and it you know you're you're really under selling out because I looked at some of the competitors and that it was absolutely incredible and in the opening of the show us that to myself I've never felt so dumb in my life I mean that's a related to the energy of the creativity in the excitement. Of all the participants. Terry appease you know the late women to Britain lowers the are really. Stepping up into really coming through with some really dynamic. Growth opportunities for their businesses hint it's such an awesome thing you know to see you mean here it is always a tough decision. For our judges you know it's always a tough decision night. Against Chelsea merged. And really. With a focus around her growth potential for her business and end the scalability of our business model was truly something that the judges. Kind of you know we're excited about Ian and decided that you know they want to put the support. You know with her so Kelsey we just have about a minute left Telus what is cake face and. He faces an all natural he can't pass them by mine meet in Louisiana freest synthetic fragrances and toxins. And where cruelty free. And this year we've been chosen to be the only local so sold our house is racquets so congratulation thinking and that's the opportunity that. I presented last night and it the F pristine units in the home Nikko baker. Well congratulations to you and best of luck to you and thank you so much for joining us today. Classic Duncan from the Europe Italy go Louisiana New Orleans director of women's business resource center and Kelsey Connor. The founder of case face so big and the winner at the Urban League and women in business challenge and she is going to be often running looked far. Will be right back after the break this is no rules on Debbie Debbie else. We're back and we're here at the Contemporary Arts Center with the idea village putting on their premier annual business festival known as the New Orleans entrepreneur week 28 team. And joining me in the here is a Martina Abrahams in Lanka she is the product managing marked up product marketing manager excuse me for squared folks if you don't know what square areas. Square itself little bitty thing that you see on top of the computer screens when you check out a copy shops and a swipe your credit card through this. That's what it is and square is more than that it's a financial services merchant services aggregators and mobile payment company based in San Francisco and you'll have offices in all the major cities set throughout the United States and we are praying that you gonna move to New Orleans as well can I. Fit. So tell us a little bit about what Charlie Dylan and in in the role that you you guys play an idea village. Yes so we are partnering with the idea village in no we here in New Orleans we've actually been here for a ten day pop up. So we're here to connect to the small business community here in north island and at a pop that. Posted a number of workshops on different tips and tools for small businesses and how they can better market their businesses how they can select credit card processor is different tech products that should be using to think about running their businesses more efficiently. And they can also come into the space and connect with the square team they have any hope that Monica's set up with the square count. Thinking ahead shot taken let's say a linked in profile. And are also working with other partners like we believe last occurred in zero so business owners can come Manning get set up with an online store web site. Again some tax help with zero. So the bigger than just the idea the product really providing a continuum of services it and it's kind of Iran along I guess on a side of everything else that's gone on to these young entrepreneurs that may not have thought about that. Absolutely so square's really ecosystem. For small business owners to run their business so there's the payment p.s. But we also offer a number of software products a complete management payroll tools marketing tool for businesses to be able to run their entire. Start growing around their entire business with grant. Now you guys were also the sponsor of Urban League women in business challenge and we just had Kelsey Connor who young lady very energetic and in seemed to be ready to go yes she is. It's phenomenal I'll let finalists yesterday a phenomenal. Really really enjoyed being sponsored adamant. So you guys. And I know that. Your worldwide really. And so when you think about these helping in the development of these incubator companies. What is it what is some of the experiences that you've seen it in the things that you really like about that. I mean. Personally I can't for a family and entrepreneurs. And I work at a company that supports entrepreneur and we see entrepreneurship that's really the key economic empowerment not to mention that square. And so we know that supporting entrepreneur supporting small business owners as agree way to impact communities. You know very candidly. And so that's the purse that I like estimate for that's also generally let my colleagues in Iowa we get up every day. Do we do. Well we're really thank you guys for your participation here with the idea village it's it's a very energetic group younger folks and I mean I I can just feel the energy walking in here Nancy it's been a great experience though. Martina Abrahams in loomed a product marketing manager with square thank you so much for joining us having this will be right back as we continue our coverage here at the CAC for the New Orleans. Entrepreneur or week here at that sponsored by the idea village and JPMorgan Chase and company will be right back after the break this is new rule on that Dario. We're back in our continuing coverage of the dual touch pro nor weak 2018. Put on buying hosted by the idea village and joining us at this time is Kevin Wilkinson and he will be. A speaker and he's also the founding and Matt and founder and managing partner of truck lies which is a central city company been here five years and he's a Boston transplant Andy's counting his blessings. That he's down here it is beautiful balmy weather in the northeast at the present time that's very. So you're company's. The monitors to find your impact build your plan implement. Tell us about that so we're an impact consulting company started this company almost five years ago you really trying to make a difference in the city. Com and seeing how we can help support growing organizations to continue to grow and to sustain themselves. Off and say don't partnerships in the oxygen of new Portland and some people aren't racing at whether it literally as an entrepreneur or starting a business or using entrepreneurial thinking when managing the business management organizations. So we worked in the nonprofit space we work in the for profit space and we work in the public space with the idea of making an impact and make sure that everything we do create some sort of actionable plan for the organization world. You know you talked about the atmosphere you spent much of your business life of the northeast are what makes this unique. I knew or loans so innovative and so signing Austin's fantastic city I love that it's a very mature city lots of large industry lot of large companies. Arch mineral as well on some aspects but really dominated by big the big companies. New Orleans. Didn't have a lot of big industry you know so with the advent of all the stocks and real thinking don't productivity. You're so only seen industries march when I'm Mercury years ago. I'm actually worked with that it felt fantastic organization really making an impact. Tom and I saw I industries beginning and I saw a new ideas being spark but it was still early. Come eight years later we're seeing real growth we're seeing real traction in water and food and innovation and technology and hospitality. Really people using a much newer approaches to help establish and grow the organizations. If you have a good idea. You know you and you wanna try new artist fantastic. You've got all these great organizations that helped start new ideas whether the idea village with a B propeller but there you four point oh with a B Cooper network. With the 101000 small businesses. So many free services to help establish and to help grow organisms. So your companies actually a great example of what idea villages talking about all week here with annual top two or week I mean. You're proof and put it's actually happen to actually happen. And a lot of opportunity and people can pay for the services I think that's news that's a reflection of the maturity of the ecosystem. Will Kevin Wilkins the founding and managing director replies thank you so much for joining us now really present we appreciate no it's a little compact but we gotta get try to get everybody. Hates you and asked me thank you are that in it's now time for the cash contest. And got to win some big money here we ago.