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Newell Normand
Wednesday, September 13th

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While I don't know exactly what. The conflict is is about other than the fact that your Smith is that he that he's gonna have a press conference. And reveal the current status of their investigation as as a relates to this. You ruled. Be reminded that the coroner is looking at a certain kind of evidence forensic evidence. And to re creation of the crime scene in and things of that sort. And I'm not sure what other evidence lies in the hands of sheriff Smith. So I think we need to take a wait and see attitude at this point in time to see exactly what here it is that he's talking about. There may not be. A lot of conflict them then again by the nature of the press release there may be I'm not sure. What. Do you think this could do further DEA had an arrest is made in the case. Or for any chance of a criminal prosecution. Well obviously I think if I would've put myself in the shoes of the district attorney I would much rather this. Be worked out behind closed doors as a relates to getting on the same page in. In beating this around. Because obviously the jury pool. That's out there. Are the constituents of saint Tammany. And in their seeing is a fraud in real and that it can't help but some what taint the jury pool to a certain extent. If there turns out to be huge differing opinions. As to the reflection in this case. Situation like that. Well we've had disagreements with with the prosecutor over issues in and week. You know rounded up and in and talked to to them and that's not only. State prosecutor. You know local prosecutor. Goes state prosecutor as well as federal prosecutors say it this is something that happens. So many levels of experience of many different perspective sometimes especially if it's not a clear cut case. That you come together and you try to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the case. And in how you can go about overcoming weaknesses in order to have a successful prosecution. Any idea what happened here and those. I don't know enough about the case quite frankly it to draw a conclusion one way. A.