Newell: No one wants to be a public servant

Newell Normand
Friday, February 23rd

Newell talks accountability among lawmakers to fix the state budget. 


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Is the special session of the Louisiana legislature were headed to a dead end on the Prodi Mazda opinion poll 94% of the respondents say yes. That is disconcerting. Thank you for no on attacks on thank you for noticing the prom my son is headed to Alabama. For college the reason they offered far more money to the point it was cheaper for him to be doing it elsewhere. You'll never change estate for the batter while believe that. And I'm not given up you know I mean the fact of the matter is. I think we need to come to this realization this thing needs to happen now but folks its not gonna happen unless you call your your respective legislators. It's not happening you have to take this on and we and we have to call them so many students set up talked to so many. University. Professors and and and and heads of departments and universities are completely frustrated. But I not knowing what they're funding stream is going to be for the following year. Everybody says education is the key. Everybody and we have this issue just going on right now with safety on opponent on a school campuses. It in has been pointed out by people put so many years. And we're gonna talk about some of the comments of Wayne Lapierre the president the NRA. Many of which I agree with him wholeheartedly. Many Al which I think he would have delivered a much better speech Eddie judge shut up. And not go where he was going. And not trying to make it yet again did this did this it. Because there are some big wins for for them and for everybody else if we just stay. To the issues and stay to the facts and not get involved in this partisan. Godly go to the lack of it because there won't let me say any other word on here in moving forward. At some point in time we are going to have to take those days the dressings of those labels. Often vause in her room and start talking about. Things realistically. Utilizing the empirical data and you're tired hearing me say that and finding a resolution. To these issues. The only thing that we're finding right now or are soccer cleats so that we can kick the can as far down the road as possible. And when I called the avoidance mentality. Everybody wants to run for public office. Everybody wants to be a public office nobody wants to be a public servant. And the fact of the matter is is said those decisions that have to be made. Are not easy decisions are tough decisions every day will you make mistakes absolutely we're all human. We're all human there will be mistakes made. But the fact of the matter is is for the good of this state the good of our citizens. We have got to find a resolution. And whether it's security for our kids on these school campuses. Or having them understand the choices in the options that they have in god forbid I went to UNL. And. Great school. Great school. It wouldn't have traded it for every anything I was one of those awarded to work I had two jobs worked. All through college eleven years part time at night with out that place a wouldn't be where I am today. It's absolutely necessary that we have. The full breadth and depth of educational. Opportunities for our kids and it should not be a year in year route. Guessing game as to what services are gonna be provided on these respective campuses. With the these chancellors of all of these universities across the state. Juggling balls like pair circus act. Absolutely. Ridiculous if we can't get at least that right. And get that stabilize in this state Shane all on us.