Newell: If this benefits Louisiana...I'm all in!

Newell Normand
Monday, April 16th

What impact has Medicaid expansion have on Louisiana’s economy?  Governor John Bel Edwards provides an update on Medicaid expansion & budget shortfalls and how it can impact you.   


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We're back and in this hour we're going to be talking about Medicaid expansion and in a resent. Add advocate editorial the advocates says that the advantages of expansion are both financial and medical and here to join honestly explain this to us is the governor of the state Louisiana John Bale Edwards welcome to the show governor. Well good morning bill was good to be with you and your listeners enough. Glad you're feeling better. Actually like to thank you so much. So there's been a lot of misinformation that is going around I just wanna tell you just one thing that really struck me before we talk about this. Uninsured rate falls to twelve and a half percent in Louisiana. And in my junior or senior year of law school in the early ninety's I did a paper on the medically uninsured and it was roughly 25%. At that time. And when I saw this number of the other day reported. I was it was shocked and offer me because I remember. The deleterious effects that this medically uninsured population had on a day in and day out living of our constituents in the state we've seen. No you're exactly right and and when the applicant government tanks were not much different than what you did you paper I think these official. Read about it Chu was right at 24% so basically one and four. Louisiana's did not have health insurance. And if you know the problem that causes. Is that they typically access this care amber she and because with the walls don't allow them to be turned away under the camp today. And that is the most expensive setting to receive medical care at the least effective way to manage disease. And we're paying forty cents on the dollar there when we insure we pay no more than ten cents on the dollar in fact this year. For the month federal shares six that's on the dollars so that's where we have achieved tremendous savings. But we're proving people out with access to health care. And as well and and doctor Jim bridge and did the study did did he cited earlier out of that she's. I'm the public administration institute and basically in a match you know what it count as 447. Million dollar annual cost of the state. We are leveraging one point 85 billion dollars in federal funds each year that didn't come some weeks total of health care but it turns over our economy. And in the economic impact is really worth 3.5. Billion dollars in and open the time of these expand Medicaid. Under estimation has its responsible for little more than 191000 jobs across the state so. It's a big deal for this for economic reasons and partners we did it toward health care. A reasons but but it is and and and and that was the the value epic of this study. An honorable no one believes in coincidences but isn't it. True that this may have had an impact on the fiscal cliff number and why it is dropped. Oh yeah mostly well but the forecast has gotten better. Look at the end of last fiscal year June 30 we closed the books and capture plus and its first debenture plus long time. And the forecast at them or EC has meant to considered changing forecast in the current fiscal year. They've improved the forecast because we we are doing better economically we have bowl people work. On diplomacy that ten year that we don't actually wage growth and attacked this year. Or the lecture should say which group the leisure and averaged two point 9%. And that's it the national average of 2.4 percent. And so would be improved economic circumstances. Due in part to Medicaid expansion or draw up in those forecasts in a positive direction. Which helps that we still have a tremendous clipping out of this is 640 million dollars. And we were still work on that but at least we're didn't go back which last week when she met. You know the other interesting thing that we lose sight of his all of the medical service. Providers all up and down the food chain of in the delivery of medical services. In states that have exercised Medicaid expansion. Haven't proved as as companies have improved financially and it is in his met a huge benefit to their employees. And that actual span for every dollar. That's there in new discretionary income that dollar turns over seven times in a micro economy. Clinton that's right and and of course future on the hospital board and so you know now. Are difficult it is to treat a large number of them featured when you were not receiving. Compensation so that and so. He's as you know providers are ecstatic about Medicaid rates but Medicaid reimbursement rates beat decked out in the open. And and you can look at hospital closures around the country. And you can overly map of the states that did it did expand Medicaid and and overweight. That with a map. Hospital closures especially Worrell hospital closures. And you'll see there's a bird or where or so there's no doubt and but that our medical providers and a better position today. Then they would have been without the Medicaid expansion. And that way they can continue to provide medical care 22 people to reaching out and so I don't think it upset at the time expanded Medicaid dual. Do would be the easiest big decision makers governor and and I have no reason. To rethink that I mean every day it just changed board more obvious to me into others that was the right thing to do. So financially it's been a win but the bigger win has been further you know the constituents of the state Louisiana has a relates to their health. Has this thing has save lives. There have been no doubt and and if it is good for the people police and now we did was bring our tax dollars here rather than on the slopes. Two of the 32 other states now that the expanded Medicaid but it was obvious they so we know that because we can't hundreds of individuals. Too because Medicaid expansion of the two primary care. And they get diagnosed much earlier with diseases that otherwise would mean that they have until it was too late to treat them. So we get hundreds of individuals diagnosed for example colon cancer breast cancer. And they're getting treatment we've had. Thousands diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes but these diagnoses incumbent earlier in the disease stages when they can actually be treated. They can remain helping remain productive and in the work force or is otherwise they are not going to be tremendous things and so. If it takes money but more importantly it saves lives in. In how often tell people you know it's the same Catholic Christian faith to lead me to be. Pro life on the issue abortion that tells me that the Medicaid expansion is also a pro life. Position no one of those positions is thought to be on the conservative side of the spectrum the other one side but for me than both com from the same place. And doesn't really matter at the end of the day. It is I think he knows that it's. Even the people who don't agree with that or not but for me it's it's a no brainer and it's more as an extension via. Governing you know the the one thing it's always confused me is set in during the Jindal administration. He took advantage of every other program. Of boarded Medicaid. But took advantage of every other. Program. That's kind of part of the same web. Extraordinary financing in this relationship with the federal government. But he did it because it was cold Birtley Don and it wasn't overtly. Yeah it you know I think you're right we're we're. Pushed table. Obviously recovering from some things that we that we inherited. And we're doing much better now some differences that coach earlier. But but the fact of the matter is we could've taken the bench and Medicaid expansion. When it would have been even better deal for the state back when it would cost nothing. For the first couple years and we missed out on those years longer. Given this revenue streams into our economy. And by the way it is big east these jobs are not public sector jobs for the most port beefed up to have a sector jobs and and that are opted to relieve but can the economy when we when we can use it. But you know I'm one of those individuals that I wanna do something that it makes its first day it's it's it's it's best for state. And in the politics will sort take care of itself. Idol try to make statements nationally about what do or don't do I just believe that the end of the day the best policy is also the best politics. Yeah I mean we knew we get caught up in the tit for tat soundbites. It doesn't really lead to too much operationally that's gonna make a difference in the state. I think you're right and and the people police and give it and and come I'm not Aidan of this that we got archer challenges. But when I traveled the state people no incidents until. That we were doing better that they're doing better. Book but we've got a long ways to go and we're gonna keep working really hard. To deliver better care to to mention that the economy. Does better that we fund education you know we're we're struggling out there. To come with a budget here and the alleged interest it responsibly and at which point are critical priorities and I'll I'll say short 640 million dollars. In terms of the public debate and actually wrote it to this year it's proving. It's proven almost. Impossible to do I would and after him have to come back on the other side of this session and do some things that we broach the complexion fiscal solution and certainly should have done them MD. Special session earlier this year. You know this kind of song and a prayer mentality. By some of the members of the legislature and thinking that this thing is going to improve significantly. Over the next fourteen to 21 days is that a reality. In our racing met last week. They improve the forecast. Most of that improvement have you due to changes in the tax structure. From last year in the benefited that that's gonna create for the state so. Topic and that totaled 248 million dollars and 46 million dollar improvement. In the forecast through Saturday of that is because the title text changed the restaurant because of these economies do about it. But that's the number. And and I'd probably don't have any higher numbers before the end of this fiscal year June 30. When one point four billion dollar effort to revenue falls off the table. And and all my plan was to keep not all that but but most of it. And aunts and my plan actually would have a net tax reduction. Of four million dollars when he looked at the post things that would the riveted to it that we allowed to expire without replacing. But at that level even that we have about 120 million dollars in cuts. Those cuts could be spread across government and they wouldn't be so deep. That we couldn't adequate appliance or the most critical priorities you just simply can't do that if you if you look at this 600. Give to your so mean in dollars in state general on that's going to be because when you put to the part of that aspect of health care. And I think the weight that the house appropriations committees in both the budget bill just moments. Healthcare is gonna get the lion's share of that. That you lose all the fat. That would be attracted this well war. It's going to be. Billion dollars in cuts is something like that. And so it's it's ditch just not gonna work and I think that legislatures is gonna quickly come to terms with this is this is not a a worthy of the people are statement and have through approach legion and inducted topics and didn't get it done and we didn't. Would receive tremendous benefits to the states for a long time incumbent could we have momentum now and if we don't want to lose that. Import them both of them as for the first element in here we've actually funded educational about it. And we slump took its funded tops scholarship program. We need to do that again picture as well but that's not what this budget currently dust. Well with with this budget it in this being the first got to get shot across the about the lack of a better term. Does that mean we're not probably get we're not going to be able to. Get out of the regular session hurling getting to a special session to just get into the meat to the issue. Well you know the last conversation I had with the president and the speaker that boat though they still don't need to a turner. I believe that which are about to see is there's enough to individuals and legislate for open house and senate regardless supporting. Saying that this this budget is not workable. That it will reinforce that and and it's it's my hope that by the middle of maybe we would turn direct recession going to a special session that we can still conclude early in June. So it took actually. Addressed the revenue problems and fashioning budget that is worthy of the state we can do that. You know there's not a lot of options. Available to list that we haven't had shall be. We know what's what's possible we know we need to do. And the and hopefully this exercise that that's been happening here and we're actually drove last. Several weeks prior to put together a budget which is the public today at least in the House Appropriations Committee. Legitimacy it becomes very clear that we just we just have to go back into a special session to access. Well governor I've said this to you privately you're optimism has always encouraging and so. Well I am optimistic and by the way a bit dangerous about what it would do and so much better. And and and it would be a shame to lose this momentum. And at just to open tournament do I remain. Optimistic and confident we're gonna find a way to come together. We shouldn't wait to the last second. That's not good for our state is not good for people it's not good for a credit rating agencies and individuals who were trying to decide whether to the national state. But at the end of the day I just have to believe. And a little work very hard to make sure that this happens but we're gonna come together and and fix this problem for the benefit of the people here. And we will all be winners thank you so much for joining us who really appreciate your time and you're inside thank you so much have a great week. Will be right back after the break that was governor John Bell Edwards talking about the effects of Medicaid expansion both. Financially as well as for the benefit of the health of our citizens of the state Louisiana will be right back this is new rule under the Dario. That's right we wanna hear good news gives ecology 601. It's seven here at Texas City 7870. As we've been talking about the Louisiana Medicaid expansion in that. The most recent economic study done male issue reveals that this at 3.5. Billion dollar impact on. Understated its supports nearly 191200. Jobs across the state and a 178. Million dollars. In state and local taxes. And not to mention on the health side of the number of screenings and have been done in lives have been saved and you know looks like from any number of perspectives that at the present time this has been a positive thing we wanting to know what you think about this when we return on WWL. So give us a call this is an all will be right back after the break. Rebecca we're talking about Medicaid expansion and under Prodi modest opinion poll are you in favor of the Medicaid expansion 67%. Of the respondents. Cinco. As a result of that in as I said before when I was a law school Bakken and ninety's. Did a paper on the uninsured population. Medically uninsured population of the residents of the state of Louisiana and it was about 25%. Then we were one of the highest in the country. In medically uninsured and and and talked about the of FedEx devastating effects that it had on our economy and what it actually meant and when I was talking earlier about these extraordinary programs that are financed by the federal government. In a previous administration under Bobby Jindal that he took advantage of each and every one. Didn't get talked about march because it was done in a very Covert way. And it was. Pretty much in most respects a lot of the scene. Financing scheme that that's involved would Medicaid expansion. Except you didn't have to make a public decision. And at duke rape. And at a station in order to get to the program. So you just participated doing you know kind of in the shadows. With C amass the center for. Medicaid and Medicare services. And you know rocked along the program and tissue didn't know it's called Yukio upper payment limit. And there were a lot of it is extraordinary financing measures around that basic program. That most of the hospitals. Involve themselves. If not at all. And in fact I settled on a pass it on a board of hospital that actually involve themselves in them and without his money's. The hospitals in in this area would be significantly distressed. Significantly distress and it was all about providing care for the medically uninsured. We can talk about this issue is though it's a partisan issue it's not a partisan issue at all the fact of the matter is is that. This is this is so. Critical. To life of our constituents in this state a medical services being provided. Plain and simple whether we like it or not. But let us not be disingenuous. And Cass criticism to those. When they know Bruce certainty. That we were involved in that in these other financing schemes that were just like Medicaid expansion. We were matching state dollars for federal dollars plain and simple. And so you know that the height of hypocrisy just drives me crazy sometimes. Because we were able to do it in a Covert way as are as opposed to an over way. And that is what's caused the issue you know as a relates than Louisiana right now. The majority of the folks support. Medicaid expansion in fact the poll which just done. Revealed that. Of the the the folks that were polled. Obviously. Most of most of the folks 51% of Republicans. That's so majority Republicans supported 91% of Democrats and 73%. Of independents support the expansion of the health care program and an independent vote for those of you are not aware. Is. You know growing. Every year more and more when I see these polls the percentage of our folks and are now independents because they just completely and thoroughly disgusted with the shenanigans of the both the Democrats and Republican Party both nationally and and here locally. Throughout the state. They're getting fed up and are moving to independence of the role that they play in an all of this is. Mourned mourned in just like. One attacks on him I'm missing something. You know Jindal didn't do anything to help Louisiana was one of the things I actually did it by participating in those programs he actually helped Louisiana residents he just never bragged about it any hope that nobody ever really found out about it. But it was. All of these economy extraordinary financing schemes that you didn't have to do go check a box and make an overt statement date that you were in fact gonna do this. And you were just taken state dials and match and would federal dolls. We've been doing it for years. And all of a sudden it's taboo and on to stadium I mean we've always done on this the public hospitals in this state as well as the private hospitals in this state. Have have done that in and actually you PL was created for the private it's not the public's. Because the public's we're getting uncompensated. Care dollars and you'd. Certified to the state to save state would send it to the Fed the Fed would send you three dollars for every Dolly is certified. And then they would re distribute that around the state. It's nothing new. Nothing new these financing schemes have been gone on. Three years and years and years and we're talking about it as though it is. And we're talking about it is so you know this is going to be the end of the world and you know as it relates of this and we're going to be. Attacks to the hilt as a result of this if we put all the other states are doing it. All the other states are doing it why would we not look at this program and say to ourselves in this benefits Louisiana means. I'm all in. Tallinn I don't know owning your commute to 601878. Taxes adding 7870. We'll go to talk lines after the break this is no rule on David IBO. On a Prodi Muslim opinion poll are you in favor of Medicaid expansion. 70% of the respondents say yes those little on one Jeff intangible ho where you Jeff. And had a it Jackson. One to make a comment about that it is expected. Hillary wide vote for John bill that would seat sport. One can still go. It but committee debate about that again expected. It is. Probably states many hospitals that are in the state. And and and there's the thing that people understand it and cop data here or somebody that. As the bike you know but one that needs to cheer. And. That those cars and homes are those claws come home to roost somewhere. I understand. I understand that thought process that I work my tail off by. I you know provide for my damn it all these people give up for breed an idol well you know everybody. Yeah that was like medicine and the other 65 in this girl for. It's amazing how the prospective changes. It's I mean no one afternoon in you know you're all or. And get it I totally understand it but you know keep up that is in there and force date. This is it we still have did it in we can save a lot of money providing care. Through. You know through family position as opposed to there are sicker. Absolutely and had we done it earlier we would have been delivering us a lot more efficiently because the stardom is always Rauf. And had we done at the first time around we at that we'd have been zing in. No light though so I they'll people who were yet that it that there. There's a tractor trailer truck all of one dollar bill that in what could be the wake up they are out here. And we don't let it come near to our state. Now absolutely. Well thanks so much stay safe when I'm all right Jeff appreciate it that's gonna want to talk to David in Kenner what say you David. That last element was outstanding but obamacare was passed. A provision where hospitals or receiving a subsidy for treating patients without insurance was repealed now. What Obama camp was attacked. And the congress by the president. And the Republican congress that have fought. The Obama camp has never been replaced hospitals would no longer as far as I know receiving a subsidy to the more people don't have insurance. The more people hospitals have to treat that raises costs for everybody else. And hospital in rural areas have gone out of business in if you have a heart attack if he took it to a hospital. And say ten minutes or less your chance of dying increases dramatically. So not having this expanded. Medicaid under obamacare. Is an absolute no brand no brainer it's cruel it's inhumane but any politician or any individual. To oppose it in the hospital social Louisiana hospital association. Has said they will pay whatever the federal government picks up I challenge any of your columns. Could give a reason why Louisiana and every state in the nation should not have it. And Republican legislators and governors have constantly opposed that the Louisiana Republican dominated legislature opposes the and it's it's to me it's strictly political. And and it's cruel it's mean spirited it's. David orchard believe that a lot of these sound bites and there are some provisions of obamacare that I wasn't in favor of an hour's I came out early on the long before I was on the radio talk show. And being in favor of Medicaid expansion haven't served on the hospital board in excess of twenty years and understanding medical financing. That you know we've used this thing kind of as a as a political. Well. Football volleyball you know. Bad Mitt and urges beaten it to death back and forth where there are some provisions of obamacare that I thought were disingenuous but. There are there were a lot of things there that were meaningful meaningful to folks every day and a lot. And chapped as important. Most people. Are eligible for the expanded Medicaid under obamacare a low income working people there's no way. A low income working person could go into the insurance market and afford insurance for that person and his our family it's impossible you know they don't make enough money. And it seems to me of people doing the right thing they're working they're paying taxes. The richest country in the world the United States of America should do the right thing and provide those people would lifesaving. Health care. 138%. Of the federal poverty level which equates to about 33500. Dollars a year for a family of war. That doesn't go very far thanks David appreciate your call we really appreciate you gotta get to a break if you online standalone come right back to you give us a call 260187. Near Texas at 87870. This is new rule on debit audio and try we wanna hear from you 260187. The only on the tax line the low income workers are the base of the US economy the economy would collapse without them it is in our best interest to provide them with the basic healthcare needs. Not a pretty much opinion poll 65%. Of the respondents say that they are in favor. Of Medicaid expansion you know folks when you think about the fact that we are wedded as to do tourism industry as well as the service economy here. Through the greater New Orleans metropolitan. Area. It really begs of is to be in favor of this because that is the sector of the economy. That helps drive our economy. And unfortunately. There they are a lot of lower paying jobs that are represented in an economy and that's what makes us sing. In effect when we're competing against other tourism industry. Areas. Geographic areas. The better that we do day in and day out of providing that service to the tourist that come to the city. We are betting on our success. We've we are setting up for the next visit. The more that we can have. Then to better service that we provide. Is more likely to lead to folks coming back in visiting us. We can't be so shortsighted. In in many respects as it relates to these issues. And it I guess that's one of the things it's always kind of confused me about connecting the dots. We get so buried in mired down in to a philosophical point of view. From the 100000 foot level that we begin to look at things at the 25000 foot level in order to determine what's in the best interest is Abbas collectively collaborative leave the gather. And we missed the ball. You know what are things that came out over the weekend and obviously Paul Ryan and announced is. That he was not gonna run for reelection in that he was going to be retiring from the house. That there might have been a battle that has. Been started as it relates to. The speaker of the house and it looks like most everybody including our own Steve's polices lining up. Behind Kevin McCarthy. Net Paul Ryan is now openly endorse Kevin McCarthy as his successor. How's freedom caucus founder Jim Jordan. Declared that he was considering his own speakership. Bit on Friday morning and that would. Ensure that there would be a showdown at that election were held today and we'll stay tuned we'll see what will happen we'll be right back after the break.