New polling on race relations, Confederate statues & more

Newell Normand
Thursday, August 9th
Newell talks to Political Analyst Ron Faucheax about new polling that shows an uphill climb for Republicans in the midterms, as well as new information on the state of race relations and Confederate statues

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We're back and join us on line is Ron brochure a political analyst and president of the moved Claris re search group got a bunch of interesting poll numbers that have just come out welcome to the show Ron. Rod knew there. Yes. And sorry. Before we get to the to the poll. Data Ron your thoughts of Ohio district twelve. The other night. Well you know what you compare like in that district. The recent election. Clearly Democrats. Made awhile for Republicans force scrub. So that that could be. You know that the common. And then perhaps well I think one thing that we will. Likely the most states will they read most of the states they blew. But what about programs will be in the swing loosely all of the ball and those states likely that. Remove. Well blue from Republicans do democratic. So. So I think we've seen that in this election. You know ultimately. The Republican candidate still one. And Republican candidates a lot of these actions of one. Baptism party forum this campaign so. So it in indicate that Republicans can and I applaud. But it doesn't districts around the country that'll what Republican the this the records. The Democrats have the chance to ago. In order of things I was looking at a news in that particular as it is the Republicans outspent the Democrats to think about five million to a little bit over a million. The cat the Republican candidate just didn't seem to me to to be a good candidate and I think good candidates don't matter right. Absolutely and and I think you're right you know although we've got to be careful previews. When a candidate doesn't perform as well as Peter tree truly. There and members of his world portly. Criticized the after the election to a well hopefully it is a better candidate we could've done better so that's an excuse but. But I didn't think it's some of these elected. The best candidate. That's tended to prevail. In. In close races. And in this particular race the Republicans were able to apparently able to hold the seat but but. If they get a better can they they've probably been better. Although will sleep because the races that would be re again in November so all those millions which span. And the numbers you gave the man cult but. The host super pac money yeah it's millions and billions on top of that so all that money was spent basically more. For a you know essentially a remote member of congress. One of the other things that punish brought me is that. Female candidates. Are really continuing to do. Very very well and a lot of their. Primaries so Widmer and in the Michigan democratic gubernatorial primary in Laura Kelly and Kansas. You know and it seems as though they have the highest number of female gubernatorial nominees have it any site election cycle in recent history. Yeah out I think that's true and particularly on the democratic. There's been war. Women candidates Merc spot they're open again in candidates doing well. Where Miller was was really sort of the belt but can she was she total opposite the mainstream. You know. Democrat in Michigan she's extremely. Capable practice category. And and you know so. It's stands to reason that group wins you know out of the community. Is also good candidate but he he's been elected statewide attorney general also would. Was so formal member of congress is that pretty attractive candidate teams that total could you know work so book but I think it'll lot of these. Wing states of the midwest the states that cultural wanna like Wisconsin and Michigan. You know audio. In Pennsylvania I think you could see that Democrats. Winning most of the contested races most states which. You know any other thing is is set. I can't remember a president in my lifetime. That. Just doesn't seem to be able to take advice. You know and has. Good people. Given in good advice in and he too likes to be the salmon swimming upstream for whatever reason. Well you know. A lot of presidents have been a lot of very Smart well educated people in the White House would be it would compare it to. So they'll work both ways number it was a story. Where Sam Rayburn was speaker of the house went to a meeting in the White House. Of the Kennedy administration they would talking about all the things that we're going to do it. Into every room walked out of the meeting in April with the Johnson Patrick you know. I've noticed that really people out there they all went to Harvard Yale but I feel better one of them had been away this year. In the local community. Can help you because great. They would understand people would issues that reality that life and I think that I think that has been true. But. But. You know. On the same token I. You know put that the standards of what people looking for war in in public office. You know it changes over time and not think we're seeing some of that again. Yeah and just one other aside. I don't know if we read anything into this with the most recent court cases against labor. The labor as a big win in Missouri they strike down the right to work ballot measure. If that was a really big win for them because you know the story is. It is has been at state that. Had this Wednesday. It's moved in recent elections still much more conservative Republicans state. As has always been Tennessee at all console and West Virginia. But if you with like this state that has moved more to. Political life would have been able to have to have kept the right to work law and and equally. But apparently. Organized labor put enormous amount of money in the the story as quickly as they can handle over the years. And were able to. Able to win so that that's an indication. That Democrats may be getting Democrats to the polls better than Republicans with getting Republicans to couples. Well there seems to be a lot more energy in a Democratic Party right now. I mean I think it just about every political pundit on both sides of the aisle was saying that at the present time. Yeah everybody sang it in these special elections have been demonstrating at polls with demonstrating it. What Republicans and pro trump Republicans think ultimately. They can rebel Leo voters after the primary stroke or when they can make it a clear cut case. You know bill courses Liberal Democrats so they can get to the Republican field but as it stands now the the Democrats have a Tuesday the and that losing them to vote advantage usually translates to. Two more turnout election there. And then you know the cases they'll the other day. That was a good except that because. While Republicans were voting decent numbers. The Democrats are voting and even much taller. We gotta get to a break Ron we come back we're gonna talk about these poll results very interesting about the media race relations. Confederate statues from parties and issues. All kinds of different things when we return we have Ron fellowship a political analyst and president of the Claris research group when we return this is new rule under every WL. We're back you were talking Iran tocchet political analyst and president of the Claris research group and we're gonna talk about. Any number of issues that if recently been released in his report. About some poll findings and Ron. You know it in mid age where words matter. Kind of interesting outcomes on poll questions relative to the media. Yeah out there there's quite a few over the last couple days. We reported on from polling you know so what that individual medio. And also that the media. Oh. We've fallen that. You know basic principles of freedom of speech should readable and follow still feel pretty the only one bird people. But. But there's a lot of complaints for example. 72%. Think that it should be as reporters were published. False information. And but on the other hand 68% think reporters should be protected from pressure go for big business. And yeah. But today is that what the the majority for 6% think that most news with tried their best to produce a report but. The fact that it forces. Percent not over 50% I think is still. Yeah and impact I guess. You flip to the stations that embrace Shearer. Point of view in your perspective and and with cable news that there's a greater opportunity of that today than there's ever built. That's right and and I think that's what the reasons why politics have become and so poll that people could go to. News stations that all week were percent one point of view or mostly workers are more importantly. And so it's important those beliefs because a lot of people. Walk away from that not hearing on the court and and beat in the and then you know that it affects people's you know. Behavior in the book and I think we actually met over the last quarter a year quite a bit. One of the things that was particularly interest. What are these polls. Ask voters whether they bought the president. Should have the authority to close down himself. That we're engaged in what he would they have been here. And yeah define bad for well that's well thought that that was a Tuesday. That was about who you know due to the bond of the book holder got it. With basically what what it means that the president thinks it's basically repeated like it. Which probably means that means criticism. He people would trump standard equipment. Well. About newspaper TV station or radio station. Only 46% of the American people. Agreed with that. But though only 53%. Of the American people. I agree with that right and and you know it took no position order one thing that was a pretty basic. 43% of public. I think that the president should have the order could close down news media. I think that's reflective they don't. Of their love for Rachel madcow and Don lemon right. You know and one of the things. You know we see in the polls. While rhetorical who which has generally been a pretty conservative newspaper. At least from the editorial standpoint. Or board Democrats. Or or approving the vote. And so yeah a favorable towards the Wall Street Journal that Republican. Which seems to be comparable contradictions. But equal we do fear is that a lot of Republicans particularly pro for local welcomes also distrustful. Although the national media in the national. Out the clock to dispel the Wall Street style. That that they're giving anything. But the battle of New York now or media. There were. It is pretty telling when the weather channel gets the most the highest favorability. You walked out and kept the puck at about what people can agree all right now you know whether travel. 85%. Capability. And then you get to the would lose you know. Welcome mid fifties. And fox means which was sporting dog. And that's in BC 48%. That there are people that work scoring in the 60% or so you're right. They. Well you know what the trial and Pete via a received the best great. But you know I I would go with those. I put in some respect. What are the other interesting questions that was asked then. And what I found interesting about it is at the two Republicans ended up almost. You know with the favorability nick got better number. As it relates to race relations would you say race relations under each of the following presidents got better got worse or stayed about the same. Yeah about what their interest because it showed that. So the president. Had the better. You know most people thought race relations will better story is term was Bill Clinton. Bought boats to read Awad. Or about two would have the one they thought were actually it's god that are supposed to got worse. Consistently well both George W. Bush brought Obama. Apparent voters went. Between Bellwether race is a bit worse and other terms and I interestingly enough on the double trump. Only 16%. Follow Americans. And voters nationwide think that race relations have gotten better. So he's been president. You know at a whopping 55%. Think gratefully could have gone to war so what well the terms of crop. Most people think that we're actually hasn't gotten worse. Under during his term in all the recent growth. Right can you stay where at this. Talk about are these the only issue is we got to get to this break we wanna hear from you give us a call 260. 187. New York. Text us at 87870. And on the blue runner opinion poll do you believe that race relations are better or worse under president trawl. And me right now dead even 5050. On that question will be right back after the break stay with this this is -- Enron Felicia on W Dario. We're back with Ron tocchet political analyst and president of the Claris research group and Ronnie on the issue. That we were looking. Was issue priorities and not surprisingly. The general public's all over the map as to what should be. You know the the important priority issues for congress. We may have lost and we only blue runner opinion poll. Do you believe race relations are better or worse under president trump 64%. Of the respondents say. Better. And I think we're in the process of trying to get. Ron Beckel scuttle on one talk to Terry and sort of talked to Terry in Slidell dietary. Ever. Get out about it Obama or the bit of regulation. Or to come back. But Michael. White we saw the shot up old Michael. You know at the one and or it could've been much done it's no doubt about it I mean actually it. We think it's yet to. Better. They turned up and around port and Obama because. It. Well there was not there was a mindset that he was in the best position to succeed in net in that respect and I think that probably there are those. That. That thought so. There and I mean it's just with that that poll reveal although not overwhelmingly. Right so. Why aren't great on the Rock the Vote beat the people. At all. Yeah I don't. It all out but not. At work. Chicago. All of the platforms like pot. But he acted. Without shock that Jack. And opinion that they talk about trying to. Well. Respected. He's on. You know helping out. Of the two. Now I'm sorry but Obama called. It would tend. People. Came out and and now sports gonna point out and Obama bush eight years of the bout that. When the spread. Of Amman. All right thanks for the call Terry really appreciate that we got Ron background for Russia. Then I'm sorry. Run one of the things that we're talking about the issue priorities and and it seems as though the respondents were all over the map on this issue is what should be the important priorities for congress. Why not I think you're right and you know you have different constituencies. Liberal constituency conservative constituencies. You know that little old people young people middle buyers are. As static but but that's newer issues that water majority. Support for being a top priority. Where past and it'll kill reform bill and reducing the federal budget deficit. And the ten things that congress is not working on right now. And won't be working on my guess would be some odd would be passed the health care. So Ed reducing the federal budget deficit you know I think once again go figure yes. So what the American people want what congress is actually doing. But two very different. But I don't see dual line very well do no doubt. We talked about reforming entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security at less than half of the respondents 45%. In passing an immigration reform bill at 42%. Right and you know one of the things that you have to be careful with and to borrow up to pit with this with the way. Poll what it was passed and people were for social security and Medicare. And the entitlement program. And go where MM or higher who legally parked but people who hated to do. And by adding the word title and sometimes it could it can buy it. Well one of the things we've seen here in polls over. That. There is very very broad support in the public force social security and Medicare. In the game and keep those systems support now a lot of people when they should be reform but but again for the is in the all of the whole problem people they reformed these ratings. The benefits. And some people think reform means. Wouldn't attack on the program sort of what the bill so so you know what you're looking at priorities. To keep in mind it's not. You know all the thought people with two opposing points of view it agrees that we ought per hour to argue. Why the baby boomers wanna see more. More pay outright. You're absolutely and that and that's been the case that with that Social Security yet and and me and we've certainly seen it done well but. But but I do think the you know these things give you an idea what voters woke up and the one thing Democrats sort Dooley years I think. You'll hear them talk about it for quite a bit. It right nationwide. But I don't know how much you're gonna hear anybody talk about reducing the budget deficit because of. Well because the crew to cure all these other ills that we're talking about here if you can't. Reduce the budget deficit. To two quality products. That's right and one footnote to all these. I've always differences. If you look at the war reform. Rule you know we're getting some pretty good. I think the American people you know ready for. Or reform. Error in the country get when you look at programs and what you're spending and you've. You make everybody just to fly at baker and working right look at Google's servers which which I don't think we're very well anymore. And and really forming this sport through go bitten in the structure these programs and and I think that's something that both sides agree ought. It is something that pro patrol there's talked about it's it's auto like if you could say would be you know plead the walk. What you get but well with so we seem important is little actually happening now for gore. Ron last issue there confederate statutes do you believe statutes of confederate leaders should remain standing are being taken down want to remain standing 54%. And just 22% of the respondents say taken them. 00 rule applies that I thought the percentage of people saying take them down the taller and 22%. But when you look at the internal numbers you see at 70%. Republicans 35% of Democrats 55% of the independence. The B 1% of whites. All say they fear remains banned. Compared to 18% of African Americans and 34% of the Hispanic Tuesday may. One in since thing was well that he fought so maybe who works. I think it's veterans that were made while only thirty line process. Oh millennial and so so so clearly worried it'll minorities. And more ideals to not look at this missing boys that. Older white. Voters would look at it. Right right. Well we will continue to check in with you and the future and you wanna tell our listening audience how they can get your lunchtime politics report. Well you can vote 21 god politics got column and simply give this year email address symbols 74. I think it's something you wanna do you folks there at all or some incredible information in here and run we always appreciate your time thanks so much for us spending it with this today. Like you know. All rotted out front pushing a political analyst and president of the Paris re search group. One of the most knowledgeable people on their own politics and love talking with him. We'll be right back after the break stay with us you believe race relations are better or worse under president trump 62%. Of the respondents say better let's go to line to talk to frank and cantor what say you frank. More blown call. Can you say about people that were. There. The war by the year ago junior. That makes sense given that the courage it's been some reports. Nicholas. Talk about what was worse liberal image better off or not we talk about their actual structure. They get it they were so. Oh. Sport sport and what actions. We airport and the crime it. We marched arm. And that's not ignore. We talk about where socialist New York go. Running congress as she is is that more now. We're focusing on what's happening is an excellent which. So some issue with where that these questions. Well right quite frankly you missed my point my point wasn't really just talking about that particular issue was talking about the duplicity in which week. Tree. Illegals as opposed to citizens insane. That that underlying crime would qualify for a felony multiple bill in hand sentencing in our criminal justice system. But in the immigration world they can't even decide whether or not it's a violent crime. And then and they can't deport the guy because they say. That do it did definition of violent crime and immigration law under the priority enforcement program that was set out by the Obama administration. Is that its two day. And that's it that's support hours trying to make is that. We have created a special class of folks here in this country who are not citizens who actually get greater benefits of the law. In their citizens to. So that's not the fringe that's that's reality that's happening every day. We're completely immigrant have more much but I. I just think I just I just talked about one. They had been arrested twice would go on charges and in those two gun charges. You would have been multiple build in Louisiana. And would have had an enhanced sentencing. They can't even deport this guy because the the immigration George is it that the un on the judge is saying. That. The vagueness of the term violent Klein. Doesn't allow them to deport this guy. What the solution to that as we get somebody in congress pay attention and reform. My point exactly but that isn't it that's this is not a range happenstance. This is a happenstance it's gone on every day in America. And these are things that we're not talking about. Because we don't wanna talk about it we don't wanna talk about these issues because we really don't want to resolve. This immigration problem. There are those in this country that don't want it resolved. Well yeah their their their drastic solutions that are proposed both sides and I can understand why I would agree. Al I agree with. You comeback I don't know where this guy George managers that they could not blow Colorado. I don't know I don't know I. It doesn't matter I just sent it in Louisiana if you if that would happen dual citizen again double bill I mean it. Good. No because a federal court a federal court prohibited. Him from being deported that's the problem. Which arrest double billed and he's put in jail and each album bar. Now makes. The federal court stepped in and said you could not deport this guy but those charges because it's too big to term. Violent crime. Welcome to go yeah that's a federal judge with a single role I've you know what if you weren't sort of double edged down here you would never got that. Right I apologize I gotta get to a break thanks so much for thanks for Colin and appreciate your insight we'll be right back this is new rule on debit or via. Go back to the talk lines line wall and talk to Linda Linda would just have a few seconds. Lindy there. This league is Linda you there. How can just have a few seconds I'm sorry. Okay I'm not. Or. Because. People. I am. And and the well. You know Tiki. Bar and lack or. That they don't wanna wait in line. Right exactly you know what I'm speak. 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