Is New Orleans worth fighting for?

Newell Normand
Monday, October 23rd

Newell wants to know what it is you love about New Orleans.  What makes you want to fight to make New Orleans a better place?  Is New Orleans worthy of the fight?  What say you?


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We're back and we're talking about the things that we love about the city of New Orleans and why we've we you know live here and whether or not it it's worth fighting for whether or not it's worth making a difference here in the city we'll go to talk line line threes genie in the war Owens would say Eugene. Tell the Matta lead the war and I'm I'm here. But all in very excited that some of the people that decided to make at home dot com here. Because I think. Labored and I think they. And I want to tell people is. I hope. We're on the community patients on land are fox project. And it's you know it's his program we start. Changing our boxes we pay the artists we are urged the paint. And around boxes that they are they don't need them and they were trying to match. I've actually sit out those and it looked great. And I wanted to tell you about it because a lot of people think this should pay more and they now. We work really hard trying to break it my all time. I bought. Or done on that just won't worry. But we pray artists and we have really helped our little local artists. To be oh well at. A local lab perhaps to be able to participate. And we feel like it's done a great economic engine truck boat art community and that has helped that hurts tremendously all. And we now are. All part. So. We want to make it everywhere. Well Judy I gotta tell you you really you know. No pun intended you got to think out of the box and you gotta be creative we are in a competition against other. Areas of the gulf south and you know it and number of times when I used to speak publicly this year. We have a lot of art work on neutral grounds in the in Jefferson perish. All right and I start to get complaints. From from folks about the art or not to books it's not about you it's not about what you liked. If it's about trying to set ourselves and make a different set ourselves apart make a difference and everything else. And it's kind of let me oriented. View of the world that the holes us all back has said there are some pieces on Oprah typically light enough must. But I'm not in a publicly complained. About it because you know I'm not the center of the universe. None of us saw and the fact is that we got a pretty ourselves up because. We do have some things in that we art challenge we have opened canals not many cities have that why we have. Too many. But it and and you know so you think out of the boxes to high you can pretty that up. You know the first impression is a lasting impression and at roughly thirteen mile drive from. The airport to the city in New Orleans is so important. All of you know it and I've got a received a lot of text people get off the interstate right here about the bus station and make that. That left sweeping. Turn to go into the city and what do they see. All the homeless under under the overpass. And it's a problem and right away they start having to make excuses for the city. And we have to think about how we're gonna pretty this thing up so that we can you know make a difference and create the momentum and I think these can be I've sought. Two weeks ago I saw bond job and I don't know why maybe I woke up and was paying attention. But I thought they were beautiful and I thought it was a great idea. Thank you so much deeper column we really appreciate it got to get to a break we're talking about what does things that we like about the city is this worth fighting for. We have an election a calm that comes up in November we need to really be thinking about this we wanna hear from you 2601870. 7870. This is Noual Norman on debit Leo.