The New Orleans Saints are the NFC South Champions!

Newell Normand
Tuesday, January 2nd

The New Orleans Saints are the NFC South Champions! How will the black and gold fare going into the playoffs? Can they go all the way?
LSU falls to Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl…what's the future of LSU and Coach O?

This Hours guest:
Kristian Garic - WWL's Saints Sideline Reporter and co-host of Double Coverage
Deke Belavia - Host of WWL's Sportstalk


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We're back and we're going to be talking about the saints. We have Kristian garic join us Christian welcome to the show. Dual happy new year thanks same to you it was in interesting weekend nonetheless. Had a lot of fun bringing in the new year but not so much fun watching football this past weekend. Kind of a depressing start when it's of the local teams the twenty team Susan you know the saints obviously lose and on New Year's Eve to the Buccaneers the hellish tires lose yesterday the ball in the pelicans. On honest on a slide here that is kind of inexplicable also and I'd go to waste our twentieth team but anyway it was a it was an inching game on Sunday for the season now that the inner it would in the NFC south at eleventh five. Nobody necessarily saw them I know I didn't have an an eleven to five it certainly that would in the NC Celso that's millennia. Yeah you know it was. I agree with CIA it was hard to get into that game it seemed like we never could develop a rhythm. And right overall that in play bad but they didn't play great I don't. Yeah I mean if you look at their. Fences that snaps they defended 82 snaps defensively has been. That's a lot of the season guy yeah so the offense you know just couldn't get into rhythm cinema do that at times this year and some games. Going back to Los Angeles rams lost it. I think you know. He is the second time this year he won the turnover battle. And lost that game so they had three interceptions in his Winston. They could add six to be out of the top three other light. But you go back to Atlanta Falcons in the first matchup on December 7 they. It picked off Matt Ryan every time is still lost that game and I think that at some point mrs. This was ever does it disable the deacons would get up field. On 95 archival partially because those results second off that was the first time this year that the defense was on the field. And couldn't close out the game at some point the offense had football under the five minute mark one half minute mark. Outlook markets tackled out of bounds targets one out of bounds. And it stops the clock that was a fortuitous break for the Buccaneers and a bit of a mistake by the New Orleans Saints that they there office that stability in those situations. It therefore what I have an office and grind out the couple first downs in the ballgame and in. And look at the target nitpicking office that's been so productive and so prolific over the years and even this year been very productive. But there's there's there's an element to this office that's lacking and I think that's going to be open on Tuesday. Yeah you know I drew still 22 or 3245. Yards one touchdown. You know says still producing good numbers. The running game. You know we didn't produce nearly as many yards as weak and some of our other wins but. Has this report just never seemed like we we got into a rhythm. At all and then to one I think when we turn over the ball that one time it turns out to be a really caustic terms. Yes for those four points ami looked. I think the saints head at a three turnovers I think that made them pay for points on only one of the three turnovers in the Buccaneers don't want a government that made them pay a time in Lewis stripped fumble. Scoop and score Lee you know in the ball game and also deepen their own territory and l.'s costly but it. Do do do the real deal rule is. The saints can't convert on third down offensively they adamant very good this year have been okay this year. Defensively they weren't very good on Sunday at one point. I can Buccaneers were 92%. Are somewhat down on third down. They were a ten of their first eleven on third down James Woods has been been phenomenal all year long on third down. But you couldn't get off the field also could still feels so that's something that could prove plopped problematic in the playoffs in Carolina this Sunday for the third time. Christian I've said if I had to pick a team that I wanted to play at home of all the teams available I would've picked the Carolina Panthers and I just think that. You know Cam Newton. He doesn't show up that often. When he does he's good but it more often than not he's mediocre to bad sometimes. AT. Beckett can't get that cam look it's the third time you're playing them. It's happens I think sixteen times since 2001. Analyst day the teams that are 20. About to go meet team for the for the third time in the playoffs. And those rematch schemes for the third time they're playing teams are 115 of those games so that bodes well for the states but. You're right I mean that's the team the saint I think ultimately match of the best with over three prospect of team they were gonna play. With the rams. You know because CD via. The loss but between Atlanta. Carolina Seattle Carolina was play the better match up of three. Com put. I just think there's somebody set for. You know how difficult might be to be that team three times he's absolutely crucial is gonna talk lines will be a low one and talk to my agent avenue what's going on Mike. I. The law it but the owner here the simple. Nor. The that plane Caroline's. I think it better than Atlanta in the Japanese to take care Atlanta. What Wanda in Philadelphia which at this is really been leaked it and you know me you know crawling and speak. Because their quarterback you know about it first aren't so I think that the better matchup. You know Judy in Egypt should be instead of the other way. My united suit and Mike you ice it a little differently because I think the falcons or go to Los Angeles and in the rant all they want wars to that the fences is really playing well Portland and on the stretcher. And of the office is quite what was. A year ago but I think the falcons are really dangerous team really believe that so it wouldn't shock me. At all they had to knock off the Los Angeles rams and that means that that area that go to Philadelphia in news that you'll say if you beat the Carolina Panthers at ago. To Minnesota. I think you'll be fantastic or an organ we edit ourselves here. ID be pretty cool to have a FC south saints falcons. In its temperature game super that would be pretty nice I would be very very nice but I agree with you. Tell me do you believe that Atlanta matches up against. LA better than we do yes yes because it because of their because of their defense and I also think that. That the weapons they have on offense they can be problematic for Ramsey. Then note that was my thinking as well I've said all along I think we're headed to Minnesota. Canada and that's just not my gut feeling. Mineralized as a relates to that that issue let's go blind to talk to Robert new walls what's gone RR. You are going to be. Christian. And you Robert. I. Dispute and that. All you are sure. Well one thing. This thing may have. Carlo open. Degree they would. Yeah boy beat before. No there's no because they didn't run they didn't read if you go to if you're truly gonna take that approach. While you play through Greece while you play Kim Jordan that was truly what you if you did not care about that game whatsoever. Which you didn't know what Carolina was gonna do against Atlanta they play that same time he EU ordered it doesn't do that and look I saw this councils of the the we come back on a flight. With a lot of guys just say there or there abouts in the soft Meehan. I gotta be honest I can't see Sean Payton in his right mind is competitive as he is going you know what will play all our our starters efforts are on Armstead. But yet we're gonna try to loses game I don't see now I think that. Perhaps on that last drive. The saints defense was that the point where they were so exhausted they were like look let's just get off the field and get healthy stay healthy. Okay. I appreciate. They artwork thank you Robert appreciative and happy new Christian and and the blog but Hahn and that's why they put the games at the same time. Yeah I think that it was really to preempt. The saints or any of those teams resting starters speak it is it is not scoreboard watch and get the best matchup that the Biscayne at one. Some Frontline players you know like to breeze like the man oh like a team that never hurt the rest of the point be it. It wanna see now camp nudes that ball game for Carolina Matt writes. Are they couldn't do that. But the point being yeah I think that the league did that like that that that expressed purpose. Well Christian when we come back we're not gonna talk about the Bucs game anymore I don't wanna talk about it anymore I wanna talk about the Panthers at Holloman I wanna know what we have what weaknesses are on that side that we need Dick exploit in order to win this game. And the importance of the fans showing up yet again on Sunday afternoon. To rock this house to make it to give the benefit to our our saints. Every which way but loose we'll be right back where Kristian garic when we return. We're back door talking to Kristian garic WWL sink sideline reporter and co host of double coverage and you know Christian. Coming into this game this weekend lot of lottery you know saints. Milestones has been reported in the paper. There in the playoffs for the first time since at Torrey thirteen season Drew Brees completed 72% of his passes this season highest percentage rate in NFL history. He he surpasses 70000 career yards. This is one that I really like Michael Thomas has the most catches in the first two seasons in NFL history and honored and I'm sorry. 196. Catches in the first two seasons in the defeats Jarvis Landry and he actually had more. This season and Jimmy Graham did in and Ingram and Tamara both top 15100 yards from scrimmage and this is what we need to bring into the game this weekend. Yeah look I mean. You look at efficiencies of Drew Brees you know last twelve years been in the world history phenomenal we know that we can we it's been all they talk about that but I mean he's. Got four of the ten most accurate seasons and at issue in terms of you know. Passing percentage it's pretty pretty phenomenal but the July I think this that. The year they constantly year. Obviously the playoffs come off three straight 79 seasons but. It really comes down Allah America and in marking that you'll right there with a commitment that would do has been something else I think really it was outlook Tamara show. On Sunday as the Buccaneers that utters a sharp kick off return yet another one on Maroney a rushing touchdown. He's been he's been amazing I mean this might be that he's he was a third round draft pick. He might be the best Traficant and choppy history you know and that's something that's ever as an army so Obama I'm Willis they he's that it. The Christian would weaknesses on the Carolina team do we need to exploit this week. Only matchup well with them Ali he's seen them. Score a lot of points against a really good com. Carolina defense split with the one X-Factor that. Will be in this game that wasn't in the previous two. Is Greg Olsen the tight infinite that the Panthers he adds that he wasn't in play the first match ups. They have a lot of offensive threats. Cam Newton is one obviously Christian McCaffrey's the other. And then he got the tight end Greg Olsen so. I think that that the big the big expect there's going to be how to the saints decide the match up against rivals because in the past. He has shredded him that in have a guide cover whether that was Kadima Carlo on bell who I think played very well this past Sunday on they'll play at its worst season. So how does a matchup is Greg Olson that's work ends of the football to. But also can they get after him. It into the ground he's much more typical quarterback sack. And guys like Matt Ryan and others. So how how they handle. Him rushing the football. You know Cam Newton is gonna come in here and try to put all of his shoulders and carry this offense and it would that's on the ground or in the year. He'll try to do that but look if you give him at third and medium third and long situations that force in the try to Picchu. With his arm he can do it but he's also gonna be erratic at times he's gonna throwing the football he's going to be off off target with some throws so. I think that's kind of game plan and show for the saints. Again separate there's office. And this past weekend and noticed that the push on the heated heated and I don't know you know I think it's I think it really is. The Buccaneers had a lot of motivation to. You bit of a spoiler go witnesses in the offseason on a winning note. Lost five row prior to I think that that had a lot to do with it. I think it hears certainly missed and Alex Okafor trade Hendrickson. And holy god all three of which injured two of the three are on injured reserve. So this is a depleted saint defense and other death is really being questioned him look. There 33 in the last six ball so a lot of that's due within the managers they've incurred let's on the ball. And as it relates to you know going back to Richard talk about would Olson a linebacker play I mean that's where we're probably is depleted as anywhere. Who's gonna who is a who's who's going to be the person you think that's gonna end up covering this guy because he is completely destroyed is in the past and actually. Correct me if I'm wrong I think they're tied in this past weekend for the Bucs had a great game as well. He had a couple catches camera break and Republicans want that little final drive from different player than Greg Olsen that Greg old colonial immediately titans. I don't know you know. We got that shopping Hampshire he would tell Susan exactly that government out of I would imagine. You could see Marshall out of more times I think perhaps matched up on the panel where he lines in the formation. Offensively I think the active rely on a combination of rough field bush on bill maybe markets we as more was more that that's receipt back there that's in a fielder so I don't see that. Facilities. The common place maybe Craig Robertson who I think is saints' best. Cover linebacker missing teller on those teams so. It'll be part and parcel kind of approach. So defensively. So we talked defensively offensively what do we need to exploit on as a relates to the panthers' defense. Nothing's gonna really change I mean honestly you're trying to get. Allah Tamara. On a linebacker on a safety. You know in the passing game. You get those matchups you unit unit do pretty well. I guess is Carole Lockett Stevens and he even being low key equally is a bit of a a thorn in your side he's got yet yet that they account for and know that he's gonna be disruptive he can't let him patrol game. You're running game I think that the also need to get. Mike Thomas you know continue basketball Mike Thomas had to find a way also I think. To get a threat from your tied in somewhere down. The scene yet feel threatened. The defense and inlet that's the other thing if you look at his office tool and this is where it's different than years past. They don't have that that's that seem threat but they also. Outside of Mike Thomas who's leading receivers on this team it's Mark Ingram and Alvin Tamara young man who Willie Steve has been absent. Critic cook's kitchen occasional cats here there he would two fumbles the couple weeks ago. So that visual no real threat outside of Alka merit and and and Mike Thomas and the passing. And you know and attacks on someone Texan too much Camaro is going to get us in trouble we don't have enough that we don't have enough offensive threats but I think with a point each trying to make is that. In a different way than what you you ours that we need to spread the ball around a little bit more because that where they just can't focus on command are. Yeah and you saw the Buccaneers at times you seeing defense is start to get their hands on him coming out of backfield and trying to take him away so who's who's on the other guy. That there that is open typically they've had so many different weapons immigrant when they had Sproles and Graham that'll be up. It's it's forced the defense to declare what kind of coverage they were in but without a tight end threat they don't have to do that so it's a little more difficult be I would agree. But I want Comerica in football lot but I it would be sick and I it would. With detectors say is that ultimately defense can focus in on him and that's enough to shut down his office. And and I think you know it was interesting because of the flow this past week's game we've bid to do the difference between Ingram income marriage that they. As I said before they never got into this rhythm where one was playing and often the other. In the defense. Kind of wasn't moved at all by you know the deep Corning that was done by. Sean Payton they'd stated they didn't fall for it in the least bit in many respects. Yeah economically focused on out to merit and they knew that that's that's kind of sent a piece alone Mike Thomas the occasional Ted Ginn junior. You know it and run the ball particularly well I think that you know they've missed on the play action pass to take ingenuity that they've done a couple times this year. So it's just one of those games I think you look at it and it cuts right off as they look there's one at their sharpest let's see the arc this Sunday as the Panthers. Well we need to bring it obviously. To the dome this this weekend and when we come back out of the break Christian ethic you gonna stay with this we're gonna have yeah Deke Bellavia and we're gonna talk a little bit about the and what people are thinking about that so stay with this we'll be right back. We're back and we're going to be talking L issue football and join us in this half hours Deke Bellavia hosted debit meals sports talk radio as well as Kristian garic. Welcome to the show guys. And he did there. I. So deep let's talk about the LSU seasoned and well you know in summary he knew where does that rate for you and what do you think holes or GNU commitments coming up in the very near future on. National signing day in moving forward. At its way to seeing and being in a way it could be out there in the better. They want if they've got a lot of things that if people keep open this year a lot of things clicked in my long game yesterday. And keep the deal Google as an LC at all. The kicker that that they need to do. And they did pretty. So full of articles. Pretty well I think February. It's it becomes a machine the people who. Now feel support Cotto. And the people who game. You know and then they did not chip. Christian your thoughts. Law mean I think because it on the head in terms of either go back and look at that Troy loss and sky I was really ball they rattle off some nice winds and is at this point watch a senator noted demon and it did. It was a microcosm necking it's it was a microcosm of of their season in a lot of ways and mean while the same things that we saw them at cost them games cost me game yesterday and there's going to be divide its support our coach Joseph likely he said it like he said but. You know I think that this pending divorce between he and that Canada I think is initially wanted to follow. Dick. That was kind of the in the distractions leading into the game do you think that that had any plane to this Communists seem to be friction in all it was talked about we haven't heard anything since the game actually more about that that happens things. Katrina with Erica you know discomfort on comparable. Have put it. If it does though is that it's about that now because. I mean you can file and in what we're trying to act out you know what department Tupac is going to be because it. And it pretty quiet village quote the name pretty Mina. He's sent a three year deal one point currency in. Or. And about three days. He did in the debt and it you know okay what kind of unexpected is going to be good. You don't know that achieved in Canada just a question it is a coach trailer she you know all things not. Quote time that he may what issues not at the K am in the fall in new what is on the. You know dig whether it's him or or anybody else it's going to be the offensive coordinator. I was noticing that they really hadn't done a commitment from. You know a real sought after quarterback. And I made the observation. Last week. That I thought L issue needed to throw the ball over the middle and latitude to be. Notre Dame and at Notre Dame had struggled in the games that they lost they got beat in the middle. And we just never threw the ball over the middle we were thrown a vault are tied in on the outside and we kept on and on the outside on the outside on the outside and you know. And then and you think Christian you and I were talking about it last week that they needed to throw over the middle or me it was somewhat won the ailing. Sportswriters and and and he agreed that that's where ahead of the and we never could get it there. No he did. Yeah it goes this same question where is apparently she operates differently for use supported and offered according to equal to Cam Cameron. And you Britney Cogent and it can or somebody makes you that four people. And you go to hoopla that economy and low round out the amount. So let's just say it. I don't know that there were you know aren't emblematic of the world and do. Well then now he's not mean it is December similarity to what struck it good what's in the news. And out that quote in Hitler quote system. It is it is no consistency in the community. Now to you know. If you are somebody you wanting to do the job and it didn't do the job now at a coat and manage or. Uga get right to Vito get it right there at the end you know what Garnett model and all that. Which Al be secure and be not. You know gone by you all say that took the well I think bets on all in the corner in the game day refer to it adding. Well does it change in very many things well you know I just being able to again it goes back to where. You can point out holes that you could you can you know attacks somebody you could say about article because I didn't. Like firstly I'm gonna have some valid if so what it's like did this loading clean itself this year this last this. And so what he'd go back to a game that they're notes that the people who support Goetschl that it will support it should go. That's it for recruiting. As she did it is for recruiting. Class issue. It is and people say he's been there yet but this is you know the potential that apple well he can do it and say he had been. It's it's it's Adam. That you the good news of it but it about it and pay people to book Ochoa wanted bill. Absolutely we gotta get to a break in when we come back if you're on wholesale lower gonna get to a talk loans weren't Kristian garic in Deke Bellavia when we return this new alarm and endeavored to BL. We're back where it Deke Bellavia hosted WWL sports talking Kristian garic echoes the double coverage. You know Deke the one thing that that sticks out to me LSU held the 29 yard advantage in total offense but yet had the ball for fifteen more minutes than fighting Irish. And we lost agreed I think we lost income sorry. It's it was a it was a stat. That was really discourage a lot of ways but again like we talk about the rule would relish too. All season there is there's been this arm there's just been this disconnect somewhere where it's always that this scene seeing that plagues them. Weekend and week out they have a loss it's because you can always point to a certain. In efficiency whether it's office are whether it's kicking game on special teams those those same things that. Have been problematic week in week out for us absolutely the scuttle on wanna talk to ray uptown it's going all right. Hey guys. It's up to sports weekend. One of the first thing I think you're trying to down play in. Philadelphia I mean. You know they don't have a quarterback because maybe a leaks. Back up it's that sort of thing. And and that has a tough place to place filled out in the cold weather and to overlook trying to go to. The city with such a rabid fan base to mean that that that dome as well but if you if you have been looking silly you know that pieces. Ray have been a bit ray have been several games in Philadelphia at the Lincoln I'll take a look. Yes you don't normally typically say yeah out wanna go the number one seed in the NFC playoffs and they'll play him but if there's a team that you're that's most vulnerable of the top two seeds. Them or the Minnesota Vikings it's clearly the Philadelphia eagle because of the polls have you seen him play the last two weeks he has looked very good at even though. Peterson hinted at the fact that if things aren't going well he's not gonna hesitate to make a change. And it it and bring in another quarterback so. I think that it's not all that. Inconceivable to think that want to match up with the Philadelphia Eagles I would much rather matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings right now. Dick what are your thoughts middle shift here. Yeah I think an ability to read about an old favorite you know accidentally. You know according to Albany that they decided to Minnesota with not a team in Nazi so low that sepia did they did. Minnesota that is is is the best team in the league like. Let's go to line two doctor Travis what's going on Travis. Are there. Kevin do you use like this. And that comic you know coach Joseph got the top pick ticket problem. And yeah I'm pretty sure it Marek. Propaganda video ride at all. You know put on a walk on opportunity on eight. They've wrecked here but to give them an opportunity to kick the bucket add on. That. Would. You couldn't keep yesterday. Follower on the plane. Not yet. You know. What would you do. You formulated it sought. But the two people and it should go into that they'd be. Would it be. In that you're talking about most. In mud must that be like crack the top two or they would do in the chain. Yeah now I agree I agree. That let me ask you dig and Christian both how hard is it to get a good kicker. The saint. So Keating and they all of elemental but you know. I think uncle Christian you people were like at the cricket and we. Welcome colleges and not like they have it's you know. It and that he would become in a week they want in the Uga game with scholarship nominate. Stick it. Could be scholarship players so. It's it's a Cogent things and medium aren't in this that there are out there. They coach they think they consider didn't know he didn't. Arctic all of it will that they about this year's they would lose. Your Olympic ticket at the you're kicking game. Did supplements they got you know. Out agree with the tool that I think that it's it's like in baseball you have a pitching coach you know war more teams I think should probably look at having eight kicking coach I know that's what do etc. but I mean I think it's such especially. Sport look how many teams are specially position with complete games are won or lost look at look at look at the playoff game last night between Oklahoma and Georgia. Right based that it has basically decided on a couple blocks fuel at that but I mean. I think that there's something to. The idea if you have a pitching coach or baseball while Gemma kicking coach guy it just strictly. Working the kitchen kickers because most head coaches they are offered to Lima and other defense of linemen and linebackers their quarterback the Ottawa I don't look at it. Well you know all of you got to win and all of the silent right in and that's why asks the question how hard is it to get a kicker because. Mean that they produced points and and just as you pointed out last night that that kick was blocked made and now article on the national championship. And anxious. It's. It seems to me all to import we gotta get to a break again guys are fueling a standalone get bacteria where we're Deke Bellavia and Kristian garic we'll be right back after the break. We're back and we've been talking L issue in saints football it was a tough weekend on a football fraud and you know we had a good good New Year's and joining me in the studio is due in scoots up next so a little while we're going to be talking about tonight. Well we'll talk about the saints who talk about hellish year we're gonna talk about this cold weather. You know I that. Did there were times when walking to work is just such a great pleasure than there are times when it's not as pleasant and NT was a best case when. It's just not that much fun to walk seven blocks Stasi were you hit like an area like porridge is where the wind comes blowing off the river. I it's cold as it is still a couple of days. One of I'm glad you brought that up because of one rail about one thing you know that leaky fire hydrant I've been talking about over there Bosnia's Pontchartrain expressway well here was leaking and I and I predicted that when a well the drop below freezing that that would end up in two or she device and no one would be able to drive up causing you gotta be coming right up. Exactly what happened at a blocked off. People slipping and sliding all over the place some money obviously ran into the barricade put that in it shattered and into pieces and the water still leaking. Isn't it interesting how things and he knew you think back on the sewage to water board to debacle things don't get fixed until. Something bad happens an answer have to be fixed it's like whatever happened to being proactive with things. We you know I have said to folks and I'm gonna keep mentioning it now now I am because I drove through there this morning slip and slide slid all the way up you know and obviously somebody had. Had blown away the a barricade and in splintered it into pieces there and obviously because the water froze over you know and they we have a beautiful ice sculpture. You know other than that. Him also I CNN's coverage of new diseases is being criticized because correspondent Randi Kaye. Was alive from a pot party boss. Heading to a pot party to celebrate the beginning of 2018. And so will talk about whether or not that was appropriate for CNN it was in Colorado. So it was legal but it at one point she John done. She she donned gas mask bong you don't upon a supposed or. You know I mean that the gas mask to supposed to help you breeze. In in the case of an emergency hold this is when you breathing your breeding and the bond I mean I don't know exactly how it works mechanically Brett somebody's figured out how to retention belong to a gas mask. And at some point she had that on the there's been a lot of criticism of a CNN for. CNN seems to have trouble on New Year's Eve I think last year was Don lemon in now. Well this year Don lemon on kissed his new boyfriend on and he met this guy a year ago at the same bar that he was asked where and he was a New Year's Eve this year. And Brooke Baldwin co host to within. And she is engaged now to a guy she met at that same bar two years ago two years ago New Year's telecast so maybe they should just send single people out there downing afternoon. We'll stay tuned scoots up necks and be talking saints Alicia noon. Along parties and in many other issues when he returned under it every else.