New Orleans has been named "#2 Favorite City in America"

Newell Normand
Monday, October 23rd

Leisure’s 2017 survey of locals about their home towns.  The “America’s Favorite Places” report asks readers to report on “the place they grew up or have lived in and know better than anywhere else on Earth.”


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Good morning new moral lens great to be here on a Monday morning and as beautiful as it is and in other as the weather man go let it there was a lot of predictions about bad weather this past week and it looked seems as though we escaped most of it it's unfortunate that something had to cancel but we had a great weekend nonetheless. You gel issue win huge. Great win. We got a lot more games to play same with the saints won it what a win that was his while it was a great time watching the saints and pullen and out and then once again I think Drew Brees sum that up well in appropriate. Lead by by stating. You know we got by this game we were resilient we were able to pull some things together when necessary now it's time to move on. The next the most important game obviously. Is the next game and we'll see how that plays out for the saints as well. But they're on a four game role which is great and last night Atlanta loses and Carolina loses in the states movement. Took first place which is a great place to be rather than last place so there's nothing wrong with that so as a lot of fans have been saying. We'll take that. Absolutely and approach jaguar opinion poll will the saints be a playoff teams 69%. Of the respondents say yes. So therefore there is a lot of confidence. As it relates to the saints at the present time always like to start off for good news New Orleans has been named the number two. Favorite city. In American travel and leisure is 2017 surveil locals about their hometowns. New Orleans in a group of sound really forward leaning cities that are in the top twenty. And comments such as there is no other city like New Orleans so much history a beautiful city the people know how to make visitors feel welcome. Said one of the survey respondents while another described its color incredible food and famous festivals. This year new loans actually took the top spot of festivals and dining and drinking. And amongst other categories so while you're on that subject matter you know. I'd like to get your feelings about. What you think. This actually means. I try to read good news. Good reports about the city and and what's gone on and it's amazing that we finish in the top category of so many different things that we do so well in the competition against. Other major metro areas throughout the country. But yet. Sometimes we're still our own worst critic which is good. In his long is the intent is well intentioned. However. A lot of times we're so down on on this place that we call home that were not excited but we don't get excited about. The times that we have good news. About the city. And all of the times that we have here in the great times that we had this weekend ahead the crew brew parade. And had so many other activities I happen. To go to the Bruno Mars concert. Saturday night in this city was buzzing. Around that you couldn't get into almost any restaurant in the area it was. Packed people have and a great Tom great concert by the way. And a lot of people were shocked to see me there is certainly you know another Bruno Mars scout service well alike all music and I happen alike Bruno Mars and he did. He put on one heck of a show and you know I was. Pleasantly surprised to see in as many people my age pushing sixty that work there and so that was a pleasant thing to see as well so I was not the only nut case that likes Bruno Mars music that was attending the the concert that evening. And and having a good time but we wanna hear fraud via 260187. Air attacks 87870. About. Why you think it is that we cannot spend more time talking about the successes in a positive things. That we have to offer and you know I hear from so many different folks you know weighing with Michael hacked in. Greg grew Russa bitch and move forward Nolan and and many other groups. That are out there plugging away every day all the not for profit groups as well plugging away every day to make a difference in this city. Trying to make it a better place for us to live work and raise a family and basically that's what it is all about at the end of the day that we desire. To improve upon. This place that we call home do we have challenges guests and we heard about them yes do we have infrastructure needs yes. You know when we talk about the fighting a crime in and things of that nature and we will have wrapping Garnett she on in the second hour about the challenges for the next mayor. And we will also have chief Michael Harrison on at noon in talking about. The trials and tribulations of law enforcement and his battle against crime and and obviously. His department is healing. At the present time and haven't been there myself. I know that's always a tough situation for law enforcement leaders. But I'm confident that the NO PD will stand up then will be there actually. Went to the wake Friday was officer McNeal and talked to some seventh district officers and I can tell you that their head is in the right place today understand. What it is that they're facing. And how holding an move forward. In the seventh district and throughout the city of New Orleans and I I'll be honest how I was moved. Their reaction and their resolve and putting things in in their perspective and at the same time. You know crying and reaching out and trying to make sense of these challenges that these officers I haven't faced day in and day out throughout the city. In you know preserving. As I said before the place that we call home and I cannot repeat that enough because. In the end that's what it's all about. If we treated our neighborhood like we do our home in only accept that and set the bar not willing to accept anything less. We can continue to move this city forward. Each and every day so with that. Will look take a break we wanna hear from me on either one of those two issues 2601878. Or text 87887. Me this is new alarm and on Demi Olivia.