New Orleans businessman is in favor of the Harrah's deal ammendment

Newell Normand
Wednesday, May 16th

New Orleans businessman, Joe Jaegar, is in favor of the Harrah's deal if New Orleans receives the bulk off the money.


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We have Joel Yeager new laws businessman who's still a go on to the forefront on the issue of the Harris renegotiation. Is a bill makes its way through the state legislature passed through. Senate reverend desk revenue in fiscal committee when there's so much new revenue that's raised. That has to go to that committee report goes at a senate floor pass and it you'd be the other day and passed. Senator reverend this yesterday on a vote of six to four that bill and you'd be had been amended. And in fact a lot of the observations that were made by our guest mr. Joseph Jaeger. And others have been incorporated into the bill and he's here to talk with us about it this morning welcome to the show GO. It. So Joseph you can can you briefly explained what some of the amendments do and what the changes are that are on a positive side. Moving forward on this bill. Chill. And you know we. You know eventually and well a lot differently and regained. The best yet we can't discredit this idiot in my. The most bought it was. A lot of this is all well and up. Between myself and na ma ma unpaid lobbyist they call. Their friends and we've got. I got a lot at home every major. Article. Not sure where it stood. Decode the way. And she. As obvious on them but anyway. The big good. We believe what these amendments at least we sent a lot. Mehdi. And tried. At least. Give them this past week in the nation that try to make sure. We will we will look at what was. And the amendment that would put a lot of good. The we. One. As a forty. Upfront payment. Of which this idiot while you can stay here thirty. Us. Another forty million. The third. And do the GPU which we will happen. There's. An increase. From six. Yeah. 200. Then we try to clarify and make you a portion of this city. We're. A year and state will be sure there so from that perspective. You know it's it's a good deal. That. Thought mormonism that would get. The job. All three point six million support services the city. We're not yet ma. Annie then. In this state even knows it well and should close. When I Pittman. And now. (%expletive) million. Direct in this city support Serbs and so from product perspective. What it does it strip and I want talking a little bit about. That's what what what it is. Somebody's. Stall immediately. We. Were right at 300. In addition to use in the first file is not. The problem arrested the lead and they actually 300 million on some streets that you bought. A year to forty. The payments that come out the ignition switch and it shall. A bad out there I think this deal moves closer toward. What from our opinion. A shred the I think that that's all we were really looking. And I think Joseph you said from the beginning were looking for a fair deal which may be it may not be the best deal but a fair deal. Right and so I'm gone you know they would bet you the best video. On one and would be put out to be and we are you bridge. The balance. Charity is. Bet big initiatives beyond. That. Could be done. You know create some disruptions showed that there was a shot. In some respects so. I think that this moves us closer built the jail that did it calculates that a bit about a billion. 600 million of additional. Course or at least. They've cleaned up the lease where it's not in perpetuity. Is Tuesday twentieth police were that year extension. And it and there will be thirty years from now when most of us all a lot of should be dull one. I'd be somebody else's problem but it won't be shop and audit Matt. So I think that. Are are legislating is. Lived through it. They took a lot of information not the we can't take credit all of all of us by at least a very. They were oh lead there. Well we. They digested it and implement it. Almost. Oklahoma book or an amended. A bit. You know I thought I thought the amendment by senator Gary Smith notes and I'm sure some of the members of his committee participated. In it is well I just don't know exactly who. Were well thought out quite frankly and as I went through the bill in the amendments. I think all of the appropriate areas of the original Harris bill that needed to be changed they pretty much touched them. Didn't get everything that everybody wanted that they touch them and significant way where I think it makes a measurable difference. Dot I think that there is. There is closest to of a fair idea. You know obviously there's a couple of things like that it could be in any I didn't negotiate. That you want eight. I think big Jim Schmidt stated it a great job. He lose. Very attentive to the information. That we and then it was responsive. In post trying to make sure. That he and the rest of the committee as we will send all committee mountains. Information from from our perspective. And and this was lived there ideally we're all. We've we've been what we doubt that bill ought to be some amendments so we really didn't. Necessarily. Know what what that would go on baby but. I'm not sure anybody knew there are some other issues a joke that done hurdles that need to be. Overcome. Correct and what can they get aren't. And from my perspective that some clarification. On an additional four billion. The way the the arrangement now is. That he anticipates it up at the white top 30% of everything bogus 63 point four million and as additional body. Basically give. The job the city right step about the way that we needed. I'm prejudice I want this city to get more it would get you know. When it goes in the flow and that that the real question is going to be. What does support that it. Dave is amendments kid got off the video. You just don't know what's gonna gonna happen quite a good one that appears before. So hopefully if it is stays in place. It checked I think back to oust. Against those sure about it and simulated it's been governor's desk good. Joseph I know I know you would never say this. But in in my speaking with a number of legislators up there a lot of arm awaiting for you guys to upon one way or another on fairness of this deal. And and you know and and and that's a good thing and you know in and so. Not that you need to do this this morning and but you know because there's still some unanswered questions but I think a lot of folks the detractors of the bill or waiting to tune. To be here. That you know the folks that it brought these revelations. And and concerns that their satisfy and and I'll like you're approach where it's. We don't need the best deal we just need a fair deal. Right and and we have a couple of calls and we're the people out of work clothes where they want mesh. We're pretty close just to make in this state and that we really should do what happened on the little. If in fact he did script. All it obviously it is if it's fact it would it started it but it makes it. And we can get some clarification. On what this city caught it. And I want to grab the ball. Gentlemen let's do this real quick if you don't mind we've got one of the office of the bill is called in let's go to him as well and bring him minutes senator Dan martini Danny welcome to show. Where could get a doctor and I did I'd. So Denny. We've been talking about the fact that this goes to the senate floor and whether or not there's going to be any amendments in some of the language needs to be kind of a cleaned up or better. More food embedded in explained about the split. And you know Joseph at that you're getting ready to say something and only Danny upon afterwards. Yeah I think the real question about it yet that you also. Aaron. Aaron can only option except that it is there in the process is alleyway. Position. My biggest concern. Then accepted because. That the and Ottawa. The PG idealist side it is in their back. And another year to try at least try to do. In. And in the scheme of. I am I understand that interpret. It sure. What assurance that I can you. In my talking with people on the audit. Or topic of they are much more. At ease and a birdie birdie. Jude beat committee which they are out there are more portion. But but I I will guarantee you give and I will be well I don't know what the original B it was repeal it the appreciate. The fact that people like you stepped up and we could be epic that great but I accurate sure you're. There are bigger complaint and every air. You know about the build optics have been terrible if we go on the senate floor today and strip oh man. The built debt there's no way in your it would it would such that it. That you operate Jewish sure that senator that this. On dive boat dock it and I think they are library where you say you figure it took it looked like beer shall. And it would go said that the that the public you say it but. Actors should our markets are you do it undergoes a worker at the end it. If you think the city and forty. Agenda there might you know it might I'll remember it well. To make it eight. You know that's that's that's legislate our. Guys I appreciate both you all common on.