New Benson family documentary debuts Wednesday

Newell Normand
Tuesday, May 22nd
Newell talks to Angela Hill about a new documentary about Tom Benson and his business empire debuting this week on WYES

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Oh. In other viewed your radios that you have to be nimble. There's twists and it turns then we have a special guests and I'm not sure she's a twist or are turned but but she is a tree. And delay hill joins us in the house and she's going to be talking about an exciting new project. That she's embarked upon so welcome to the show and it's always a pleasure to spend time nothing. Thank you I'm not nimble and you are nimble on him and I know you're very kind to have me on and this is an exciting project. WYES. Tomorrow night at 7 o'clock that's channel twelve is presenting an hour long documentary. On Tom Benson. And I was lucky enough to be able to do some of the unity is lucky enough to actually interviewed Tom and Gayle. Prior certainly to his death. Terry Landry is a woman whose is produced and written it and she's done a magnificent job. Of pulling together a life. Oh my gosh nine years of life well lived. But it's very comprehensive and I truly hope people will watch for myriad of reasons but the number one. Is to see she has great pictures of him growing up. This family of their how humble they lived in this little house with four boys. His father a clerk gusts Meyer his mother really of the writer of the whole thing. And and so much that he learned from her. I mean his his catholicism certainly but I think it's value system as well giving back. And you just see him emerge into this stratosphere that he ended up. It's it's a wonderful story about someone we should be very proud of in this community. Absolutely is given a lot to the community you know what's interesting is one of the few really interviews that either misses and senator mr. Tom Benson did you actually I conducted the interview and and you have a special relationship you have a special relationship would mr. Benson and obviously you you have a special relationship with Gail Johnson. Yes we have been friends. For over forty years and no one was more thrilled. Then at her best friend that she finally found a wonderful man. And I knew then. What she would bring to his life and everybody of course looks at this fairy tale in only guy she's the princess writing off with back. If that's true. But what she brought to him was a an absolutely it people who knew Gail. Before she married time loop that she'd love to business. He married she was an entrepreneur or she was an entrepreneur she had around company should very creative. But just loves business so far for her to become part of this now. And now she is running the show with that phenomenal team of people they have a saying at the saint. Helping guide her we mustn't forget that Thomas guiding her to it. And it's a lot of businesses just as teams it's also now the Dixie beer it's the courses it's whatever. Yeah Benson tower but she didn't just wake up one day a widow and now has to fill in she's been. Well in many respects though she did wake up one day. As a window as tragic as that sounds. But the fact of the matter is. She didn't miss a beat as one week later she was on a plane that some meetings I don't remember which group it was a that was the NBA the NFL's run the other doesn't matter. But the fact of the matter is is that this is an ongoing very diversified corporation and there are a lot of moving parts and she did miss would be. No she didn't and an end up in a period of time when there was tremendous sorrow. She didn't miss a beat because she knew how important it was whether it be the NBA what derby visiting her own teams to let them know. Life is gonna go on and we are going to have these teams and we're going to have the excellence humor always gonna try to achieve winners. I was moved by how gracious and humble she was. That the way then and reading everybody. Out prawn and and I know it it had to be exhausting not only physically but mentally. But she stayed the course. She stayed the course and again. One of the stronger people have ever known long before this. You know life has adversity. And she has faced it and and carried on. But she didn't she did it right she I'm sure there's no doubt in my mind Tom Benson was looking down saying yes scale this is the way to do it. And I hope that we're by the point you know there's been so much conjecture she's gonna sell this year and keep that she's gonna do this she's gonna do that that everybody just kind of relax and letter hit Hersh dried. She's gonna put her own. Mark and brand on the News Corp. as well she should. And and let her develop into what it whatever it's going to ultimately be and we can just sit back and watch and enjoy. That's right and look where she's going this week. She will be there to pitch to try to get the Super Bowl here in torn 24 I mean it is hands on. Yeah and that's a that's that's a big grab for the sitting. And it looks like they may be leaning our way it is that they were the only ones putting on the presentation. Which is a good thing we don't have any competition and we're going to be just fine when it went forth so Angela to wrap up a what were your role was their role that you played specifically as it relates to the that manner the document and it. Was to interview Tom and then later interviewed Gayle and the archbishop. And then I do the voice and some of the standup spike. And it was a pleasure every minute of it they're so professional over WY yes but Cheri Landry again deserves the applause she's done a magnificent job. Of taking this really complex life. And keeping it is humans if she she does it's a beautiful story and I hope people will watch and that's Wednesday at seven and WY yes. A kid on Wednesday at seven had done WY yes in the channel twelve yeah on to die only on the dial the I shouldn't say this you remember those days I remember those days with many of the listening audience to remember. And Marat Angelina always a pleasure thank you so much I still talk about our French Quarter fest. You know experience together and I doubt acrid together we have agreed to buy a happy day. Already 7 PM on WY yes the story attendance and as good as presented by Angeli you know we look forward to that will be right back after the break stay with us this is new rule on David audio.