Neil Weiner - Dunham football coach

Neil Weiner - Dunham football coach joins the guys to talk about Dunham cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. the highest rateed player in the country who picked LSU

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Welcome back sports talk here. Coach nick salt DiMaggio was who called coach Saul from now on. We goes by anyway he's an house sit there when we are sport's talk phone lines open at 504260187. Brett Favre wants to ban you tackle football. Has your losses miners don't point. The text here says coach sells crazy it is an about learning how to protect yourself it's about. The kids who are going to playing college and beyond having long term mental problems. The response that. Well I'm I everybody's gonna have an opinion about her body I mean. I'd again I just go back to. Football people talk about it in football because football is such a popular game in this country. You know when the reality of it is ice hockey has way more concussion situations day and and you do in football wrestling and now as a high school wrestler. Now you know they have a tremendous issue which concussions. The women's sports have tremendous issues with concussion and and right now and soccer particularly here and right now World Cup's going on I would I would like to challenge apparent. Whose kid that who has a son or daughter to play soccer to grab a soccer ball and just bounced off to head for a minute just bounce it. And that's soccer ball you've got Madonna that you know how hard that soccer ball as well imagine it being kicked in the head. But again football's very very popular I mean heck we get ready to see Friday night football high school football on national telecasts in about six weeks. And I just think because of that exposure. It's the sport that everybody identifies with. On an as forest. A concussion in that the type of protocols that you have to have and and football has been proactive whipped that army football to my knowledge. Is the only one that has to crop a concussion protocol a high school level an idea what high school football also. You know if I'm crazy because I don't know college are don't know the NFL game that's fine I don't deal with that but I I I know that. We're very proactive and when I say we I mean high school coaches across the nation and and we were talking off the Arabic coaching for 38 years now. Let's say we've had a hundred kids a year on a football team that's 3800 kids. We're not in double digits with concussions that I know about and and right now you're gonna know about it. If we every kid come off the sideline and and he's throwing up our trainer Sammy Taylor one of our doctors doctor Keith law sought they're gonna check that kid out right away. And now. You know we are very proactive in making sure our kids are healthy. And they're doing the right things. Had do you have any kids with concussions last year we did not. No we did not have a kid with a concussion last year and think about so how many it may open on spider how many. That's all it's a lot to think about when you dress and 8085 kids right right how many collisions were most of those kids involved in through from practice through games. Are hundreds if not thousands. You know we've changed the way we practice will be a Christian Nam we scaled back the heavy hitter we actually take our full pads off. Right around the end of September number one were just going to eight weeks of really intense heat. On number two we've had a very very difficult to our conditioning summer. So it's we wanna get out late trusted. But we really wanna take advantage of not having full pads on. Because it teaches us to be a little bit more safe and what we're doing in the collision standpoint of football. Blaine and Honda was mumbling you're on W them well. Thank god that implement it banks you know we brought it on and on and tree this year and an excellent job coaching and would seek expert and now. Usually in crimes so that all of it that champion real Spiro. I appreciate your kind words buddy and an op plan on staying man Joseph a day I can't stand anymore made a comment the other day. I'll know what it's Tom I'll just walk out the back at a stadium go into the swamp would say ma. My family money on having a Barry B but I truly truly love Hondo high score on go high school football and if you if you could not being to a game at home on bill whether you're home bill fan or not and no Christians covered if not it's a special special place and now I can appreciate it. I think I can validate data and a son went there and little ball but. External and a lot of my time out there living out there and check them out ticked up the tires a few times and it's that there's a lot of unique environments high school of venues on those got got an excellent for sure as as many do has made it. Neil Weiner Don and head football coach joining us now. Texting really committing to LSU for between nineteen season coach how are you. I'm doing very very good you know you're you're also taught and coached nick Selz Maya. Coach sought by you do about the collapse are up borrow it out though a retreat. That is correct coached a duel well glad you do well congratulations. On on haven't really really great program and lot of guys don't know he comes from pedigree Nuys jail aleris go vote. I remember covering his dad dale Catholic high right now and that's and I I was gravitated towards them because I granted toward because he ran the single wing Spinner. He ran a wheel spinning fullback and now's coaching youth football let's offices that I rent cells really fascinated. I've talked to Dan a few times about a couple of concepts and about. That's spinners nose knows a thing to watch do you run that Neil. Oh we did not the path is kind of a changeup. We don't do. I said Derek Stanley committee and LSU twin nineteen is someone recruitment country. Humble cup player of the LSU tigers get there. Well it notebook physically but he goes out to be back to fix long. Two count they'll be on. It has four or forty physically just not made that you know. But it be kind of in and buying a copy that it would be true unity gain that they have a separate. You know. Because the back coach comes rational level. As good or Giles trying to there pol what the look or. Don't beatle days. And it beat it. Start October opt out or he dart out of it. We Europe so we beat back. Football player and then knock it out and it didn't go like. Eight. There. I had been schools. He's done the total package. Coach I want to tell you I'd I really appreciated the way that he and and you guys in Madonna school went about 21 it you know on a day and age where. People pull in hats out of bags and god only knows what hell hole luck. Are you guys did the right way and I think you know that's a testament to the quality of person he is that the type of family he comes from. The type of environment that you have in your football program and had done in school and and again. Tomatoes are guys who win win you know you've you try to find a guy that wins I I axles college coaches as they come through and maybe you do the same thing. Where does the measurement of winning come into play when your assessment somebody's ability and I think he showed that yesterday. Yeah there's no doubt we are glad that it. He's so fortunate and very solid. Family and home did that really support him a great job of that. Go to. School I agree leadership Yuri. It is spirituality about school we try accurate. You know and a coach so probably Currie you know the good old days. Well now what Q would don't go to jail school and an honor February. That. Now with social media at W. Oral. In more more groups law in all about it there be actual. Job spec B yeah. This current school current teammate. Had been out where don't want it really a credit. Helen Neil Weiner don't have football coach Derek sting late dumb cornerback committee to LSU between nineteen. He plans to be a December and rule Lee I think is that is that right coach. Yeah party eat or are now pick up but he's got it about. Or so don't hopeful Leo our law peas or Arctic is it done. Coach I got I got cooks and excel sauls opinion on this I don't to sell us the Brett Favre wants to bring it band. And you football. And in the early in the country and what would you what's your reaction when you hear that any youthful well. Yeah you know. I think that's probably action and it certainly our coaches across country or do Corey job. Go to educate our kids a coach. That. Have players trusted to elbow on understanding or don't handle it trust that the current way you know. You know back in the day we decide about a got the bill wrong. You know we all. They would just apple display. You now have a lot of respect Stan all all want. You know the truth did IQ that youth sports shirt pocket cap. Have a lot of issues second place. He got and that they could be. So little girl all your appliance college school through the chain of more chance at cautioned that the it is or more steady become out but it actually looked to be yeah. The study out there. You know it's like suicide depression rocket debris. I like that our relief more competent at it on aptly. That may actual athletes that call it all right so I can get. Reaction certainly opera or it is just incredible employer. Has always been about the game coach will fall. Right now he's not sure a lot of that is still something entries. That ease the pain at some of those they it didn't calm and result. I think the weighted our coach's future and again it paper that. Don't head football coach Neil Weiner thanks for the time we certainly appreciate it. Out. Or you bet good luck this year right good luck probably all right thank you. I will simply come back more. Your phone calls a 504260187. Brett Favre wants to ban youth football tackle football. Has he lost his minor. So don't point where you stand to be Bennett final four. 2601 A semi tech's 87878 the sports talk here on W two LA anathema dot com.