NCAA Tournament Preview

The NCAA Tournament bracket was released on Sunday, see who our favorites are, plus who are the upset teams to pick from?


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Long sets a lab with you Tim simmering here to our phone lines are open open our four Rea. Final four to six so why it 7504260. Point seven he can Texas City 7878. We're gonna start by talking and NCAA basketball tournament and previewing continued to preview that then we'll talk pelican second half and Harris are all basketball this hour. Pelicans have lost two straight game. We'll talk to Jake Madison. Locked on pelicans find out what's wrong with the pelicans. And if fans should be panicked out there but let's talk about March Madness a little bit here we we talked about the snobs last hour I think it's. Kind of a shame really that USC in Saint Mary's are in the senate where it's at Texas thing middle Tennessee I agree with that I think they should be in here also. Nobody really cares about the snub Valencia beyond like the first game at that the first round of games because those teams who are quote unquote snobs. They're not real threat to win the whole thing most teams ever missed on the fringes right. So let's talk about the favorites here and Kim Zimmer our producers are gonna join us here on this. And I still cannot believe that Virginia. Is getting in my view and disrespect advice home many people. Nationally. We're talking about this and silly NASA wants are yes the selection committee gave Virginia rightfully so the number one or LC they just had to. With what they did in the best conference in basketball they won their conference tournament championship game just two losses. But. Not only are most quote on quote experts out there. Not picking Virginian too when this whole thing don't have them is they're prohibitive Turner's favorite but also if you go to Vegas. Virginia also. Is not the favorite in this tournament the favorite according to Vegas is actually Villanova. As a six to wonder when this tournament Virginia six and a half 212 when her thirteen to two. I think that is completely ridiculous and I know some people just right now are finally gonna start to turn and college basketball if it tune into college bass boat that you. Appreciate about pat Buehrle probably 90% of the sports population. That really only cares about college basketball for a month on the reasoning wrong with that. But I think's incredible month for sports fans and if you haven't paid attention here's what's happening with Virginia you've probably heard. They've got a pretty darn good defense right. That probably under sells at a little bit. Virginia if you look at their advance stat some of the analytics on this they all point to saying this is deemed best. Defensive team. In modern college basketball history that is not hyperbole. That is statistical. Fact they are incredibly good. On the defensive side of the floor that is what Tony Bennett's and of course his father Dick Bennett at Wisconsin and Washington State. Kind of built their brand Don not kind of need to build their brand on the pack line defense that Tony Bennett still runs. They have not allowed to get this is incredible to ask you this question ten how on earth you can have you know wishing you distract. How many times have teams scored seventy points or more against Virginia this year a picture of this earlier but it's 11 team zero. It is zero teams this year. How many times in the last ten games has Virginia given up more than sixty points. Maybe one time downs close to two in their last ten. What they're doing defensively is incredible and we know in this tournament it is a grind you're talking about playing six games against the best teams in the country. In three weeks you have to have. An incredibly consistent. An elite part of your team and probably multiple parts of your team to make her onto the championship Virginia has that defensively. There are going to be in your face the best opinion estimates of basketball team in the history of college basketball that's going anywhere it's not like they're gonna. Lose their three point shooting right to go cold in an article cold defensively. That doesn't happen. If they win this title with that he'd atomic they're gonna change the way college basketball's played a little bit. Bear might tournament favorites there's no doubt about this I was wondering about a month ago you probably heard me say on this program. What ever to have. A big favorites. In this certainly get to March Madness I think we do and I think it's Virginia and I still think they're not given up respect this is deep deemed to be in my mind right now. In college basketball. My biggest issue with Virginia is they have to go to their Arizona who also plays really good defense and probably has one of the best big man and college basketball. And they have a tough team like Cincinnati that in that could probably sneak it to the elite eight and maybe give them a tough task leave later in the tournament. Yeah I think Cincinnati's got a pretty easy path that reason at regional final actually have them in the regional final there. Against Virginia and I agree Arizona member I they were my sleeper last week I still think they can make a run never know maybe they can shock. The college basketball world and get by a would be getting by Kentucky and in Virginia. And finally make any final four with Sean Miller yeah they have a great defense a good defensive team. But I don't have an all time great defensive team don't confuse what they're doing defensively. With Virginia and again that defense is not going anywhere. To be fun to watch this if you like your defensive basketball which I do. We will talk about the ACC and arrest of college basketball with a very special guest Tim Brando who joined us yesterday on our selection Sunday special show. We'll have that inner before Ian next. It Seth Dunlap and Tim's a rang out yet on WW all. Well imagine they'll cover sets Dunlap paying out if you along with Tim Zimmer in the middle of our college basketball preview March Madness preview. Stockton Tim Brando thanks so much. The temp for joining us yesterday replay that just moments ago he can find that our podcasts on the WWL radio app or on at WWL dot com. Let's wrap up this tournament previewed Sam we I you know now that Virginia is my favorite you know why a few new listings that defense and their consistency and efficiency on both sides of the court. Some other tournament favorites for me Villanova has the easiest route. And mini one seed. Back to the final four they're one of the best coaches in the country may do one of the best three or four coaches in the country. In Jay Wright immensely talented I don't see any reason why I don't know it can be cut down nets. For the second time in three years and it's all said and done may be my second favorite look. Nobody is talking about duke are very few people are now that's always a mistake we know the kind of runs and they can go on. Kansas and Arizona are peaking at the right time gun Zagat has I think a very favorable draw as a four seed there. There in the quadrant with Xavier. But remember last year Xavier got four Ronald absolutely destroyed by Ian Saget. In a regional final and I also like Carolina I think it means jagr Carolina comes out of that bracket legacy both of those teams on the title. Well like five or six favorites in this one there's a handful of other teams that can win it like Michigan State. Maybe Purdue gets hot maybe Xavier gets hot but I think it and then you tell me to pick a handful of favorites those five teams that I mentioned at opposite be my five. All of those teams have good coaches and that's probably why they're gonna get to the final four. One thing you're right about Villanova is that I wouldn't take them or because produced always know in the joke in internment. So are bright bright and there are no produce very talented but they're just known for choking the term and so. I got them probably isn't sweet sixteen I think it really comes down to is the big this is what I think it all comes down to who wins the miss NC duke game. Whoever wins that game I think that gets the final four and I like them to be the be you know win over Villanova sight between the winner misty stated if they both get there which they should. I think I'll that's my pick right there I kind of I'm kind of go with Tom Izzo in this state I think that's the Smart choice that's a safe choice and even with Ambien echo one of their precede. I think you could happen I don't like UNC just because the team that was championship Busan doesn't get that to the streets it is a good knocked off in the sweet sixteen elite eight last couple years. So I think if you go with trends I think UNC's probably one of the scenes gets knocked off in the second weekend. And Cincinnati I like a lot I think Cincinnati tediously predict probably due to the final four but I don't think that when. Traditionally it is top four seeds that wind up winning the whole thing here's a list of the last slow quarterback as far as we can here with the champions North Carolina last year a one seed. Villanova two seeds gone in reverse order here from last year and when he fifteen it was duke a one seat. Connecticut one out wire here they were 70 Shabazz Napier year Kevin Ollie. As yeah as Ali getting fired this weekend is. Time with. UConn is over but prior to that global one seed Kentucky one seed UConn three seed duke one seed North Carolina one seed Kansas one seed Florida one seed. Florida three seed North Carolina one seed UConn two seed Syracuse is three seed. Merrill under one seed duke won Michigan State a one. Connecticut align Kentucky to Arizona a four so backed the last twenty years sore yes it's very and I love the tournament. Because you have the upset factor early to have these. Double digit seeds going on runs. Maybe fifteen beats a two we often see one or 2013. Swim their opening round game and win a couple get to the tweet suite sixteen. Maybe you have out wire make the final four like last year Merrill we had South Carolina. And make in the final four is a seven seed but the last twenty years is tell you when you fill out these racquets and picking a champion only once in the last twenty years. Has a non top four seed won the whole thing if you're going to pick a champion. Pick a top four seed it's going to happen even this year when there's so much parity in the league or across caused basketball. It almost happened just like this year were Kentucky. Was outside of the top four Kentucky member of their of eight he's in San here is that all that was the 78 game yet audience Kentucky they've got to the finals and lost I think denying yeah Nelly I was against Kentucky so as these seed Kentucky as you millions you've got AC Kentucky -- seven CDU got that beat only here so I had I I think Kentucky could make a run bullet I don't know I don't know I think they're still too young. I don't think this the year ago part yet young. The other trend here is. Over half of the past ten that final fours. Have had a seven seed or worse make the final force if you want to pick an underdog. To make a run into the final for a not really went and all remember that doesn't happen except for once the last twenty years here's a list of those and it seems last year South Carolina seven seed. Prior to that Syracuse its ten seed 2015 he had Michigan State a seven seat when he fourteen we just told Dick Kentucky. And eight seed and eight seed and UConn a seven seed. 2013 which toss it a nine seed back in 2011 Butler of the eight seed so this happens so you can definitely prick. Seeds in between like 7-Eleven maybe you think one's gonna go on Iran put that your final fours don't having a one at all. There's an all say people ask Jimmy well Moore who are you or Cinderella story you were underdogs it and go on runs. Well you'd be a quickly steer Nevada there a seven seed. It's one of the better seventy degrees limits term I know they don't have the trustees of the cash shape but they're very balanced they can score they can play defense. And I think they would be a very worthy Cinderella but now we've heard about them before they have a history from this position back in 2005 they defeated number three seed Kansas. Can they do it to Michigan State's. In the opening round Charleston to thirteen seed and keep an eye on UCL a it's tough call him a Cinderella of the one of the best programs in college basketball history but this year. There and eleven seed and they're playing in a first for playing in game. But if you silly when's that they're peaking at the right time. They took Arizona to overtime in the conference tournament in the pac twelve I think UCLA can be one of those surprise teams that makes Iran and even all the way to let. The sweet sixteen in the lead eight. We'll talk about it so. A little later in the show and so o'clock hour actually talked to will wait LSU basketball coach stay too injured for that but we're gonna shelve the college basketball talk for now. Will stick with troops will top some pelicans next with Jake Madison. Pelz and lost two straight at home what's wrong what else should we be concerns. Talk about that next right here on double coverage on WW. It's a hoops hour here on double coverage will go from the college ranks to the pros. A stock little pelicans now they losers of two straight are the pelicans at home one without Anthony Davis one whip Anthony Davis. Spring and friend of the program in my buddy Jake Madison most of blocked on pelicans podcast. Jake what is up my friend Narnia. Yeah let's talk about this little quick two game losing streak anti Davis gets triple double yesterday's first of his career with ten blocks of they had him back Q looks pretty good bit. Again the pelicans batted home I know Friday they were with outs but because it's the she's beatable now without because Dan Davis. Put it in play well on that game even without them that the game should have been closer than Matt and may look who's. And very poor fashion do you talk yesterday concerns here at all Jake. Mildly I'd say over the ten game winning streak he's on the team pay with a play with a much. Higher pace of play at the united talked about shall a couple of times now. Where they get an opera to rhythm early they kept that rhythm kind of going to rap game need to have received shot. Really poorly during this ten game winning streak in the two games come a long one with doubted that he be which you kind of need for battle with a bit vicious I'll take away from that. Other than they just couldn't get in the rhythm they didn't play well and you lose to a better team with much more talent. In that. You know and then again in comes along when you have Anthony gave he's a monster defensively was all over the place ten blocks per game in triple double that way has only been down I think four times in the past ten years. But because the falcons couldn't hit their shots couldn't get in all open to them and they kind of well part. They've had an opt in to Radio One well over the ten game winning streak and it struck you 95 which would be second worst in the league by far. Over the past two games Schilling out of sorts they've in the media get more constricted all that they need to keep attacking and be aggressive. Did you mention we never really saw that these past two games not really looking for a shot at the rim maybe settling a little too much from long range jumpers which they don't really wanna do you. Part of being themselves were made them so successful over the ten game winning streak they should have a very good chance at beating Charlotte at home tomorrow night. Does the trend or an aberration energetic. You know I think it's an aberration use while they play so well over that ten game lead streak averaging almost twenty export to gain from the seven rebounds along with either sit and he'd been rather quiet he's. These past few. And maybe against the wizards it was because being patty Davis wasn't there some defense is to key in a little bit more on him he was there are quite go against the jazz. I didn't really explode for points and took fourth quarter. Mine which is Rudy Euro pared down close may be the best defensive center in the league takes away the pain against most teams. This just kind of the wrong matchup of the wrong time for the Palestinians you know you get kind of let servers and indigent defense in the Charlotte hornet. Tomorrow night we got Dwight Howard down mode still forced to be reckoned with the on track against them that built some confidence because they've got a very rough schedule coming up. Now let's go good news bad news here the good news is the pelicans and drop the seed spot from fourth to fifth team with this. Two game losing streak and the bad news is their only game and a half in the playoffs trend now ahead of the ninth seeded Denver Nuggets. Fans like you just mentioned Jake they've got this really rough schedule coming up including F five games in six days a Good Charlotte may go on the road to San Antonio. Or what they need to do here over this next streak of seven game suited then to come out of his 500 if they just kind of I guess stay afloat will they be okayed or are what he's thinking need to do here the next week and a half. Yeah it's kind of tough to say because you don't like to keep the puck and get some help from other Western Conference craft teams. But they haven't when it comes to the standing waters have lost to teams like Portland and Oki C apparently thinks. And you you're seeing them not to hope they need to be leaving need to win every game from here now it feels like they're marketed there is that. Then I think the 500 over that stretch particularly that in the BOK. You still do need to get some help from these other teams in the Western Conference looting which they just refused to do is unfortunate times for the pelicans. You know that'll keep you in playoff contention you can get past this very rough stretch but gain in six nights. Then start to get some more rest and then try to finish the seat and very strong I think that what you're really looking to see from them. The big boon would be executed on the he'll back it sound like he's going to be coming back in the next five games or so. You know record could be back as soon as Smart I think it Charlotte I think that we're gonna rule that out you might you were trying to get to spurred if you can get him back in. It helps solidify the defensive side of the ball that helps solidify your guard rotation because he could move E'Twaun Moore from that small forward position and he's its export car. We've been playing out of position most of the year. Back to a more natural position of two and it shows Rajon Rondo out of lineup when you're trying to get about Rondo out there and Lego has more this year many. And maybe a better life. Close teams out. And deceit and strong weapon and also it on the OPEC it will give an opinion David a little bit more rat. I think that kind of what you hope porky complaint filed and both get back side you know the feeling kind of set up itself to finish strongly with the pelicans. Why not beach county for the third or fourth seed in the Western Conference which is sitting in the playoffs would be good for the. So Jake Madison joining us here host of locked on pelicans podcast she can get that every single morning on your favorite podcasting app. So as Western Conference who talk about how crazy it is the last couple weeks. San Antonio SO one road game the pelicans in the next seven games I'll wonder and I Sweden SATA wonder how many casual fans out there were realized as of this moment today. The San Antonio Spurs would be out of the playoffs Che beltway detonate tied for the ninth seed. Are dispersed scuffling that I know they are scuffling but you see them. Continuing to slide the rest of the year or do you think this is just a blip for them and ill who get together. You know adoption we knew. We want this routine they haven't looked particularly good this isn't the spurs of old Tony Parker told many noble goal it seemed like time. I'm being in the past what 22 years or however long it's been it's finally caught up to them. And without polite letters they haven't been great moral LaMarcus Aldridge has been incredible lineup a little bit for them. But he's having a very good year how well in in and out of line if it's just kind of the kick the can down the road. It in a weird way for so long it's finally hit them. Where did that just isn't there like it's been in previous seasons in the not able to kind of keep up in score which some of the better teams in the league. But beyond I'd rather have them be in the playoffs but not because couldn't you totally see Pittsburgh team getting into lottery. Getting lucky lays. Over okay. And then all of a sudden they're back for another two decades of your great play and then pop it is never got over it sea to the disaster. Yeah the problem is going to be their products has seen years Israeli emily's and retired the next couple years all the sudden pops there at 75 and so coach and New Year's all that now. He's got the number one overall pick you know maybe aren't out of Europe Horry and throughout my Ayers zone like that the last thing you one seed think on the whole you know. Had he meaning out of the year drop down drafted into locked. Number one overall just kind of enough Luke's either which is a bit of what the spurs ago entered and that is supposed to at least in theory that I'm up for another two decades worth of success. Yeah wait a second here Jake that's your Indianapolis Colts for anybody who doesn't uploaded. Analogy bear no I understand but quite work do you think. But still do you think the noses they flew too bad year by Indianapolis there is a full tank job and two month. Well you're tapping me out for the year to be good what what was the point you know and it just kind of a hole to start relying where it was. You know and fortunately I've received this bond maybe not now that you look at in hindsight. I can tell you that the colts fan watching him like who will be the cold snap our conference with the rough day. For you're here on the outward but you know sometimes just the start blinded deacons franchise as a bad years make it. The right pick in the and it's supposed to set about a successor. Adding the last. Being that anyone want to your new world and potency and mr. kind of the rival spurs to get back in that come up with more success because I have to really well run for intra. He kind of Weathers storms in a short period of time look bad even. Or account year and then make the right moves of the trade in the off either. To get them right back in contention doing that with say a top three lottery pick it definitely now what you want to see happen. And I got to kind of hot take questions here before we let you go first. I'm a gonna ask you this every single time I have beyond now through the playoffs is there a reason to believe that Golden State is not the favorite and heavy favorites to win at all. As they had scuffled ultimately leaves that wording and losers of two straight now two games back of rockets and second question here. Eastern Conference today right now today analysts will change today who's your favorite snack conference. You know we're we're dark Jenny rockets warriors you don't know though the war are still the better team added seventeen you're you're going to accept. You might move the rockets up front they lose eating five or six to losing its seven they've played very very well. Saying there's a reason they're the number would she even be Western Conference playoff race right now. He's still don't really count out Golden State until it happens kind of one of those things where you've got to see to believe it. The they're gonna win in its seven game series against the rockets are needed them being healthy in all things being equal place. The eastern culprits though. I think you've got to give it to the Toronto Raptors right now this is not the same kind of have scheme that LeBron is will be deeply into the finals by himself. They still be monopoly defense that's an important thing. No teams won the Indy title that we without a top ten defense to do which acting so we laughed together so you're not sound defense team. That create a lot of problems in the play after the shooting goes away a consistent defense doesn't. The Toronto Raptors. Have done an amazing job this year and you've got to think twinkies cedar could tell which might be front runner for coach of the year and likely the main players seem talent. But they've retooled their scheme to credible of these guys to play even better you know hopefully it's a bit of a down year in the Eastern Conference the the Celtics are very banged up right now you have to figure they're not gonna make a run towards the final I don't share capital by default you. You've got to give it to the Toronto Raptors. Yeah and they are all in north of the border on the raptors right now and I agree KC coach of the year in the NBA Jake always appreciate it man thanks so much. Or. Aren't there goes stick Madison you confine him on Twitter at Millwood Jake and you can listen to be locked on pelicans podcast every single morning. On your favorite podcasting app we'll take a break. Back with more double coverage on WW. So the big news today for the New Orleans Saints today twelve year. Offensive lineman Zach Strief he called it a career he retired us. And Drew Brees is contract. Of course still hangs in the balance saints fans be the first to know. On the latest on the black and gold by signing up for a WWL sports alerts just text the word sports. To 87870. That's sports 870 eights and to be signed up their messes and data rates may apply. And please don't text and drive. And streams actually retirements. You can. Defiance. Couple articles on his retirement including a piece by Kristian garic online right now WW dot com and ignore FaceBook page. And WW AM FM. And we have before Zach Strief press conference. Live there for your viewing. Are pretty Mazda opinion poll is a brow Drew Brees contract. Do you think the deal gets done before that deadline of march 14 when the saints to be on the hook for eighteen million dollars. Still really pretty optimistic here 75% of our audience saying yes right now 25%. And view. Are saying no I'm definitely in the S category in my concern meter has gone from age zero to maybe two to. I do think there's a couple of areas for concern you never want other teams to be able to come calling on your star players and that is. Allowed it now as of noon earlier today and you got to the vikings made the call and probably quite a few other franchises out there. But I still expect drew like he says be right back here in black and gold next season and for the rest of his career. Next hour let's talk a little LSU right afternoon's baseball they go to a morning in Hawaii over the weekend but they have an RPI problem. I'll talk jocks to set about that. And it's LSU basketball they didn't make the NCAA determined but they're gonna play you well the region to agents in the NIC pretty cool. We will talk to will away either. Head coach of LSU basketball spoke to him yesterday. Right before that it's tournament was announced.