NCAA Rule Changes Causes Controversy

Monday, June 18th
The NCAA has taken away student-athletes guaranteed weekly day off. Seth breaks down the new rule change and how it's bad for college sports.

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What some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south what's up to you listening wherever you are at WW law dot com the radio dot com maps. Tune in radio app. Welcome money into the show. Got to go one planned for you college World Series going on right now keep you updated. One game later tonight but right now Oregon State Washington tied 55 top seven. And talk about a little World Cup later odd little NBA LeBron watched 48 team. It continues. The US open that was greats in our big topic of the show that bull. Talk about this hour is a rule change by the NCAA. Very quiet back room smoke filled by a bunch of guys in suits rule change. Of course to harm student athletes is never seems like it's the help them be and eliminated the guaranteed. Daily we got our weekly day off. For those players and now they could possibly. Work essentially 24. Straight. Days. How is that allowed. And how can the NCAA say they prioritize academics for these players when they do stuff like this. And are pretty excuse me just RW WL opinion poll right now should college athletics at least one that. Day awful week guarantee judge called athletes have one day off a week. Guaranteed simple yes or no. You can log onto WW all dot com. And you can cast your vote talk a little saints and our number two. But here's a couple of the biggest stories over the weekend. The US open. May in the rose. Look. Like Joe's. Averaged I actually pretty cool. To see these world class athletes these world class golfers would be best in their profession in the world. Look like you're me on the back nine. I mean it was bad. Brooks kept a won this thing back to back World Cup champ as the World Cup but I US open championships for captain and that would be a story of capital on the World Cup. Do you on the US open. Back to back. He was over par as was the entire field. He had Phil Mickelson whose moment of frustration Marie took a swing at a rolling putts. On the thirteenth green on the final day. People want to be up in arms about down I guess the traditionalist appearance in golf I couldn't care less other than I thought it was a funny moment. Talk about the US open a little bit later. Kept a back to Mac. You know underrated stories don't seek the guys golfers when these major tournaments in consecutive years of very often anymore. And we don't really think of CAPTCHA as. No tier one elites as a golfer but he may be entering that phase he is one of the strongest. Golfers on the tour. Drives the ball further than just about anybody out there may be McIlroy is the exception. New goes back to back and let you remember about the US open here. When we watch and we saw these incredible score leg Phil Mickelson was seventy over at one point. On Saturday you saw one golfer and I forget the golfer was stem that shot twenty over. On that Friday. One over on Friday I'm not enough for the tournament for one day he shot a nine B. Sean ninety. Let's something that most amateur golfers do do it by saying hey I want you to go out. To whatever course here locally. And now wanna see if you can shoot nine Alison you know twenty over for the day. Average a bogey per hole and you get a couple's lawyer you do little work Matt Scott Gregory was the golfer. Plus 27 for the term a plus twenty. For the day and credible. That by the way. OK with golf having one tournament and it usually is this tournament they usually put this tournament and golf courses. Which are very difficult and the pin location same thing allocate. Rolled up. In began over the weekends. The biggest story lines coming out of this one. I determine is proving why it's one of the truly great uniting forces across the world in such a fantastic tournament. The ratings even without the United States here in the country. The television ratings and remember most journals on FS one where fashion find out on your TV doubted problem be able to find it. Very quickly. The ratings are up and it's really one of the great uniting forces across the world. I was and you're doing this to sports yesterday morning. And I was doing the show Dave potter was the engineer Dave very casual soccer fan if you could even call on that nominee really that at all that he was getting into Mexico Germany yesterday morning. Incredible match that was Germany the favorites. They get completely stunned. By Mexico. Won nothing. We'll stat from that one. Germany in the previous World Cup and went fourteen they had trailed. The entire tournament for just eight minutes. The entire tournament Y fourteen. And they trailed from the 33 minute on a magnet to Mexico stunning germinate. We saw Iceland their first ever match at the World Cup there this Cinderella of this tournament certainly. They draw against one of the world's best teams in Argentina and we'll Messi his World Cup struggles continued missed penalty kick their genuine way and. I think it was the first time World Cup history Germany Brazil and Argentina all three together didn't get a result as far as a win. Yeah good and a drop for Brazil and Argentina and a loss for Germany. I said the turn at proving why it's one of the truly great uniting forces across the world that story in the NBA this summer runner talk about. In depth and our LeBron watch. In our number two Kauai Leonard's reports are from multiple sources now that he wants out of San Antonio. He wants out and today. We find out that Rudy Gay he's opting out of his contract after just one year in San Antonio. So we could be seeing before our eyes right now the last three or four days the end of an error. The end of the San Antonio dynasty the dominance of they've had. For a decade and a half plus here really two decades. San Antonio without women without gay and who knows what Danny Green does. Perhaps that's in there now one thing that the school Weiler. Muse doesn't there's reports are he wants to get to LA eventually. But he still under contract. So San Antonio they were early trading him to another Western Conference steam my guess is probably not. If all things being equal. The most likely destination in the Eastern Conference that's the most real assets is Boston and why am I bringing this up. Remember the trade that I've been working behind the scenes in my fantasy GM mind have been telling you. That the pelicans should be talking regardless of this news to Danny Ainge in Boston about the availability. Of tyra yearning. If San Antonio. Trades co Y Leonard the Boston in Boston gets co why all of the sudden I'm telling you. That fiery to New Orleans becomes a very real possibility. Take a lot and assets first round picks maybe some kind of sign and trade. Whether that's book he would build a sign of the Mac steal and do that but the rules. Minutes inching watch out for that and it's something we'll talk about an hour to our story of the day though. The NCAA. Has taken away in a background move the guaranteed day off for student athletes. And it once again proves. That the NCAA. Doesn't give a elect. About these players even though they have told us they've thrown it in our face time and time again that they do. They do not now. After this rulers propose by the Sun Belt Conference. And then approves. Across. The country. Now. These student athletes and I use that word liberally. Could possibly work up to 24 consecutive days it's absurd if I think it's blasphemous and I'm really fired up about this topic. And tell you more about this coming up next double coverage just getting started. I'm Seth Dunlap it's WW. Some are Christian Derek very upset right now. As Oregon State has taken a nine to five lead over Washington. Now. Thank you. You don't understand why don't like Washington. Well read my bio you'll understand. Is great is fantastic Tim Zimmer is upset Knox attends happy yet organ singer fully Raton rants here okay. Given up on that throughout the show or talk about a topic that we can across actually last week. And we promote it for data talked about this because it deserves. The spotlight it really does in the conversation. About the NCAA about compensation for athletes use of athletes and their rights. To their image pay compensation how are you wanna say it. Well the NCAA in a quiet behind the scenes move again proved it doesn't really give a damn. About to their employees. Or what their branding effort calls student athletes. Affected this August NCAA members schools. Can now require. Athletes. To work up to 24. Consecutive days with out a day off. They have NA votes last fall eliminated. The guaranteed. Weekly day off. For student athletes are supposed to be given to them for their studies. And let me answer this text really quick from the 251. I really don't know who was worth your making small issues into big deals in order to still showtime. Basically saying he doesn't care about this will be you don't care about this issue Obama to tell yet then I have to question your new morality in your humanity. Because I don't understand how anybody would think this is right. Again from a morality standpoint from a humanity standpoint. So if there are three games in a week now. Any ride two days off sometime beginning and end the Monty can now make him again work. These athletes 24 consecutive days the roles initially proposed by the Sun Belt Conference. And then it was voted on all of though. Forbes. Writers national writers myself I'm trying to figure out who actually. Was in the conference commissioners was of the athletic directors was just. Mark camera in the NCAA approved these rules were not really sure about that to be honest because the NCAA is not being transparent at all about this. What I do know. Is this is insanely. Hypocritical. By us by coaches by students. Who say. The athletes are being compensated with an education. Everything's okay this is all fair because they get a scholarship. And they can work their butts off 365234. Years. Because they're getting an education. The athletes are being compensated with something they can't even use. How many times is the NCAA. And its member schools told us they care about academics they have waved that flag are faced so many times and these are student athletes. With the student in the athlete coming first. They've made it complete mockery of their position now as they have many times before. Schools are literally. Literally making millions of dollars up the work of these athletes. The NCAA itself. Is making billions without BD. Often basketball players with the NCAA basketball tournament that's so much the rights fees are to CBS. You don't want some. Players argue that they're being treated like modern day quotes away is here's a roll our eyes because the comparison isn't apt. And I agree this is not slavery it's not from parable. But I'll tell you what it certainly feels like some kind of servitude of violation. A gross violation of work laws. What did you this way. I offer you a job in your career fielding facts. This the only job you're able to get in the career field you pursue the I've monopolize this year not able to go anywhere else is what you have to do at least for years. I'm not gonna pay you. We give you food and basic shelter here. And then I'm gonna compensate you and this is my big pitch you this is what I tell you is the most important part about all this life coaching and education that's what I'm and provide. For your nonstop work for me. But here's the catch. You're not get a meal to take part in that education. And life coaching except for WB four days a month. And make your point four straight days. You're gonna make me rich I'm gonna make millions of dollars. My company they're gonna make billions of dollars. And I have to be happy with that four days a month. Education that you're gonna get couple days a month you're gonna get to devote to those studies. Like I said you don't really have any other realists they got control working career field because because I'd legislated out. I made sure that you've got to come work for me. We worked and other possible employers and make it Triana stay here for at least a full year. This is insane. You're talking about a tipping points. In this issue I have been one that is written. Spoke about Don shows on how I think that there is a way that a system of scholarships for education would work and could work and that data's being undervalued by. The forces debt just one flat out pay for athletes. And I think that they're not really valuing the education these kids get but you know what how hypocritical I'll look at out of touch I look or anybody else Suez that policy. Win now. If you go to Kentucky basketball you go to will wait and play basketball over on LSU there's a will Wade's ball by the way only he enemy. A say over the past with some the smog Ragheb on bull weighed here. Or Kentucky. Schools maybe. But now I'm gonna make those kids. Enriching me for 24 straight days not an appeal to focus on their education. Gannett ferry them all around the country. It's all about me I don't care what happened cement this is ridiculous. This is insane. And because all the other issue going on this is somehow gonna fall through the cracks under the radar. And every single person. Who spotted something a double the education matters and they're getting compensated with an education. We all look foolish because I was one of those people some point the finger at myself too we'll look foolish when something like this happens. Can you imagine him let's go back to Kentucky basketball player or whatever basketball player you want. Wins final stamp. I don't remember but I think it's quiet it's December right in all of mark's right before impassable so it's march in December right. Mid terms and finals. In the middle basketball season the most important weeks of the suppose that education of people are gonna get. Where they're not able to study when they're gonna be working 24 straight days. And we expect them to be quote unquote student athletes we don't expect them to get paid. We don't expect them to get compensated in any other way but an education that doesn't isn't worth the the paper it's written not. That's scholarship. It's ridiculous my position is very swiftly changing to one of that whole system needs to be blown up. I think it's a fraud it's a mockery can you imagine if you're a coach if I'm a coach I'm getting paid 345. Million dollars a year. And now. I can work my employees. For 24 straight days. To enrich myself why they don't get anything but food or shelter for that's. So that section from the 251 a says he couldn't care last like I said I got to question your humanity. CBS news update. Our hot mess that's how Louisiana GOP senator John Kennedy describes that trump administration policy that separates parents and children at the border. Connecticut democratic senator Richard Blumenthal says president trump should stop it. He won't listen to Democrats he should listen to Laura Bush and Susan Collins and members of his own policy who have. Call this. This policy worthy is cruel and inhumane. Animal. Homeland Security secretary cures to Nielsen weighed in on criticism from Laura Bush and other former First Lady I would think than those for their comments I would think them both for their concerns I share their concerns. But congress is the one that needs to fix. Saying he was horrified by images of kids being taken from their parents Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz said he plans to introduce an emergency bill that would mandate families be kept together. CBS news update on Pam Coulter. Welcome back to the show we're talking about an issue that really has me fired up tonight. The NCAA. Has very quietly. Instituted a rule now. That their student athletes. And I use that very liberally. Because I don't think it applies anymore. But college athletes can work up to 24 straight days. According to the NC double. I don't understand. What kind of credibility they have app and winning this policy in very quietly. Last fall while people picked up on the people are picking up on it now. A lot to hear from you on this 5042601. Point seven use the phone and Rican text creates a mediate seventy let's bring on and bill Hughes columnist for The Herald standard in union town Pennsylvania to talk about this. Bill wrote an article on Lyon and in the paper about this topic bill how you do and it. There. Well I don't think. College athlete or are going to be very well after this move bill. What it really struck me about this is it seemed like a move in back rooms filled with smoke in in dark new season and all sorts of whispers. This is something done out of collided today and certainly something that sounds like arms student athletes. Yeah you're right about editing that things it's August apparently to where I debated operational line is some doubt call. It and I don't early reading about it you know I've the other sports writer in the carrier Pittsburgh area here opera and professionally. We really know who spoke you know I titan made you call it opens and a quick market pop record nobody want to talk to understand. And it just. Kind a lot of people were like well where this. Bill I don't understand this from an athlete's perspective how in the world. Are they supposed to all the focus on their studies when you could work up to 24 straight days and these new rules. Do you let the perspective I took it well. And light burst out like the Cox I do at a freelance sportswriter in the Pittsburgh area and help them in a platform to do. Our weekly college sports follow when they actual pro wrestling all Sunday's well. But Sampras are a lot of new peace talks and well I get out comedies do now it's another couple areas that are one. We thought I wrote a piece I ever read and cost you'll be easterners or liberty and and what I guess BC about where now. I wouldn't go into perspective what it's awful the bottle or exploited to me is that. There aren't. Pays off yeah it's actually not consistently practiced. Detroit physical things where they might. Just beat the traders report and study or two along the lines and they felt that it. You know the coaches that they have now our. They they vote Democrat. And they actually pretty much of a bit of a coach is export to make sure that I don't know everything. Well that are. The studies for the student athletes opposite academic support. And with the physical aspect of thing where you know the athletic. How the world can we ever take the NCAA seriously or into the school seriously when next day. Yeah these are student athletes emphasis on the student part after something like this bill it's just it flies in the face of credibility. It's great question and why it the first the first Erica person beast talked about how all the other trauma crop critical. Add up her seat to. This great come out stoke up and information as well they've co op and G-8 is true moral choice. Where it already surging. And I. Which stopped the transfer it and it's just security you know what you political support almost like yet they are beat dark grew out of nowhere. In the people that basket case I'll just gonna be huge entity to do yeah. It's a people support it yeah. You know. You know I can't speak for them but you know they're perspective may be that you know they were trying to tweak in depicting great work dude up but again. Which India which wouldn't betray or Citic. Talking to bill Hughes columnist for The Herald standard a new in town Pennsylvania talking about the NCAA decision. To take away student athletes guaranteed one day off. We can now work up to its current situations 24 straight days. Without a break here and and bill I know this came from the sun belts. But it's it sounds like it was approved by pretty much everybody across the country who is this voted on by I was just the conference commissioners was actually d.s who prevail. You would end in a research I didn't talking to be quite I didn't purposely get a clarification. Daughter I mean I don't know what it was at the sun belt. Order on what they reinstated and was taken to the date commissioners would recover so I'm I'm not special. So I don't. Worked hours of labor laws. Where. I guess these are considered salaried. Employees somehow because in any kind of normal wage an area here and I know it's a you're talking about college athletes called student athletes as those I'll talk about not used that term but. I don't know the situation you're Jesus seems like labor laws or some kind of regulations would say they can't do this to kids can't do this anybody 24 straight days of that veil off. And it it's it's some of the rerouted where all of you not many analysts say the same thing that popped in my mind a couple years ago back. And northwestern they were talking about the well or well. And I like April follows him. Union and and and it Janet cased other than a pretty small striking out scholarship. You know it's just. Our runner earlier. The actual institution here the NCAA they're making. Literally millions in the L if you look at these NCAA basketball tournament billions of dollars. Often these athletes they saved their compensated with an education bill but they're not able to get education with this title. I don't understand what world these athletic directors are Toppert commissioners whoever the back but honestly don't know world it would. It's almost like that it everybody auditors are LeBron James what he told their. And it you know you look at that respect it and say it's you know. Control and our church and generally there are special student athletes that are being paid scholarship also I yet. They're supposed to be getting an education and for the time being taken away. It's this tipping point to some breaking point here for a position is not a case so. Things I don't want comes within they want to do and it. You know they do make billion dollar there are so many aspects of all where. You know that money poignant eyewitness sports are really bringing him on. That you can't pay. You know aptly prompts for that are making what he can pay them what you're paying. Well ballplayers. You know so that's opposite that that they might export route cut in a storm but the same time you itemize. And many sports are truly generating money. You know it it's terrorist. Or such bottom line. Or somebody at the big puddle of all the pieces. So I'm not kidding the other. Do you expect any part of this to be reversed anybody talked to say this is sort deliberation and in parts of the NC double layer is sound like this is going to be the policy on four. That you are still out and so went on record out. Want to see ya don't like it is a senior only cost you hear that become quite the thing that's what it looked the eligibility. But that's what I do off the record athletic directors coaches acted in athletic personnel that are so out. They think that although out of between church and a couple of years because. You know I don't be more injury because some Cogent articulate to pork or sort but their salt that there are trying to get their last out. Do now which physically whether saint Albert stolen a lot of council must the so it's just the ticket checker and don't look around here and it's something or it looked like. Miss you we re a great point there will live the coaches and compensated 234 million dollars to win. Will he work these kids so much that they injure themselves and not getting paid can be. And before sort 24 straight days. It's incredible it's incredible what a what a fascinating decision in a store that will keep watching going toward really appreciate the time and it. I. Okay there goes bill Hughes columnist for The Herald standard in union town Pennsylvania wrote about this issue on line herald standard. Dot com answers my question do you want to hear from you here is not outraged about this they can probably hear it in my voice in my talents tonight about this issue how in the world. Candy NCAA candies conferences in the schools. Look at us and tell us time and time again these student athletes with an emphasis on the students that's important that's what Pete. NCAA tells us. Seem like that anymore 24 straight days of of work. That's what now obese kids will be forced to do without any real compensation because the compensation of education. There aren't going to be get maps. You tell me. You outraged you think I'm making too much of this. What do you think 5042601. Late seventies the phone number it's double coverage we'll take your calls and text on this issue come on back next. V on the net but since NCAA. Who apparently thinks they can do no wrong. Boy reload to bang on them. Sometimes I think too much but now I think this is warranted. They've changed drove very quietly. Smoky back filled rooms first proposed by the Sun Belt Conference last fall. And this is approved yet we don't know who resiliency delays on answering question either conference have been onto the conference commissioners we don't know if there was. Athletic directors themselves or just the NCAA implementing this rule. But they have. Taken away and the one that guaranteed day off per week for their employees that clip they are. There are athletes now. They can work them up to 24 consecutive days and get it flies in the face of any credibility they have that they really care they really give a darn about these athletes. And about their education on here for you on this final 42601870. Is the phone number. To go to ten tenure on WW all. When he wore. Soared. 24 now yet when you work your daughter. About in which would. That's correct. I mean. While it Danny out. Days bureau. It. These canyon misunderstand they are guaranteed one day off per week before. Yeah elect not a lot. So where's the outrage about that. That was. I don't know why you what are you it's double what they were before. The most they can work the Morse they do work before was twelve days in a row if you go Sunday Agassi you know get Monday off one weakening did mosque Sunday the following week. Yeah who work work that much nobody. You know that they're. I mean I do here on the salaried employee but I am guaranteed some protections for labor laws can that if my company if my event or come hold on here. I don't understand your point B if you're acting like 24 straight days in a row isn't enough do you work 24 straight days and RO. You know lessen them. I'm saying they were it is already. Agreed. Okay they can be working destruction route system Leipzig outraged that the network must start with. Well mammy maybe that's true can. I mean all concede that point to you maybe that when they were they could work gym six days a week and could work him up to twelve days in a row. On top of their schooling maybe there should be in a little more scrutiny so I'll concede that pointy let's go to Texan Baton Rouge texture on WW. Yeah forwarded one out aptly. I would I would say we're responsible for competing. From August. From the having to peak very on the year college is the case so you have cross country. Album conference ballot and trying to peak in November sometime on an indoor season. Talent government or an agent that he had outdoors. So. We. I can remember that one day I outlook for. You know algorithm really looking forward to it you know at sixty miles a week. Running in the weight room 34 days that we do every morning. It without trying to stay awake in class. One day. The week it happened Sunday for a while. What got. Recovery for the African part about injury. Is. Is I don't see any coach. That. Would actually be and the biggest and the best interest of their team to be successful. Laettner aptly recovered no matter what sport they need to were covered in typical were covered these kids there. In the book to report on the Google what they're both knew their education at that was promised there. And six I think here's an I ate the this is great insight and I also think that responsible coaches out there. And for the vast majority that's who you're gonna run and shoot better coaching whatever sport it is. You're right just because of injury concerns they're not going to work these kids now to the Max which would be 24 straight days. But you know text that their our coaches out there who on the hot seat that are under the microscope. In whatever sport it is that to save their own hide and their own million dollar salary if it isn't bigs. Big money sport like basketball. Or football that they won't work these kids. To the proverbial match ran. And and you're right and I think I think while you know I am thankful that I had a reasonable money coach at a that entered the mine. And we're human rate. I think go to no other sport that the universe you know that it. I did not air I don't see all through the personal or are there. Via athletic trainer. Allowing our our economic here it's happened a while you know welcome but what. We walked into the room there there there are so. Let alone and boy were supposed to. Now it's athletic trainers and like you know do it to see in their first. And while the over in that first thing in the make things happen to be at rest and recover. You can't rehab ideologically. Injuries. Injuries with more entry you do it yet. You know but there goes into where it is also worry a lot about our oldest son is a bit and now. And so if I was sitting. In this for. Which there an hour about him. Very demanding mentally and into. Go out on the track every day. And so for going through pain and you know. It's gotta be worth. Yeah exits it's just it's a gross violation of any kind of regular labor laws working somebody 24 straight days. I have great insights are really appreciate the call and don't confuse me here. Are you get what I'm saying confuse also don't confuse me I'm easily confused the dull MP confuse you with what I'm saying here. I'm not saying. That's. These athletes these student athletes shouldn't have to put in the work on the field that they're getting these scholarships for not at all. Absolutely not when I'm saying it's not about the work it's about the amount of work in the 24 straight days this gives us flies in the face of any kind of credibility. The the NCAA has when they say yeah we're gonna make you go out and again mrs. Listen about all sports but if we just kind of frame this for me basketball perspective from a big sports it's perspective and because of the the rules are mainly affects basketball. But those kids to be on the court Danny and film study in meetings. For six to ten hours a day for 24 straight days on top of any kind of travel on top of game days. What are they have time for school. Winter they have time for their education the the NCAA says is so important the answer is they don't. They absolutely don't. I think it's it's absurd. And I know this is merely merely making a blip on the national radar because there are limits going on but it should and perhaps this is a little bit of a turning point on this issue. I'll get to all of your calls. Very hot topic here flow lines analytical we have what two lines open still vital for. 260187. If you wanna weigh in. What it's all your calls next step Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. We're talking about the rule change rally NCAA revoking the Darren seed day awful week. For their student athletes and yet I use student. Athlete very liberally here after this. Now they can work them up to 24 consecutive days 24 days straight with this. We'll squeeze in one phone call gets of the rest years after the break let's go to Joseph in Mandel Joseph you're on WW. It suddenly the university on this. What it hated it when he did 23 hours depending on the sport that you can work are allowed to practice. I say this again I don't understand the question to. Well yeah making it. It's when he sport and nose when I Davis Howard that we. Yeah that's it dead on on. Okay now Joseph that's not quite true and if you wanna hold on LA get after the news of immune to squeezing their gorgeous up against the clock. It's twenty hours a week of actual on courts. Or on field work.