Is the NBA Too Top Heavy?

The Golden State Warriors handled the #1 seed Houston Rockets pretty easily on Monday night. What are some ways we can fix the NBA parity in the league?


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What some New Orleans. What's up across the gulf south what's up seal listening wherever you are tonight a WW all dot com. The WW already O apple or. The brand new radio dot com app that's easiest way to get our program download radio dot com that premiere App Store. Favorites WW Arabia and yet all of our shows all day long there. Either Lybrand podcast urging Hamas connect with us. On social media we will be on Twitter today and we also have the text line open Korea. And 87870. Shooters there and the phone lines are pretty much all night tonight got a hodgepodge topics and real fun one Sears rusted first couple hours we're going to be talking about. At 504260. 187. NBA basketball back in action tonight in the got a long layoff we have three days before the next game but it's. Cleveland and Boston game chew. The cavaliers have a six point lead at 29 at 23 early on in the second quarter. Remember it was Boston blowing out Cleveland by 25 points in game one. And I've got a frame this series is really Brad Stevens. Maybe his all time basketball minus certainly think he's got one and he's already proven that he really is relatively young it only took 42. Against the best player of this generation in LeBron James and he's going to be a fascinating series. Really those two that's on framing and right now he's tonight's Cleveland battling back five point lead now. Opening minutes of the second quarter. We're gonna talk some NFL today especially in our number two I'm unveil my post drafts. Top ten in my power rankings. Go I have a top boarded the saints. Stand for me you also talked to Warren chart of sharp football analysis. About this in our three we've got a couple of look normally porn hard NFL season these two top strategist. Didn't go under the table we'd lose track of them but very touching things happen this weekend in high school baseball I told you about this yesterday. Big controversy in the LH SAA win not one but two different championship teams violated the pitched out rule. In championship wins now. As the rule is written. Was games are supposed to be immediate forfeits. So for notre dame of Crowley who won their title game against saint Thomas a quiet person. Another team well by the letter of the law. So are supposed to be forfeits. So saint Thomas a quite as they appealed to the LA it's a CA BI tests eight initial rulings yesterday and sent an email today with the ruling saying. Yes the violations were there by a video evidence. But it's. But not an overturn the games so obviously some very unhappy. People would say Tom's requirements we're gonna talk to bear Morgan head baseball coach over there and the athletic director about this. And we're gonna talk a little Major League rugby that's right New Orleans has a rugby franchise a professional one. It's there inaugural season then Nolan gold the New Orleans gold gold gold. For season here we'll talk to Ryan FitzGerald their GM and our number three. But it's. In our number one on talk about the NBA again because. That is the topic that everybody right now is hot and bothered about. On Twitter on social media not only the lack of parity vets and Bobby and Christian we're talking about although I think that. It's a very intriguing topic and they do a good job breaking that down for us. But also everybody seemingly saying in any in this is the vocal minority but I'm sure you've seen us. People saying that. I will likely Kevin Durant has done to the NBA it's un watchable for me I'm not watching the Golden State Warriors are making the sport on the watchable. Nobody watches the NBA anymore we know exactly how it's gonna end. An LA times you heard that. Quite a bit. Quite a bit. My enemy is something else that happened recently movie buff sure remember this is a couple weeks ago. James Cameron was speaking at at some conference. And he'll let out some words that he probably regretted later but I think it goes in his state of mind James Cameron by the way the the really. Massive film director behind Titanic. Avatar. Macon now three more avatar movies. Legendary director has two of the what the top three all time grossing films now. And Titanic and avatar and it's apparently he doesn't like superhero movies sets and things of that conference that said superhero movies. Are ruining the movie business they're bad for cinema they're bad for our industry I cal auction. Well I anybody who watched the selects. Well. He's wrong that flies in the face of all the evidence we've seen. Where black Panthers set all kinds a records. A month ago. And now and vendors infinity war. Is that not kinda records these superhero movies. Whether James Cameron or some other film elitists. Don't watch him or don't like him that's not what our free market sense. Consumers are gobbling those up every tie. The most part they are pretty specially the marble some cinematic universe DC universe. I salute for sort of struggled at. So that brings me to I think a parallel here in the NB. When we see people and we here on this show every single night and we hear it on sports stock with Christian and Bobby every single night. People calling in people tweeting people texting. Saying I can't stand the NBA. Kevin Durant has made the sport un watchable. But warriors are two good nobody's watching the NBA anymore why would you watch it. Well. Here's the thing. I'm not sell and I'm Bob Bryan what you're Scotland here at all. And I've got a hard evidence right here to back it up. Not only. Are people not watching me and people are watching the NBA and specifically these NBA playoffs. In greater numbers than they ever have before. That's right. The ratings for this year's NBA playoffs. With the lack of parity with the dominance by the warriors. With Kevin Durant to move with it looks like it could be cavs warriors for the fourth straight year all that everything. The ratings are up. TNT is coverage last night get this. TNT is covered last night. Of Golden State Houston game one. Was dean most. Watched. Western Conference finals game one ever. Ever. Eight point six million total viewers. Watch that game game one. That's also promotes. On that network since lakers kings in 2002 actually on the correct myself that's the most on any network. Since lakers kings in 2002. Peaked at ten million viewers. By the way. That's up 38%. Over the NBA's Eastern Conference finals and also it's up 9%. In thirty years. Well it's just the warriors. That is because basically. And that's minister championship series so they're really knows that it Jason and Golden State really got to treat this like the finals convert to Western Conference ever ever knows those teams are going to be Cleveland or Boston. Well. Apparently people are still paying attention to the Eastern Conference do. Because. ABC. On Sunday. Had the highest rated Eastern Conference finals game one since 2050 Tina. It's sort of fifteen. That's up 32%. 32%. Since last year. Also the highest why sporting a middle weekend obviously. Five point four. A rating. 15%. Last year. Up 50% since last year. So here's the thing. I gets. If you. Don't want to see the same match appeal your tired of watching the warriors come out of the last. You're tired of watching the cavaliers or maybe to start a washing LeBron whatever team he's on coming out at least. Maybe you don't like the accumulation of power. This happen and Golden State's. Say all those thanks so I ain't nobody likes. Lack of parity in their professional sports leagues I don't think. Talked about it a lot here. I'll make it good from the NBA I think it's something that they're really struggling with here. But. Get rid of this nonsense because frankly it's just not true. And you're doing yourself a disservice saying that nobody is watching the NBA anymore or. I can't watch the NBA anymore it's on the watchable what German Duran is done in the league it's on a watchable what Adam silver is allow LeBron to do. It's on the watchable. The Golden State has all these superstars. It flies in the face of all this evidence. People are tuning and in greater numbers right now. Then ever before in league history period. End of story. So you can whine and complain. And Mona. And another word there that I can't see on this program. For whatever reason the you'd think you don't like it. But our bats for a lot. You people are saying that I bet if I followed you with a hidden camera. These entire playoffs that you'd be sneaking a peek at those warriors you wanna see how good they actually are what everybody's been talking about. Do you watch LeBron in the post season. You want to seal a playoff LeBron is all about. Is these numbers don't lie. These numbers don't like James Cameron can hate superhero movies. And he can think they're bad for the industry and he can think nobody should watch him. But that's until it's not not what happened and in cinema. People are coming out in droves for those movies are black panther for avengers. People can not like I suppose. Kevin Durant. They can dislike the accumulation of talon and Golden State. They can dislike the lack of parity especially in the eastern conference on LeBron can just. Ten and his name William cancer not a race is pinning his name in the final that I conference for the last decade. It's fine the meaner now watching that I don't believe it. Not on a medal scale and US. Now what I will say though and I talked about this last night. I do think the NBA has a serious. Very the issue. Big time Perry the issue. You can't tell me that's not a thing here NBA fans. When Golden State is gonna come out of the western conference for the fourth straight year and it looks like that's gonna continue for this perceive what future. And whatever team LeBron James is on over many Eastern Conference. Come out of that conference the last eight years. Well seven years this would be eight. If it happens which. That's I don't know if they beat Boston. But we'll take a break here we come back I got a couple of ideas I think. Fairly straightforward and ideas of how they can actually fix this broken parity issue in the NBA and look how you land here. If you are truly one of those people Witt says the NBA is on the watchable right now because the warriors because it Kevin Durant whatever the reason. Tommy why we did tell me why. I want you to tell me why you think the ratings that are up. An all time high as if it's really on watchable 5042601. Late seventies the phone number 504260187. The I'm Seth Dunlap. Double coverage just getting started on WW. Photo max's show. The LeBron James is out to AM eleven got to be a twelve point lead here over the Boston Celtics. In game two most people thought Cleveland would bounce back here in game two you don't often see LeBron I guess and just play in the warriors in the files. Go down 20. Stuffed ask for the Celtics. And right now again and be around a little bit Celtics only with 36 points here in the first staff Kevin Love with seventeen. Points. For the for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm sorry Al LeBron James had 44 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron set their Kevin Love with seven points here. On three of five shooting Alice you actions tonight osu baseball or not caring Meghann will carry obviously the Auburn series Thursday Friday Saturday. But LSU gotten the job done against northwestern states. And it fairly important midweek game here. Beats nothing that LSU. A leading Northwestern State that's all right Tim the threats Cory I nothing bottom of the fourth inning. Those who get it done so I was talking abouts. We NBA number one last segment that anybody could saying that they're not watching the NBA here. The NBA is now just on watchable nobody cares about the NBA anymore we can be further from the truth I'm sorry I'm not buying what you're selling it just flies in the face. A ball hard evidence we have here. The Western Conference finals game one was the highest rated game one ever. In the west. And the Eastern Conference finals game one was the highest rated in five years. And it's not just these conference finals by the way. Throughout the playoffs so far it's the most watched playoffs in five years. Before this Golden State run started some more people are watching now the they did before this super team that is the warriors. Came together. But it is an issue for me absolutely in the NBA not easy fix and a sport where. Oh dynasties are relatively easy easily created in the NBA compared to the sport like football ads comes on the numbers. You've got five guys on the courts. At a time you're playing offense and defense. And 22 when football. Baseball if you count the starting pitchers you've got pretty good play all the starters style lap every single day no banter Doggett about their. Five starters nine position players. Way business employers and DH. Talking about fourteen so it's a numbers game here it's easy to get a couple of big time superstars two or three. The draft or come together on a franchise any kind of run the NBA for half decade or longer happens a lot has happened throughout the history of the sleek. But a couple of really easy fixes here. That I don't understand why people aren't talking about this I know why the NB APA and the players association is nots they don't want this to happen. But police may have to think about this number one. A franchise tag similar to what they have in the NFL. Don't let for example down here Anthony Davis when he comes up for contract and Tony Tony one. He wants to go elsewhere quote is too important this franchise to franchise him. That's Camelot or my dislike Washington did with Kirk cousins for a couple of years sure. Wedding stars easily get away from smaller markets or developing franchises is an issue and also he could set a hard salary cap. No more of this soft cap nonsense that's a cap but it's not really cap because. The bigger markets can afford to pay luxury tax were dale Benson in New Orleans is can't down here. So the salary cap doesn't mean much when it's not a true hard GAAP. In my to fix is yet to fix give me a call 504260187. CBS news update. Two deaths are blamed on severe weather that's hitting the northeast. Heavy rain and strong winds have knocked out power to nearly 600000. Homes and businesses. WCBS meteorologist Craig Allen says while the weather is dangerous it will be over quickly. Very intense very powerful leading edge of this line with winds gusting over sixty miles per hour. There is a considerable lightning and some of the cells we have large hail being reported a few of the cells as well and of course to rent shall reign. In Hartford WSFS. BTDs Courtney Zeller. Torrential downpours it's likely end up a little that I mean it's still raining out here but definitely not as bad as it was but there are some stragglers and they are getting Latin stock ton of people walking running sitting on park benches enjoying the sun. And they heat earlier today hard to believe how quickly the weather can change a tornado was. Potted and Sullivan in northern New York CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. Welcome back to the show it's still covers on WW all set Dunlap with zero watch in the Eastern Conference finals is our show goes along tonight. 4738. Cavs with a nine point lead late in the second quarter cavs doing a great job defensively. Especially on Jason Day and rises nine points right now Al Horford with seven points so. The cavs LeBron. Great job defensively on Boston really Boston was the offensive juggernaut. Interest but today it's Cleveland. What remind you look we've got some cash available for UN during the day if you wanna win that cash listen every single weekday here to WW all. All weeklong you're gonna have a shot to win a part of that thousand dollars cash twelve different times a day in our Entercom national cash contest you can listen to Tommy Noual scoots. Sports talk with Christian and Bobby at the top of the hour. The code word. So the top of the arrow salutes code words between 6 AM and 7 PM and in attacks that were 272881. For your shot to win. 1000. Dollars in cold hard cash. Yeah a week you know we cannot win Sam it's true. But Tim you would buy it on pull tabs suspended on port that is something or maybe just put it in geared your fund old go right across the street yeah. We're pretty close. Down here to a local gambling establishments. And after a New Orleans. So that's true. It's a do you have any guy quick fixes for this NBA parity is jam concerts a quick picks it up awaits the new CBS but I do think there's some very simple fixes like I said. Should suit a franchise tag of some sort. The bleed would have to give concessions to PA because the players association is not gonna want that. And also just hard not to cap an enormous luxury tax nonsense to automate the cap hire fire and but you're basically analyzing smaller markets here. Who cannot afford the luxury taxes this capital really mean that much wind. Markets like Boston or San Francisco. Or in New York can go over the tax or or Miami same way. But you know hard cap would be the way they couldn't get easy fix short term I don't know. What the long long term effects would be with Dixon and the area now now I and I do think that a franchise tag seems like a very simple. Addition to meet this one gaining had to get through the PA which proved to be pretty darn difficult. So we got some text him and it 878 simulate it to a couple him. And here's text from the 985. I would like to see the NBA tried seeding. The top sixteen teams so they're talking about. Just instead of go by conferences here you deceive and 116 Alec the NCAA tournament. The text continues they talked about it in the past number one play sixteen number to play fifteen and so on that is still have the eastern western conference's. It would be something different yeah they talked about that but I don't know how that fixes the parity issue. I suppose that fixes the playoff tissue likely would have this year. You wouldn't have Golden State in Houston death only the two best teams in the league playing a de facto NBA. Finals. In their conference final is number ones that series should run through Cleveland or Boston I sold execution somehow wins that series very much better team. Then Houston might go to six or seven games compared to four or five those Golden State yeah. We're getting a lot of your rant tape on the text slam a couple of musing boulder language that is nothing new here. On our text line and we don't understand the hate for Kevin Durant I mean I don't understand ABA. Are you need dislike what he did a bit coming in a bad guy like immigrants on a bad dude. Its doorstep Chris Iannetta Bobby Hebert just before the show it and I are so many people. Tell me they hate staff Korea really. Step curry. The bad guy. That's smiley affable. Charismatic dude that there doesn't seem didn't do much wrong on or off the court. Was his daughter and family brings is dotted press coverage is all the time. Is and and make it and about him at all shed salary so we could. It took less money so they can keep that team together that's the guy you're gonna hates. And and understand the step grade you tempt you ever get people hitting Seth Curry like he seems like one of the most unhittable people in sports. I mean I don't think people hate that curry is much as they do Durant because I think people like trip because he took the easy way to getting a championship I guess it is by joint letter a team that was argument. Still is already good and also a team that didn't win a title lay. Remember the Golden State needed to add a piece there any proof that that was proven the previous year when they blew a 31 lead to the cavaliers but they also trailed 31 on the Western Conference finals. That was a look they were probably the league's best team like 73 and nine would tell you that. But it worked this all time dynasty yes. Take a break here Matt Moore NBA or at a for action now org and join us next talk about these conference finals talk about the ratings and talk about stuff create a spouse. It's just a left you'll weigh in 504260187. Is the phone number. Double coverage on WW we'll continue. Quarterback. Watch in the Eastern Conference finals casts 48 Celtics Tim Cassidy five Celtics 48 here. At halftime and abroad like we said stolen off 25 points and efforts to pass for seven from Marie told the statue elect you need to sixes. Four rebounds. Handley trying to even up this series 121 has promised to go and bring in Matt Moore now NBA writer for action network dot com c.s currently joining us. Watching this game as its reached halftime Matt what's the draw and it's that. I'm watching this can't walk so Wilbur on dominate your Watson is a lot more closely I was into radio show here today. LeBron I guess everybody kind of expected he was going to be right. Yeah eating it come and when he got. Its killer when he inquiries. They're not all like. You can view and he had the talent and he did eateries are there right now we can't back it like really well managed there a quarter extend the lead. That was the only kind of stretched. It on the cap in the weird almost seem like. They are supporting players play worse. LeBron on the floor and he played better and egos are applicable to your dynamic play. It's working so party unity yet. Tourist you you see this this series kind of from the top down I see it as LeBron obviously the generational talent one of the best players of all time. It may be the best c'mon LeBron. Apologists out their commanding and I don't see Brad Stevens on the other side which. I think he might have an all time mine Jeff talked about on my show quite a bail again this dude. Just seems to be one of those talk about a generational talent and LeBron I he's one of those generational coaches that we don't see very often. Am I off base there or didn't does Brad Stevens have this all time great basketball minor were kind of watching it. Just develop over in Boston. A little bit more of the allegations that the way to approach has been very. I lower my about even called a pretty content he'd. Lit. He could lead the same you know what the player that got their good the players the ones that are getting it done continue to get desperate act. He rejects the opportunity for guys medical while I'm not looking at engine I think that's where I think we and Allen in adequate job Danny Ainge. My hair you know me and big boom. There dirt out and done and having top tier talent evil mean anything bad. But the one thing. But I don't let the mind that we do need to see him actually went and key gains key series and get gullible coaches. We can act like even the only great. Alter your car I'll eat currently we can't completely coaches in the league and brackets being 11 at about but there's. A lot of coaches in the league and we tend to overlook that. Yes sure win something you bile abroad and are the capsule favorites in the series and their man. Just because of our history with LeBron and knowing that it also there are times when and the Celtics and the look a little bit more light. Really what they on paper but it exceeded what they are on paper so much stern while the credit to all those guys and even. You know even it out. Wind jail ground not knocking out that the contested shots when I hero of the year didn't Dolan a thirty point the point that curry a better defense. When all these things are. Go away. There often is pretty pedestrian and develop weapons so. I think capital but what the captain deeply flawed and amp often going to have a chance to win the game and it's eerie isn't going to be. And up in the air here I think for the most important in the quite put every night between a really sound team that limited him weaponry. And I casting that people want what about your generation. Talking to Matt Moore here on double coverage NBA writer for action network dot com be sure Yuma follow on Twitter at Matt Moore CA en us go out to the west here. And this force that is the Golden State Warriors against me well their regular season's best Ian. In the Houston Rockets the reason I'm chuckling Matt is because when I wash those two teams played last night I know it was close at times there and Harden. A herculean effort at least offensively. I still. It's really tough for me to see Hewson he went and again in the series the way to a mid talent disparity there is just so obvious for me how do you view that series Matt. The biggest problem right now. Keep an important year is effectively here. Important for airship the U ideally you can edit your hair and flop. It you can have a inquiry about to shop shall it. He's been margin for error is not yet bureau. Because that are you open outlook. Few quarters three. Kill them. After the Internet Edgar and Albert coming up their future or now. Tina Tina generated nineteen point turnovers it better than one per possession. On the return Albert. The apple blogger scene and he. Used the well a bit or he wouldn't he would tell. Me. McCain because. Category. And now. All the time he that we cannot make any mistakes. It again it is is no point because even if you get a chance. I can't isn't enough for gold and they have too much all the time. Yeah no no they do armored talking about a rocket steam by the way the wasn't just a good bit. Team they were the seventeenth best team in history Little League in the regular season. And I quit the match I didn't they don't have any chance here maybe they steal a game or some of them don't have any chance of maggots at the bigger picture here that I have been talking about. And number one and I did point out the blood he's watching the NBA right now there they have the highest game one ratings in both conferences while the west all time. And east. I guess in five years so I don't know about and so were anybody in the league offices really care right now the lack of parity. But that's something we're talking about the lack of parity in the league I think it's an issue is there any way that they can fix this they have to wait to the next CBA maybe franchise tagging comes in. May be more hard cap is the legal working on a thing or do you think they can do any thing to help the parity issue. There's been in the Indian in there are so good at the apartment they're an ever. The players are being the key Carter got a quarter million dollar contract. Players are happy. Yup the owners are happy franchise valuations are multiple billions of dollars everybody. Money hand over the competitive nature is. Why even with something because commitment of one of matter in Fort. Lee which. And I think that one's that ought or think like think that eventually in the problem yeah and he mentioned. At the ratings are occurring when he filed last year. Because the cap and the warriors through. All of the playoffs. They ought to decrease in revenue from gains but number game that well that impact in the cap that's like the worst part about all of this. Because the warriors are making such quick work of everybody important capital thinking cap room at our players to compete with the war here. It makes it even harder on the very typical problem on the but he cautioned not interfering. You wanna different sizes the warriors may not make the best team and because the EPA dot smoothing the cap increase. When the media money came and they and their object against their order in our contracts. We can be very careful with that but it did that get an issue and eventually. It's not matter what does their goalie Andy dynasty natural it's never felt quite this out of whack with how it was everything he called. He had a look you make some great points I mean aside about the loss of actual games in the playoffs affecting the bottom line it's it's it's fantastic there it's a great way to think this you know I'm just curious here and admittedly have talked about this on my show. I was so tired of the 25 years of iso basketball in the NBA while maybe I'm tired of seeing Golden State at the top here I love the way they play I love the way they've changed the game but even saying Matt. How much longer eskolaste Matt how much longer are we looking at Golden State just dominating this league. There's a we we re okay you know well. Now I'll turn. You know start a little better Katie get an app you want to go somewhere else which is a possibility that part. And of any QB that guy is again. He's the guy should one believe he's bitten or you know Mickey Andy and basically. That you're like these. Old and they. Remote recorder and the history in and I. And yet he's pot and the expense and because they're all Smart and camera out. And they wanna keep it going to retire wood or 56 championships but to reach that level and do anything to warn you coming on the pipeline. Think about it in New Orleans Anthony. Chemical that's going to be real. Does say that I know I know we were written cautiously optimistic and what's happening here in New Orleans but I guess that's a topic for another day by the way Klay Thompson California kid CI I was surprised maybe I guess we shouldn't be surprised Matt that he wants to stick around there. Just quality time really event NBA Eliza thanks so much for the time Matt really get inside suiting up. And Matt Moore NBA writer for action network dot com. And again he's on Twitter at Matt Moore TAM. LSU still leading Northwestern State eight to nothing so tigers eight to one so northwestern stay on the board eights of wine it looks like in the seventh inning. Osu just taking care of this the second half cavs and Celtics about to get under will keep you updated on that ants here's operating Mazda opinion poll tonight atop a grim talk about next hour. Who's the best team in the NFL right now on paper yes. Months out from the season will unveil our power rankings next hour who's your best team in the league. Is that the saints. Where is the Eagles patriots rams vikings or somebody else log onto WW dot com to cast your vote. I'm set to allow double coverage continues next. Boy Al Horford. Has an all believe this is what can three point shot. Cassel leading Boston 6152. Just under way in the second half member LeBron going off in this one. 27 points now in this game to lead all scorers Kevin Love looking pretty good soon as the cavs trying to even up that series at one game. One game apiece so Jim just brought me and during the break cared Tim there's something called the knoller fat boy run. I get what is this exactly explain this to me in the audience again. But the Ron that's going to be held and a couple weeks and you have to be over 200 pounds is a male. And over a 145 pounds of the female in order to run the race and they way you at the site based in your your class but here's the obvious flaw in this. Number one should be calling any woman that I think that's just not the time to do it obviously a little un PC there number true. Take away take into account. How holy water. So I am 67. So what they consider fat hear anything over 200 pounds right you're considered in a fairly this Knoll a fat boy racer considered. Fat girl a hint Q a huge huge load. I am not as skinny as I once was but I'm certainly not a large guys but even if file was. It back to being very skinny. Would be about soon though five to ten. I could be. A beamed pole at 67 and still weigh about. 210 and they're gonna put me up in the fat boy race that's how this works we got to have an advantage here is going to be fair. I visited vision I'm into right win this should be in the same division. Like Michael Thomas weighs like 220 right Michael Thomas a 63 can go and irate. Yeah come on. Foot on back is this weekend's. Two weeks. But when anything in my do this. While many incidents I am an it manager at leverage it. There are based required Chad here in about two minutes logged on the there's Debbie to be off FaceBook page shall talk about NFL power ratings.