NBA Draft Preview

Thursday, June 21st
The NBA Draft is tonight, see who went #1 in the draft plus we prepare for the Pelicans 2nd round pick.

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Bought some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south what's up seal listening now wherever you are tonight at WW all dock on the WWL radio app the radio dot com apple welcome mine lands on the show. It's NBA draft night. And I'm Paul Douglas house are gonna coach so assaults for module just a little bit owner and soon had a chance to chat some pretty excited about the draft himself. And we are couple of hours and this may be already and were up to what is the pick number sixteen. Now. There's been a couple of trade session today. We'll give answers to those sort of into all of the pics here in just a little bit. Bullets at the scene for the show today yes a big heavy focus on the NBA draft and the trades are what this means for the pelicans what this means for. LeBron James and his destination yes indeed silicon like. Los Angeles will cover all that Scott Alexander. Will join us here in our number one will also talk Jim I can offer right of Republicans not come in our number two of toxin NFL is James Winston he was officially suspend the breaking news last night on this program. We talked to a bucks writer about this was that James was who was. Bracing for a three game suspension. And now. Our response to an investigation by the NFL for a an alleged sexual assault in an Bloomberg that he took in 2016. Well the Ethel has indeed come down with that suspension yes it is three games so get into that. And we will also talked grave Salman of the Tampa Bay times what this means for the Tampa Bay blocs this year and maybe. Dirk cutter the very embattled head coaches mayor what it means for him and his job security and our number three of course we'll have our World Cup updates the big news today. Well was a buried very bad day. For one of the world's best players shall we all messy and his team Argentina we're watching. The debate about the goats the greatest of all time in soccer. It's played out before our eyes. In Russia right now and it is going heavily one way and that's the way of Cristiano Rinaldo. But it let's talk about the goat member it's LeBron vs. Jordan it's Tom Brady vs Payton and Brees and never Joseph Montana and everybody else well. Soccer's them in the same thing I think maybe it's your best players ever to play the game certainly two of them planned right now. But this and his team to close at least not this year so that's our show tonight let's get you caught up right now on the NBA draft. And our WW all opinions on everything no. Pelicans pick in the first round this year. And it's not uncommon to see them with either no first round picks or and then quickly. Dispatching of any player but they did pick in the first round it's been a strategy for Dell Demps. It's work to varying degrees of success he is not a bill through the draft kind of guiding that's been proving. RWW all opinion poll on this hasn't been the right strategy for the pelicans to build through free agency and trade when most of their first round picks under depths simple yes or no you can log on to WW all dot com. And you can cast your vote so here's what's happened so far in the NBA draft. Number one as expected as we talked to a couple of guys the last two days they'll told us the same thing it's. DeAndre Eitan. The big seven footer at a Arizona he stays in states Annie goes to the Phoenix Suns. Eitan is an incredibly. Physical specimen. He reminds a lot of people of Shaquille O'Neal I know that is a big comparison. But that's what people see in him and return it to be. Is it cool big man who can dominate down low especially offensively with his back to the bucket that is patent. And the sons one now rebuild their team threw him Marvin Bagley the third he goes number two to the Sacramento Kings there's questions. This you really wanna wind up in Sacramento all the kings' pick him there well the duke product does indeed go number two. Here's the rest of the top ten you have Luka Don chick he goes to the Atlanta Hawks down the road Jim Jackson animus can see a lot of people are saying. That possibly Jackson may turn out to be the best player. In 56 years in this draft class Jarron Jackson goes to the several actually pose the question on my Twitter about an hour and a half ago. Who's going to be regarded as the best player Adam this draft five years down the road. I got tray young. Mold bond Marvin Bagley look at Don chick not one person said Jerry Jackson. As the reasons I did I don't think the public perception in Jackson mastered the reality with his talent he can be. A star in this league we'll talk about it a little more and then maybe the biggest star. In college basketball this last season trade eon from Oklahoma. He goes number five. To the Dallas Mavericks. And there was a couple of there was a couple of pics here trades I should say in the first round in the Massimo hawks traded picks the mavs. Moved down to number five the hawks moved up to number three. And the mavericks he gets a future first round pick. From. The hawks for that pick. There's also another trade this happened just a little bit ago let's see here what was the other one it was the clippers and hornets they tradable lottery picks. The clippers get between eighteen number eleven overall pick. And the hornets got the twelfth pick in 22 round pick. So the big hits Alexander due to clippers in the hornets with that pick big miles bridges and that's what happened today we thought there be many more trades and there have been so far were still walks in the trade wire. No pelicans news no real lakers new drilling that would. Really didn't. Scholl you where LeBron James might be going it's not like the lakers jettisoned long so ball and made way. Salary rise from LeBron and a couple of stars to come their way no it's been pretty quiet night especially when people thought it would be a very busy day here. Draft wise. So that gets us caught up but sear we are at number sixteen. A right now the sixteenth pick was just and the Phoenix Suns are second pick in the first round. They're Smith that is Texas Tech the small forward he goes there for brown bode well or again with number fifteen. Yup Milwaukee Bucks in the San Antonio Spurs the hawks and the mavericks coming up seventeen through to one point. To go and take our first break here pure and away and give me a call what you watch and a man on the draft Bible four to six so. 1870. We're gonna talk to Scott Alexander. A prime time sports a big basketball buff about. What he's thinking about this NBA drafts with the pelicans are doing this offseason. Any album later this hour we're gonna talk some NFL and got talk about this Jamison Winston suspension. Three games. For an alleged incidents. In Ann Cooper in 2016. William of that second after the hour we're just getting started I'm Seth Dunlap thanks for joining us tonight. It's double coverage on WWL. Donte' indeed visit sends older. Ghosts of the Milwaukee blacks is one of my favorites. Draft prospects here very good value pick their by the Bucs have fun wash in this all the way through you know I just saw a footlocker. And and Twitter. Promoting it well aware how soon goalie Angelo ball get drafted. Tell you what if Lee Angela ball gets drafted. No be a complete mockery. Of this system and a complete publicity stunt but whatever team. Does indeed do that. Sar at all Ed as a as a family apparently dude it has zero sense of reality. I'm a Scott Alexander feels the same way SI tweets got a little bit earlier on Alexander host a primetime sports on WL a.'s TV. And CE ST c'mon we Allianz global oil man early. Yeah yeah I could those they'll follow these guys Alexander. That is that the NBA in the grass we have you'll all night and a lot of attention on that he then beat an important or Serbia. So you know figuring it click here but the real national basketball there's so how are you. I'm great man this is one of my favorite nights of the year it's a bomber again the pelicans are really involved here in the first round and yes that's the strategy of Dell Demps. We get to that in just a minute what's your take on what's gone on so far here tonight. Lisa says opulent you know to be on that fourth place. Asia. Wilson Chandler pick in 2007. What's the point there are critic and then we really got lucky. A couple of years now appears that again. Would it pays to jump and all up to six and yet it panned out that so it's it's exciting when you get that top six open range. And I feel good moment so I'm mom what can now on the board now on this kind of remember. One that it out yet as far as the strap man. Within. My first thought is the Andre. A really. I don't know populist strongly that this wouldn't count came com. Call it an account that I am what I believe and a lot of people really Angel look for it too much for drought net back. And I kept saying from from the early December aren't. Out to get these guys start merging these. You know bigotry and it beneath that some people were trying to say look this season. I don't think that even the question anymore but some people were actually saying it. But he's great in the under eight as a potentially. Really feel. Com he's got a problem any scheme like. That that's hi I'm upbeat thing in I don't know if anybody can touch that but. Judith stopped import man's player of that that particular. The player and came I think you know he's got that kind of skills and easily and. Who do you think is going to be the best player in five years out of the straps sounds like you might think it's aid not really like in bio he reminds me a little bit I know this is kind of blast some especially down here there must be a little bit a shack with the moves back to the basket skills visit Colin size. And I'm talking about a strength really download his seven foot but when I look at this. I kind of think low key in the Jarron Jackson. May turn out to be the best stroller Marvin bag clearly knows about banged and our people are talking ledger in Jackson is maybe the best player and the strap I love him at a Michigan State. Great skills literary for a played many games against his father. Q Aaron Jackson senior who. Who has a footballer Eric colon when he could play. Can't go to Georgetown Buddha and yet the like I honestly can't text. I think the guys going to be a beat. I mean eight and my guy. And you know and a lot of these guys going forward going to be good and bomber can be good at what he does. Ugly I think comments sections going to be kind of emerged. And then there's other than anybody but he can be that superstar. But he's going to be a tough guy in the eighties so fast and it's also quickly. And shot it adequate. He's got a decent stroke not really three point sure and be neighboring at the moment. But does his tenacity. It is will to win it's pretty strong. Wasn't a big fan is coming into the season. And Connolly like Scott she kind of grew on me and he just became a data like really impressed with tortillas seat and so he bit. You know in the parliament in the game one shot amnesia as these is the winner like. Yea like that McAllen and age is really well it's not the Scott Alexander Rosa primetime sports on WL EE and CE ST at the Scott Alexander. On Twitter you know let's talk about that sex and pick Russa mega that goes to the Cleveland Cavaliers are my saw that pick I'm glad you brought it up. I immediately thought this is a specific pick to try to get LeBron changed to stake is it fills a huge need. It would let LeBron handled the ball little bit less still that entire career being gap that they lost last year he is a point guard. And I had to stop that paid that picked to me screens this is what LeBron one that I don't know if that's true or not but it seem that women. Well really it does there's no doubt that they it's a nice. Pectoral were on it happens to stay at the unit they beat some great things together mean section you know Asia and Europe icicle. Be right I mean really you know these guys they need maturing like most kids do when their nineteen years old. He talked and I must say that that would protect them in the top 45. Not so much alike sound so. I don't know I mean you know it's. LeBron saying. No IPO it's gonna happen on that situation good. It's. I'll sell. Mine and sprinkle a little while is something you know ticketing and it will imperil more. Well that. I'm now I'm back. You know there's a relationship with BP very. You know in and you get partners and Emeka. Super team which wouldn't bode well elegant but if you put those two. Together I mean that would be really good shot at beating golden statement saying they could that would do it. You know and on down here look very good. Having a B and LeBron and Girardi. On the same team might be litigated two. While playing the world to be a destination click on the applicant like. Aaron do you want to give place they can win and like generally. LA has improved and they can win yet but you know that they package or Georgia whoever wrote. You never know. Yeah and deeds Scott going to take it too good to genius Newser. Okay take a break for CBS news here in just a second in the latest news from the LeBron Cambodian innocent. LeBron watch segment a little bit later but the ringer reporting. That civil LeBron camp says that he won't go anywhere but LA Cleveland or Philadelphia whether that's sure not but just one source reporting that. I kind of agree with sky and him not taken a look at Houston is a little bit head scratching Geneva that we've heard multiple reports now he's doesn't wanna go to Houston. For lifestyle reasons like Scott just said. We'll take a break for CBS news more NBA draft top folks on the pelicans come back I'll ask him does he agree with the strategy here for the Pelz in the Dell Demps Serra. And on number chaining any of their first round picks well except for one and and what's the biggest 180 do that next it's double coverage on WW. Our cereal producer Tim's Emery allowed said he can't watch the college World Series tonight. Blacked out by NBA coverage been right now in the college World Series Florida without a hit in this game in the fifth inning but they lead one nothing. Over Texas stack. How about that we'll keep an update on I'll man to be updates here in just a little bit Scott Alexander with the Sosa primetime sports on WL EE. And CST talking about the NBA draft has been well publicized by just about everybody locally this week and deservedly so Scott. That it's Dell Demps is strategy has been to build through free agency through trades. It doesn't trust the draft really at all the only pick he's retained for longer than a year. Was. Well Anthony Davis say yes together we should have read but do you agree with the strategy do you think that. That is the right one here for the pelicans. Well look easy you know the real thing going. I want put this diplomatic replant. Tom Benson. We'll look at pearl what are you looking for a winner fat and we all news confidence in years or or counting. And my concern that the reason that I don't like our they want to win right now we don't know rookies. Hollister won the top picks are gonna take a while now. Who can complain actually right now military know there'll well. Home you know yeah there's. They created you know that that there was no well for that for you holiday. There was a young guy coming off an all Ortiz and I don't think any good news that he was and you know in the or maybe it should note though that these. Really by. The fact is that you're expecting with the with the influx of players that they brought. You know the Ryan Anderson Mercury Kevin and I'll let the that you you'd be ticking higher. In 2014. Right can they treated in the thirteen fourteen tertiary topic changed now. But I mean all things point to is going to be great news that the injuries would be. This team you know. Eric Gordon share continuing injuries. And all the other guys they can hurt. So I'd look at that the only one they go airs out because sixteen made it they kept by the yield in that rating yeah. Seventeen. You know another simple one obviously. You know with this year it was Nikko merit to choke. The fact that you can kind of feel he's the one that gonna Wear that they. They got Omar Sheikh and they you know they got that they and they treated that way they used and then. Don't pan out and he brought on debris protection for City Council want their own yet yours is that the people do not remember I think. Led to the in rebounds per minute the war that recently brought MO. He became a deteriorating player not seen after. Not that far after I mean maybe a year. And it became pretty awful in their careers but I don't think any of it really. So is going to be that. You Ukraine at such a great B I could recount you know you're given a moments in the news accustomed to you planned on at least. And just didn't work out you know obviously we know that when they are on a tree and so. It is what it is and I understand some people able to turn out for. There are reasons I'm with the. So he demons and he'll he's the one to me that I think they might really and a burglar regretting here long term because he shot 43%. This season from three and you look at what I know they got booed because engine that you have the injury man. But can you imagine that kind of three point shooting on the outside with this team right now. That one and I know they got the it's hard to second guess them or you know I guess Thursday that a quarter aren't here yet go ahead. The guy that they guys this year. Was averaging a big years that definitely happened report time in history mr. I mean 25 points thirteen repent and by the that seems like you'll but it never happened. All. England club just. So yeah I mean but he yield. You don't get the trait now that much to say that that was the guy you know the owner. Sacramento Kings really wanted and he wanted then wrapped around and obviously the elegant that clinic and got them. I think their pick and people are nice year. And they weren't able to get him so he. Is that it's give and take in I mean listen I know I know. While. I really do not really one of the XXX and success in the NBA but with which you have. You organize really weren't any put out games with him with which so you're talking about a picture where they can ago. Well because of the very important piece took it to obviously. The future success that. The scene that they were exporting it and that pretty much is between them now I think now it's a little more realistic because it's your holiday what can be as opposed to what you. And beginning of a career now is oh. We said this before and collide letter I mean honestly what is better to record at least if you can Hillary. You have to read my history here in the war on that could cause late in the year. Who Jeb on the show this week and he had planned for next week. Well Pamela stout Mitchell. You know partly be Cornell she history. He's six leading rebounder now she is she now little. Girl. Talking about because to them that when it is one apartment Grier at times the rate of the pop for. He won yet she should they when it because like when you're there six and 09. And yelled salaam. You know quickly got to port though but he's Corey and he he talked that wants that and the other because it is that an incoming players. The bigger impact both for the LSU tigers he'd support the coaching that now. And he's a young guy RE SEC election but on news where the you know and they these the SEC tournament. Minis is a great kids so that's an airport or could be 630. On Saturday. Evening and then Nam again on it but that's. Happily yet there while at Tulane quarterback Jonathan thanks. A lot of kids Kansas State trip her up but he really nation year. Missed a couple of games and still it's. Eighteen Pakistan. You're likely 500 total yards. I think you can have a dynamic. Action oh really there yet there are out to. Panned out and then also we have a lot that way you might now know Angela is that it didn't buy it my agent there was I know they know exactly who is. He's one of the three best that I'm because of climate ever played tiger's second round pick that they with the deeply 7780. When I was a kid. Watches and use one of those does not mean down and then our wrought on the and a com sports and exposition district that. That's that the group that bring and most part part of the responsibility of bringing principles upon forward. In the word and in the end you a couple of championships which the world civil Rico and open when he won it for all. 20/20 two for the final four it's when he when he fortunately the couple. So we bring in the the president and chairman of the act scrutinizing scout ranch it's going to be front ship in the coming up we and that's tee at 7 o'clock. Sounds like in math and always talk groups differ hours but he always appreciate you watching the World Cup yet in this tournament I am. I am watching. I'll post. Did it this week in Mexico beat Brazil. The Iceland Tyler remarkable America. Air whenever those guys. They're on the brink command they get a win now I guess Nigeria what is tomorrow the probably advance and sprays it. No I don't watch out there watching this week has been as much as this we can't. I'm enjoying it that an Obama backer. But do love. I'll watch it up hockey outlook I'll watch every game when it gets to be the big stage I'm like. Yeah meet cement failed socked DNC and makes a much. Mascot Alexander primetime sports on WL ET VC ST. He's on Twitter at. We come back we'll cycle out cellular talk about the genus Winston suspension. Yes last night the news broke. He was bracing for a three game suspension well he was bracing for impact to net impact came today indeed a three game suspension comes out from the NFL Winston will not appeal. A wanna get your thoughts on this and we'll run through the details I'm Seth Dunlap. It's double coverage on WW. Scott Alexander estimated six. Say ought to do a meter correct there was. Mexico's victory over Germany numbers I was actually in here on a new agreement that was an hour on Sunday watching them match wits Dave fodder it was. Outstanding. Let's get to Janus Winston here and I how your reaction to this NFL fans saints fans because you really ugly story. And it's finally worked its way through the NFL's. Adjudication system for lack of a better term there. But it's. According the out to other planet suspend Bucs quarterback Tim is once in three games of violating the league's personal conduct policy. This all stems from a alleged incident. With the Hoover driver in march of 2016. Janus Winston was. Allegedly. Groping at the driver that was a woman that. There was an allegation and I don't know if there was video evidence of this or not but it works its way through the NFL may have come down what they. Three game suspension here for James Swanson. Now for the saints what that means is Winston will be suspended for that game. Medical investigator Lisa Friel is owner spearhead this investigation. ESPN Tallahassee coast Geoff Cameron initially reported all of this this week's we got to give him credit he's going. First reported it. Here I think this is it's big news you have one of York star quarterbacks in this league now he may not mean an elite quarterback. He certainly a start though had a huge. Name recognition out of college. Come CNN. High draft pick good first year regressed but still one of the most talked about quarterbacks in this league. And you have this high profile sexual assault allegation against your star and what's most telling about this is. Janus once and is not fighting this. He said apparently through statements from the team but he will not fight this three game suspension and a text your brings up. A good point here text from the united five I have an issue with the Winston suspension. Domestic abuse is automatically a six game suspension shouldn't sexual assault be the same if not more would be more he wasn't a quarterback. Just the thoughts. Indeed. That's what I thought too. Gamma Ray Rice situation. Something a little more. I guess on video or are provable then the Winston one that was a little bit of hearsay or he said she said. I think it would've been a six game suspension so the NFL comes now in this likely. Because they don't have enough hard evidence to give him that full suspension. And Winston not challenging miss not going to appeal this I think is very telling here but this is a black guy. On Winston. That's no pun intended there I probably should use the difference analogy but this is obviously in very bad news for Janus Winston. This is very bad news for the Bucs organization as another mark against the NFL. Another star player cots and that an abuse scandalous sexual assault scandal. This is just par for the course I get the league is very big. I get the police is diverse and too little leagues credit here I know they don't get a lot of credit. Especially since that Ray Rice incident how they handled that. But to their credit. I think the last couple years they've come down. As hard as they could would this collective bargaining agreement with dot over reaching to zero the first name of people would say. If mean del whoever Lisa Friel whoever it is inside the NFL comes down with. You're saying that eight game suspension your suspension for some like this he'd have been sick all this is just a authoritarianism mrs. Them over reaching its almost like they can't win in a situation like this and I'm not certainly wanna sit Syrian defense. The NFL offices. Much at all. Listen this program I am highly critical of that one thing I think. They don't get enough credit for is there at least handling this aspects pretty darn well. Not perfect but I think as well as they can't again. In the frames of this collective bargaining agreement. Grace and Allen just got drafted by the way by the of those with the jets big smile on the duke stars base so. You'll join Don Imus was actually talking to Donovan Mitchell right now I just had a big embrace there. What's in the NBA draft number no first round pick for the delegates but how though from you saints fans from NFL fans out there what do you think about this once and suspension. If I don't football team would have Fineman organization want this guy. As the face of my franchise. I just don't I I'm sorry. I know this wasn't proven in a court of law but ansari it's proven in the court of a public perception. And I don't honest I don't. Think that he can now be the face of that franchise when he got a credibility. And without him for three games in what was already going to be a very tough season on the field for this franchise to our cutters toast. Talking yesterday about who will be the first coach to get the ax this year. Move dirt cutter that from that list. It's been on him. What sets him. Usually. It be him I guess maybe hue Jackson Lewis seems like he has. The rebuild process there in Cleveland that you have a little more Leo now. Not a so this is ugly misses really unless you agree that Tim agrees. What's the score that baseball game Timmy Republican Phil Spector. Florida your way here cheering for Florida. All look at your cheering for Florida that none of the Rio. On your Texas Tech Red Raiders you kind of adopted Texas Tech you pick the man I have the bracket about. Now. Let's see here's some tax coming in that. Another thing in this kind of starting to show a pattern for Winston he's getting suspended for sexual sought after the cyclists on allegations. When he was an FAA issued then you add up. On the crab well against and in him posting net pick with crab legs on draft night he definitely has characteristic is absolutely. This is same pattern. Of terrible decisions bad behavior by a Winston. I have zero leeway here I know that this organization but the assets and that the they've thrown out him. Rebuilding their franchise around this guy at first I thought that was a mistake. When they drafted and I want to touch that guy with a ten foot pole. If I was a general manager. We've had a report is still here. For the Tampa Bay Bucs. I don't know him very boulder text coming in from the 985 but he's basically say oh let's see here I'll try to edit out. This dude wake the blank up this league isn't averse it's 85% black. If Winston were a white guy he would still be in gel. For rape being. That's. Chicken college. I don't I don't think so at all. I don't know what your point is there are you are you trying to argue here on the text line please call in nine if Simon don't hide behind that takes up bloody and Angie are you staying. That people would tell her that that African Americans. Have an easier time with the judicial system. In this country. You wake up well what you've been smoke and drink and a nine. Get off that excellent my goodness I think break. Haven't updated on the NBA draft O Kyle crews not on the TV is let's not be good. So dumb that double coverage under veto a deal. Welcome back to the show hey LSU tiger fan. So are you ready for the LSU tiger football caravan last stop is right here on WW all don't miss it when coach at Georgia Iran. Defensive coordinator Dave or random offensive coordinator Steve and smear. Plus tiger great Kim fought McKee Joseph all joined Bobby deuce and Christian for sports talk live at. From walk ons in Metairie at clear view mall next. Thursday is going to be a blast that's next Thursday June 28 from four to 8 PM but the tiger. Football. Here and it is free it's open to everybody loves purple and gold football in it's first come first serve so get there early. Doors open at 3:30 PM and again our show starts at Ford details online right now a WW dot com. Or radio dot com. We'll take a break we'll come back next hour with some sound from Alvin Gentry and a cultural series update.