Nazi wrestler persona gets PA teacher in hot water

Friday, August 17th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about a Pennsylvania teacher drawing fire for moonlighting as a Nazi pro wrestler

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Are very go. It's Friday and pre season game day saints cards in the Mercedes-Benz superdome two night. I'm sure some of you have already started the tail gating nor are already into that tail gating mentality. At priciest again I hope the saints look better than I did the first pre season game. Guess Jacksonville. Anyway I I'm looking forward to the game tonight it's always always fun. And our pregame coverage begins at 3 o'clock so we got a short show a lot to get in and just two hours it is Friday so we're gonna act like it. Right now you need to reach over and cried it out because this is what you had to Yorker sore. This is some. This is a solemn anniversary of there was on this day August 17 1969. Hurricane Camille was coming ashore on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I was in Pensacola at the time that summer hired or working out the convenience store. A Santa Rosa island right when you go across the Beagle cross the bay bridge and then you're in the gulf breeze area and then you go across the sound bridge. And ready to Santa Rosa island on the other side of the visited the tower area there's it is convenient store has been there for years I worked one summer I worked at a convenience store. And I have a lot of fun some of which I cannot discuss on the year but it was a lot of funding and anywhere so I was there. And it says number same with a family in gulf breeze we had to to leave because they want to check for sure we're Camille was gonna hit. So we went downtown to the roadway in and had a haven't had a hurricane party and it really wasn't too bad at Pensacola toward. I had done very close family friends along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and obviously took a hard hit in fact I drove I drove back home and then. Took our family station wagons and they were back to pick him up and brought them back and relive those four. A period of time because they lived about a block away from the B so for those of you along the Mississippi Gulf Coast or who who dealt with all of that and Alabama Gulf Coast as well. You know our thoughts are with you today this is a very solemn anniversary but think about what you come through. Think about where you are now coming to Gulf Coast is it in so many ways just try to. In many ways the Gulf Coast has done a better job of coming back even then New Orleans. And they certainly have have just kicked our butts for it comes to casinos. And how they handle on how they handle all of that that industry there. So let's look at some dissent that's a tough group of people when I know we have a lot of listeners over. Along the Gulf Coast are we don't always welcome to all of your your show. Every after a hot today August 17 is also the anniversary of the beginning of the celebration of life pop music festival. There was a wood stocks while the style pop music festival. In McRae Louisiana Pointe could pay parish. On the that the banks are there Steve Scheffler river. And it was just. Debauchery. As it were it was a mess. This was in 1970 want to a couple of years after after were shocked to talk about that and I would love to talk to you if you were clear. And if you are they or do you even remember it. And in the same way that earlier this week we talked about don't August 15 it was the anniversary of the breeding of Woodstock didn't in upstate New York. I think these are reminders. That for the baby boomer generation that is now the establishment. To criticize a young generation is if you never did anything is just so hypocritical to me. And we see here's some of the stuff for those of you were millennial us gen X gym while those of you who are younger than baby boomers. What do you hear what the baby boomer generation that is so critical if you wait till you hear what that generation was part of and not all of the baby boomers were there. But this was reflective of the mentality of that original anti establishment generation and it was it was it was crazy. Before we get to that though. There is. Reason to. There's reason to be sad for president trump. Because he's not gonna get us military parade. And you know you you know how this. Is going to be affected the president. The mayor of Washington DC fired back at president trump. A president trump claimed the the that this city event at the district of Washington DC for the ridiculously high cost us a parade. Well things like that cost a lot of money. Was a going to be 21 point six million the Associated Press had a report out there was about 92 million so I mean who knows what are our governments broke. And so we've got to cut back on some things. And this is one of the things we can cut back on but you remember that President Bush wears a sort president trucks are so excited when he went to France. And under steele's take he saw the military parade so he wanted to have. Well then that then they talked about that the problem with the tanks rolling to the streets in the damage that it would cause to there took to the streets. So we're really wasn't that job that their practical. Nobody saying anything negative about the military. And you could say that a military parade is a necessary and still love the military because they're a hell of a lot of people. Currently in the military and who were previously in the military court totally against the rate. Here's Mike lines or CBS military our expert talking about Steve military parade. I think and fortunately the president has bowed to political pressure here given the fact that he. One of the so much but I don't think it's a battle or ID given the current political environment and the military all now have another year and for something. Maybe dotted extravaganza that the president originally wanted but they can do something to meet the requirement of having this celebration for the yours for what. And I Kellyanne Conway counselor to the president talks about why the parade is necessary. I bet he's at the American tax dollars 700 billion is to let it be sort of respect eight feet not. Not suspect that play and feeling better read and mark on high. Yeah but we're broke. And who were arrested. There are you know and this is what bothers me about. About government. Nationally stay Marty local. They they wanna tell you how broke they are but they don't suffer at all. They don't cut back. Every president does it and they should not do it and I was critical when President Obama didn't. I was critical when George W. Bush it is so I am consistent in being critical when Donald Trump does it as president. You don't have to keep jumping on Air Force One to go places. We don't it's not necessary. And if we're absolutely broke at some point the government's got to cut back. Jimmy Kimmel posters Jimmy Kimmel Live. Last night I talked about the other parade doubt he made these comments before the parade was postponed and canceled. President trump is busy planning parade to support himself emotionally around veterans day in Washington DC and river last month they said. This parade will cost twelve million dollars turns out the estimate was a little bit off it was off by about eighty million dollars according to a defense official the break it is now expected to cost 92 million dollars. But no I'm sure I'll get back to go to paper this what to expect. I tired coming out of the out of the pregame coverage are far pre season game as sinks and dear cardinals tonight to do is at 3 o'clock this afternoon. With the former saints offensive lineman Steve for our courts and just Dunlop for fans first take. And then you'll be time for the bond like countdown to kickoff for Bobby Hebert Kristian garic lie from the dome between gates a and B. I that's the by the if his State's official pro shop. And then the new voice of the saints Zach Strief or color analyst saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister will be in the Booth starting at 7 o'clock. Which Steve Geller on the sidelines and then the point after with a cajun cannon and Kate dog a Kristian garic. Wall to wall saints coverage it begins at 3 o'clock this afternoon goes on until midnight on saints radio WWL. I remember you can also a stream the saints game live on your laptop or desktop. On all you have to do is just a pause the DVR and sync up with saints radio so you can listen to the home team only on WWL. So I checked that out I thought Zach Strief did a really great job with the first time the first pre season game and first time he restoring play by play in in the Booth. And you know you think about so many announcers. Who start out on doing play by play of high school games. College games and then they worked their way up to two prominent positions. But a lot of us sort out that like sex street started at the NFL and I thought the guy did a really really good job so. On tune in for that tonight and I I just think he's gonna bring something really special. A to have Booth. And I thought the chemistry we're so we sack and was Dershowitz which really are phenomenal. If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about this afternoon on numbers 2601878. 7870. First up on the show today. There is a sixth grade teacher in Pennsylvania. And in his spare time. He's part of a professional wrestling league. His character in the professional rushing laid. Is it not. And so he comes out there's Nazi salutes there's children in the crowd cheering him on as the good guys and some people were actually freaking out. And I understand the imagery of that but I mean let's remember this guy. Is just a character. He's just being an actor. And there was some question about whether or not he should be allowed to keep his teaching job at the sixth grade should he still be allowed to be a teacher. Well the school district has looked into this and said that he is not violated any school board policy. So they're relating keep his job. So the question is should a teacher would be allowed to keep his teaching job if Teemu lice as a professional wrestler. With the Nazi persona off our numbers 2601 a seventy text page 7870. And a little bit later rules are talking about the celebration of life tortured again on this day August 17 back here in 1971. It was there was a mass of what's your life in the coming right tackle are definitely realm. All right so this. So this teacher this sixth grade teacher in Pennsylvania it wears are being investigated because he more lights. As a Nazi themed wrestler. Is that wrong. Should a teacher be allowed to keep his teaching job if he moon's light if he moonlight as a professional with a Nazi persona that's our blue runner foods stole. Right now 80% say yes he should be able to keep your job. 20% saying no give us your opinion are going to our web site or your Derosa a comment if you majorities for your comment our numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A seventy and our text is 87870. Here's a text about the military parade operator total waste of time this guy is not a conservative big spender. Yeah I mean when you think about the deficits and you think about all the spending that's going on in Washington it's really difficult to. To paint this picture of faux president Donald Trump has a true. Conservatives. Here's a text about the or guy who is Hitler and also a teacher screw wouldn't it be the same as portraying Hitler to play it's all acting. Yeah I mean. I agree with that but you know some people freaked out and this is that this is where we are in America you know it's it's just like there it's it's all or nothing. And it shouldn't be that way you know we we should be Smart enough to be able to apply. Human judgement. To situations. And a wrestler. You know because in the wrestling world and I'm not an expert on professional wrestling but I know this much about it. There are evil characters and they're good characters. And sometimes evil characters become good sometimes your churches to come evil it's all part of the show. And so to have an evil character like Hitler or not Hitler but but a Nazi. Well that's part of of the show and I don't think that should be included in the general criticism of Nazis and white supremacist. About Robert here under VW arm good afternoon. Stay true spirit and that's wanted to say something real quick note they didn't Google should expect parades. Would be that. We're an acute care spot the bodies. All or. A college the red light blue crew. You know that's an idea I did there are definitely alternatives to what the president wants to do in. Robert I guess what what bothers me about the the plans for their military raids it has been postponed and now president trump says it's canceled maybe they'll do retire next year. Is the idea that it's like bull if you're if you're not for spending the money on the afraid that you must be against the military. And I just yeah I don't see it pass I'll see it that way. You pay maybe people would really enjoy a military air and playing. For a yeah. I'm easily. Expand. Its. You know need to do is do the military man maybe as crew members. Robert I appreciate the comment have a great weekend from uptown when you're on WWL. Thanks for you know and it just saying that the teacher. As there. You'll. Should be reprimanded him from I don't think you did not seem from it and urging them cheering them. Arturo. While these are doing it in can class as some of the students may end up there are wrestling match they might not want to hear it now. Yeah so he's a he's a wrestler and this is a professional wrestling league so but I mean it's conceivable that some of the students would show up there and and and what I see on. You know it's. No not to my knowledge you know okay. I hadn't heard that. Tonight appreciate the call. And from Picayune Alan welcome to WW well I don't you. Already. Got. You're already out there barbecue what what are you forty barbecue. It. Well yeah that's funny since. Yeah. So. You know. I'm I'm gonna try to talk to Harvey Jesus in the next hour because we're gonna be out there are doing lies FaceBook and every WL radio so we will be there live on FaceBook. From a bout back to the bounty and this is this this. This is a reunion party of everybody who used to go to about leading here or VG. Helped open up and help out all right on match Ed it's going to be good good 08 backbeat yeah. Get community tactic. And who could forget about nick I'd be. Well I have vague memories of that here. Hi Alan I gotta go I'm going to call ledger already parting and yeah we'll be talking about just a little bit later. And if so are you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy unscrew we'll be back. You know wrestling has evil characters. And there is an evil character aren't in the form of not C a wrestler. The guys also a.'s sixth grade teacher in the there are a Philadelphia and at Pennsylvania and and is Amos Ben sorry Kevin dean. And that there were some questions about whether or not he was gonna be allowed to keep his sixth grade teaching job and so yeah he can keep that now it's it's official. The teacher gets to continue to be a teacher and also continues to be a Nazi theme to wrestler. It is her problem with that. They get a text here that says. This is still the United States of America correct. You know sometimes you have to ask yourself that question here's an update on our blue runner first hole. Should a teacher be allowed to keep his teaching job if he moonlight as a professional wrestler with a Nazi persona 76%. Say yes and 24% say no. And you can give a share opinion by going to our web site WW Rostock comp. We have also a talked about the president's. Military parade has been postponed time he says it has been canceled and he. Not happy with that and he's blaming every so he blamed either the district or for that city the district of Washington DC. Because of the year the expense. The a look at our our country's broke and we don't need to do things that are necessary and this is not. Is not necessary. And any fewer against the parade it doesn't mean you're against the military source just set the record straight on that right now because there are those who were going to try to make it seem to shift. If you are against the raids in your against the military that is not. True. Here's a Texas says says military parade what are we Communist country only dictators. By dream like that. Here's a text about the wrestler how about a bin Laden wrestler. That enters the ring whereas. Two burning towers as props. No how about that I mean that would be certainly an evil character. Here's a text it says sister there's a difference between freedom and good taste. Well I get it but if you're not into the wrestling world than maybe you don't understand and and that's not part of my world but I understand that there are evil characters. And I don't have a problem with a guy as an evil character. It as a Nazi. Because. He's just tactic. From Slidell dead a year and WW or good afternoon. Okay how I'm gonna. My comment here and it's been great not minors. Ninety terrain some about dollars. The military how things. Medic. Medical. I don't think it's always the money and that. And how minor it. It certainly doesn't define. Our love for the military doesn't it having not having a great doesn't define who we hours because of military nation as a country that it appreciates a military. Yet patent that kind of money. Should be given to rule. I am in them or gotten our cameras are people that have a lot people. Yet we estimate somewhere between 121. A million and 92 million. Are. I mean we can't recollect we can't afford it at least it's really that's right. Emma Ford cannot afford that right. Parade only in the medium. What did I appreciate the call. I would I would I would agree with that. Here's a text to that says. Will. What we're drawn as a radio show. But all of you. All of view in the hack snowflake that pushes leftist propaganda what the hell does that mean. You know if you're gonna write a criticism of the show and attacks and it happened makes sense. Or are just admit that you don't even know how to make it sound logical enough here's checks up I love our military. I do like our president trumps policies. But definitely not the need for a parade. I mean maybe if Blaine Kern got involved and it's. Maybe that would be a whole different story for shell met Chris glacier on the show. You're gonna. I want to attack coming in the category and the or people curious that the guy. That doesn't. Are. You. That there interfere. Coat and there in order. Done it yet from Canada and Chicago. Heavily in. Eleanor aren't going all in here. And there. There are scared to go with the war may have. Think that the big role in all so. There's that they kinda expect you know. Chris I think there was a time when. Because of the you know that that sometimes the sometimes the the heels are are in wrestling are are based on who our enemies art. And I'm you know it it one time maybe they were Germans at one time they were Russians because of the the Cold War. And I think there was or I think there was a Russian wrestler I don't know his name. But I think there was a Russian wrestler he was a Russian character Pressler is a Communist. And then when cord communism failed and we kind of became friendly with Russia and they were working on democracy I believe he became a tag team partner for. I'm an American Russell. So it it does change into change. Chris I appreciate your end is sight inventor concerned and I'm not an expert and a professional wrestling here is a text that says he should wrestle as trump far worse. Far worse than Hitler. You know that's the way some people feel police aren't I I read these tests I don't make a mop stick it to these texts to speak. About what the audience is thinking. If you wanna join us for your comments are numbers 260187. The area code 5042601870. Our text. Is 87870. Coming up this afternoon we're gonna talk about the celebration of life on music festival it was a pop festival that started. On the on the banks of the chancellor river in McRae Louisiana Pointe to pay parish celebration of life it was disaster. It was a product of the anti establishment generation then the baby boomers. And there will be talking about that if you were they are Harvard laughter I talk you brought that. I'm Scrooge and we'll be right back are John Sebastian of loving spoonful had broken up for loving spoonful of 71. But he went onstage and he was one of the early performers and he did have a medley of the loving spoonful Harris and this was one of them. We'll be back on debit your realm. Ike and Tina were there at the celebration of life festival. They did a cover of the Cree disarm proud Mary which were so very very very gifted them. And I believe this is rose songs are they didn't sell racial life. It's a classic. And that these celebration of life's tough festival in point of brave parish church opened up on this day August 17 1971. The there were people. Naked. In the river. Young people took off all their close. They got in the river usually hot. Very hot protector there were a lot of problems with the with the heat I'll I'll talk more about that in in just a bit. I'm somebody wanna do to know if you can bring umbrellas into the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the saints game on I've done it before I don't think that's changed if I'm wrong I'm just or call me or send me a text or incorrectly but I believe you can bring umbrellas into the don't. A from Slidell Steve welcome to the show. Hello Steve. Okay. From the North Shore Tom welcome to WWL. Very articles fruitless Bhutto appreciated thanks. Are just won't comment or or contemporary. Tuesday is very great respect and president Milbury. But that observe. Why don't they do like they do every place else and that's occurred in practice organization only worry all you knee. News a Little League. The picture for all of traffic and Earl and it's not well I'll might not it's appropriate respect the better. We don't golf would spend millions now as we go to New Orleans on forums. Where I buy it especially in a small towns across America you know you can see these sub agencies Federal Reserve day parades are going on everywhere. They outgrow remote site in burial. It's a pleasure to boot so that generation combat veteran I mean if that's not what it's about Cho might not call. Well and and I think that's where our president trump disarm error is is missing there that the real intense here it's it's as if he wants to. Show off our might and that's something that is done in other countries not just dictatorships of France has. You know the president got the idea from being anti in France and on Bastille day enhancing their military parade their but. You know. You know we're gonna have to find ways Tom to to cut back on things that aren't. And a necessity and until we do that I'm not gonna I'm not gonna feel badly that our our government doesn't have any money. Well it's such good I mean you know a level and all of created this ability of muscles secured. And our kids spend money I ain't got them in a country so there won't. Tom I appreciate the call and we all appreciate what you do for our country. That's all right Mary and you still didn't know I appreciate the under the comment and the commitment. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Text states 7870 here's a text. On how about a wrestler who steps into the ring and takes away everybody's health care and he calls himself Barack Hussein Obama. Okay well I mean go forward I had Weiner should create the character and and see how it goes to Italy there worker won't work. But you you're you're not banned from doing that. And I think people are trying to like you know at Cashman in this trap portable way away ordered if if if it if you cannot you have or not he will want to have somebody like. Like Barack Hussein Obama. We really. Let it go on. This week on the show we talked about the Pearl Jam up poster owns. And Pearl Jam is now defending a poster showing the white house on fire and an eagle pecking at the course. Of president trump. I'm Scrooge we'll be right back on to every WL. Not a fun night last high eighties nights in the corner. I'm screwed gratuitous. Daily FaceBook video is up it is posted that conversations going on right now on Debbie WL radio. And the FaceBook post is about this. This teacher in the sixth grade teacher who is also on a Nazi wrestler. He poses as it has characters in Nazi. And he's been allowed to keep his job. Do you agree with that anyway get involved in that conversation at WWL radio and it's also posted on the SO TA scooter in the air. FaceBook page on here's a Texas says that the Russian restaurant and ours is referring to wasn't Nikolay evoke cost. And he passed away just two weeks ago I sent heavy got a code were coming up here in just a few minutes and from Metairie Craig welcome to the show. And scooter right good. You know. Everything at the money issue and I agree on purpose that we need to. Dixon doubt about it need to plan that nobody nobody. Back on any extra fiscal conservative and oh ought. Except maybe cruise in it and that we bet that. I do believe in something like operate from exemplary in rhetorical average celebration. And a bit exaggerated we have closed the game to close. You know any other exam on Martin draw what makes him what we just sent it to the government and outs I mean you cannot I have some celebration. What you know what is just because the military everybody. Everybody jumps up at all I think and do have a little bit of a solution. If fire if Archie negotiator. President trump. We do it like he does business he thought somebody would need coupon for ten may cause you know walk ten. And pensive as it tried gum and have to leave it there interesting night interesting idea what one tech says so I'm we receive the money and the parade imported toward the wall. It's time for the 1000 dollar and become national cash contest the covered this hour is blame text LA MD to seven to 81. Tex a lame 272881. You are eligible to win a thousand bucks if you do that. Nextel were coming up right before the top of the hour news at 3 o'clock we never charge for text an individual plan text and data race may apply please don't text and drive. Mardy techs are coming up and wanna talk about this being the anniversary of the celebration of life pop festival. In Louisiana. It was a mess we'll talk about that when we come.