Natalie Shepherd talks weather and attractions in Minnesota

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, January 12th

Tommy was joined by WWL-TV's Natali Shepherd to talk about the atmosphere in Minnesota. 


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One thing I have not been able to determine is what color uniforms saints to be wearing on Sunday I figure the vikings are gonna Wear the purple. Jerseys with the white pants when they played them earlier the saints were wearing the black pants with the white jerseys so I guess the only thing I can do is. Bill White jerseys in advance of Ivory Coast was going to be let's go to Minnesota now as a matter of fact David enjoying Natalie Shepherd. WW LTV anchor of whom Miami big fan good morning Natalie. And replayed good morning other LA it's INS yesterday you seemed to be some reasoning. All right got it it is so cold out here to the colder today I am talking view from inside it now but I'm sorry for the moment by. Now when I heard Karl but on the news that the wind chill it's negative thirteen I thought yeah but seem about right. Yet even as the verified that win him and he's that he needed to tell you that. Oh my god I think once you know uncle and your from Michigan. I I am but I think I think I'm giving you the living. And more southern crime but really Terrance you blood in the little. Yeah yes and it is right but you know it's been it's been beautiful and popular but it now so Purdue wouldn't come up here for the game. I think it faces bundle up and know it's going to be that player will be good. In terms of packing Natalie. You mentioned something about having some clothing you're gonna bring in decided not to and we shed. Well you as is that I am from Michigan so. I am I am in possession of winter clothes but I kind of thought you know will be outside in the car and then back inside but. Standing outside doing live shots when the wind so negative thirteen I was very much regretting not bringing them out and my husband called me and go out. That's an honest thing until recycling out of Salomon Minnesota build gets some. And we'll tell you that definitely I didn't do that today. Are you seeing any who gets around dumb. Minnesota yet. We are not but one of my thoughts we're actually staying out by the mall America which Erik cook there where I you know I need to look at the time that you morons like I think people probably are coming in today it. Meeting tomorrow morning now well over the weekend. I'm in our hands. By the talking a lot of making and then apparently isn't an up arms. For the for the people led are gone of the gamer just wanna get a feel for the city. Com as we watch the game Minneapolis that is indeed do what would you tell him what what what have you seen that. Has these gorgeous. Stock down TI no Simonyi did this during the ice castle was a view. Me and that was beautiful so it was about twenty minutes outside the city and the people are renting cars. And they want to the real. Bleacher type activity it was really cool to Lockett and it is being built up. Kind of just all icicles and it really bigger and I'd like for the kid then you know frozen fountain that was beautiful. You know but if you're in downtown here connected on the Skywalk in Minneapolis really is designed to let people have a great time in the winter. And stand side so. I know Katie tanner my colleague was that all American morning right right to be you know arc that it. But yet you wouldn't see they're great restaurant I did at Torrey yesterday at a local brewery. And Minneapolis have a huge craft brewed mean oh if you're an at bat and think I'm. You actually. We'll go driving you mentioned being in a car in snow and ice and DF did chains on and tires or anything. I had not seen any change although that probably have been a good idea yesterday. I'm looking out the window right now Brodeur completely clear and I know that there is supposed to be anymore no Angel but on that is so. Anytime from now until then people should be fine it looks like you know they're used to that kind of thing though after it stopped snowing the pilot got out and the road and good. It's good because my photographers never driven on now before you wait not yet. I was wondering did they just gave me the keys of the renal cards and good luck total works out Soria. They did it there was fortunately an ice scraper in. That was about it. Now he might do it it is a little bit scary. Opiates I got there insurance. Bombed so when he comes a prediction time Natalie what would you say what do you think the housing game in a play out. Move you know it. I'm a little bit nervous I think I think the same building up in them and you know there's a lot alive and create content that I'll count that I. You know I think remains committed. You better hope they went in Atlanta wins is otherwise a descend unifil adelphia. I'm actually but the government that might hear it in Michigan or you do it I'm getting might be which are latter tour but it would definitely be battered to have another game in the now. Natalie thank you so much free time and you work on TV and enjoy it years stay in Minnesota.