A mystery in Massachusetts

A tuna was found in the woods in  Massachusetts. But how did it get there?


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You remember them way back when we talked about this mystery in Massachusetts. Of this big tuna found in the middle of the woods. Yes the 400 pounds tutor carcass in the woods but police say they have solved the mystery and actually security guilty plea. A Massachusetts man has admitted. To the tune are related charges. He was accused of catching a tuna out of season. And then dumping its headless 400 pound carcass in the woods. He under the plea this week to state charges including improper disposal of waste and expelling trash our letter from me motor vehicle. Her get that 400 pound of Canada help activist Rocca he's just like picked up walked in there and sooner pretty slimy. And a CIA used forklifts curry had won just are. Federal fisheries regulators say they also have served him with enforcement. Action for allegedly illegal harvesting tuna out of season. 30 say they have video of him landing the bluefin tuna in October. And days that are close. To the an issue close to the initial fall season it was so big it took a tow truck to haul it out of the woods. What is holy mackerel well. Thank you Dan for our investments I've recommended for its.