Is the Mueller investigation legitimate or a witch hunt?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, May 17th

Tommy talks to Bob Dietz, Professor at George Mason University and former General Counsel at the NSA, about the one year anniversary of Robert Mueller's appointment as Special Counsel.


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Bob Dietz professor public policy at George Mason University former senior counselor to the director of the CIA former General Counsel. At the NSA let's talk about the the Muller investigation and the one year anniversary slash birthday whatever you call it short. Let's go back to beginning because again I think this one of those things that is ubiquitous we all know of it but maybe we don't exactly know hollow. How we came to be how we got from there to here. Sure. Well as you know it'll sort of began want to say when. Mister Coakley was fired. So he was fired and then who appointed the spec right. Well at that way you don't remember mr. sessions. Have recused themselves. From any involvement in this cost you much to the chagrin of the president he thought that mr. sessions owed loyalty. And and so the deputy attorney general rob rose started ended up winning Bob Mueller. And what's interesting is that the lower point was greeted. Favorably pretty much on both sides of the trial. Limbaugh mowers got a great reputation in Washington he's known as a serious careful you know and so on and so forth you know do you guys do duke. I've mentioned I think before your show that they have tried to pick one person and I did not want going after it would be Bob Moehler. But any event and so you know he got to work clearly right away. We're gonna take a setback why didn't ride Rosen Stein pick up the investigation and why did he. Like why did he have to appoint a special counsel. It's there's. He didn't have to. But the the better part discretion really insistent on and it is it is that there would be. We use them pretty well. Founded. That you cannot have a phase of the Department of Justice. A part in a party looking air independent board and administration. Looking at the issues that may touch upon the president meeting bill would boss. And so as a special counsel provision. It was created in order provide isolation. Kind of walls around wall around the prosecutor. But to protect him from political influence. I'd so he get those. He starts is investigation. And that their proceeds in what do we find out as that's happening in the past year. Well I mean I think it's been it in Italy depends how will your perspective is on on on on speed. He's had a number of really significant indictments so pole man of war metaphor as the assistant Rick decades. National security advisor split in the these are all people been indicted they're and a couple of guilty pleas. There were let's see I think the number of article correctly either three Russian firms and have been indicted thirteen Russian individuals. And I think they're few others knows you know before our talk I was doing kind of a box score here and I kitchen. That's significant. You know this isn't the the frustrating thing for. For people who would who have not done this kind of thing is is how quickly how how long it takes to do was serious investigation. Remember last year in I think it was in August when president. Trump's lawyers. We're talking about this ending by the end of the year. I was trying some friends we're you know laughing about that idea that that just couldn't possibly be true. Remember the Whitewater investigation. For President Clinton listed years. And by the way of course Republicans did not oppose Littleton combatant the nation in just. So now we hear I guess Rudy Giuliani who says he's working to the president pro Bono because is concerned about the future of America. Says that the Mueller team told him they would not to indict a sitting president. Boy did they tell him they could not indict a sitting president and is there a difference. Yet look at it is they're really using issue spent her time thinking about doing research. There is I I am poll I think reliably that there is a Department of Justice opinion is sitting president may not be indicted. By. Federal courts. It's unclear if that lines smaller. But it did those buying smaller than that really doesn't entirely so the problem for mr. trump for a couple of reasons one. And not being able to indict doesn't mean he's not indictable down the road sort of forces of a matter of postponing. Rather in concluding. The second and reason it doesn't solve problem is that. One concede New York for particularly. Figuring out parallel. Crimes that are state crimes not federal. And there are four. And whether that would be prevented under UUS laws and clear this has never been tested. This this proposition that a sitting president until it has never been tested. In the courts. Two things and then getting texts on morning is. If smaller so honorable and just reading the text by her why did he stacked the committee with Democrats favorable to the clintons in the second one says. Willis there and I can indict the president in the Moeller commission why keeping don't. Okay first of all. The Mueller investigation Islamic committee did these these are a bunch of politicians getting these are these are prosecutors for the most part. Career prosecutors. Their politics are mixes so not true the bowlers stack anything. He chose her as prosecutors and I I think I've read that there is something like 5050 Republicans and Democrats. You can't you know what when people are chosen as prosecution can't say by the way you're not allowed to to be a member of a political party. Cancer the distinction between committee it's not like a majority committee in our senators and house. Exactly I'm when I was General Counsel them assay a I knew not because like here because it get a box score but just because conversations I knew and so the people who worked for weeks. We're Democrats or Republicans and I couldn't see a bit of differences in the work they did nobody say we will wait it out was gonna affect Republicans and Democrats. Pump so it was the second. The second was about as there's not going to be an indictment are like keeping known Bob because. Cause them because it is important for us to know what the Russians did. For a number of reasons one is you know once the election legitimate the more important how to prevent this in the future. And that's what you know when the many prosecutions are have joint purpose what is backward looking to punish. But the others forward looking to prevent this in the future and that's what I think the value of the investigations. As we speak the president tweets. Then on to graduate happy birthday America and it was on my film announced gone but it was something in the effect of it's been a one year now. So no collusion it's a witch hunt but is this all about collusion the president constantly uses a word collusion. But yeah that would this investigation is all about. No I mean it is that certainly and and issue and and bodily collisions not generally legal term conspiracy is that the preferred term. But but note and now of course obstruction of justice is an issue. And and and what I think is people really need to focus on is that unlike in many prosecutors mr. Mueller is not. Leaky. And and therefore I don't think one should draw any in any conclusion by saying well no collusion yes. Well we don't know we don't know what he's doing and the fact is. It is first year was quite productive because of all the indictments and then guilty pleas and so forth UK but we're the show isn't over yet. Appreciate you time out of your view is there should tune when you play formula here. Which you sabretech. I actually I'm I'm I'm almost embarrassed to admit to the site prickly one of the sound. We're gonna play when we come back thank you Bob thank you have a good don't be embarrassed about has a great play Bob Dietz professor of public policy at George Mason University. Former senior counselor to the director of the CIA former General Counsel at the NSA president just waited to be. A somewhat precisely your second year the greatest witch hunt in American history. For the record Bob Muller is a registered Republican.