Is the Mueller investigation fair?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, December 14th
Tommy talks with Bob Deitz, Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University, about the Mueller investigation.

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Morgan talk about the Moeller committee now and in the former FBI. Head to head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Investigating Donald Trump and the Russians etc. and that. Composition. The attorneys that he's put together and help him with this investigation investigators on their own. Attorneys Bob Dietz joins right now professor of public policy at George Mason University. Former senior counselor to the director of the CIA in former General Counsel. At the National Security Agency and a friend of ours good morning Bob. I'm Alison thanks taking time. At a lot of questions about this committee first off. Tom it seems to me. That you can make wanted to conclusions that the deck is stacked against Donald Trump. Or is that a little bit of this blame goes on Robert Mueller because he'd given the political climate you would want it is. The people working on this to be squeaky clean in the so that there would be no question about partisanship etc. etc. Yeah look at it. Every. Or anybody any lawyer and prosecutor and the FBI investigator gets involved is always gonna have a political point of view. You know some Republicans or Democrats. There Americans Bob Horry. Because there American. They're Americans and Americans like to argue that Americans like party affiliations. I remember years ago during the Watergate investigation. The guy working the principal deputy under. Archie Cox who has them very you know Liberal Democrats wasn't very conservative republic. And so. I think who might my sense is that really doesn't much matter. I think it's hard fall Mueller because one when all of this came out. He immediately took steps removed the two people relevant to this from you know from working on is on his staff. And I think they'll try the right move because you're right you know you always wanna be puritans caesar's wife. As the expression goes when you're involved in a very political very partisan kind of fight. Bob I can tell you stories about caesar's wife that would turn your head. It's it. I'm sure yet. But I am so I guess I'm asking is if you would any of this affect. The abyss and believability the trustworthiness and credibility of the investigation and whatever they fine. No I think the answer is actually not for a couple of reasons one is. No no individuals staff for a not somebody's so four down food chain as the two people who were involved in this. No single staffer has the ability to Dubai is an outcome. Everything is gonna go through kind of a chain of command. To what what kind of accused we have to have any case. Could we get a prosecution all these things are vetted over and over and over again and of course the old decision we made by Bob Moehler. And so I think the odds of it having any effect at all our minor I think it was stupid of these two people to use a government server. To express their political views. In the way they did but I don't think it is how will have an effect whatsoever. You know you mentioned involved and I don't know off a lot of people realizes that Peter struck the FBI agent. And the FBI lawyer Lisa page you were involved romantically. Yeah so I mean at what point does this become. The pillow talk understand apartment using the government server but you can't I mean you can't find anybody that it's not gonna have especially. That's employed by the federal government I would think to sign and hand. Feeling one way or the other about who's president and who's not. I agree that you like it wore down the street on limiting grip first person and ears she would have. Vehemently strong views about mr. trump either one way or the other. And it's kind of silly to think that an FBI agent would not great. Yes and it's also so you think that the FBI agent could actually influence of prosecution. And even if you assume he could. They're all kinds of checks further down line I mean one thing is you've got to get the the guy in dilated that requires grand jury agreement now you know granted grand juries can be can be. Influenced heavily but that you've got to you know at the trial you've got to judge overseeing the process and then jurors so. I you know that no prosecutor of note nobody moans position. Is gonna go forward would be silly weak case over to be embarrassed when it finally comes in front of a judge. You know mama trump advocate. I would say I want people that are biased against the president on this investigation because. I would believe that he didn't do anything wrong and then I can point out this person contributed to Hillary Clinton. This persons and negative text messages to him. And about him nothing has been found so what more do you want. I I agree with you if if mr. trump is that is as innocent of any of this as he claims he is like yes caesar's wife. You're you're dead right at the end of the day to say look. They threw everything they had had me and I came out clean so what else you want left wing Democrats. And when it comes to doctors even treating patients I was thinking about this my way in advance of our conversation this morning and and I'm sure they're doctors that don't. Particularly like the patient that you're dealing with hundreds of people John Simpson a ripple can be of grunts but they treat them anyway. I agree. I agree I mean look I was laughing because I as a practicing lawyer years ago clients all the time and I'd like I couldn't stand but of course. Bad professional pride not to mention you know code of ethics require that I can you know gave everything I had to their cause. Love anything you want ads were let's go. No I mean. I'll just say what I'd leave you and I've said over the course the last what 678 months. That every day you wake up and there's something to contemplate. Armed and it's and it's also and so hard to digest this incredible world stopped. And you know given these of the more defeated yours you know in in Alabama. There's going to be more and more this so I'd look forward to speaking view again. My and we love him yeah but it quickly since you mentioned then signing and they'll do we talked long time ago we talked on own time ago about finances and there's some push back about the committee Robert Mueller is too many being invest able to investigate the president's finances. Should that be off limits at all. No it can't be because I mean I think I mentioned this new show might if I had to if I had to guess. I would guess that mr. Trump's greatest concern as do with money laundering by people that purchase interest in trump property. And that's why I think they're going after subpoenas that do what you want. Bob have a Merry Christmas happy new year we don't talk to you before then but I. Tennis think we will look at it thank you so much of that have a good day about deeds professor of public policy George Mason University former senior counselor to the director of the CIA. And former General Counsel the National Security Agency.